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  1. Leonsis doesnt need the money. If hes the guy they want in their boys club. Theyd vote to allow him. And the team would pay for itself. Glazers did that very thing with Man United. Make a down payment, then use the teams money. And because of the Glazer mold. Where theyve paid off little of the actual debt, getting extensions, making huge interest payments. Banks or some league sponsoring banks might encourage such a move from the other owners.
  2. 66 shots last 3 matches. 26 against AV, 25 against Palace. 1 goal total. Allowed just 13 shots those 3 matches. Come away with a record of 0-1-2. Thats a real good team that can do everything but find the net.
  3. Been waiting to buy some Juve FC. Drops to .81 yesterday. Im waiting on .70s. And she goes up today. 😔
  4. In for 30 more shares. Dont worry @bigbadbuff
  5. Some mod ban this guy. Saying something like that. While Im sitting here looking at a 3400 gain. Waiting to buy 3400 worth at opening. 💎🙌🦍
  6. Basically. Eze wasnt a bit of use. And everyone else was trapped deep fighting off offensive flurries.
  7. Im car shopping. Get me a Camaro. 💲💲💲 https://www.ebay.com/itm/1985-Chevrolet-Camaro/254879081341?hash=item3b57fa237d:g:LWwAAOSwmZhgNoMA 1,250 opening bid. Keep the rockets going, only a few hundred short of hitting that minimum now.
  8. Im livin large tonight. Feast like a King.
  9. My news feed got flooded with 100 articles from around the world on it. Last year Aliko Dangote said he had projects to finish first. And his oil refinery is about complete so negotiations could begin this summer. Stan will probably make the deal since Super League has been fended off by UEFA again for the time being. Guess it depends on those talks really. As Super League might be too good of an income source for Stan to pass up.
  10. All rumors. If he wanted a team. He would buy a team. Dude from Africa right now, only worth 17 billion. A fraction of Bezos. Looking at Arsenal in the Premier League like, "Yeah, Ill pay 2-3 billion. Whatever it takes. Just numbers."
  11. Only a small portion are having these long careers. This extra game benefits the overwhelming majority of players that make teams. Youre talking the long term effects on guys that make the choice themselves to play on. Thats on them. Barry Sanders & Calvin Johnson proved that.
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