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  1. Could be the worst KOTR lineup Ive ever seen. Far too many midgets, jobberrs and nonames because all the top talent is held from it. They need a good 3 from AJ Seth Roman Braun or Brock. Smackdowns lineup. Shelton is basically a giant compared to the rest. Raw at least has Corbin, Drew, Cesaro and Miz.
  2. Tell us about yourself

    While I enjoy him being too ashamed to name himself after a Bamer. He still needs banning. #GeauxTigers
  3. Trish is 43. Same as Brock and AJ.
  4. Does NXT coming to FS1 add to the delay?
  5. Jimmy Uso removed from all SS activities in Canada due to unresolved charges in America. lol
  6. What are you reading? V1

    I havent read any of his books. Finished all GGKs books couple days ago. Am starting Riyria Rev today. Just looking over the map now to dive into his material.
  7. He doesnt come out next draft. Was a true freshman last season. Though. It does look like we will practice heavily in tanking this season. To get ready for the following season.
  8. NWA announced it will have a weekly tv show. First set of filming will be Sept 30 and Oct 1st in Atlanta.
  9. What are you reading? V1

    A Brightness Long Ago - About 350 pages of story. A decent buildup to the death of a main character somewhere in the middle. The rest was a bunch of buildups, that quickly fizzled out and amounted to nothing. A lot of filler, agenda trash. Became a chore to push through. Sarantine Mosaic - 10/10 Tigana - 4/10 Song for Arbonne - 8/10 The Lions of Al-Rassan - 7.5/10 The Last Light Of The Sun - 8.5/10 Under Heaven - 9.5/10 River of Stars - 7.5/10 Children of Earth and Sky - 8/10 A Brightness Long Ago - 4/10 And that wraps up the Guy Gavriel Kay series.
  10. Seth in skinny jeans.... Gives total credibility to David Arquettes title reign.
  11. Senada vs Okada G1 is the MOTY so far for me. On the edge of my seat pulling hard for Senada the last 10 mins. Just knowing it was going to end in a draw. But it had me pulling hard for him anyway. And then boom. That. To me. Is perfect in-ring storytelling. Cause Okada is my favorite. But there I was 2nd half of the match pullin as hard for Senada as I have ever for anyone. You can love Lucha or flip styles, love brawling or power or grappling. But that match was catered to my personal taste perfectly. Loved every moment.
  12. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    Only impression I got was that these are Americans that havent been emasculated yet.
  13. The Leader We Need

    Teams in such bad shape. That people are viewing a team leader thats born, schooled and colleged in Alabama of all places as a good thing.
  14. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    Steaming a half bushel of crabs and headed to a luncheon with some Amish. Past couple years have seen a good hundred move into the area, buying up huge chunks of land. Theyve quickly become my 2nd favorite type of American. Estrogen Americans... You guys still way dead last. Work on that.