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  1. 2019 Steelers offseason news

    Slim pickins as some will call it. Why I dread when tomlin hangs them up or gets fired. Any bets that butler would be new head coach?
  2. Trade Brown for what?

    I’ll hold the door open for him to get out. His antics have rubbed me so raw to where I don’t want to see him in a steelers jersey. Hell of a player, but I can’t respect a man child. More so hoping that’s the route they take if they don’t
  3. Trade Brown for what?

    Let’s say they don’t trade him. Do you/can you suspend him for conduct detrimental to the team (Terrell Owens treatment)?
  4. I don’t recall. Yet, during that time of my life I wasn’t following the steelers as closely with news like this.
  5. 2019 Steelers offseason news

    You can’t. You have to cut losses and go in a different direction. Someone brought this up in the other part of the forum. Seahawks last year are the steelers this year. They cut ties with multiple big names and it seems like Petey has his locker room back. Here’s to wishful thinking
  6. 2019 Steelers offseason news

    I’m just curious on how you would rate Antonio Browns toxicity to the team. Is it at T.O level? When you’re a grown A*s adult and need to be constantly put in your place, especially as a man, How much wear n tear on the parties that are involved if this has been dating back since Ryan Clark publicly stated. NO ONE likes it when a grown man acts like a spoiled 12 year old. tomlin may not of handled the situation the ideal right way. It seems to me that it was the last resort option because nothing else can get through his thick skull. Hell, we all have our breaking points and I think tomlin was right around the ball park with his. Possibly Ben also and Ben has mishandled it also through out the season. Could possibly say the team also, maybe their so emotionally drained by it. Browns type of behavior has been cancerous and can be contagious to the parties he’s been closest with. Lucky, it hasn’t rubbed on JuJu.....yet. I think the reason why we’re hearing the team speak out about it is because some of them are really hurt by it. looking back at everything, it looks like this season has had all the signs of the beginning of the end of a relationship.
  7. Trade Brown for what?

    Any chance that this is the reason they draft WRs every year? Ryan clark stated it started(his attitude) when he was still in the burgh. When enough is enough better to be prepared then just winging it.
  8. tomlin lovers

    I agree with everything you said. I thought I’d add shazier to the list also. Other things I’ll add to aid in defense to your statement: Tomlin isn’t perfect. But it seems like a lot of player would love to play for him. So he does have respect from players. If, you needed your national football brand name proof, find skip bayless saying it. Who do we give the most praise about with our o-line? Seems like we can pick up a geek off the streets and they’ll perform well for us. The Unit consists of two 1s, a 2, and two Undrafted. None of which are perfect, but they play excellent together. Seeing the defense has had how many early picks(meaning 1st, 2nd, and 3rd round). How many were reach on draft day? How many have actually developed into at least into starting caliber? Which unit is our best? D-line of course. Graves may be playing out of position, but at least I can see development in his game. Why can’t we see any of that in any other unit on D outside of Watt and Haden? The ultimate bottom line for these tomlin haters. Majority of the nfl is a system player. Meaning they have to be developed by position coaches and coordinators. It’s harder when you draft duds. when your two leading tacklers happen to be safety’s and their names are no where near polamalu or Dawkins type of players, something is very wrong.
  9. tomlin lovers

    So.... what would you call Sean Peyton with having brees since 06?
  10. GDT: We don't control our own destiny edition

    Denver: Ben’s INT late, grimble’s fumble, Washington’s ugly A*s attempt to catch the long ball. Those are execution failures that are preached week in and week out since day one of professional football and before. Those aren’t on Tomlin Chargers: blown call that help them get a td(possibly twice with the punt return td) is out of everyone’s control. Ben with an ugly int. Chargers are a good all round team. I’m not surprised they came back since our defensive scheme was to put a linebacker on their best WR. The game changing play. Sean Davis tackling Joe Haden when it looked like he could of made the game saving INT. I don’t need to go into detail about that. Raiders: boz missing two should be easy FGs. Bens injury situation(Tomlin/medical staff). The game changer, AB drops a ball that hit him in the bread basket and the raiders player comes away with a pick. Great play by the raiders, poor execution by AB. Again, preached by coaches at all levels hits you in the hands, make the damn catch. saints: refs are out of our control with another bad call. Bad play call and poorly executed by Ridley. 4th and 5 play. If you’re going to go for it, don’t get cute. 3rd and 20. Defense can’t stop them. Hate to put this on here, JuJu’s fumble. Again, it’s preached since day one. i didn’t watch football today to really have an input on today’s game. Offensive mistakes: I lean more on the execution of the football basics that are preached everyday you play/practice. Players were trying to be too cute with the ball in their hands. Defensive mistakes: scheme,execution, and talent. Haden, heyward, tuitt, graves, and watt could start on a lot of teams. Everyone else would be extremely lucky to a role in situation packages and special teams. mostly are reserves or out of the league.
  11. Official Week 17 GDT: Browns vs Ravens

    It’s quite the test for ya guys. I’m really hoping williams and the OC go out with a bang or something really solid to build off of for next year.
  12. GDT: We don't control our own destiny edition

    Ceiling: find good ways to cope and be positive about the situation by saying if it was meant to be, it’ll be floor: in need of a liver and rogaine
  13. Official Week 17 GDT: Browns vs Ravens

    Like most steelers fans, I’m rooting for ya guys. I normally just pay attention to steelers games and see scores around the league, do you guys like your overall match ups?
  14. GDT: We don't control our own destiny edition

    There’s a lot on the line between the browns and the ravens which gives me a little hope. Ultimately, we put ourselves in this position and don’t deserve the playoff spot because of it. Either way, I think it’ll be an interesting off-season for us
  15. If you didn't want Butler fired before.... You will now.

    Any chance they’ll be holding treeouts for a lucky fan?