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  1. Watson would be the guy I think would benefit from Smith not playing. He usually feasts on Atlanta's LBs, esp with Debo unlikely to play. Then again, it could be Arnold from the TE position.
  2. I absolutely abhor that falcons. I hope Payton never lets up. Score every chance they have. When they're up by 28+, blitz Ryan every single down! I want to see him eat dirt!
  3. Week 11 GDT: Eagles (4-5) @ Saints (8-1)

    And then two straight handoff so please ignore me. Lol
  4. Week 11 GDT: Eagles (4-5) @ Saints (8-1)

    I know Philly doesn't have a secondary but I'd like to see more runs to wear down that dline early.
  5. Week 11 GDT: Eagles (4-5) @ Saints (8-1)

    I'm nervous for every game. Lol It's a little easier though when the Saints suck.
  6. ...just maybe...

    How much better does Peterson make the Saints? We would still be in the hands of Allen and his "modified zone". We all know the rules really favor offenses and as has been shown, defenses aren't getting any help from the league. Would a legit TE make more sense?
  7. Let's talk about Taysom Hill and gadget players

    Eventually, Payton will have to call pass plays for him to keep defenses honest.
  8. What happened to the Saints defense?

    Without interfering in the Lattimore debate, the main reason the Saints defense sucks is SEAN PAYTON! Game plan against a defense = GREAT build a formidable defense for his team = WORSE THAN ALL 32 NFL HC's AND 112 NCAAF HC'S.
  9. Week 1: GDT Saints vs Buccaneers

    That's the issue I have with all of this. How can a team field a defense this bad for so many years.
  10. Week 1: GDT Saints vs Buccaneers

    Added insult to injury with the new Bourbon. Lol
  11. Week 1: GDT Saints vs Buccaneers

    I revised your post. Lol
  12. I like Ronnie Harrison, safety from Alabama. Will the Saints continue their run on Ohio State players? Is Jerome Baker an option?
  13. 2017 NFL Draft do-over

    Williams is the only one that is a maybe. Theres a couple players missing in that Do-Over that could replace him.
  14. If all the "expert" chatter is correct, Mayfield may be Cleveland's #1 pick. lol
  15. Brees may be able to help the kid grow up a little bit. I like him as a QB prospect so I wouldn't hate the trade.