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  1. What about Tony Romo lol
  2. Dak - Grown Man

    He hasn't hit 30 total TDs yet has he? Just doing that would be improvement. Never mind I looked it up. 29, 28, 28. So 30 wouldn't be that big of a deal. But with his legs, and his excuses mostly gone, I want 35 total TDs.
  3. Dak - Grown Man

    Alright one more excuse is gone! Last offseason: Dak sucks because of Dez or Linehan. Fire Dez 1 year later: Dak sucks because of Linehan. Fire Linehan. Dak really needs to step it up this year. Nothing out of this world but hitting 30 TDs would be cool.
  4. They should just sign him back for morale. If we can't have a SB then give us back our #88!
  5. To bad Jihad Ward didn't save our season.
  6. Gearing up for next season

    Yeah but he was flipping off the Seattle bench after his injury for a reason. That's why players hold out. They know if they get hurt without a contract in place they just lost a lot of money. Also, being that we are his home town team, whatever he wants from other teams will be more than he'll need from us.
  7. It's always beautiful when the forums wishes align with the actual decision makers.
  8. These watch threads are deadly btw
  9. I'm hoping they can use Linehans departure as a way to start anew. He did state right before he signed with the saints that he would rather sign back with us if anything. But I agree it still feels toxic, and I give it less than 5% chance. I'd be so super stoked though. It would make up for last season, when they should have offered Dez a pay cut and fired Linehan. But in this scenario Linehan gets fired, we get Dez back, and we have Amari. It would be beautiful.
  10. I'm sure they only signed him to a 1 year deal. Not sure if they released him after the injury.
  11. I wouldn't be surprised if Garrett took over completely. Kinda like Linehan was on the hot seat last year and they gave him more control. I think this could be Jason Garrett's make or break year, and he takes full control.
  12. His problem was concentration drops, and I think that stemmed from his frustration with Linehans offense/young QB. Now he has missed a year of football and has to rehab an injury at 30. No telling what you'd get from him except a good price. At the least I think you improve the redzone offense with Dez. For a team with no TE and a WR1 that doesn't do jump ball fades, he could be of use. At the most I think you get a solid #2. Not that I want to impede the growth of Gallup but at this point Beasley may cost more than Dez. I think Amari, Dez, or Gallup could hand some slot work.
  13. Well there's your problem right there.
  14. Bring back Dez! Bring back Dez! Bring back Dez!