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  1. Man that'd be terrible for the Falcons. If a division rival wants to trade up for a QB they'd have to give up allot more then a 2nd then to follow up with Pitts. That's be a terrible day 1 of the draft
  2. Ian Rapoport @RapSheet ยท 2m #Texans star JJ Watt was officially released, per the wire. Now a free agent. So was #Saints OL Nick Easton.
  3. He will be a Bucc and chase a ring
  4. Ahh yes because every play all year was a 1 read then bail play yeah okay sure just say I don't know anything because I don't like a prospect you do like. Man some people can't handle their opinion being seen as right. I've watched plenty of his film. He drops back makes read number 1 then it's dump to RB or run.
  5. Okay enjoy your tainted Superbowl. I'm sure the rest of your life is so have fun you probably need jt
  6. Man Even my thread gets locked o guess can't say anything bad about the NFL. Sorry mister forum thoughts aren't allowed here.
  7. For winning the most rigged SuperBowl I have ever watched. I didn't ever think the NFL would make it this obvious but my God. Enjoy it I guess but in the eyes of the rest of the league this was a gift not earned. And call me a hater if you want idc we all know it's true but most people can't accept the fact the league is rigged to a degree because itd destroy their favorite sport and league.
  8. When I've watch his tape (and I will try to find the document that talks about how a team has done a review of all his games this year and came off his initial read a total of 7 times) I just don't seem him making reads consistently. Honestly it remind me of when I watch Michael Vick in the day though a lot less exciting. Most of his plays are drop back make 1st read then either run or dump to RB. He doesn't go through his progressions
  9. That is completely fine. We can have differing opinions and there's a good chance one of us will be mad come april
  10. This is exactly how I feel about Fields. Though I'm not huge on Lance even without 2020 tape he looks better the Fields to me
  11. Gotta say I'm intrigued about Elinger(spelling?) He seems pretty good and the small tape I've watch I think I might be higher on him then most.
  12. I just can't get behind Fields I have no faith in him. For the Falcons I'd rather risk the chance on Trey Lance then Fields. And even though I like Etienne I can't see them not going defense in 1st two rounds
  13. If the Falcons go QB (which I'm not 100% in support of) give me Wilson over Fields every day. I am not a fan of Fields tape at all may be QB 5 for me this year
  14. I've seen enough of these playoffs. The NFL has already made their decision on the winner
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