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  1. Just some thoughts...

    Honestly, I think this was a solid off season. I certainly don’t see how we got any worst outside of missing Shazier. we sign two guys that have good football I.Q and can communicate in the two positions where I felt there was a lack of. I strongly feel that’s why we lost to the jaguars in the playoffs. Their also better tacklers then Spence and Mitchell. Hell, maybe the two rookies could be a better upgrade then Mitchell. What’s the worst that could happen? Blown assignment, miss tackles, bad angels.... sounds like Mitchell to me. Yes, we can be adding a new wrinkle or two as some have mentioned on this forum, but, I see a young defense that lacks what these two bring to the table. Definitely something Spence and Mitchell lacked. Possibly Williams also. I’m on the optimistic side of it helping bud (in coverage), Davis, and Burns. Not holding my breath on the first two though. Toddler and Blake are gone. *insert dimebag Darrell headbang GIF* the things I’m going to watch the most is bens play and body language. That first half or more of the season was really frustrating to watch. It was a mix of Eli and Cutler. I’m hoping it had more to do with toddles and bens relationship.
  2. football move week 5up 5 down

    Overall I wanna get this game on a positive point. We have been dismantled by this team a lot in the past. This game was ours even prior to the reverse Call. This team is resilient, Would’ve been better to sweep them this year. I hope the if rematch happens, this game gave them the know-how and the confidence that they can win it.
  3. Steelers Christmas Classics: Week 15 GDT vs Pats

    I’m excited about this game. It’s the first test to see if we can overcome the patriot hump finally. Players and coach T are pretty livid about the last meeting. I hope with them buying into the hype does good for us. If Bell wants his payday, he needs to take over this game.
  4. Steelers Christmas Classics: Week 15 GDT vs Pats

    According to crapaport, The team believes Haden has a strong chance of playing
  5. trade bryant?

    Burns playing well, Haden playing well, and Hilton being a surprise. I would rather try for a FS if a trade happens. Maybe throw Mitchell in with it
  6. Week #5 Gameday Thread Steelers vs. Jaguars

    Huh? Haden a QB?
  7. Week #5 Gameday Thread Steelers vs. Jaguars

    Came across an article on bleacher report the other day. It was naming starters who should be bench. Long story short it was Haden. Obviously this Homer doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about since our depth doesnt intrigue me. I haven’t watched football for two weeks going on three. Is there any real logic reason behind this
  8. Week 4 Gameday Thread Steelers @ Ravens

    I agree with you. It’s easier to say it with hindsight. Didn’t think the browns would release Haden though. Obviously, didn’t know he would stink that bad. But, from what I can gather the pats defense as a hole hasn’t looked good. Could be a chemistry thing? Last year only watched steelers games until playoffs. This year only watched two games so my personal opinion is pretty much invalid. Going off of bleacher report and they sometimes over dramatize or over analyze things.
  9. Week 4 Gameday Thread Steelers @ Ravens

    I remember them doing that to us week one in 2010/2011? It taught me a lesson, never get wasted the night before a steelers and ravens game that starts at noon. Definitely didn't help my hangover.
  10. Those charger teams were really talented. You could argue that they had the most talented roster, offensively anyways, during that time and they underachieved. I see a lot of similarities between those chargers and these steelers. I hope I'm wrong also. I don't mean to sound like a Debbie downer, I just know if the steelers fail to show up/get in a rhythm soon with how tough the AFC is "suppose" to look, we can't afford that. Hopefully both teams give us a hell of a show. I'm waiting for the 2017 Versions of the eagles/dolphins/ravens of last year to show up.
  11. I wasn't ignoring the browns defense. I was trying to state that the steelers offense really underachieved due to what we have already stated. Steelers can't afford to do that against the Vikings in order for it to be a good game or even get the W. during my first statement I wasn't taking anything away from the Vikings performance. They did what should of been expected playing against a weaker D and showing that their defense doesn't play around. I do think the browns did a lot of right things this offseason. They were definitely more prepared to play. Maybe it shows that the starters should consider more reps together in the preseason. Granted, it was "hard" for Bell to be there and harder for Bryant Because he was trying to get reinstated. Its frustrating for me as a fan to watch this offense underachieve and be inconsistent. I understand about being available(non- injured, non-suspended, and actually there). One of those is uncontrollable and the nature of the game. I can ultimately seeing this team being like the chargers in the 2000s
  12. What I'm trying to get at, this(steelers) team needs to show up. They had cassel as a qb(by the way). If Bradford is hurt, the 3 year difference doesn't matter because of the constant thing for the steelers is losing to teams they shouldn't be for at least 5 years. The steelers and browns game was trash from the ref stand point, but that doesn't make me ignore the fact that the parts weren't moving accordingly. I didn't expect Bell and Bryant to be at their best. I'm not sure how true this is, but Ben was flustered with the offense during the game. yes, the Vikings played against a horrible saints D but they did their job sharply. looking at the steelers performance offensively, it was more self inflicted then the browns keeping up. If we have a performance like that again it's not going to be pretty. If the steelers show up, we're in for a treat.
  13. anyone remember the London game? Doesn't matter who's their QB. This team needs to show up
  14. The NFL season is upon us....Week 1 GDT

    Couldn't watch the game. I figured with the sack numbers it could of be butler being more aggressive because of the addition. As long as he looked better the rest(outside of Burns) I chuck it up as a win
  15. The NFL season is upon us....Week 1 GDT

    How'd Haden look?