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  1. Marvel database has her as 6'2, 425lbs lol. While I like them thick. Were talking Kurt Freakin Russell here. And theres only 1 thing that can compete with that.... Bruce Campbell. And he aint here.
  2. Neat article about takehome per fan. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/sportsnews/article-10234693/Chelsea-Liverpool-City-Man-Uniteds-matchday-income-revealed-does-club-make.html
  3. Went Groot. Toe to Toe battle. Destroyer might get a shot off. But thats all he gets, unless its a shot through the head. Groot rips him to pieces. This battle doesnt last 5 seconds either way.
  4. Look out Prem.. In 10-15 years, theyll be a new sheriff in town.
  5. Should have seen how we slung around cash in Venezuela. lol You would see people pushing wheelbarrows loaded with bricks of cash to the market. Places took payment by weight. If not theyd be there a week counting up 1 purchase. Slap a 5lb brick of cash on the counter, theyd weigh it up and you could walk away with a mildly cold 6 pack.
  6. Watched them today. A whole lot of poor field communication for Ars. Few times they had possession crossing midfield stretching the field wide. And for some reason they cross that line and would funnel strait into a herd by the time they hit the PK box. 5 guys within 20 feet of each other in front the box. Im slapping it on youth. 10 of 23 goals this year by guys under 21. Looked to me like growing pains and that Arsenal fans should be ecstatic about the future.
  7. Get well man. Sucks youre not close. I have a huge medical harvest getting cropped on the 20th. High CBG for infections. (Seafood region. Everyone that works on the water gets MRSA at some point. This prevents and wipes even MRSA out)
  8. A month ago everyone got sick around here but me and the youngest. So I knew something bad was coming. The following week we get a call from the preschool that a kid had strep. Sure enough. We were the only 2 that caught it.
  9. I have a 4yo. The only song Ive been hearing for a week.
  10. Thats Korgs eggs planted inside Dormammus corpse after a sound victory.
  11. Thou art not King of Birmingham... Either location. #GeauxTigers
  12. It linked me to here as well. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QKg9u6PNDZo MVP, Sami and the Street Profits get into it with fans after the show.
  13. Frank Lampard would 'bite your arm off' for Leicester City job if Brendan Rodgers joins Man Utd https://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/frank-lampard-brendan-rodgers-leicester-6246728 😆 Sorry bro. But I know who Im pulling for.
  14. Who would you want? And any replacement names floating around this early? I havent seen anything yet.
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