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  1. The If Pete Prisco is Right mock w/ Explanations

    ^^^^^ someone didnt read any put just a pick at hi teamss name
  2. The If Pete Prisco is Right mock w/ Explanations

    I absolutely agree because I personally love the potential I see in Lawrence I just dont like doing trades in mocks
  3. I made a mock a couple week ago but now im going to make one on the premise that Pete Prisco is right about Carindals not going Kyler Murray first and see how much it changes thing im sure this will be fun. But as I always do I will put no trades as the values can always vary on what teams will get/give up 1. Arizona Cardinals EDGE Nick Bosa- If they decide to Roll with Rosen as the QB they decide to pair up Chandler Jones with Nick Bosa to attack the NFC West QBs.2. San Francisco 49ers DT Quinnen Williams-Rumor is they are trying to decide between Bosa and Williams with Bosa gone just makes the decision an obvious one3. New York Jets-EDGE Josh Allen- Rumor right now is that they want Ed Oliver but that may be a smokescreen to get out of the 3rd pick. This is the most likely trade spot and I believe they will take less then the value the pick deserves to get out but here hey finally get their PassRusher4. Oakland Raiders -DT Ed Oliver- Not the position the Raiders wanted to bein wanting to land one of the top 3 Passrusher in the draft. they spend allot of time deciding to go between Oliver and White but decide the value on Oliver is better at this position 5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers -LB Devin White-A huge need for Tampa White will step in and become a stud in that defense for years to come6. New York Giants- EDGE Brian Burns- First big shocker of the draft with everyone thinking that Kyler Murray will be the pick. Giatns decide o stay away from the smaller QB an get the top remaining Pass rusher on their board7. Jacksonville Jaguars- OT Jawaan Taylor- Jacksonville debates over TJ Hockenson and Taylor and decide to protect the QB they just paid this offseason8. Detroit Lions- Rashan Gary DE/DT- Matt Patricia sees a versatile Dline prospect and just imagines what he may be able to do with this player and puulls the trigger9. Buffalo Bills- TE TJ Hockenson - In need of weapons for QB Josh Allen Bills decide to take a saftey blanket for their young QB 10. Denver Broncos- QB Kyler Murray- John Elway Sprints from Denver to the draft to personally hand in the draft card to take his QB of the future11. Cincinnati Bengals-LB Devin Bush- with a huge whole staring into the face of the Bengals even though he may not be the BPA they still pull the trigger12. Green Bay Packers- OT/OG Jonah Williams- A versatile Olineman with great technique the Packers will find a place for him to start13. Miami Dolphins -CB Greedy Williams - A team that has reportedly looking to tank until they can get a certain QB in a future draft decides to go with a playmaker to help out in the future14. Atlanta Falcons- OT Cody Ford - very tempted to go Montez Sweat here but with his heart condition and the Falcons tendancy to not risk with players with this type of history they go to finish off their Oline this offseason after signing a bunch of DTs over last few days15. Washington Redskins-QB Dwayne Haskins- Ubable to get Josh Rosen since ARZ did not go Murray the Redskins take the QB of the future16. Carolina Panthers-EDGE Montez Sweat-the fall ends here and the Panthers take a chance on the best available Pass Rusher with top 10 talent17. New York Giants- QB Daniel Jones- Trained under the same QB coach as Peyton Manning the Giants try to strike with as close as they think they can get to a Manning family member....jk They take a QB with smarts who can translate into the NFL18. Minnesota Vikings-OC/OG Garret Bradbury- Best center in the class the Vikings snag him here with the plan to throw him within the interior 19. Tennessee Titans- TE Noah Fant- the Titans take a chance on a very explosive TE with a ton of potential with playmaking ability20. Pittsburgh Steelers- WR Hakeem Butler- Steelers look to replace Antontio Brown with a big WR with a big catch radiance as a Deep threat21. Seattle Seahawks- CB-Byron Murphy-Best CB available will fit nicely into their style of defense 22. Baltimore Ravens- Dk Metcalf- a fast WR who will be able to get open on short quick hitters for Lamar Jackson23. Houston Texans- OL-Andre Dillard- A Great potential pass blocking Tackle who slides due to some issues with his technique24. Oakland Raiders- RB-Josh Jacobs- In need of a RB though not a popular choice with whose available rumor is the Raiders love the player25. Philadelphia Eagles-S/CB Chauncey Gardner-Johnson - a Versatile DB who the Eagles can move around to make good use of26. Indianapolis Colts- S Jonathan Abrams- a great hard hitting saftey with covers skills will be a great addition to the defense27. Oakland Raiders-EDGE Clelin Ferrell-Missed out of the EDGE rushers and decides to take the top one from the next group and get great value28. Los Angeles Chargers-CB Deandre Baker- not the worlds fastest CB but a very reliable cover corner who will fit well into the Chargers Defense29. Kansas City Chiefs-DT Dexter Lawrence- a team in need of EDGE and Cbs find themselves in a position where noone on the board is worth their pick for those positions. decides to bolster there front line 30. Green Bay Packers-LB Mack Wilson-with a need at Lber Packers take best available Lber before the drop off in talent really hits31. Los Angeles Rams- DT Christian Wilkins- Wilkins took a bit of a slide here but ends up in a very good situation and gets to learn from Aaron Donald while playing next to him32. New England Patriots-QB Drew Lock - Will the Patriots finally take their next heir apparent to Tom Brady who knows...the Patriots will most likely trade this pick anyway to someone who may like lock if they dont go him here
  4. Cypher's One (And Only) Mock of the Year

    Given how the board fell I have no Issues with that Falcons Draft
  5. BrownLeader Annual 5 round warmup

    I'm good with that entire Falcons draft their is a rumor Falcons might go CB 1st or 2nd round but I really like the picks you gave us more
  6. 2019 4 Round Mock w/ Trades

    I've been hovering on this board since 2008 usually just read comments but I will say I usually agree with your assessments

    But that doesn't mean it isn't fun to see what comes out
  8. 2019 4 Round Mock w/ Trades

    oh boy if the falcons were to come out with that draft Id expect TD and Quinn to hand in their resignation letters the next day.terrible
  9. My annual Forum by Forum Mock Draft

    in this situation id go Dexter Lawrence Love that player and it fits a need
  10. 1st mock in a long Time w/ Explanations

    I do agree with you me personally I'd love to get Dexter Lawrence their as inlove his potential and think he is a 3 down player but I think it'll come down to if TD and Quinn decide if they will keep Grady after this year and if they are going to let Beasley walk next year. If they keep Grady then I think DE will be the pick
  11. 1st mock in a long Time w/ Explanations

    Its Been a long time since I tried to make a mock draft. Few may like it many will hate it but thats what a mock is for right. I don't want to get into predicting trades so Im sure there will be plently of players that are going to high or low just do to that. Now lets begin 1 Arizona Cardinals DT Quinnen Williams- I do not think like the masses that ARZ will go with Kyler Murray IDK if they are trying to force a team to trade with them or not but I think they go Dline and I believe that DT is more of a need then DE for them so Quinnen is the pick 2 San Francisco 49ers EDGE Nick Bosa- San Fran has drafted allot of Dline over the last few years and I think this year the trend continues but with a pure EDGE player and Nick Bosa has the potential to be great so easy pick right here 3 New York Jets EDGE Josh Allen- Ive been hearing the Jets are in Love with Allen so I do believe he will be the pick, also I personally will enjoy hearing Josh Allen Sacked Josh Allen in the Jets Bills game itll give me a Good laugh. 4 Oakland Raiders EDGE Montez Sweat- This is probably the worst case scenario for the Raiders and they would probably try to trade back here and It was a decision between Sweat and Devin White. With the huge need of passrushers the Raiders decide to bulster that in this scenario 5 Tampa Bay Buccaneers LB Devin White - Best player available on the board and a need for Tampa after losing Kwon alexander. Strengths an area of need easy pick 6 New York Giants QB Kyler Murray - Team still seems committed to Eli for the 2019 season or so it seems, but with Kyler Murray have fallen this far they decide to take their QB of the future and let him sit behind Eli for a season. 7 Jacksonville Jaguars WR D.K Metcalf- After Signing their QB for the near future the Jags decide to bolster their WR corps as they don't believe they have a true #1 WR and want to get more options for Nick Foles, also will help take the 8th man out of the box for Fournette 8 Detroit Lions EDGE Clelin Ferrell-The Lions did sign Trey Flowers to a huge contract in FA but they decide to double down to complete their pass rush with still having to face Aaron Rodgers, Kurt Cousins and an emerging Mitch Trubisky in their Division 9 Buffalo Bills DT Ed Oliver- The Bills decide to build up their Defense and take the Highly athetlic DT in hopes that he becomes their Aaron Donald. 10 Denver Broncos TE T.J Hockenson- Denver isnt a team I know too too much about but based on the needs I found online I believe they go with the first bigger suprise and draft Hockenson. Absolute stud of a TE potential of being top 5 within a couple of years and Flacco also really likes reliable TEs should help with transition into his new team 11 Cincinnati Bengals - LB Devin Bush- A team in desperate need of a LBer they reach a little bit here to take Bush but they decide its worth it 12 Green Bay Packers OT Jawaan Taylor- A busy team this offseason signing 2 EDGE players and a Safety taking care of allot of their needs, decides to take a player who may not be given a starting spot right away but is a great depth option who may win a training camp battle, also a great investment in protecting Aaron Rodgers. 13 Miami Dolphins OT Jonah Williams- A team full of needs but I do believe they will be in full tank mode so Instead of a QB of the Future here they will draft an OT to strengthen the team before the QB is taken next year 14 Atlanta Falcons EDGE Brian Burns- The Falcons are in need of both DE and DT in this draft, but I believe the need at DE is a greater need still. Falcons Decide going with Burns potential over Lawrence and Wilkins here. 15 Washington Redskins QB Dwayne Haskins.- It seems very unlikely that Alex Smith will ever play again and the Redskins will need a long term replacement and they Believe Haskins is that guy. 16 Carolina Panthers DE/DT Rashan Gary - Carolina is in need of a Pash Rusher even with the Signing of Bruce Irvin, Gary has the flexibility to play DE in their base package and 3tech in Nickle package. 17 New York Giants OT Cody Ford- Giants took their Qb of the future earlier in the draft, now they will get more protection for Eli to start then Murray when the transition finally takes place for the QBs 18 Minnesota Vikings OT Andre Dillard- The Vikings decide to bolster their O-line after last year Cousins didnt have much time in the pocket and they need to protect their Investment 19 Tennessee Titans DL Christian Wilkins- a Good disrupter both in the pass and run defense 20 Pittsburgh Steelers TE Noah Fant- In need of more weapons after losing both Antonio Brown and Leveon Bell, Steelers decide to go with a TE who is the best weapon available 21 Seattle Seahawks S Nasir Adderley- In need of allot of Saftey help Seattle decides to go with the best available Safety in the Draft 22 Baltimore Ravens WR AJ Brown- Lamar Jackson probably wont throw more then 20 passes a game but he will need more help then what they have available, and with his inaccuracy at times I could see the Ravens taking the bigger WR between AJ and Marquise 23 Houston Texans CB Greedy Williams- All the Corners took a bit of a slide to he joy of the Texans who will slide Greedy into a spot on the outside and call it a day 24 Oakland Raiders CB- Deandre Baker - Grabbing a pass rusher earlier in the draft the Raiders now go for their next biggest need which is secondary and they grab arguably the best Corner in the draft 25 Philadelphia Eagles RB Josh jacobs- An all around strong team the Eagles decide to go with the one position where they dont have an absolute stud at and take Jacobs 26 Indianapolis Colts CB Byron Murphy- 3rd CB out of the last 4 picks, Murphy is another great Corner to help strengthen a need for the Colts 27 Oakland Raiders - TE Irv Smith JR- After losing Jared Cook this offseason the Raiders Decide to give Derek Carr another weapon in what could be a prove it season for Carr 28 Los Angeles Chargers - NT Dexter Lawrence- Chargers decide to take a stud nose tackle who can play the run well as well push the pocket and rush the passer 29 Kansas City Chiefs EDGE Jachai Polite- Polites stock took a big hit during the combine but the Chiefs decide to take the chance due to thier extreme need of EDGE help 30 Green Bay Packers DT Jeffrey Simmons- The Packers are in a good position where they can redshirt Simmons and have him back by either of of 2019 for a playoff run or in 2020 after he recovers from his injury 31 Los Angeles Rams-DT Jerry Tillery- DT where their are some concerns about his love for the game but he can be an explosive DT that would be a nice pairing next to Aaron Donald 32 New England Patriots WR MarQuise Brown- Patriots Make a move thats ot like them and take a WR in the first round. An explosive player who can make lays all over the field, Josh Mcdaniels will have fun with him
  12. 2019 1st-Round Mock Draft (no trades)

    I've got to disagree with you man. After watching film on Ford I would love to take him to he our RT even at 14 i think he can be put in day one and handle the position. Put a veteran gaurd there at RG and call it a day
  13. The current OT rules are just bad everyone who is saying "well the defense should have gotten a stop" the funny thing is when it's your team that losses on the First play of OT on the fluke play or your team just doesn't get a chance for any reason your tune I bet will change. In this offensive way the NFL has decided it wants to be both teams deserve a shot at getting an offensive possession
  14. Does Your OL Suck? Your Coaching? How About a Certain DB?

    Falcons Oline on pacento given up most said ksnever during Ryan's career so they are quiet terrible. Coaching. Quinn is terrible in game management. Won't blame him for injuries but he's very stubborn with using players who are proven to be bad and not try other players. Defensive backs have all been terrible this year
  15. Who’s the worst team in football?

    Is aay falcons due to injuries the defense is so bad I'll be shocked if any team scores under 39 rest of season against that defense