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  1. I think we have a good chance to win only, and only if our defense plays outstanding.
  2. Matthews & Cobb Contracts

    Good points. Maybe I am just stuck with the thought in my mind that Cobb's production, or lack of has caused a major problem with the offense. With that same thought, Clay's production hasn't effected the defense. So, my thought is which players lack of production has caused more of a problem on their side of the ball? I know, some my not understand my statements, but Cobb's play hasn't caused the offense to fall in the league standings, however, Clay's lack of production has caused the defense to fall. Maybe Slots are easier to replace then Rush OLB, so we keep the player who's lack of play has caused the bigger problem? This is where I am stuck guys. Sentence two and three are sarcasm, but I hoped it would explain my thinking. I think Cobb has more upside then Clay, that's why I would keep him.
  3. Matthews & Cobb Contracts

    He's been more productive then Clay, younger then Clay and would cost $3.25 to cut saving $6.25 when cutting Clay would save $11 mill. I am sorry guys, but I don't understand the logic of cutting Cobb.
  4. Bears Postgame: AKA a thread nobody will post in

    Guys, let's not get carried away here. Glad they won, but not counting on many more.
  5. Packers release Martellus Bennett

    If he chose health, then why isn't he having surgery before playing for the Pats?
  6. Matthews & Cobb Contracts

    Maybe I am not understanding the topic. I thought this topic was about whether or not these two where earning their pay and worth keeping. With what you stated above, It makes more sense to me to strengthen a weak position, OLB, then it would to keep a weak position and then making a strong position weaker. What's contradictory is wanting to keep players that are making a position weak, then cutting a player that still can produce and be effective. By keeping CMJ would be like going out to dinner and having a bad meal, you add salt, pepper and other things, and it still isn't good. When you should just send it back and start fresh. We can agree to disagree, but that is how I feel. Even with all the Packers have added to the defense, the OLBers have not produced, and have made what we thought was going to be a strong position, (DBs), look bad.
  7. Packers release Martellus Bennett

    Yep, he quit on the Packers. I am sure there's more to this story, but we will never know.
  8. Packers release Martellus Bennett

    Did I call it or what?
  9. Matthews & Cobb Contracts

    I believe in this forum and this topic, I have made it clear that I would rather cut Matthews over Cobb. My point with Deltarich87 was that our WR group isn't a weak position, that our OLBers are a weak position. That is why everyone is calling for Green Bay to draft pass rushers, nothing much about WRs. Cobb with Rodgers could still be productive, however, CMJ play is one of the main reasons the OLB is weaker of the two. I honestly don't think either will be cut, but if I had to choose one over the other, I choose Cobb to stay. Does this make things clear?
  10. Doesn't MM think we need to get faster on defense?
  11. Packers release Martellus Bennett

    What's really going to piss us all off is, that Bennett plays this weekend for the Patroits. My money is on Marty B's pants will be on fire!
  12. Matthews & Cobb Contracts

    What? WR is a position of weakness? Everybody was tickled pink with the thought of Adams, Nelson and Cobb with Allison as our WRs. WR's are talented, can you say that about our OLBers? I say, Nah, Nah!! Are we talking about drafting a WR within the first 2 rounds? No, it's pass rush. Sorry my friend, I have to disagree with you.
  13. Agreed! So, Adams, Nelson and Cobb are feeling the effects. I know some what Cobb gone, but I think if Rodgers hadn't gotten hurt, Cobb's numbers would be just fine at the end of the season.
  14. Yes or No? Doesn't matter. MM is staying, I do think however some coaching changes will occur. Now, let's hear names of possible replacements. From TT, MM or coaches.
  15. Packers release Martellus Bennett

    BINGO!! No plans to retire.