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  1. I honestly think Allen, or Rosen could come in and take Daks job day 1. Dez would all of a sudden be a good WR again. *ducks* If we had a staff that made decisions based on talent instead of tenure. But we don't.
  2. Time for another QB and maybe b2b . My personal favorite? Allen.
  3. Irving gets 2nd Round Tender

    At this point it's not out of the question that a guy like Payne could be still sitting there at 36 or 37. He is starting to consistently slip past us in mocks. I would rather gamble on 21 year old Payne at a rookie rate, than gamble on 25 year old Irving at what? $10M + per?
  4. Irving gets 2nd Round Tender

    It would be like us giving up our 2nd last year for a 25 year old CB who flashed potential when guys like Chido can be had in rd. 2 and Lewis in rd. 3 of a deep draft. I'm sure most/all GMs see that for DTs this year and Irving stays. If someone does get him, I'll be shocked and not immediately convinced that it was a smart move.
  5. Irving gets 2nd Round Tender

    I still hold that it won't happen. Irving, despite his success, is still a gamble based on potential. Super deep draft for DTs, and you could get a DT(or 2) with all of those early Colts picks. Those guys, who are also based on potential, come with rookie contracts and less PED suspensions. I just don't think it's a smart business move to give up a 2nd rounder and a hefty contract to a DT who hasn't put it all together yet, when you could draft a guy in the 2nd of a deep DT class that presumably has a boat load of upside as well.
  6. I love how all the other teams have mostly threads about players they signed. But we have to get excited for threads about who our players signed with.
  7. Holy Free Agent Visit Batman!

    No name in the title so I expected a bum. Low and behold, I've never heard of him and he's from the Browns. Let's see what the Googleizer says about him. 6'3" 320lbs. So far so good. Prepped at Crenshaw (Calif.) High, where he won two L.A. City championships. Cracked the lineup as a true freshman in 2011, starting the final 10 games at left guard. Started 10 of 12 games at left guard in 2012. Moved to center in 2013 and started all 13 games played. Dislocated his left kneecap and sustained a high left ankle sprain against UCLA, knocking him out of the Las Vegas Bowl against Fresno State. Team captain. Did not perform at the combine because of left knee injury (medical exclusion). Big. From Crenshaw. Team captain. Pick 70 overall in 2014: SELECTED BY: 49ers ROUND: 3 PICK (OVERALL): 6 (70) PICK ANALYSIS: "This was the No. 1 center on my board. This is a big-bodied kid who fits exactly what San Francisco is ... a big, powerful, run-the-football kind of team." -- Mike Mayock HOME TRACKER MOCK DRAFTS HISTORY SEARCH BY Select... Name Position Round Team 2014 Draft Prospects GRADE 5.65 Marcus Martin (C) HT: 6'3" WT: 320LBS. POSITION: C SCHOOL: USC ARM LENGTH: 34" HANDS: 10" Overview SELECTED BY: 49ers ROUND: 3 PICK (OVERALL): 6 (70) COMBINE STATS BENCH PRESS: 23 REPS ANALYSIS Strengths Thick and wide-bodied. Walls off and seals defenders. Can work his hips to maneuver and seal. Athletic enough to step to the second level. Plays with his head on a swivel. Good anchor ability in pass protection -- can dig his cleats in the ground vs. big-bodied pluggers and match size with size. Three-year starter with experience at guard and center. Was a 20-year-old junior. Weaknesses A bit knock-kneed and pigeon-toed with herky-jerky movement. Soft puncher. Gets top-heavy and bends at the waist. Average initial quickness, balance and sustain. Ordinary hip snap -- power element missing. Limited lateral agility and recovery ability. Struggles to connect with moving targets. Is not a strong finisher or an aggressive go-getter. Does not dominate the way he is capable. Only bench pressed 225 pounds 23 times at the combine. Draft Projection Rounds 2-3 Bottom Line Outstanding-sized, barrel-chested finesse pivot with center-guard versatility. Grades out highly as a position-sustain blocker and possesses untappped strength and power in his body. Lacks desirable grit, toughness and finishing strength to maximize his talent and is stronger than he plays. Has instant-starter potential as a center or right guard, but could stand to benefit from some time to be groomed.
  8. It's time for the best CB prospect in the draft. Ward
  9. FOX pursuing Witten for TNF

    2016, we got beat by the team, who got beat by the team, who won the Superbowl. I don't think we get past Atl that year
  10. Cowboys off season notes - DLaw Franchised

    Ok... let's try this: I think we can at least agree that while others rotated at least a little, that WHEN Ash played he played exclusively at the 1. Never as the rushman. Agree? Can we also agree that we use a lighter, pass rush set on 3rd(or pass) downs, moving bigger DEs inside, and taking the 1 tech and Sam(If he isn't off already) off the field? That has been a staple of Marinelli. So we maybe only use a true 1 tech 50 maybe 60% of the time? Well according to this: https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/A/AshxRi00/fantasy/2017 After week 5 Richard Ash was playing 40-50% of the snaps. Now how did Richard Ash ever play 50% of the total snaps if we only use a true 1 tech on early downs, and he wasn't the starter? Is it possible to come off the bench as a backup to a run down only position and still play half the snaps? I would think not.
  11. Cowboys off season notes - DLaw Franchised

    Richard Ash played the nose. As the starter. For most of the season. That's a fact. Not an opinion.
  12. Cowboys off season notes - DLaw Franchised

    Our defense is not "designed," to give up 4.1 YPC. No it is not. And Sean Lee doesn't give space to anyone except the team doctor. You can see that in the years 2014 and 16. We went to the playoffs and allowed less than 4 ypc both years. THAT was by design.
  13. Cowboys off season notes - DLaw Franchised

    Ha! Uh, no. I don't think you can watch the games last year a say we had a top 5-ish unit on defense if you are being honest with yourself. Be careful using bulk stats to define a unit. Yards per play is a much better indicator than total yards allowed imo. Who cares if you allowed the least rushing yards if you defended the least attempts? Follow? So look at the stats on a per play basis. For instance, there were 17 teams last year that allowed 4.1 rush yards per attempt or more. We were one of those. 18th in RushY/A 8th in PassY/A Our pass defense, aided by our pass rush, and the rookie CBs stepping up late, did very well. Even better than the bulk stats suggest. Our rush defense....not so much. Those stats back up the eyes.
  14. Cowboys off season notes - DLaw Franchised

    Lol y'all need to go re-watch the damn games. Saying Collins a Paea did well at 1tech last year when neither were even on the damn field lol
  15. Cowboys off season notes - DLaw Franchised

    Collins was benched for Ash, bro. He never played 1 after like week 4. So idk why you are saying he held his own. Then you said he didn't play well at 3 but that's where he had his success as a rookie. You also said Paea did well for us but he retired before ever playing a game with us... So wth are you talking about?