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  1. I thought Watford was going to be the team to come up and stay. Its early but Brentford might be a better team than the Leeds one that came up. Looked good that half hour with 10 men against the Wolves.
  2. Shhh! We dont need some around here knowing weve destroyed our draft selection already.
  3. They wernt outshot. MU took 19 shots. YB took 2 shots and scored 2 goals.
  4. Vince wants to own any name used. I dont think we'll see the Steiner name in WWE.
  5. I wasnt expecting any kind of a pop due to the NFL. But thought hyping this early would help hold viewership steady. Nearly 1/5th of the key demo bailed. Shocked at that one.
  6. Yep. But WHU couldnt beat this years Sheffield United at home. You were 2nd place going into the game. But not coming out. Courtesy of Palace.
  7. A Home CP game should have been 3 easy points. The victory will be felt most when your 1 back, sitting in 5th end of the season.
  8. Scott and the NWO made that peak though. Things were fairly down across the board in the early 90s. The Outsiders kicked off the awakening.
  9. The mighty Kings of London. Last week put the Karen Bradys in their ever familiar position of being on their knees. And this week. 3-0 the Tots.
  10. Nothing is bigger than The Outsiders invading WCW storyline. That buildup and payoff took WCW from AEW level viewership to the heights of 9 million. DB might end his career a bigger name. But story and impact wise. Hall is basically Scotty Pippen in this situation.
  11. Make a thread saying youll send the link to every "Like". Go for the record.
  12. So the kids were kicked back watching some XMen movie when I walked through. And in it this blue chick with scales turned into the lead singer from Silverchair.
  13. Bayern would have been 2nd in payroll last year in the Prem. 40 million more spent than City. But have spent 50million less than Leicester in acquiring/buying players over the past 5 years. So they have plenty money. They just spend it differently.
  14. Whats up with Labor Smart? Seeing a rumor theyll stop being traded on TDAmeritrade and maybe others this Thursday until they become current. Down 20% today. Might grab 10k shares (90 bucks lol) for no other reason than the upcoming stoppage.
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