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  1. Saints - Falcons playoffs

    IMHO, a division game takes away some aspects of game planning. They just know each other too well. There's no hidden secret left to exploit that team. For example, We're playing the Rams this week. Payton may see something in his film study that he can attack and this may help us really dominate the Rams. I just don't see that happening with a division rival.
  2. Pete Carmichael

    I agree with others who've said he'd make a great OC but questionable HC. I dont know him personally so Im just basing this off of what I've seen but the man doesnt look like he has a mean bone in his body. Does he have the mental fortitude to control an entire locker room? Im not sure.
  3. They have a lot of chemistry together. Harrison Smith and Rhodes are top 5 at their position. What really makes them go is that front 7.
  4. Alex Okafor Out For The Season

    100% agree. A top DE is worth more than an LB. Klein is good enough for now.
  5. Alex Okafor Out For The Season

    I'd have DE as the second biggest need going into the draft right now. LB being number 1.
  6. Saints - Falcons playoffs

    Id hate to play a division opponent in the playoffs. They know each other so well.
  7. Which 3 CBs (Rhodes is obvious) on the Vikings would you take over Crawley? Sherels, Waynes, Alexander, Newman & Brock are their other CBs. Im not sure Id take any of them over Crawley.
  8. Alex Okafor Out For The Season

    His absence will be felt but not to the extent of Vaccaro, Lattimore and Klein were missed during the Washington game. Sucks for him though. A contract year and he performed very well.
  9. Reasons For Optimism This Season

    Getting battle-tested this season, getting playoff experience this season and hopefully adding more depth next offseason should help against a very tough looking schedule next season.
  10. What a game fella's Same ole Saints then came the 2017 Saints just in the nick of time. Serious depth issues on Defense showed up today. Mauti and Harris shouldnt be on the field unless its special teams and I doubt Harris should even do that. (Help me out here because this is what I see) The defense is seriously flawed when they play as much zone as they played today. SO as the coach, you have to see this right? There is always a way to put players in better situations. Is Dennis Allen really the right guy going forward? He can make halftime adjustments with the correct players as we've seen this year. He can not make adjustments to his scheme to fit players. Am I wrong here? Von Bell is not a replacement for Vaccaro. He's better just being the SS. Please keep that kid out of the slot. lol 3rd down defense was good only allowing 4/12 for 33%. Red Zone defense was atrocious. 3rd down offense was not good at 4/12 for 33%. Red Zone offense was forgettable. Way too many FGs instead of TDs. I think we all knew Payton would have a game or two where the run was abandoned. Hopefully, this is the only one, although 3 of the more critical plays in the game he called a run play so that is promising. I'm trying to stay positive if you cant tell. lol Losing the TOP should be a kick to the n**s to Payton. That's one important stat that has helped the defense during this win streak.
  11. Quick round of applause for Kamara

    That's offensive and has hurt my sensitive feelings. Now take it back. Lol
  12. Cousins will give us a good idea of where the pass defense is headed. I don't expect them to keep every QB under 200 yards. Their passing game isnt great on the road so for this season. The Rams thrive on big plays which the Saints havent allowed since the win streak started. That has to continue in this game. I wouldnt say we're unbeatable but I like our chances in most games outside the division. Division games bring out a different animal in teams.
  13. HC/Playcaller - Pass or Run, Inny Meeny Miney Moe??? SOMEONE GIVE ME A DARN JUICY FRUIT!!! lol
  14. Washington lost two more starters last weekend. Their starting RB and one of their LBs were placed on IR. They've had quite a few injuries over this season. It helps explain their inconsistencies this season.
  15. Its good to see P.J. Williams get some playing time. He's still young and being benched after two injury filled seasons, it has to be a tough pill to swallow.