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  1. Obviously the LBs are the group to watch. You have 5 solid guys that will be, at times, competing for two spots.
  2. How much money are we talking here?
  3. Jaylon said he wants 9 didn't he?
  4. Big Bohanna is here. No need for Woods.
  5. If this guy was able to come out last year he would have been a late first/early 2nd round guy. Not sure what happened, as he followed that same trajectory of Shaun Wade, but in the 6th both of these guys would have been steals.
  6. If we are base 3-4, then there is no reason to cut any Lbs imo. I understand nickel is 80% of the game, but with the speed of our LBs: Neal who is a strong safety , Cox one of the best cover LBs in the draft, Parsons who ran a 4.36 or something.... we shouldn’t sacrifice to much coverage ability in that base set.
  7. I would try to run some 3-4 sets. LOLB: Jaylon Smith MLB: Parsons MLB: Neal/Cox ROLB: LVE 5T: Gallimore/Odighizuwa NT: Woods/ Big Bohanna 5T: DLaw/Trysten Hill Get the two vet LBs back in the game by giving them more of a blitzing edge role, that mixes in coverage. Get Parsons as the thumper inside LB and Cox and Neal can be the rangy inside LB. DLaw was great against the run last year and I think would be an ideal 5T. I love the potential for Odighizuwa and Gallimore to play all DL positions along a 3 man front. Big Bohanna is an id
  8. Sounds like he was really jealous of his chick. Kinda hard to root for the guy. Hopefully he can be over protective of Dak now.
  9. I think most of you know I was rooting for Slater there at the end. I was the only one in my camp that wasn’t pro-Slater/Pro offense/ pro OL in the first round. Despite having a heavy bias towards the player himself and his home town ties. Once, the board was wiped out and we traded back, And Rashawn was still there, I was 100% on board. You could have heard a pin drop in the room after the Parson pick. I know Slater wanted to come to Dallas... hopefully Parsons works out
  10. This is kind of a “my neighbors, sisters, nanny” type of a story but: Some of you may have seen me mention my good friend I grew up with that’s a Giants fan. Well his wife is good friends with a chick named Stassney Brown. So my buddy and his wife just got invited to her wedding.... Why is that cool you ask? Because she is marrying Rashawn Slater, and my buddy is as big of a football fan as I am. Stassney says Slater is a huge Cowboys fan, and wants to go to Dallas. They are getting hitched in McKinney. Not really a fan of going OL at 10, but... I like Sl
  11. I’m happy for Dak. You might not believe me, but i am
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