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  1. All Things Wrestling Thread

    To bad he wasnt hired a few months ago with calling all these NXT guys coming up to the main. Bruce did things like the Double J promos to build up his premiere. Any of these NXT guys could have benefited from such. And letting the casual viewer get to know them a bit before sending them out there to such mild receptions.
  2. All Things Wrestling Thread

    I loved this troll job. Could see a feud where they pour it on DB, having him snapping a few times.
  3. Things other than Redskins

    Lovie and his entire staff just got a massive raise for a 4 win season which they lost 63-0 to Iowa, 63-24 to PSU and 63-33 to Maryland. Hes not going anywhere.
  4. Things other than Redskins

    Not really. Sincerely, Sad Memphis Fan
  5. Things other than Redskins

    Redskins team bus.
  6. All Things Wrestling Thread

    Tye asked for his release tonight. Didnt he just get engaged to Peyton?
  7. All Things Wrestling Thread

    lol. Crazy how different he looks.
  8. Alliance of American Football

    2 weeks into the season and they already needed a 250 million dollar bailout? Dont know how long this league will last, especially with the investment the XFL is putting into theirs.
  9. All Things Wrestling Thread

    A live shot during SD. lol
  10. All Things Wrestling Thread

    I get all the wanting to push Kofi thats happening. And theres nothing Id like more. Except like shown earlier, hes with New Day. That branch with pancakes stuck all over it is a prime example of why id rather not see him with the title until that group is gone. Then you have Xavier carrying E like a baby standing behind him. I find it embarrassing to be a wrestling fan and associated with such. He wants the title, let him act like a veteran pro and go after it seriously.
  11. All Things Wrestling Thread

    I dont get why you say "thankfully". I liked the variety in classes. You had the Cruiserweight Championship for a reason, and a Heavyweight title for a reason. 2 varieties of wrestling being provided, along with great storytelling set for each. Youd give up Sting, Lugar, Nash, Hall, Hogan, Booker, Rock, Undertaker, Lesnar and all those guys in preference of a complete Cruiser Division roster? I think both are needed in the same way it is for boxing and UFC. Mayweather, Dela-Hoya would have never been a name against Holyfield, Lennox Lewis, Tyson and the likes. But each division important and sold mad PPVs all the same.
  12. All Things Wrestling Thread

    Thats the key though. Use too. And he was considered a Cruiserweight at one time. Hes pushing 50, has shrunken. And looks the size of any wrestler brought in the past 5 years or so. Because across the board, theyve sized down to where even hes looking like a good sized fellow in comparison. Like I was a big Pyscosis fan back in the day. And he was a cruiserweight that theyd of never allowed in the ranks of Goldberg, Hall, Nash, Norton, Hogan, Sting and those heavyweights. If he wrestled today. Hed be a international Superstar in WWEs current Heavyweight division.
  13. All Things Wrestling Thread

    Yes. It is what it is. I was just pointing out how the roster continuously gets smaller. Just look at the collective presence of WCW and WWF in the 90s. And the landscape across the board today. Theres a huge difference, and not talking about juicing. Jericho was a 4 time Cruiserweight champion. Look at him standing with the main roster today. Guys like Kidman, Psycosis, Helms, Elix Skipper that filled out the cruiser divisions in the past would fit right in with the main roster thats put out there today. A heavyweight division that actually carried heavyweights. Instead of tossing a 160lb Irishman at a 270lb Beast. Id be all for making SD and the World Title for the smaller guys. With Raw having a true heavyweight division and bring in guys like Moose and Scott Halls son Cody.
  14. All Things Wrestling Thread

    13 years ago. Both about as strait up as you can find them. HHH likely has an inch or little more on him. HHH was 36, Cena 28. HHH has shrunk with age. And is hunched a little.
  15. All Things Wrestling Thread

    No LBC. I thought Billy Gunn came out the womb with 21 inch arms, sporting a cowboy hat and doing a Suck It chop. And your HHH shrinking basic biology jibberish is doing Ciampa no favors, since thats what we were talking about. So youre trying to say, with a shrunken HHH, that Ciampa might not even be 5'8 in the picture?