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  1. It didn’t lol. You have to sense the humor. I am poking fun at you because of how cocky the Dak supporters have been(in this particular forum) about this inevitable multi year deal that’s always just minutes away. For 3 years now we’ve been waiting on the news to break. I was 30 years old when you guys first assured me I was wrong. This forum has been very hostile towards anyone who even suggests Dak might not get paid, so enjoy the push back. You’ve earned it
  2. Well he’s absolutely delusional if he doesn’t think Dak will be signed to a long term deal a year ago. the fact that he even mentions the tag shows me he doesn’t watch All-22. He doesn’t know football and he’s a special kind of stupid. There is a 100% chance all this is will be resolved before this thread hits page 2. Anyone arguing otherwise is a hater.
  3. Seeing a bunch of mocks landing us Sewell at 10
  4. I swear I could say the sky is blue and the Dak lusters would call me a hater. You know what, you guys are right. If Dak would have never got hurt we would have been 16-0!! Dak is so good he can go back in time and win games. Everybody knows it but slam and I! Any other take is terrible.
  5. You and Nyftb need lay off the booze and take a probability class if you think it’s a terrible take. We were 1-3 with Dak as a starter... chances are 11-5 wasn’t going to happen if he didn’t get hurt. That’s not a knock on Dak that’s just odds. Would we have been better than 6-10? Probably. maybe 8-8 or 9-7 if we got hot. 11-5 after losing 3 of the first four games? probably not. It’s not a terrible take. It’s called being rational.
  6. Highly unlikely. We were an onside kick away from being 0-4 in games Dak started. 11-5 if he doesn’t get hurt? Fat chance. The offense wasn’t the problem even after Dak went down.
  7. It reads that the offense needs to score 30 to win, which is BS.
  8. Maybe it should be (defensive)Weapons (Defensive)Weapons (Defensive)Weapons
  9. Be nice to Northland, Resilient, Matts, D82, Nyftb, and don’t be so hard on your self, bubby. 2020 has been hard enough. We need self love here.
  10. And nothing will change next year. We will in all likelihood have Dak Prescott back with a big contract and no distractions. Tyron Smith and La’ell Collins will be healthy and ready to along with Zack Martin. All three of our WRs will still be here and Jarwin will come back to aid the emerging Dalton Schultz. Gallimore and Hill will be more developed, Randy Gregory FINALLY gets a full off season and gets to start the year. Something that hasn’t happened since his rookie season. DLaw and Aldon will probably both be back. We may have a new D Coordinator and our hopes for LVE and Jaylon return. T
  11. Exactly it’s 3rd and goal from like the 20. CD dropped an easy pass. We completely ignored the run game on the most crucial drive with plenty of time. The prayer should have been thrown on 4th instead of 3rd probably, but it’s hysterical that people think Dak would have converted 3rd and goal from the 20 in bad weather. leat we forget Dak went 19/33 for 200 yards 0 TDs and 1 pick in a loss to New England last year in bad weather.
  12. Dalton laid an egg in bad weather, and you guys can quit calling Daniel Jones a bust. This wasn’t easy to throw in. He may never be Peyton Manning but clearly you need to redefine your definition of bust
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