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  1. I only got two this year. Tried to think of a 3rd but I got nothing. TACT XX: Yay Garrett's gone! Have a Corona. TACT XX: McCarthys' Angels
  2. Javon Kinlaw for me. 6'5" and a lanky 325lbs 1T/3T/5T Strengths Built to intimidate with exceptional physical traits Thickly muscled with long arms and good lean mass Menacing bull-rusher Forceful charge requires two blockers to stall pocket collapse Heavy, violent hands to jolt his foes Flashes "club and (hip) flip" to pull himself past the block Explosive first step Lateral quickness to beat reach blocks and spill it wide Plays high snap total, but motor rarely cools Muddies pass protection with forceful picks on tackle/end twists Length and power to stack and shed Offers scheme/position versatility due to unique size and traits
  3. 1. EDGE - Chase Young, Ohio St. 2. LB - Isaiah Simmons, Clemson 3. QB - Joe Burrow, LSU 4. CB - Jeffery Okudah, Ohio State 5. QB - Tua Tagovailoa, Alabama 6. DT - Derrick Brown, Auburn 7. OT - Tristan Wirfs, Iowa 8. WR - CeeDee Lamb, Oklahoma 9. OT - Jedrick Wills, Alabama 10. WR - Jerry Juedy, Alabama 11. CB - C.J. Henderson, Florida 12. OT - Mekhi Becton, Louisville
  4. I'm going to put Henderson at #11 and Becton at #12. As before, if we gave two players rated equal then need can factor in. We need CB more than OT at this moment. So Henderson wins the tie breaker
  5. I keep forgetting about this
  6. My favorite Simpsons characters are Cartman, Quagmire, and Squidward
  7. We’ve got Poe

    Exactly. I don't have to imagine a team loaded with cap space letting pro bowlers go for a 3rd round pick. I see it happening in Dallas, and the Charges have a reputation
  8. We’ve got Poe

    There is the trade possibility. Last year of contract, set to make a pay day, wouldn't be the first time a team made the trade and cut ties
  9. 2020 Cowboys Free Agency

    I think it's absolutely clear that the Patriots are stockpiling picks, tanking 2020, and controlling the Trevor Lawrence draft.
  10. We’ve got Poe

    Now you're talking
  11. We’ve got Poe

    Who is going to have more sacks this season? Clowney or 20 million in unused cap space?
  12. We’ve got Poe

    Gregory hasn't played in well over a calendar year. The last time he had a sack was week 16, 2018 against the Bucs. A game that Tyrone Crawford was carted off the field to end his season. Crawford, has only played in 4 games since then. It would be absolutely foolish to rely on these guys, and it's asinine to feel like two guys who have combined for 1 sack and 5 total games played since December of 2018 will "get the job done," in 2020. And yes Clowney only had 3 sacks in 11 starts for his new team. He also had 31 tackles, 7 TFLs, 13 QB hits, 4 forced fumbles, 2 fumble recoveries, 1 fumble recovery for a TD, 3 passes deflected, and 1 interception that he also returned for a TD...... in 11 starts.. In the playoffs last year he had 12 tackles, 3 TFLs, 3 QB hits, and 1.5 sacks in 2 games. Much more disruptive and all over the place than his 3 sacks suggest.
  13. FFMD II Dallas Cowboys Front Office

    I'm not sure what title I'll have but I'm going to shout my opinions in whatever thread develops from this. I support @Nextyearfordaboyz as GM. I also think @flyingmonkey30 has done some thorough scouting this offseason so I'll nominate him if nyftb doesn't want it.