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  1. Tony Romo - A Football Life

    Present. I thought he was done. Still do. My thought was he was made of glass. Can we talk about the league switching to flag football for QBs AFTER ROMO RETIRES!? Screw you NFL. Where were these rules when our QB hurt his Pinky!!??
  2. Has NFL Killed Football?

    The offense is impressive, yes. But the ratings eclipse themselves every year it seems. Each superbowl breaks the lasts record.
  3. Has NFL Killed Football?

    Is that why you can't hit them below the knee? They care about fans, who care about QBs. But they are pissing off the fans in the effort.
  4. 2019 NFL Draft Prospects

    I want Lock.
  5. Has NFL Killed Football?

    Adam Gase is now blaming a torn ACL on his defender trying to avoid the QB hit penalty. So the rule is causing injuries and pissing off fans. Ironic it was implemented to prevent injuries to star players, so the fans could be happy. It's having the opposite result. Furthermore, why the need to create new rules every year? It shouldn't be treated like the hall of fame where they have to vote in new rules every year.
  6. Predict Garretts' last game?

    Let's talk about our 4th round pick Ryan Switzer. We traded him to the Raiders for Jihad Ward. The Raiders traded Switzer for a pick. We cut Ward. So of the 3 Switzer teams we, the team that picked him, are the only ones who end up with nothing. Meanwhile Switzer is scoring points. We aren't scoring hardly any of those.
  7. Dak

    Fitzmagic has had a tough game, but will have more yards in this game than Dak has had since week 11, 2015. A 50 to 38 Miss. St. win vs. Arkansas. Rough game for Fitz though.
  8. Dak

    A decision maker watched that tape and thought, we need to cut Dez and sign Hurns.
  9. Dak

    I wouldn't go that far. He is a great backup QB. Him paired with an oft injured starter like say.... Romo, would make for nice QB depth. Dak, with a coach willing to get him running, can be a hell of an insurance plan if your starter goes down
  10. Dak

    Emmitt wasn't getting just 15 carries, 7 of which coming from 3 wide shotgun. They aren't doing 90s. They are doing 2009-2013 Lions which only "worked" because of a robot WR and Matt Saffords cannon.
  11. 2019 NFL Draft Prospects

    I'm not at all sold that Tyron Smith is done. He is playing next to a weak rookie, and protecting a QB that can't feel pressure or read the field.
  12. Predict Garretts' last game?

    I was on the Zeke train and yelled loudly with joy when he was the pick. But we would be better off with an equally impressive Ramsey if SL is going to continue his quest to recreate his Matthew Stafford /Megatron days with Dak and Hurns.
  13. Predict Garretts' last game?

    Blows my mind with all the hype surrounding Elliott this offseason,(going so far as to completely hold him out of preseason) that he hasn't hit 20 carrys. Unforgivable.
  14. Dak

    So Rico Gathers went from Can't block at all to the point that he won't even make the team to this by week 3? Me thinks the can't block stigma was another bad evaluation