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  1. Unless you know 3 ghost to send. Our Bob Cratchit roles arnt having the same outcome as the originals.
  2. Rams picked 6th and saw 2 of the next 4 Super Bowls. Building a team is a whole lot more than just a draft pick. Just look at when the Krafts took over New England. They hired the right coach, right staff, right GM. Made the right trades, brought in the right personnel. Everything done possible to build a winner there. And you want to continue to push that an owner. Who works off the "buddy system", letting guys like Bruce linger year after year. Who its been near a year now and we dont even have a GM to try to make deals or shuffle trades. And this guy. That is basically telling fans, "Why put in effort if my money stays the same." Youre saying hes going to build us a winner. All we need is this draft pick. Im done with all that. Believed it myself for years. Im just going to be happy with what little victories he allows us. Cause its all were getting out the man.
  3. How is that even a question? Like. "Do you want Peyton Manning or not?" Cant get 1st. So we might as well win all we can and draft Randy Moss huh?
  4. Thai. As portrayed by Dan Aykroyd.
  5. Just a little bit more and youll be hit with that John Belushi moment.
  6. Well that should help things. Cause the miserable old goats that wanted to lose every game the past couple years for draft position. Can really give it a solid go next year.
  7. What those of us that know better than to expect too much sees. The hopeful delusional...
  8. Were Vandy. Were Kentucky. Enjoy the wins you get. Cause this fantasy of building some mega power champion aint happening. Never Never Ever under Snyder. Enjoy these brief moments of success.
  9. Us supporting our team and enjoying the win. vs. The others wanting draft positioning.
  10. Good to see things like this out our players.
  11. Hes injured. Saying it would have been helpful to have someone that doesnt get a 0.2 pff rating to help.
  12. Allowing 22 shots should be a concern though. Man City has been held pretty low in that dept by a number of teams recently. Then yesterday, boom, 22. Doherty returning soon should help. But something else seems to be off in the back there. I didnt catch the full game to be able to pass any real judgement on that. What I got to see they were doing pretty well.
  13. He didnt have the velocity last season. From the SI article on him. He was throwing just with his arm. And spent a lot of time learning to put his body into throws. Which has him pushing the ball with more force down field. My only concern with something like that. Is when the pressure is heavy. Will he resort back and float some ints. Thats where an arm thats naturally strong on its own is helpful.
  14. Havent seen you touch on Jamie Newman yet. What do you think? And if there in the 3rd, would you take a shot? Im not that high on him myself. But I think hed most likely turn out better than what we got in Haskins & Allen.
  15. Crazy day all around Europe City, Villa lose. Barca, PSG, Rennes lose. Bayern, Real, Leipzig with draws. Thats out of 22 matches in the 5 leagues. Tempted to say Everton will be bested by Fulham tomorrow. Tots had 4 shots on goal. Man City 22. lol. Just the type of day it was. Haaland had as many goals as Tots had shots.
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