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  1. I am more interested in the interview with Erin and Aaron. The clip they show on TV makes it look like drafting Love was the issue with Rodgers. My prediction for the game, Packers 17 Saints 13. Winston throws for more yards then Rodgers, but Rodgers throw more TD's. MVS is the star of the game for Packers.
  2. Here's my two cents on last nights game. Some of this may have already been said, but that's cool. The three phases of the game, I used a 0-10 scale and rated them for each half. Offense 1st half, (3) Hills 22 yard TD catch was the highlight. Some good passes and catches 2nd half, (2) Bright spot, Dexter Williams got some good rushes in. Defense 1st half, (5). Two 1st and goal stops with no TD's given up. 2nd half, (4) Poor play with a couple bright spots, 1 Int. Special Teams 1st half, (2). Poor coverage
  3. I could have sworn when Gute was hired, it was stated that Rodgers got his man.
  4. Has anyone heard anything about Ramsey's injury? If he out for awhile, who steps up or do you look outside for a vet on a one year deal? Trent Murphy and Everson Griffen are still available?
  5. Here's my two cents. Has Rodgers came right out and say, he wants Murphy gone or Gute? I think he has stated again and again, that he wants the Packers to go all in. In our eyes, we think they have. In his, they haven't. The Packers haven't gone out and got him that 3rd marque weapon. Would Julio Jones made a good or great #3 weapon? With adjusting Rodgers contract and resigning Adams, could they have been able to squeeze Jones into the team. My answer would be yes, if there's a will, there's a way. This is what I think Rodgers is pissed about. If the Packers would have had that
  6. Isaiah, McDuffle ILB and Jordan Love QB. My second choices are Kevin King and Jon Runyan.
  7. Patriots and Titans? I thought he said he wanted to win?
  8. Time to play the game. Gute's surprises us all and doesn't move up, to many good players slipping. With that said, Gute strikes a deal to trade back. #29. (Trade Down) Packers send picks #29, #142 and #256 to the Bengals for Picks #38 and #69. The Bengals select Samuel Cosmi T Texas With the 38th pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, the Green Bay Packers select. Richie Grant S UCF UCF safety Richie Grant enjoyed a productive college career that featured exciting ball production. The Knights played Grant in a variety of roles including as a deep si
  9. Ok everyone, this is my wish list mock draft. I am going to try to make it as realistic as I can. Hope you enjoy! 1st rd. I don't want to trade up, with 5 QB's possibly going before some good players will fall. I want to stand my ground and take the BPA. Teven Jenkins T Oklahoma St. I love his nastiness. The right side of the OL in 2022 could be Runyan and Teven Jenkins. Round #2, this is the time to trade up. Packers trade up giving up their 2nd rd pick and the late 4th rd pick. This is to grab their 2nd most need IMO, CB. I know some will argue
  10. Trade #1. (TRADE UP) Green Bay offers pick #29, 2022 1st, 2023 1st, 2024 1st and 2025 3rd picks to Falcons for pick #4. *If this is Rodgers last year in Green Bay, Packers will get these picks back and higher. Plus, if the chances of extending Adams is low with him knowing Rodgers is going. The Packers will trade him before seasons end. With the 29th pick the Falcons select Jason Oweh Edge Penn St. Trade #2. (TRADE DOWN) Panthers call and offer picks #8, #39 and #113 for #4. With the #4 pick the Panthers select Penei Sewell T Oregon Trade #3. (TRADE DOWN) Cowbo
  11. My wife and I excited by the phone call from Green Bay to make the Packers 2021 Draft selections. I couldn't believe it, she was all smiles for me. Me telling my Nephew-in-law about the call. Nope, this didn't happen. Keep dreaming Mr. Leisher. Don't Ernest T. Bass me and throw rocks at my dreams. It's my fricken dream, so zip it! With the 29th pick in the 2021 NFL draft, Jeff Leisher and the Green Bay Packers select. Alijah Vera-Tucker LG/LT USC (Why?) This pick would offer a starting LG which would allow Jenkins to slide to
  12. Not a big fan of Brown.
  13. 1st of all, I didn't think either Aaron Jones or Kevin King would be back. Again, Gute goes left, when I thought right. For this mock, I am not going to try to figure out cap space. As for my free agents, they are mid to lower level free agents that I would like to see the Packers sign. I will be using fanspeak.com for my mock and thenfldraftnetwork.com for the scouting reports. Seat back and hopefully you will enjoy this mock. Ok guys, work your magic! Outside Free Agents: Al- Quadin Muhammad DL (Can play across the line) Aldon
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