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  1. I was joking with Thai. And you butt in clamoring about the team you bandwagon for no reason. You did the attacking/trolling.
  2. Im not reading that. Ive heard it repeatedly. Makes me sorry my favorite team Clemson beat my favorite team OSU in the playoffs. Even though my favorite team LSU beat my favorite team Clemson. Still sucks to hear you whine about its your favorite team that you didnt go to. Just like OSU is my favorite team I didnt go to like Clemson is.
  3. According to official Meltzer stats. Balding Buck has more 4+ star matches than any wrestler in history. Not Angle, Flair, Steamboat, HBK, Okada or any of those guys. Nick Jackson is king of the hill. That tells me all I need to know about Dave.
  4. It was a solid match. Kaz Page should have been more. Those guys are too good for what they put on. Not meaning it was a bad match cause the finish was very good. But it lacked any hint of storytelling. They flipped back and forth every 30 seconds on who was on offense. Like they were out there doing moves to each other just to do them. Neither had the clear upper hand at any point the entire match. Looking forward to the 6 man next week. Though the announcement of Darby take some of the wind out of the sails for me.
  5. Just reading articles that said dont give up on Walmart and such for a PS5. To keep refreshing for a few days because they will get assigned more in intervals. heres one of them I saw. https://www.techradar.com/news/ps5-walmart-pre-order-in-stock
  6. Im no gamer like you guys. Will the XBox versions be flying like these are? The kids want one. I remember in college when I guess the PS3 came out. Accompanied a roommate in getting one. 4am we were like 20th in line at a Best Buy that opened at 9. Line ballooned massive as time drew near. Then a wild stampede through the store as the doors slide open. Is that what Im in for? lol
  7. They did but Shaadiq and Wes are listed as questionable. Or they were this morning. Dont know if thats changed. Be nice to have them. But rather see them play it safe than rush them out because its only the 2nd game of the season.
  8. Im going to be a fan of Bama, Clemson, OU, Oregon. Theyre all my favorites with LSU now. Along with some others. Cause I wanna bandwagon schools I didnt attend to guarantee a winner too.
  9. Ill admit Im with you to a degree. But Im SEC. And not to be too overly arrogant. But for us our playoff is to win the SECW. Then the SEC. Then the BCS. Were not OSU or Clemson where you munch on a dozen creampuffs and march into the playoffs having done nothing.
  10. Did that ball boy just mug no.82? Escaping all masked up, with a fist full of cash, and a RG3 signed football.
  11. Its cute some think its due to his play he gets called Jamarcus.
  12. If you got better rest. You wouldnt be all tired and yawning. But then again. Im the one that gets to sleep like a Champion.
  13. I think youre a little rough on yourself with this one since Murray scrambles. I say the rest of us should accept at. *1 of the 3 gets 2. Or if all 3 get 1* Then its fair for both sides. And on that. Ill put up any under name header on post (mine that says Redskins a bunch) that you chose for me.
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