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  1. Kenny Vaccaro - What's he worth?

    If what Worm said is correct, then let him walk! If it isnt, Im still on the side of keeping him. Bell, Bush and PJ didnt look good against the Panthers.
  2. Saints biggest needs moving forward

    I see it close to what you have here. I'd put DB higher, I'd like QB to be higher but I can see why defensive players are a must. Would love if Payne was the selection.
  3. 🏈 Saints @ Falcons GDT

    Atlantas offense is shaky. One drive there good, the next two or three, they're out of whack. They aren't good in the red zone this season. Sarkisian has trouble with play calling and isn't using his weapons like they were under Shanahan.
  4. I thought we were at the 40.lol
  5. Completely changed the way this game was going.
  6. Don't get the timeout and definitely don't understand the long pass on 3rd down. 5 yards and you're in Fg range.
  7. That would be huge against a QB who isn't accurate and has a thumb injury.
  8. I'm glad I was wrong. Two straight runs.
  9. That was a TD if Harris was out there. He'd still be looking to see where Funchess went after he left the LOS.
  10. Not being negative. Just asking a question. Lol How many passes to start the Saints next series?
  11. Oh I'm not over reacting. I never expect much from this defense. Lol
  12. Not too bad??? I'd say they didn't look good at all.