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  1. After watching the pathetic display the Failcons did today patheticly making Jalen Hurts looks like Russell Wilson they are definitely not winning a game this uear
  2. Favorite Team: Atlanta Falcons Week 1 pick: Atlanta Falcons I have read all of the rules and agree to them.
  3. He a a 1tech who is bad at run defense. Heck he wasn't even a starter at Bama
  4. Just say you hate the Falcons. That's the only excuse for this disgrace
  5. Trust me I don't want that I think me and you have been in agreement most of this off-season. I just don't know if I trust the FO yet. To many mixed signals
  6. Falcons take Trey Lance even with Fields on the board (gotta get my 2023 QB tape ready) and Miami gets Pitts. Okay truly bold 3 1st round RBs are taken
  7. If Falcons take Lance then Arthur Smith and Terry Fontaneau better get keep there resumes updated. He will doom then.
  8. I am on the trade back train for the Falcons as I'm not high on Lance or Fields. But with the Julio rumors it sounds like TF is on a mission to blow up this team. Now it is either strategy or he is a secret agent for the saints and I'd just destroying the team. But either way I think they go QB now. Trading Julio to draft Pitts is just sending a mixed message between win now and play for the future and that doesn't make sense.
  9. I'm on team trade down Im not as high on the QBs that will be remaining nso I'd rather not take one....soooo falcons are drafting Fields or Lance
  10. Not gonna like I kind of want a WR to go with like 46 just for the lolz
  11. And I'm not sure Lance does either lol. He is gonna boom or bust in one extreme or another. Those players usually scare me off especially in top 5
  12. Dang... Guess the falcons will be QB hunting by 2023
  13. I'm not a big fan of Parsons as a full-time edge. I think he'd be better as a blitzing LBer rather then a full-time rusher. Philips feels like allot better option
  14. Meh I think he wants 1 more tour with Brady. I actually life in the middle of Patriot territory (as I'm sure you do as a Pats fan) and those two were always together. The Bucs would offer him to not be that guy and be a part timer only doing half the snaps or so. I think if the pats waited for him to announce his retirement may line he holds true. But Brady will get in his ear
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