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  1. Looks like RG AND Everson Griffen were better than Aldon. He just had that crazy hot start. 4 sacks in 3 games. The staff made their mind who was better right then and there. ...and Maybe Aldon was better, for the first month, but obviously he hit the “I haven’t played in several years” wall. They already traded EG, and sounds like maybe they were in denial about RGs effectiveness when he relieved Aldon Smith.
  2. I can tell from just glancing at it that RG has better per snap production. Aldon Smith started all 16 games, DLaw started 15, Dorance Armstrong is credited with starting 2, and RG zero. Yet RG had 3.5 sacks, Armstrong 0, Aldon Smith with 5(4 of them in weeks 1-3), and Dlaw with 6.5. Also, Randy was suspended for the first 6 games. It’s pretty clear RG was our best pass rusher from games 7-16.
  3. Id like to see “per snap” production stats for the DEs last year
  4. I’m wearing a Cowboys Jersey to Texans games for the foreseeable future
  5. The people that can regularly spend Jerrys’ ticket prices are not football fans imo. I’ve spent the requisite cash to sit close to the field(bought the tickets from T_O7 then paid full price for the same tix the next year bc I liked them sm) at Jerry world. A elderly lady asked me to sit down once, and I was told to “lower it down” on 3rd down.
  6. Pretty sure Houston is the move. My money goes so much further there. Hell, I already got tickets to the Jaguars @ Houston week 1. And let me tell you guys; tickets for Texans games are a breath of fresh air compared to what I’ve been spending at ATT. I got Row 1 visitors side at about the 30. I can probably smell Trevor Lawrences’ conditioner. I’d be stuck in the corner of the endzone row 20 at ATT for these prices
  7. Basically because the improvements on my property are sub par and I’m ready for a big boy home. I mean, I was a first time home buyer in my 20s with very limited options. I chose this place because it had 8+ acres and a site built home. But the place was a dump. It was always supposed to be a live-in-flip. And with the market the way it is, I slapped makeup on the pig and put it up. I’m looking to capitalize on the market by moving to an area/market that isn’t quite as crazy as Austin is. Sell in Austin buy in Houston. Houston sucks but I wanna live in a nice house by a golf course for $450k.
  8. I was really hoping I’d be one of those houses that people offer over on and get multiple offers, but only one offer under after the first week. It seems to be popular on Zillow but hasn’t translated to offers yet. Still the market as you say, is crazy, and if I accept this offer $25k under, I still more than double what i paid for it in 2015. Looking a lot at the Conroe/ Willis/Spring/ lake Conroe area
  9. Today makes a week of my house being on the market and I finally got my first offer. It’s $25k under asking, but I think ima take it. My bills are getting out of hand paying for mortgage there and rent here, plus utilities for both.
  10. Well I’m going to cash out the crazy equity my house here in Bastrop has earned over the last two years, by selling. I want to upgrade. This house was a great starter for me and I appreciate it but it’s time. I rented a house by the lake here in Bastrop while I look for another place to buy. @D82I’m thinking of going back to the gulf coast area. Maybe back to Corpus, or another bigger city like Houston, or something smaller like South Padre, or Matagorda. Ideally Port A, or Aransas Pass. And all the other towns that are on the other side of the barrier island towns. Like Port isabell etc.
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