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  1. 2019 Draft Discussion

    Age isn't factor, it's his knees. True, Spriggs is waiting, but he hasn't done anything to make you feel he could take over.
  2. 2019 Draft Discussion

    You have to start thinking about Bulaga's replacement. Drafting either a G, move McCray to T, or draft someone to that played LT in college and groom him for RT. I agree with the statement about WI Oline. They seem to develop solid Oline players. Some quality depth players if possible.
  3. 2019 Murphy / Gute Off-Season moves

    You want me to call him CMx4? Not that big of a deal, but ok.
  4. 2019 Murphy / Gute Off-Season moves

    Don't understand the big deal of calling him CMJ (Clay Matthews Jr.), that's on you. Could go Cameron Smith USC in rd 2-4. Thanks for you thoughts.
  5. 2019 Murphy / Gute Off-Season moves

    Ok, first the HC question. If the Packers miss the playoffs, then yes, you must consider releasing MM. John Defilippo is the favorite flavor for most, but I want to add two other names. Chris Petersen University of Washington and Dave Toub, Asst. HC/ST K.C. Chiefs. As for UFA's, Ha Ha, Wilkerson and Kendricks in that order. Cobb, if he takes a team friendly contract. No to CMJ, at this time. Now, the draft picks. Using Fanspeaks.com and selecting from their simulator using NFL mock for player rankings, I came up with this draft. I know, players will move up or down before the draft is held. Scouting information came from Walters Football and or Draftblaster. 1.#19. Devin White ILB LSU (Why) Adds more strength to the ILB rotation, he's a thumper, former RB that devastates the ball carriers. Teams with Martinez, Burks and possible Ryan. 1.#30. Montez Sweat Edge Miss. ST. (Why) Plays well against the run and is dynamic pass rusher. (CMJ's replacement) 2.#19. Chauncey Gardner-Johnson S/CB Florida 3.#18. Michael Deiter OL WI 4.#19. Jalen Jelks Edge Oregon 5.#19. Chris Linstrom C/G Boston College 6.#16. Jachai Polite Edge Florida 6.#19. Rashard Lawrence DL LSU 7.#19. Derwin Gray G/T Maryland
  6. Random Packer News & Notes

    Ok, it's bye week. I am not sure when the trade deadline ends, but I think now is the time to get a trade done and give that player some time to get into the play book.
  7. Stock Up, Stock Down Weeks 3-6

    Stock Up: Jones, Williams and Montgomery. Alexander and Jackson, playing more then I thought. Adams, Allison, MVS and ESB. Stock Down: Defensive Staff and scheme. Moore, OL and DL. CMJ and pass rush. HC, lack of developing new looks. My biggest issue with the team, the defense. They looked like crap last night.
  8. Random Packer News & Notes

    If the Raiders are shopping Amari Cooper, should GB trade a 3rd or 4th rd pick for him?
  9. Random Packer News & Notes

    What about trading for Deone Bucannon? Seems to have lost his starting job.
  10. Random Packer News & Notes

    Sorry, forgot he was cut. My bad.
  11. Random Packer News & Notes

    Anybody happy with Graham's play so far? I thought with Graham, Kendricks and Lewis, we would see more targets going to them. Has anyone seen Ripkowski? Is he still a Packer?
  12. Yes, I know it's way to early, but I was bored and wanted to play on fanspeak.com. I focused on Edge, OL and filled in with want I thought would be good. Here's what I ended up with. 1. #22 (NE called, offered 2# 57, 3#'s 85,99 and 102) I took it. NE drafted QB Drew Lock.) 1. #29. Josh Allen Edge Kentucky 2. #54. Rodney Anderson RB Oklahoma (Not really needed, but Montgomery is FA I believe?) 2. # 57. Chase Winovich Edge Michigan 3. #75. Connor McGovern C-G Penn St. (Thinking RG?) 3. #85. David Edwards T WI (RT) 3. #99. Porter Gustin Edge USC 3. #102. Tyler Bladaz C-G WI (Back up C, swing G) 4. #124. Deionte Thompson S Alabama 5. #162. Ahmmon Richards WR Miami 6. #183. Tyree Kinnel S Michigan 6. #196. Olive Sagapolu DL WI 7. #238. Nic Weishar TE Notre Dame (I think they resign Lewis and or Kendricks.)
  13. GDT Week 4 - Bills (1-2) @ Packers (1-1-1)

    You might get some playful jabbing, but you should be good. Enjoy! My wife and I went to a Bills vs Packer game on our first Packer game together back in 1998. She spilled her hot drink on my Packer coat. Packers won that game.
  14. GDT Week 4 - Bills (1-2) @ Packers (1-1-1)

    Enjoy the game, I am sure you will like the experience. If you have kids going with you, take them across the street to the outdoor Packer experience. It looks like fun.
  15. GDT Week 4 - Bills (1-2) @ Packers (1-1-1)

    One big drop, Kendricks has played well up until that drop. So, no more Cobb, no more Rodgers? They made mistakes.