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  1. Week 15 Packers @ Bears "I Believe That"

    I believe that the Bears defense will be the difference and the Bears will get the victory. God, that hurts to say!
  2. However, will the pro players listen to him or buy in? I have concerns about that, no NFL experience and really no college wow factor. (Rose Bowls or Big Ten Championships) He might be just fine, but, I have my concerns if he is the pick.
  3. 2019 Free Agent Discussion

    Maybe a conditional 4th or 5th round pick, age and injuries is my reason.
  4. Well done, well done! I wouldn't be upset at all if this was the offseason. I do agree thou, a RT is needed.
  5. The way it sounded, it was the city not the job. That's the tone I remember them reporting it. You could very well be right.
  6. 2019 Draft Discussion

    To all the pro scouts in this forum, Jared Pinkney TE Vanderbilt is turning into one of my favorites. What do you have on him, late 3rd - 5th round?
  7. How about this, Dave Toub HC/ST, Zak Taylor OC, Alex Van Pelt QB/PGC, Hue Jackson WRC, Ben Sirmans RBC, Brian Angelichio TE, Joe Philbin OL/Asst.HC and James Campen OL/RGC? Defensive staff stays in place and Toub hires someone to help with STs and replaces Moss with either Kevin Greene, Jim Haslett or Mike Caldwell as the OLB coach.
  8. Fangio wasn't interested in coming to Green Bay, that is what I had heard on WSCR out of Chicago. True, they said Green Bay was talking to him, but again, he didn't want to come north. I do agree with your point, would hurt the Bears.
  9. I did some reading up on Jared Pinkney TE from Vanderbilt, just like ESB and Martinez screamed Packers type, Pinkney does as well for me. Drafting him and signing a WR like, Chris Hogan would help. Pinkney can develop for a year or so and Hogan would give them a veteran in that WR group.
  10. Possible NFL HC changes for 2019

    Not looking at head coaches as staff members, but assistant coaches from their staffs that we can get. My example was Hue Jackson from the Bengals as our WR coach, I believe he held that job in Oakland many years ago and did a good job. Who would you want to come to Green Bay?
  11. Possible NFL HC changes for 2019

    Agree with Wilks, but figured they would give him one more year, but agree.
  12. This might make things easier to determine what coaches or assistants will be available to add to Packers staff in 2019. Rumored Departure: John Harbaugh Ravens Should be gone: Marvin Lewis Bengals, Vance Joseph Broncos, Todd Bowles Jets, Pat Shurmur Giants and Sean McDermott Bills Hot seat: Dan Quinn Falcons, Ron Rivera Panthers, Jason Garrett Cowboys, Doug Marrone Jags, Dirk Koetter Bucs and Jay Gruden Redskins. Why this post, with any of the possible changes listed above we can add coaches from their staffs. Like Alex Van Pelt might come back as QB/PGC if Lewis gets the ax. What coaches from these staffs would you consider for Green Bay? Hue Jackson would be one helluva WR coach, this is what I am looking for. Please add names and where they could be plugged into in Green Bay.
  13. What about Dave Toub as HC, Zak Taylor OC, DeFilippo QB coach and Philbin OL/Asst. HC?
  14. Would anybody consider DeFilippo as QB coach or OC in Green Bay?