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  1. Does Your OL Suck? Your Coaching? How About a Certain DB?

    Falcons Oline on pacento given up most said ksnever during Ryan's career so they are quiet terrible. Coaching. Quinn is terrible in game management. Won't blame him for injuries but he's very stubborn with using players who are proven to be bad and not try other players. Defensive backs have all been terrible this year
  2. Who’s the worst team in football?

    Is aay falcons due to injuries the defense is so bad I'll be shocked if any team scores under 39 rest of season against that defense
  3. SURVIVOR POOL 13 is now over! Lurker is our champion!!

    Favorite Team - Falcons Week 1 pick Detroit Lions
  4. GWT: Week 19 Saints @ Vikings

    ...ok?? I didnt say anything about them but sure. All I stated was as a whole the vikings are a better them then the saints minus the QB
  5. GWT: Week 19 Saints @ Vikings

    I see this game as Saints Qb>Vikings QB but rest of Vikings> rest of saints. This game is going to come down to Turnovers and the referees which have been terrible lately.
  6. I dont Remember If I chose a team for week 3 yet or not but just in case week 3 pick: Denver Broncos
  7. Week 2 pick: Oakland Raiders
  8. Favorite Team - Falcons Week 1 pick : Falcons