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  1. The draft told me that they were committed to change things offensively in a schematic stand point. Green and Moore Excel in zone. I believe chuks will also if I’m remembering that he came from a zone heavy scheme also. I’m hopeful DDC can get back on track. However, banner, is my main question mark with the scheme change. I’m not saying the o-line is fixed. Time will tell on that. It wasn’t just our non-ability of running the ball. It was pass blocking also. Rewatch the second half of the Titans and the full games against the ravens. In my eyes, from there, Ben didn’t trust the o-line to give
  2. I thought the same about the comparisons. I’m excited to have him
  3. I agree with you in the second or third round. Fourth, I mite take a flier on him. I can’t remember how many drafts in a row where the steelers have selected two guys for the same school so it wouldn’t surprise me.It’s still amazing to see a guy that big be a center and move like he did. I wish the panthers didn’t take a cornerback so Dallas got theirs. With ASJ still on the board, I was dreaming with him being a second round pick for us.
  4. IMO, The defense can be summed up with one play on how they preformed. When Hunt dragged guys into the end zone. They waited for him to make contact, especially Spillane. They played scared and really soft.
  5. I like your confidence in highsmith. It’s really hard to to judge a guy that has limited reps/plays. We’ll see when he has to carry a work load the rest of the year.
  6. To add onto it. Ravens have beat us with Ryan mallet as QB. An old and regressed chucky batch beat a solid ravens team in his last game of his career as a start. Harbaugh and Tomlin have been going at for how many years now? Thats the main reason why it’s always tough. Rare to see two coaches in the same division that can battle it for over a decade. This game SHOULD of been done by mid fourth quarter. The lack of football 101 isn’t just on the coaches. This is the downside of having a young, but talented, WR group. One of the ways to get humbled in this game is embarrassi
  7. It sure felt like it. Who was the source?
  8. Most of his career, the fan base called him a bust. The last year and 3/4’s the dude has been a solid piece for us. I wish he could stay. However, I’m all about this guy getting his fat stacks. He’s earned it
  9. Definitely starts with Ben. I had more hope in Duck then Mason. IMO, their career back ups. Mason may have a career like Jones did for us. Just judging what I’ve seen from him. No future Franchise QB behind Ben. I expect this WR group to be good/great. I still believe Juju can be a number 1 WR. I like that this group can win contested catches. That’s going to be big early on with Bens rust. I really hope Cain can make the roster over switzer. He adds more deep threat abilities and contested catches over switzer 3 for 8s offensively. I think punt return duties are for Johnson. Ru
  10. I agree about Tyson. I’ve said it before also. I know some poster here were curious what we were going to do about NT. I honestly see dan getting cut before before anyone else with tomlins take if we do add to the D-line position
  11. To sum up an article I read on steelers depot asking Tomlin about the NT position: The first name mentioned was Dan’s and then Tyson’s name. Tomlin, have to assume butler also, doesn’t want a true NT. Rather a 3-4 end with nose and pass rush capabilities. He mentions they are open to add in the market. Hargraves is the poster boy for what they want as NT. Any free agents that fit that mold?
  12. I’m very blessed with it. Same goes for the dog!
  13. Just a thought, we’ll have three(?) extra picks next year. With this pandemic, I’m curious about more players entering the supplement draft this year
  14. I’ve been here for a while, figured I’d fill this out.
  15. It was against the browns the second time. It caused an INT. I don’t have the games taped, that one stuck out the most. I saw him do it a few times over the year. I’m not saying he isn’t skilled or talented. I don’t like players giving up like that. Especially when we really couldn’t afford to with our offense last year. With our WR corps and the way we invest in it year in and out, there’s no reason not to expect a better effort then that. Possibly even being the best overall group in the league.
  16. My only problem with putting DJ ahead of Washington right now. He give up on plays. I don’t care if the QB over threw him or if he ran the wrong route. I know one led to an INT. It may just be a personal preference, however, it chaps me to this day.
  17. I could see highsmith wearing 45 also
  18. Going into the draft, our biggest hole was NT. That’s not even a sexy pick. I enjoyed Foster’s career in Pitt and wish him nothing but the best in life after football. However, he did us a favor by retiring. Rewatching Some tape and even highlights he looked bad is an understatement. Pouncey isn’t out of the woods yet, I can understand some of his struggle next to him. The rest were really depth picks due to our lack of cap. It’s not a perfect team by any means. Our biggest addition is Ben coming back. we know what this defense can do with their backs against the wall. Sucked seeing them get
  19. Three total brothers. Two on the same team. Not that embarrassing.
  20. Wrong Edmunds. He’s talking about the running back
  21. I’d say whyte more then Samuels. Samuels offers more experience at RB and not just a returner on special teams
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