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  1. Week 1: GDT Saints vs Buccaneers

    That's the issue I have with all of this. How can a team field a defense this bad for so many years.
  2. Week 1: GDT Saints vs Buccaneers

    Added insult to injury with the new Bourbon. Lol
  3. Week 1: GDT Saints vs Buccaneers

    I revised your post. Lol
  4. I like Ronnie Harrison, safety from Alabama. Will the Saints continue their run on Ohio State players? Is Jerome Baker an option?
  5. 2017 NFL Draft do-over

    Williams is the only one that is a maybe. Theres a couple players missing in that Do-Over that could replace him.
  6. If all the "expert" chatter is correct, Mayfield may be Cleveland's #1 pick. lol
  7. Brees may be able to help the kid grow up a little bit. I like him as a QB prospect so I wouldn't hate the trade.
  8. If they think he's worth it, then I'm fine with it. I'd rather land one of the top two LBs in the draft though.
  9. I want the Saints to come out of the first two rounds with either a DL or LB. Trade up or down, whichever they feel is right, just get one of those two positions. lol
  10. The #Saints have made plenty of calls about making a big leap up from pick No. 27, Iā€™m told. Could be due diligence in case a certain player (perhaps a QB) falls. But they will be well-prepared to move tonight if it comes down to it. ā€” Ian Rapoport (@RapSheet) April 26, 2018
  11. If what Worm said is correct, then let him walk! If it isnt, Im still on the side of keeping him. Bell, Bush and PJ didnt look good against the Panthers.
  12. I see it close to what you have here. I'd put DB higher, I'd like QB to be higher but I can see why defensive players are a must. Would love if Payne was the selection.
  13. šŸˆ Saints @ Falcons GDT

    Atlantas offense is shaky. One drive there good, the next two or three, they're out of whack. They aren't good in the red zone this season. Sarkisian has trouble with play calling and isn't using his weapons like they were under Shanahan.
  14. Completely changed the way this game was going.