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  1. AXS has become more current with their NJPW shows than they were. Got Mox vs Umino on tonight. Edit-Soon as I finished typing the match was over. 3 mins 52 seconds. lol
  2. If they want viewers to come back. I think they need to do like they use to do and appease the blue collar crowd instead of the "wrestle geek" they seem to cater towards. They need to become "water cooler" talk again to bring success. I remember when first coming to America for college. I found a Austin 3:16 shirt. And for Winter break sported it back home in Trinidad. I must have been the only person in the country with one. Cause I remember people stopping and talking wrestling with me everywhere I went. Like little groups would form around me at the drug store, around street vendors and all over. They gave up being something causal as football to talk about. In search of a kid friendly product thats flopped and turned to something only wrestle geeks and diehards are left viewing.
  3. The sponsors cant be happy. And I cant buy things not happening due to sponsors bit. M&M/Mars and such companies are MAJOR sponsors that also sponsor adds in SI Swimsuit, general bikini contest, horror and slasher movie placement such as Jennifers Body and Friday the 13th. A lot of these sponsors dont care, they want the viewership numbers they were promised. Its what they pay for. When the NFL had game viewership drop, they had to supplement extra commercials into games for said sponsor for free. Doubt its any different for WWE. WWE wants a Disney styled kid friendly company. Yet its backfiring and their adv age viewer has over doubled in the past 20 years. Theyre failing miserably at bringing in the youth they once were able to grab with ease. Which is putting off all older casual viewers, leaving mainly diehards left.
  4. What are you reading? V1

    A Song For Arbonne by Guy Gavriel Kay. Was a nice adventure. Likable lead. For only 500 pages. GGK really knows how to build character and story well. Built 7-8 characters, took on 2 countries and a war in that amount of pages. Well put together. So far going through the GGK books. Sarantine Mosaic - 10/10 Tigana - 4/10 Song for Arbonne - 8/10 Upcoming - The Lions of Al-Rassan
  5. Watching the Mox Juice match again on AXS with the big screen instead of an IPad. Makes a big difference. I retract my original statement. Mox does play towards the crowd more than it showed on a small screen. Real subtle motions to heel it up between moves that I couldnt see before.
  6. I was surprised he didnt play to the crowd some. Kinda pedestrian attitude while Juice was able to work them. Maybe that was planned because the fans were excited to see Mox. But swung Juices way for the most part of the match. Juices tailbone bump. I could feel that through the screen. That was nasty. The smile on Mox after Juice kicked out of Dirty Deeds was awesome like, "Good. He wants more. Hes getting more". (type of thing I was referring to about playing the crowd. for some reason I expected him to do such things the entire match) I thought theyd protect Dirty Deeds in his first match. But nice kickout so he could do "Dirtier" Deeds.
  7. Juice-Mox match in Japan this morning our time is a fun watch. Enjoyed it. 25+minute match. They built it to try to avoid a wrestling match and being a brawl. And it works perfect for showing that Juice can work that style as good as any going. Mox in wrestling trunks takes some getting use too. lol He had a sick move lifting Juice for a suplex. Then just releases Juice when his body was vertical in the air for it. Love me some Redshoes. #GOAT
  8. Just Goldbergs 50+ year old presence makes the entire WWE roster feel like a pack of Brooklyn Brawlers. Dang we had it good in the 90s.
  9. Should be interesting.
  10. What are you reading? V1

    Loved them. Wish it were a trilogy to have another book of following some of the characters.
  11. Since January 2017. Nielsen started imputing Hulu, Youtube and over 30 other streaming services. Today its even more. Nielsen is hitting at over 99% of viewers from the time it starts airing until midnight. So if you look at pre-2017 viewership until now. Its actually down more than the numbers actually show. More people might know the name Roman. But only a small percentage that do actually want to see him. The millions that know Mox now, are hyped about seeing him. Kinda like if Chevy releases a new designed Impala. More would know of it thanks to Nascar and such than Ferrari releasing a new Superfast. But which would everyone want to see? Whos grabbing all the attention going down the street? Mox is the hot name right now on everybodies lips. And there is no name hotter at the moment.
  12. I fully disagree with that. Changing feds is making Mox a much bigger draw than anyone WWE has even with the name change. Mox in his first instagram skit grabbed more viewers than any Raw this year within a 24 hour span. Jericho doubled the listeners of his podcast with him. People are excited and checking out anything he does like mad. Have to say. He is the biggest thing going right now.
  13. How about youth? With the stunts he pulls and the entrances he has I think he can pull youth better than anyone WWE has atm. When I was a kid, all the top guys were kind of like him in ways. Boogie Woogie Man Jimmy Valiant, JYD, Jake the Snake, Macho and all those guys. I think he hits it just right to where hes not looking like a joke tossing pancakes.
  14. This year so far Drew has bounced all over the place. Like they start to set up something, then its, "Oh, Romans ready. Ditch what your doing." That last 2 weeks then its another matchup. Then its "lets build you with Lashley and Corbin. That stops and hes with Elias and Shane. Your last sentence is spot on, he needs a long term feud. Hes to good to be, "Random baddie henchman". Like the thing he was doing with Ziggler. Then they split and had their match over it and wrapped everything up in 1 night on Raw. Throwing away what could have been a decent feud for him.