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  1. Looking at yalls final 3 matches... Ouch. While West Ham plays only bottom 5 teams. And with only Crystal Palace to save you from Liverpool running the table.
  2. Derby and SheffWed lit it up. One incredible matchup for survival. SheffWed pulled in front in the 2nd half. Derby tied it up and held at the 79min mark. Like both squads. Feel bad for SheffWed and their fans. An unfair 6 pt deduction to start the season. Then coming down to the final day. Within 15 mins of staying up. Heart goes out to them. They brought the fight today.
  3. Delete if you must. But... Lesson in how to make crap not stink.
  4. I saw Freddy vs Jason 1st showing in Trinidad. The moment when Jason walked through the fire up to Freddy in that cabin. The place erupted. Insane "Big Fight" feel that had everyone screaming, cheering on who they wanted in multiple 4 letter words at a time. Then everyone was cussing at each other bout how their choice was going to win. Some shoving and pushing going on. It was intense.
  5. 64 semiconductor companies listed on the Nasdaq. 10 are green right now. Is this an area to be looked at right now? Seems they would start to pop once the shortages come to an end. But havent followed this industry.
  6. So looking forward to Lordstown hitting 2 bucks so I can spend a couple thousand and drop my 10.60 avg to single digits. 🥺
  7. So out of a 2 hour show. Which showcased 2 dozen wrestlers. I comment negatively on 2. And you say that I hate everything about the show. Even after I mentioned how 8 wrestlers did great. Eh... Typical. Not like I expect any better.
  8. The first couple mins Sammy was solid. The stuff he was doing as the match ran along and others entered felt like it was jammed in there for the soul purpose of doing it. They didnt need anything force fed into the match because it was fine as it was. It looked forced. The air mattress looks dumb. It looked dumb the first time they used it. It looked dumb every time since. Like the Arcade fight with Rusev OC and them. They need to stop using that spot because it doesnt work. If we were all using 27inch Tube TVs like in the 70s/80s. It might look better. But HD today it looks awful.
  9. What is with AEW and these falls involving cardboard setting on top air mattresses? Near every week someone is going to get comforted into unconsciousness. And it was nice of the wrestling gods to step in. Telling Sammy, "enough is enough" with his stupid phony flippy trash by having him fall on his face. Take Sammy and Spears body of work out that match. And its a fantastic match. But not much either of those 2 did made any sense. Great work by everyone else though.
  10. Eth Classic tripled. Lite doubled. They move around a ton. Might set aside some play money just for dabbling in Grayscale. Cause there adding a few more currencies. Rotate dips. lol
  11. That movie made me a fan. The entire final stretch had that Disney feel, in such a nontraditional Disney way.
  12. MOTY right here. Sheffield has to win outright for the chance to remain up. Rotherham can stay up if Derby SheffWed draw while they win. But they play Cardiff. Slim chance for a win.
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