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  1. I dont know about Kennys nose. But in a interview not to long back. Maybe longer back than Im thinking, I dont know. But Jericho said nobody has ever been hurt with him and he himself was hurt once and that was a shoulder thing that needed a couple weeks rest.
  2. A little OJ in the morning

    We have Sprinkle. Who is only 25 and huge upside. And no old hasbeens blocking his way anymore.
  3. Seth recently injured another person. Hes injured several working under WWE creampuff guidelines. Omega has no restrictions on his matches. And has never injured anyone. Jericho the same with his 30 year career. Seth isnt in the same ballpark as Omega. No.1 rule in wrestling since it started is to protect the guy across from you at all cost.
  4. #FireBruceAllen

    Does it make it worse that our team was actually trying to win? https://www.sun-sentinel.com/sports/miami-dolphins/fl-sp-dolphins-redskins-tank-bowl-20191014-wlebzdqoszaltewq56t7qvt34e-story.html
  5. Week 7 Poll Discussions

    Doesnt matter the order. The LSU Bama game hype gets built. Then OSU-PSU will be seeing top 4 love to hype that matchup after.
  6. At least some can take joy that Cousins........ No wait.... Cousins went 333yds 4tds against our beloved Eagles. NVM.
  7. The stands are packed with so many fans youd think it was a Hurricanes game.
  8. Waiting to watch a 0-5 team face a 0-4 team... I need better hobbies and more booze...
  9. GOTW #2 | Week 7 | #7 Florida @ #5 LSU

    I wouldnt say suspect. Id say, "Showing their youth." They need these games to build them. LSU has a soph replacing Devin White that played 1 meaningful half of football last year. A whole lot of holes and seams open, but both teams have great talent to continue building to sure them up.
  10. The offseason will be far more fun with you guys getting the #1 pick. So Ill roll with that. Draft Talk >>> Idiots saving their jobs
  11. GOTW #2 | Week 7 | #7 Florida @ #5 LSU

    "This atmosphere is 2nd to none in the country." - 2 different former Buckeye players on Death Valley while in Death Valley tonight.
  12. What are you reading? V1

    Enjoyed this series. But went about 2 books too long. Follows a couple great characters. But they do to much. They just keep tossing themselves in so many situations it becomes, "enough is enough already". Just grabbed "The Colony" series by Michaelbrent Collings. Anyone have anything good to say about it?