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  1. I would offer a 5th rd pick, nothing more.
  2. I could see a OL to start the season as Jenkins LT, Taylor LG, Patrick C, Runyan RG, Turner RT. Once Bak comes back to man LT, then Jenkins slides to which ever spot is the weakest. Drafting a player like Vera-Tucker LG/LT or Mayfield RT would help.
  3. I think if the Bears were smart, this would be the guy to sign.
  4. It might also be that he's waiting for Green Bay and or Pittsburgh to create enough cap space to sign him.
  5. I like it! Mayfield could start at RT from day one. Nice mock!
  6. For this mock, I used Nfldraftscout.com for scouting, Spotrac.com for cap information, Fansided.com for salary cap issues and Fanspeak.com for FA's contracts and salary cap hits. My thinking with this mock is that we have a 3 year window, lets add some veterans to push the team over the NFC Championship hump. Joe Barry DC ( I am not a big fan of this selection, but my guy turned if down.) Maurice Drayton STC (Per Spotrac.com) 2021 Packers Cap Space is -$21.8m. (Per Fansided.com, creating cap space.) Restructures: D. Bakhiari LT (+$8.3m) A. Rodg
  7. I believe every year you should be all in, regardless of the players you have.
  8. You know what funny about this? Last year and the year before I put Leonhard in as my new DC on some of my mocks. I got, why would he leave college for less $ in the NFL. Well, here we are with a good chance that he will be our new DC.
  9. I would sign these 3 free agents. Linsley 3yrs/$9m per 40% guaranteed, cap hit $6.75m. J. Williams 3yrs/$5m per 30% guaranteed, cap hit $3.75. L. Taylor 1yr/$3m.
  10. How would you feel about Xavier Rhodes 3yrs/$12m per 40% guaranteed, cap hit $9M?
  11. I would offer a 3yr/$9m per with 40% guaranteed, cap hit of $6.75.
  12. I want Jim Leonhard, but that seems to be a dream. My $ is on OLB Coach Mike Smith, another in house guy.
  13. Possible solutions for PR/KR/Slot Receiver. Kadarius Toney, Dazz Newsome or Marquez Stevenson.
  14. First, Rodgers isn't going anywhere. Now, down to business. The salary cap stuff is a mess, so I am just going to hope Gute and Ball do their magic. 2021 Salary Cap: -$25,400,000 Restructured Contracts: Rodgers, Z. Smith, P. Smith and Bak Extended: D. Adams, A. Amos Cuts: Kirksey, Funches, Wagner and Lowry 2021 Salary Cap: $20-21,000,000 (I pretty confident that they will get it closer to $26-30m) Resign: J. Williams 3yrs/$5m with 30% guaranteed, cap hit $3.75m Outside FA: Allen Robinson WR 3yrs/$18m with 60% guaranteed, cap hit $13.5m RFA an
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