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  1. Man if the Falcons go Lance may as well get ready for a top 3 pick for years to come once he takes over
  2. So I've not watched film yet but why are people so high on a 1 year player who opted out and you are fully projecting to play well. Feel like there is so much more risk with this player compared to someone with years of tape to see growth
  3. So are we just canceling the rest of the NFC season ?
  4. So I guess Chauncey Gardner Johnson must have said something about Thomas only being able to run drag routes then.
  5. Don't worry I have no faith in Blank to hire a good coach
  6. I think saints win more.Brady has higher stat total. But both look like there arms are going ive noticed since last year Brady is sailing a more passes then the past which usually shows arm strength going down....but I'm sure they will both shred this terrible dan Quinn scheme
  7. Favorite team Falcons Week 1 pick Dallas Cowboys I have read all of the rules and agree to them. The most important rule is "Watch your edits"
  8. I'm intrigued on your thoughts of the draft i know you were huge into chassion
  9. Brady wants 19-0 and to re take TDs in a season record
  10. We Both know that TD has a problem with trading up. Does it makes sense to trade up for Henderson Absolutely not.But do I expect Dimitroff to do it....Absolutely, I think they are aiming to train up to about8-10 give up the 2nd round pick and take him. Don't want it to happen but it probably will
  11. Love it for the Falcons. But its probably not going to happen since are GM is probably gonna give up the entire draft for CJ Henderson...facepalm
  12. Man I don't mind the trade back for ATL but to not address DL till the 3rd for a player I personally don't think goes till the 5th. I'd be so mad to walk out the draft with that haul
  13. Getting the #1CB in the draft i can't really complain but man do I want to keep our 2nd round pick this year lol
  14. First off I like the draft love Kinlaw and I'm food with Hall. And dang bri you really want a Saftey do you expect Neal Rico and Kazee gone next year or maybe only 1 stays?
  15. I bet if the shoe was on the other foot you thoughts would be different
  16. I'm not a big hater of Takk I just remember hearing around the combine where Quinn slipped up and said they weren't going to pick up the 5th option. And I doubt we hear anything until training camp about any changes i doubt they want to give away any info
  17. I'm actually with you on this I would've Gross Matos and I am not a fan of Chassion at all. I do think he is very much in play because Quinn values Athletes over everything else but id be ecstatic with Gross Matos as i think this defense will go over a change with Morris as our full-time DC with a full off-season and the Leo position won't be something we use it'll go back to a traditional 4 3 and Takk is probably in his last year in ATL
  18. good catch didn't even realize I did that
  19. That's good knowledge to get the Ravens stumped me for a while I had to guess
  20. My First Mock of the year, since my rankings are finally mostly settled in * Disclaimer I use my rankings for players to decide where they go and not necessarily best fit just because I dont know everything about each teams Offense and Defensive Schemes, nor do I know each teams needs after the beginning of FA so lets see how I do* 1. Cincinnati- QB Joe Burrow2. Washington- DE Chase Young3. Detroit- CB Jeff Okudah4. NY Giants- OT Jedrick Willis5. Miami- QB Tua Tagovailoa (Probably a trade up)6. LA Chargers-QB Justin Herbert ( I have a odd feeling they are going to trade out of this spot and take a different QB later in the first not sure they are sold on him right now)7. Carolina- DT Javon Kinlaw 8. Arizona- LB/S Isaiah Simmons9. Jacksonville- CB CJ Henderson10. Cleveland- OT Andrew Thomas11. NY Jets- OT Tristan Wirfs12. Las Vegas-WR Ceedee Lamb13. San Francisco-DT Derric Brown14. Tampa Bay-OT Mekhi Becton15. Denver-WR Henry Ruggs III16. Atlanta- OLB K'lavon Chaisson(the one team I atually know so went away from my Rankings dont want this to be the pick but its who I expect)17. Dallas-S Grank Delpit18. Miami-WR Jerry Juedy (Someone will end up trading up for him before he makes it to 18 maybe at 14,16, or 17 thinking Eagles or Vikings)19. Las Vegas-CB Trevon Diggs (Personally have Fulton as a better player but I dont think Mayock wants a player who tried to fake a drug test)20. Jacksonville-DE Yetur Gross Matos21. Philadelphia-WR Justin Jefferson22. Minnesota-OT Josh Jones23. New England- LB Kenneth Murray24. New Orleans- DT/DE AJ Epenesa25. Minnesota-WR Tee Higgins 26. Miami-OT Austin Jackson27. Seattle-S Xavier Mckinney28. Baltimore-CB Kristian Fulton29. Tennessee-LB Patrick Queen30. Green Bay-WR Laviska Shanault JR31. San Francisco-Jeff Gladney CB32. Kansas City-Neville Gallimore DT
  21. I'm down with that for the Falcons. I highly doubt Kinlaw falls that far I keep hearing top 10 from people i know but I'd love it.
  22. Yeah I personally see Bailey should only be a 4 3 DT he doesnt fit at Edge and is possibly cut after this year and we do not know what Cominsky is yet and may need more development to even get onto the field
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