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  1. Final Mock

    No complaints from me, nice job.
  2. Fatt Lipp Lazy Mock

    3 LBers and no OL, no thanks!
  3. I want 2 edge rushers in this draft

    I can agree with everything you and the others are stating, I understand the argument. If the board falls to the point that the BPA is an Edge in the lower rounds, then I might be able to live with that selection. Just like Lowry, Fackrell isn't going to be a expensive resign if the Packers want him back. IMO, they just can't ignore other positions, whether it's OL, TE, RB or ILB.
  4. I want 2 edge rushers in this draft

    I can see one edge LB and one DL selections within the first 4 rounds, but I wouldn't lock myself into a round or number. IMO, even with Madison coming back, OL is a need. Will be interesting to see how the board falls.
  5. I want 2 edge rushers in this draft

    Lowery should be a cheap resign. Daniels, isn't playing up to his contract. The Packers need talent on both side of the ball, IMO it doesn't make sense to double down on a position you doubled down on in FA.
  6. I want 2 edge rushers in this draft

    I see your point, and agree with the facts on the defense rankings during our Super Bowl days. However, I think we need to provide protection for Rodgers, which means some top OL picks and we need a TE and another RB. They can't just focus on defense alone.
  7. I want 2 edge rushers in this draft

    Not good, he was hurt. I can see one each DL, ILB and Edge, but not two. Example, Wilson ILB, Z. Allen DL, Crosby Edge, rds 2, 3 and 4. We can agree to disagree on two edge picks.
  8. 2019 Draft Discussion

    Ok, that make more sense to me. Thanks!
  9. CBS 7 round mock

    Hey, I might apply at CBS!
  10. CBS 7 round mock

    Brother, it's getting deep!
  11. CBS 7 round mock

    Makes mine look better each day.
  12. Leisher's 2019 FINAL mock draft.

    Might do one just for you two Smart_sses! I'll call it my AlexGreen#20/JBurge Mock draft. I must be honest, I did enjoy both of your mocks this off season. Sorry Leader for the mistake.
  13. 2019 Draft Discussion

    I guess my confusion was on the take it to the bank statement, then stating the Packers have interest in him in a few years. Makes no sense to me.
  14. I want 2 edge rushers in this draft

    Agree with everything said here, but the superseding stuff. Signing two edge players and then drafting two more is a luxury they don't have with the lack of talent that needs to be filled in other areas.
  15. 2019 Draft Discussion

    I am confused, if they have potential interest in him in a few years, then why wouldn't they draft him now to get him into the system? Makes no sense to scout him, figure where he would fit in the new system, then let someone else take him and try to trade for him later. Take this to the bank, if they pass and try to trade for him in 2 years, they will give up a higher draft pick to trade for him, then to draft him.