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  1. https://www.azcentral.com/story/sports/nfl/cardinals/2021/10/20/arizona-cardinals-favored-win-every-game-left-2021-nfl-schedule/6104647001/
  2. I know the Jets were REALLY hell bent on getting one of our linemen last year or the year before
  3. How did they let that happen
  4. What a choke job by UT. You’re up big with a great RB and you’re running hurry up in the 3rd quarter.
  5. They’re trying to implement the no bail policy everywhere. I don’t see how making jail a revolving door helps anything.
  6. My friend has been doing aLOT of gum flapping and ish talking about this game. But he refused to put money on it. The only thing he would bet on was that Diggs wouldn’t get a pick. He wouldn’t put money on his team to actually win.
  7. I use a storage place by my house, it’s $70 a month. Not sure if it’s a good deal, but it works for me. The yacht life sounds awesome. You’ll be like Shane Falco.
  8. Thanks. Still in Bastrop, just closer to the lake, and the house is a little bigger/nicer than the last house.
  9. I mostly agree but Joseph is a rookie currently on IR. He can’t play right now. Also Joseph was horrible in preseason so... idk
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