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  1. Are you grading on a Tom Brady curve? There’s a lot of good QBs out there don’t get me wrong. They can all torch you, but it’s unrealistic to think the opposition will field Tom Brady caliber QBs every week. It’s very literally down hill from here.
  2. Who need DL when you have 37 LBs! Dallas wins 27 - 21
  3. And he’s from Texas, and a huge Cowboys fan. I believe because of the historical performance the defense put up last year, they were all in on defense no matter what. Hopefully Parsons will be great, but I can’t imagine he will have the impact that Slater would right now.
  4. Rashawn Slater was perfect on 49 pass block attempts v Washington last week.
  5. Went to Houston this weekend for the Astros Saturday and Texans v Jags on Sunday. Got out of there right as the rain started to hit
  6. Yes. I am true to the team. Lost
  7. Can’t run and can’t kick
  8. I would have at least TRIED to run the ball on this drive. If played right you could drain the clock and kick the game winner
  9. Like I said... offense and ST are killing us this game. Defense hasn’t been great but considering who we are playing it hasn’t been horrible
  10. We had to temper our expectations of our defense playing TB. Our offense/ST is killing us
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