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  1. TACT XVIII: Zeke's Whacky Weekend Adventures

    It's coming along but it's in Arlington. Which despite popular belief, is a good drive from Dallas imo. The Metroplex makes it all sound so close but ....
  2. Terrance Williams arrested

    Was TWill ever considered a top 10 draft pick? I get Randy has been a bust but he comes from a different talent tier than Twill. I'd be patient with him too. Especially if his suspension has actually saved us money and rolled over his years And honestly, if it doesn't save us money to cut Twill, then whatever. Keep him. But if he gets suspended and we get an out on his contract like someone mentioned, then I say cut. Perfect time with Hurns, Gallup, Beasley, Cedrick Wilson.
  3. TACT XVIII: Zeke's Whacky Weekend Adventures

    I was gonna say, the area around the new stadium used to be real ghetto but it's building up. It's in Arlington though obviously
  4. TACT XVIII: Zeke's Whacky Weekend Adventures

    Pretty good. It's still Texas.
  5. Terrance Williams arrested

    What bothers me most is him giving over Kendall Wrights name and trying to pin it on him. Obviously the cops weren't buying it, but it's kinda bro code to not give your friends name to the cops. Especially when it's a lie. I know I wouldn't want to go hang out with some drunk lying snitch. He starts off by saying he doesn't want to do anything to jeopardize his career and ends up trying to drunkenly ruin someone else's. How is this going to fly in the locker room? And when you add in a possible suspension, I say cut.
  6. Terrance Williams arrested

    The franchise has become a complete wild card. Other than drafting, they have made a few surprise moves. The right move here is to cut imo(especially after seeing the video). But we save no money by cutting, So that means he probably stays.
  7. Terrance Williams arrested

    I would cut him. And if Romo can be booted because of stellar rookie play in his absence then anybody can.
  8. I heard that when he was a child he would refuse recess. ...Because he don't play.
  9. Terrance Williams arrested

    No sobriety test needed when you fall over on a scooter going .5 MPH
  10. Terrance Williams arrested

    Lol at Twill blaming everything on Kendall Wright, and giving his name to the cops.
  11. Terrance Williams arrested

    Yeah you have to be a good football player to be accepted on to the "look the other way" list. Greg Hardy, Randy Gregory, and guys like Zeke, and Lane Johnson are of a different pedigree than guys like Terrence Williams. Having said that, I don't expect the Cowboys cut him. Losing Dez, Witt, and your #2 WR in the same off season would be tougher than it already appears to be.
  12. Starting Safeties

    Is it official that Woods will play safety? All off season people here have penciled him in as a starting safety. Seemingly disregarding the fact that he played slot corner for us all year. He was our starting slot CB for the final month of the season. I know Byron is moving over and we have Lewis and Chido, so it makes sense to move Woods back to safety. But I haven't heard anything official.
  13. Martin skips OTAs amid contract disputes

    How do you think Jerry feels about paying Martin mid-2000s QB money?
  14. T.O. "Why is JG still HC?"

    Yep. 4-12 in 2015, if we would have had a bad 2016, followed by last year's 8-7 record(I don't count week 17s six to nothing win over the Philly backups as a victory), then JG would have been fired right after the game.