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  1. TACT XVIII: Zeke's Whacky Weekend Adventures

    Well, he is your oldest. You still have to do this about 16 more times. So hopefully it gets easier.
  2. NFL WEEK 7

    Nothing wrong with being wrong. if it were easy it wouldn't be fun. Bosa is a stud though. I think the staff would have taken Zeke anyway.
  3. LP's and DF's: Dallas at Niners

    LPs: Everyone did good. Even when we pulled the starters we were doing well. DFs: I didn't see anyone playing bad. Crazy.
  4. NFL WEEK 7

    For everyone on here who was "meh" on Joey Bosa as a DE prospect and cited his pass rush as the reason: You were wrong.
  5. I member. He tried to lay down some juju but I cast a counter spell.
  6. Richard Ash with pressure
  7. I'd imagine Linehan pulls Zeke out and throws with 4 wide shotgun from here on out.
  8. 10 straight red zone TDs
  9. Throw on 2nd and 5. Run on 2nd and 15. #Linehan
  10. We're making this QB look like a rookie.
  11. Noah brown and Zack Martin