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  1. Here we go, my early roster predictions. ST: Scott, Crosby and Bradley (3) O: Rodgers, Boyle, Love (3) Jones, JWill, Dillon, Irvin, DWill (5) (No FB, using Lewis, Deguara, Sternberger and Dillon instead.) Adams, Lazard, ESB, MVS, Kumerow, Bagelton (6) Sternberger, Tonyan, Lewis, Deguara (4) Bak, Jenkins, Linsley, Turner, Wagner, L. Taylor, Patrick, Runyan (8) 😧 Clark, Lowry, Lancaster, Keke, Adams (5) Z.Smith, P. Smith, Gary, TWill, Ramsey (5) Kirksey, Martin, Burks, Summers (4) King, Alexander, Jackson, Sullivan, Ento (5) Amos, Savage, Greene, Scott, Redmund (5) PS: (6 open spots.) Samuels DB Barnes ILB Galeai LB Garvin LB Stepaniak OL Hanson OL Nijman OL Shepherd WR P. Taylor RB Baylis TE
  2. There will not be any NFL season, that's my prediction.
  3. SIKE!!!!!!!!!! LOL! Everyone be safe.
  4. I thought about it, but the wife is working from home and we only have 1 computer. So, you need to thank my wife. LOL!!!!!
  5. Curly, Vince, Bart and Brett.
  6. Never heard of it. Are we to stand during it or take a knee? Seriously, what is required or right?
  7. I hope not Ryan Grant. I would like to see them bring Veldheer back.
  8. Hey, Thanks for doing this extra work.
  9. Never said he would be our saving grace, just saying he might more of a need then the pick at the time.
  10. I pray that we are all wrong and we all have to eat our words, about this draft. I am getting my bowl and spoon ready.
  11. With a knee injury history, only played 8 games last year. We take him over Peoples-Jones? I am so disappointed.
  12. Oh, so it isn't just me that thinks my mocks would have been better then this really draft? LOL!!!!!! The only pick I like so far was Dillion, not in the 2nd, but like the player.
  13. I am being to fill the same way my friend, the same fricken way!
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