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  1. To be fair the only way that it would be a better way out would be a Super bowl. No shame in your last game being a goddamn repeat of a Super bowl victory but there was a I'll play me by the other team but he couldn't control. Not the worst way to go
  2. As of this moment (early scouting and pre free agency) Ojabo is my guy but I can't argue Stingley at this time
  3. I think this was a Mark Davis decision to say you can do the scouting recruiting makes all the calls. It probably paid a hell of a lot better than NFL Network so he probably said screw it what do I got to lose
  4. Feel like he got a raw deal. It was clear all decisions were made by gruden. I truly don't think may I actually got to make any pics he wanted to. The pics that the Raiders took don't go by the same formula that may upgraded players when he did his top fives NFL Network
  5. I don't think Arizona has any chance especially since they lost Hopkins their team has not been the same since
  6. If they keep metal starter there are dumb especially with all the ammunition they have this year to get a real quarterback one way or another
  7. It's not a Pats fan but I live in New England so all I hear on the radio is Patriot talk. And I will say if there's one thing about belichick when it comes to the draft is you never know who the heck he's going to take
  8. Denver may or may not be going for QB is absolutely right but the fact that they could is what we put fear into other teams. And just over the last couple of years we've seen teams make jumps from similar positions and get more. I believe the Buffalo Tampa Bay trade comes to mind where Buffalo traded two seconds to go from 11 -7 or 12 -7 maybe not exactly the same but I still think once quarterbacks are considered the trade value chart is thrown out the window
  9. Can't really argue too many pics for the Falcons with our current status of needs everywhere until free agency hits. But I will say if we're trading down to a team we know is going quarterback and we have Denver behind us I'm demanding a whole lot more than a third round pick knowing that they are going to go Qb
  10. No complaints from a Falcon fan. I want to say safety isn't a need but I hear he is the top guy this year(haven't looked at tape yet) so I can't complain.
  11. I agree with most things you said. I just don't think we get anything close to that for Debo. I have a feeling based on his performance especially this year and cap hit which ithink is like 9 or 10m for the team taking his contract for 2022. We get a 5th or at best a 4th for hom
  12. Has a counterpoint to this wouldn't the media be going after Cal and Jack eventually if Kelly is still failing as a coach? Eventually they will have to hire a correct staff or they will just be keep being talked about as failures which is what they have been
  13. Doubtful. Of course I'm nowhere near an expert but he seemingly had specific Go and HC options that he wanted and when it didn't go that way it was the final straw. I imagine if McDaniels was hired he's draft a QB of his choice.
  14. I really felt like Culley was hired to be a one year guy because noone wanted that job with the Watson wanting out drama. I wouldn't even be shocked if they told him you get one year but we will pay you how ever many years the contract is for (I think coaching contracts are fully guaranteed) unless he wins an absurd amount of games.
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