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  1. Preseason WEEK 1, GDT vs Tennessee

    I think some of us thought that Kizer was ahead of Hundley, but IMO, Hundley had a better game then Kizer. Not by much. Maybe we expected to much out of Kizer.
  2. Preseason WEEK 1, GDT vs Tennessee

    I look forward to seeing all the new and young guys.
  3. NFL News & Notes

    I agree, I think giving him some time to learn and develop, Kizer will be just fine.
  4. It's football, every play is a risk. That's why they make millions of dollars. I don't mean to sound cold hearted, but you play you best. If Alexander ends up being the best answer at RS, then you do it.
  5. Finally you agree, it's possible. Unlikely true, but possible.
  6. I understand your points, that's all fine. My point is very simple, if the Packers feel Alexander can be the return man, or any other player could be that guy, then Davis wouldn't be safe. Alexander as well would be on his rookie deal. So, it is possible, just possible depending on injuries, player performances that someone could push Davis off the roster, if the Packers believe Alexander or someone else can handle the job, or if they don't want to lose a player on a PS claim, or don't want to carry X# of WR. I am not saying it will happen, but what I am saying is that it is possible. Things happen in the league that take us by surprise, moves we never seen coming. Can we agree on that? So, if this happened, I think it would fall under that case. So, In my mind it's possible. I just don't agree with people that tell others their thoughts or ideas are impossible. In the NFL, anything is possible these days. I apologize for the sarcasm.
  7. Your right about Jeff Janis, what's why the Packers resigned him. He was our elite special teams player, silly me thinking anything else is possible. Thanks for clearing that up for me.
  8. Alexander, T. Williams has experience, Jmon Moore, Montgomery. There are options, never said they were better, but they are there.
  9. They have other options at RS, so this wouldn't be totally out of the question.
  10. NFL News & Notes

    Awww, did we just kiss and make up?
  11. Thoughts on the Offseason

    Just with the coaching changes, that made me happy. I am satisfied.
  12. Yeah, they didn't use Ripkowski last year like they did the year before. Very possible cut!
  13. Jamaal Williams/Aaron Jones

    Maybe I am way out of line here or not, but it seems that some of us tend to be or come across as being overly aggressive when we post. It also seems that a few of us don't play well together. Lets all relax and just play nice. Now, for the subject at hand. Williams and or Jones, my gut is telling me that neither are going to be the answer. Why? Again, IMO, it seems that whenever we think a position is set for the up coming year, the opposite happens. I hope I am wrong, but that's my gut feeling.