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  1. I’ll go there rn for a mass comm degree. And a few autographs You think that staff can recruit? Lol
  2. I saw what DK did to supposedly the best CB in the game in Gilmore. Chido doesn’t stand a snowflakes chance in hell
  3. Youn mean 4th and 5th String? Tyron, La’el, Cam Erving...
  4. Game ball: Dak, Cooper, CD, Zeke, Shultz, Tryston Hill, the Falcons kick return team, Joe Thomas from not the Browns, Julio drop Jones, Greg the leg, the guy that recovered it(Thompson?), and the ATL defense, Jason Garrett, Dez, Tony Romo, and @Texas_OutLaw7 Jockstrap: Dak, Zeke, Pollard, Shultz, Cooper, Jaylon Smith, CHIDO Awoof, #28(I now know your name but refuse to say it), Bones Fossil, Chris Goodwin, Connor Williams, Mike McCarthy, and @DaBoys
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