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  1. Sean Payton Hotseat Tracker

    Playoffs, Fired or Traded(unlikely). There shouldn't be any other options on the table. Personally, I'd fire him no matter what, well no, not if he wins the SB. lol
  2. Raves takeaways from Week 1

    I also believe that Mahomes would have been the pick. Now, would that have saved his job if the Saints miss the playoffs this season, I'd hope not. You could see they have no plans for what to do on defense just by watching the switch from Rob Ryans first season to his second. From Gregg Williams to Steve Spagnola. Logically, drafting to keep your should entail the best player available that fits your team.
  3. O/U Week 1 Results + Week 2 picks!

    Week 2 O/U Adrian Peterson carries @ 9.5 UNDER Mark Ingram carries @ 9.5 OVER Brandin Cooks catches @ 6.5 OVER 3 points***** Total combined points scored @ 49.5 OVER
  4. Perfect reply! Lol IFs have been used too many times over the last 4 seasons.
  5. There's only one time that I've turned the game off before it was finished. Tonight makes two! This is pathetic.
  6. No need to test the rookie when Harris is letting them play toss. Where is Crawley???
  7. Crazy to think that a trade saved his life.
  8. Erik Harris?

    My opinion is he's only a special teams player.
  9. Just an FYI, Unger isn't out. He's been back since right before Game 3 of the preseason.
  10. (Saints) A defense that's capable of quality, competent play in the NFL.
  11. Reasons For Optimism This Season

    I agree with you about "football smarts". Makes a huge difference. I also like how they added LBs that are intellectual outside of football. "Anzalone is already a college graduate. He recently got his sport management degree and is now in graduate school for business management. Growing up in the Philadelphia suburb of Wyomissing, Pennsylvania, Anzalone graduated from high school with a 4.8 grade-point average." "AJ Klein was an ISU Scholar Athlete" I think Anzalone may be the draft pick that has the biggest impact.
  12. Predict Week 1

    Kansas City Chiefs (+8.5) @ New England Patriots (-8.5) New York Jets (+8.0) @ Buffalo Bills (-8.0) Atlanta Falcons (-7.0) @ Chicago Bears (+7.0) Jacksonville Jaguars (+5.5) @ Houston Texans (-5.5) Philadelphia Eagles (-1.0) @ Washington Redskins (+1.0) Arizona Cardinals (-1.5) @ Detroit Lions (+1.5) Oakland Raiders (+2.0) @ Tennessee Titans (-2.0) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+2.5) @ Miami Dolphins (-2.5) Baltimore Ravens (+3.0) @ Cincinnati Bengals (-3.0) Pittsburgh Steelers (-8.5) @ Cleveland Browns (+8.5) Indianapolis Colts (+3.5) @ Los Angeles Rams (-3.5) Seattle Seahawks (+3.0) @ Green Bay Packers (-3.0) Carolina Panthers (-5.5) @ San Francisco 49ers (+5.5) New York Giants (+3.5) @ Dallas Cowboys (-3.5) New Orleans Saints (+3.5) @ Minnesota Vikings (-3.5) Los Angeles Chargers (+3.5) @ Denver Broncos (-3.5)
  13. Reasons For Optimism This Season

    What Ive seen that has me excited is the miniscule amount of miscommunications and missed assignments we've seen over the last few seasons. Solid tackling was another thing that they displayed this preseason.
  14. Delvin Breaux placed on short term IR

    We're in trouble if he's playing snaps at LT. If he is, the ref should be hoarse after the game from announcing "65 is eligible".