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  1. Three rounds. Always updating.

    By far probably the best scenario I could ask for, for the Falcons my 2nd favorite Edge 3rd favorite DT and a Top RB in the draft (If they cut Freeman like expected) I'd walk away a happy Falcons fan after that 3and round
  2. Goldfish's 7 Rounds (Updated 02/17/2020)

    Love Epenesa. But a CB and Saftey do you imagine the Falcons resci ding Keanu Neal 5th year option
  3. Pre Super Bowl 5 Rounds With Comp Picks

    I'm fine with all the Falcons picks except Chassion no way the Falcons take over Epenesa. Epenesa fits the SDe/3tech role Quinn loves to use. Chassion is just another version of Vic Beasley that the Falcons never figured out how to use correctly
  4. Is Bill O'Brien the worst coach in the league?

    And we have seen how well he has done since the real brains (Shanahan) of the operation left
  5. Is Bill O'Brien the worst coach in the league?

    Dan Quinn is still a HC so no
  6. College programs your team seems to favor

    *enter college noone has ever heard of* Atlanta Falcons for allot of players drafted after round 2
  7. Mock Draft 4.0 / 2 Rounds

    Preoffseason no issues with your first 2 picks for Falcons if they are able to get rid of freeman j good with the RB pick. But this pick here (Pat's 2nd rounder) does belong to ATL due to the Sanu trade
  8. Bengals vs Dolphins, who will prevail week 16

    Bengals will try to win and dolphins will try to lose so anything can happen
  9. SURVIVOR POOL 14 - SmittyBacall IS CHAMPION!!

    Good looks with going through everything. But I think you got my favorite team messed up with my Pick just incase woz uses this list I did choose the Chargers this week
  10. SURVIVOR POOL 14 - SmittyBacall IS CHAMPION!!

    Week 6: LA Chargers
  11. Trade Deadline Rumors

    Oh come in now, you only the patriots are going to get him for a 7th and somehow the vikings also give up a 2nd for making the Pat's wait 4 weeks for this trade
  12. SURVIVOR POOL 14 - SmittyBacall IS CHAMPION!!

    Week 5 Philadelphia Eagles
  13. Falcons trade LB Riley, 2020 6th to Eagles for S Cyprien, 2020 7th

    To take Duke off our hands worth it. He cant be any worse on the field then Duke if even we put Cyprien an NT
  14. SURVIVOR POOL 14 - SmittyBacall IS CHAMPION!!

    Week 4 pick KC Chiefs