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  1. Dez was cut so Dak could lead. Otherwise a pay cut would have been offered. Moving on.
  2. Best Group In Football

    Ah yes Wisniewski. He was popular in our forum around draft time. So was Warmack though. And I am a bit worried about Connor Williams play strength inside, but I expect him to be a quick study.
  3. Best Group In Football

    I really like Brooks, and Lane. Peters is getting old, but Tyron has been banged up so no advantage there. I think Kelce, with the way he runs, has been one of the league's best centers for several years now and is finally getting the recognition. Who is your other OG? and is Big V the future beyond Peters?
  4. Best Group In Football

    I like the Cowboys RB group too. Zeke, Scarbrough, Rod Smith, Darius Jackson.
  5. Best Group In Football

    I think Tyron Smith was just fine. Yes he uncharacteristically wasn't perfect, but it was clear what we were missing when he was out. I don't feel Peters was doing anything profoundly better than Tyron when they were both playing. The difference was Big V playing better than Chaz Green and Byron Bell in the starters absence. Our worst games of the season were without Tyron. The Atlanta fall out comes to mind. Zack Martin is Zack Martin. No debates here. If Kelce was the best center then Frederick is right on his heels. Frederick to Kelce is probably closer than Brooks to Martin. But I'm sure you see it the other way. At RT: lane Johnson > La'el Collins. Though Collins is only 24 years old and improving. He did well down the stretch and had a commendable performance against Kalil Mack late in the season. Obviously not on Lanes level but I expect a big year from the bruiser. Then for the 5th OL, we spent #50 overall on borderline 1st round prospect Connor Williams. So all 5 starters, Tyron Smith, Zack Martin, Travis Frederick, La'el Collins, and Connor Williams were either 1st round picks or 1st round prospects. With at least 3 panning out, and fourth looking promising. Then we signed the Patriots starting RT Cameron Fleming as a backup. (He's not the one who gave up the Brandon Graham play.) So we have a backup behind our 1st rounders that started the SB last year. Then we signed former 3rd round pick Marcus Martin to backup inside. It's a pretty damn good unit.
  6. Worst Groups in Football

    Shoutout to Cowboys TEs. Undrafted Blake Jarwin, 6th rounder Geoff Swaim, 5th rounder Dalton Shultz, Basketball project Rico Gathers. They all combine for a career 9 catches 94 yards and 0 TDs. So between us and Houston, the best TE in Texas is probably playing at UT or A&M
  7. DT Irving suspended first 4 games (again)

    I didn't see the Cowboys career part. Yeah, Irving has 12 regular season games left as a Cowboy at the most. RG's best case scenario is a bit better.
  8. Per NFL.com Demarco Murray to retire

    I agree Murray was a beast BEFORE our line. But I'm happy we didn't sign him to a crazy 6 year deal in 2015 in light of everything.
  9. In order for Goodell to approve his reinstatement, lifting his indefinite ban, I'm sure RG had to jump through hoops to "prove" he deserved it. Something like weekly drug tests for years...
  10. DT Irving suspended first 4 games (again)

    Good question. If they started back at zero now, I suppose I'll say RG. He's not currently slated for suspension like Irving so he'll have a chance to get a head start. And he plays on the outside which lends it'self to bulkier sack stats(see Lawrence). RG is 1 sneeze away from a permanent ban where Irving still has a 10 game suspension in his pocket when something happens again. So it's a tough call. Plus Irving has at least proven he can go consecutive games with sack totals, while RG has just flashed in the pan.
  11. I just noticed that D82 changed his name to D82. It's not a whole lot to work with but I guess we can shorten it to just "D."
  12. Hope Taco and Armstrong work out.
  13. Around the League - It's Officially the Offseason

    "Everyone in our locker room knows that Earl loves the Cowboys," Avril said. "I mean, he grew up in Texas. That's just who he is. He will leave immediately after work just to catch them play on Monday Night Football. You know what I mean? So we understand that. We didn't take it too serious."