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  1. Future Prospects

    Mr. Buckeye. Whats your opinion on Parris Campbell? Sub 4.4 speed. Personally, from the little Ive seen of him. He seems a Percy Harvin thats running Jamison Crowder plays. Am I missing something, or should Urban be using him like he used Percy and be a college stat monster?
  2. Week 8: New York Giants GDT

    Not seeing an issue. The DL.. "Dominate" isnt the right word. "Decimate" works better for what theyre going to do to this NY OL. I almost feel sorry for what the Giants OL is going to go through. Hopefully the offense can capitalize on more trips into the Giants half of the field than they did with the Cowboys. Though I still dont see this game being a problem even if they couldnt. 27-13 (Because bigdog stole the score I originally wanted)
  3. Things other than Redskins

    Well if you look at the Coaches Poll. They jumped a midmajor like Michigan over the SECs Georgia when Georgia didnt lose. So yea. There are enough morons voting to rank UVA. And with 1-6 UNC on the horizon. Youre looking at 6-2. Beat Pitt after that, and your looking at an automatic 8-2 season when entering the final 2 games.

    This is not a great draft class this year. Not seeing this as to bad a move for the Cowboys. If youre drafting between 10 and 20 like the Cowboys will likely end up doing. Personally it wouldnt surprise me if 50% drafted in that range didnt pan out. So getting a player proven that he should be a starter on the field doesnt sound to bad to me.
  5. Future Prospects

    Im not sold on McSorley pushing the ball down field. Heres his season all charted out. He struggles at 10 and beyond when facing better competition. Might be good enough to consider as a mid round prospect to see how he pans out with full time coaching. https://www.roarlionsroar.com/penn-state-football/2018/10/4754/trace-mcsorley-passing-chart-indiana-drops-receivers-juwan-johnson-hippenhammer-rahne
  6. Future Prospects

    You might want to watch the Bama or LSU game. I thought Little had a chance to show his draft worth. He was driven backwards constantly. Surprised me, he looked like an ordinary College Level OLman. Being a weak tackle class, he will go early. But it shouldnt be to us.
  7. Future Prospects

    Id love more than anything the ability to get Greedy. But we might have to many wins for that already lol. Florida didnt throw his direction once all game. And Ole Miss has 3 WR NFL prospect, Greedy handled them all with ease. Surprised me he contained AJ so well. Id be happy with DeAndre Baker or Amani though. Baker has good upside and think NFL level full time coaching could tap his max potential in no time.
  8. The Book Thread

    Historical and Historical Fiction is pretty much all I want. I have a pile of series I want to get through on it. Malazan, Riyria Revelation series, Farseer Trilogy, Forgotten Legion Chronicles, Eagles of the Empire series by Simon Scarrow. Know any good series, toss it my way. I want Tim Severins Vikings trilogy. But for some reason the 2nd book wont download for me and tried a couple times. 1st and 3rd I had no trouble with.
  9. Future Prospects

    Couple receivers from Texas I like. Both over 6'4. Powerful with good hands. Think one will be there in the 2nd, maybe 3rd if they keep playing well. Funny thing. I flipped to the Iowa game yesterday to see if the QB was worth grabbing in the later rounds. First play I saw, he threw a ball to a LB covering the middle standing still all by himself. Not a receiver within 10 yards of him. Said, "Well thats enough of that" and changed games after 1 play.
  10. Week 7: Dallas Week GDT!

    AP called it like it is. "Hats off to the D. Cause offensively we didnt do much today."
  11. Week 7: Dallas Week GDT!

    The Defense has as many 2nd half TDs on the season as the Offense. And eclipsed our adv second half points on their own by 3.
  12. Week 7: Dallas Week GDT!

    YEAAAAAAHHHHH!!! So happy our overly awesome D pulled in a score.
  13. Week 7: Dallas Week GDT!

    Wonderboy McVay has his team entering the 4th with 32 pts. Hasnt been inside the 40 anymore than us. That makes Parrothead sad.
  14. Week 7: Dallas Week GDT!

    I havent been able to keep from seeing that myself. Watching the Purdue game last night. It hit me as, "Wow, even Purdue has a venue to put FedEx to shame."
  15. Week 7: Dallas Week GDT!

    We need a tall redzone wr for jump balls. Lil'Jordan has solid hands and great power to pull balls away from anyone.