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  1. I'll take Tennessee for week 4 Used: Week 1 - 49ers Week 2 - Broncos Week 3 - Panthers
  2. I'll take Carolina for week 3 Used:Week 1 - 49ersWeek 2 - Broncos
  3. I'll go DENVER this week Used: 49ers
  4. Niners just make too much sense here. Week 1 Pick - 49ers
  5. Heard whispers that you won't be covered, for the unvaxxed, if the insurance company can track whatever illness you have back to Covid. From what I understand, since the FDA approved the Pfizer vaccine insurance companies will classify your illness as preventable.
  6. Just pointing things out, not telling you what to say. I just find the way each side uses specific words interesting at the very least.
  7. "Most" is a word the opposition of vaccines have begun to use as a VERY generic term as if it could mean 51% of people, but in reality when you say "most" you mean like 99.99998% of people. This verbiage is frustratingly disingenuous. Why be so deceptive if your point could be made more straight forward, from your point of view I'd assume?
  8. Do you take into consideration all the people you know that have gotten the vaccine and were fine? I find it strange that almost every anti-vax, not saying you are or aren't, seem to have these one off horror stories about someone who had terrible side effects for the shot yet probably know literally thousands of people that have gotten it and been perfectly fine. It looks like certain people are just looking for evidence that backs their side of the story no matter what evidence opposes their thought pattern, that's a completely unreasonable view point to have during the information era.
  9. Be careful, depression is more deadly than Covid. Might wanna try avoiding anti-depressants and just think happy thoughts.
  10. Couldn't agree more! IMO this hesitation is more about being loyal to their brand of politics, outside of that, there aren't very many viable reasons to go unvaxxed. Of course a persons personal health may be a factor, but more so than that it's about staying in line with their political teams agenda. What's even more strange is while most unvaxxed conservatives took the touch for their politic deities cause, those same politicians began getting the jab behind the scenes very quietly. Wild sorts of hypocrisy.
  11. I've read a ton of what you post on here, so I think its safe to say your actual issue is that the Cowboys weren't in 1st. If those same circumstances put the Cowboys at #1 you'd rep that stat so quick.
  12. Love it! 💘 Maybe I'm just making up for how myself and a lot of other Niner fans treated him early in his career, but I'm pretty sure I'll be rooting for this man for the rest of his time in sports.
  13. Right, like I said, the numbers I posted earlier were 2020 metro estimates. And just like @Kael stated, it's not the literal city population that matters; it's the city plus the surrounding area. Which is why Columbus 1) drops all the way to 32nd in population when their metro is considered, 2) Doesn't have a NFL team already. Of course college football doesn't help, but just being a big city isn't enough to warrant a NFL team anymore.
  14. Estimated 2020 Metro Populations: Tough to justify a states 3rd team when plenty of other cities with larger regional populations still lack one as well.
  15. It's not that modern stadiums make or lose money that's so distasteful, but instead it's that a BILLIONAIRE owner doesn't even have to foot the entire bill for a stadium that's going to make him/her more money than all the people displaced from their homes, via eminent domain, for that stadium to be built combined in their entire life's. Now imagine that you aren't even a football fan then get forcibly removed from your home that you've lived in for years, and at the same time your taxes go up to support the project that stole your home. That's whats disgusting. Yeah the "City" makes money, bu
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