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  1. Horizon Zero Dawn

    This game came free with my PS4 on a black friday deal. For $230 got a PS4, Overwatch, this game, and 50 dollar gamestop giftcard. Everything arrived the monday after black friday, but this game. Which I finally got a couple weeks later. Glad to see all the good reviews from you guys. I had been thinking to return it since its still wrapped, but Ill go head and bust it open.
  2. ~~//~~ Pro Wrestling: Smackdown vs Raw ~~\\~~

    He got Broken in TNA. Became champ, then broke Jeff. Had a couple matches in his backyard. The one between he and Jeff was so "out there" that it was great. And the stuff Matt babbled the entire time was a riot. When leaving TNA. A big case battle came over the gimmick cause Matt wanted it in WWE. Now thats done with, hes breaking it out as the "Broken" character has "Woken" again. If you just started watching again. Youll enjoy what unfolds with the character. Its going to be bazaar if WWE only allows him some freedom with the character. Which they have a terrible history with, but I think this theyll allow so long as its popular and keeps fans wanting more.
  3. ~~//~~ Pro Wrestling: Smackdown vs Raw ~~\\~~

    Bray/Matt segment was the best WWEs produced since Joe/Brock. So good I had to rewind and watch it again.
  4. ~~//~~ Pro Wrestling: Smackdown vs Raw ~~\\~~

    Wow I hate buildup for Survivor Series. All fanfavs do is win nonstop overly predictable matchups leading up since its the 2 brands facing each other. Makes all the network shows look more like it belongs on Nickelodeon. Survivor series itself looking to be the best show all year WWE wise. Just the buildup getting there is unbearable.
  5. ~~//~~ Pro Wrestling: Smackdown vs Raw ~~\\~~

    Torrie Wilson. Body still putting the current divas to shame. Why cant we have them looking like that again?
  6. ~~//~~ Pro Wrestling: Smackdown vs Raw ~~\\~~

    Halloween episodes have gone from Divas dressing up all hot, and beating each other until thongs showed. To 2 male tag teams dressed as idiots wrestling with pumpkins all around. I guess tonite on smackdown, we Breezango dressed up vs. New Day in a candy corn match. Only plus Ive seen of late. Is Emma could head to TNA. TNA has been absolute trash lately. But at least theyre trying to put some hotness in the womens division to make it watchable.
  7. Things other than Redskins

    You can take the front half, or the back half if you prefer of the 2015 UVA season. Add it to the 2016 season. And come up with as many wins as they already have by week 5 of this season. Bronco is doing a crazy good job this year. LSU survived after humiliating us all last week. Noles went down, Sooners got upset. Been a good day of football.
  8. ~~//~~ Pro Wrestling: Smackdown vs Raw ~~\\~~

    Raw was the single worst wrestling program Ive seen in my 30 year history of watching wrestling. Back 2 hours had 3 matches. They tried to give the matches some time, but tossed in over 8 mins of commercials in each. Last half hour was all talk and commercials. Smackdown wasnt bad. Its like Owens and Shane are really the only ones putting out full effort in all WWE atm. Like Lance Storm said about Naka and others, its like they have it on cruise control, coasting along. Like the matchups being done on SD. Newer talents really getting airtime and being pushed along nicely.
  9. ~~//~~ Pro Wrestling: Smackdown vs Raw ~~\\~~

    WWE still constructing matches like its 1987. All these other companies putting up matches that could be candidates for MOTY monthly. And WWE is stuck with the formula of 9-11 min spot fest, where the good guys kick out of everything, and baddies kick out of nothing, and need help to win anything.
  10. 95 total yards for the Raiders. I love our new DC. And I really love how he has a "Screw it Im sportin a tshirt on a national game" attitude.
  11. Gotta love that penalty. Showing them holding both ends just to slow them down.
  12. Over 450 total yards now. To the Raiders 71. Spencer Long is playing the game of his life. Hes 10x more athletic this game than Ive ever seen him be.
  13. Kid gonna be like "I wanted to be a Ninjago for Halloween." And Im gonna be like, "Boy, shut your mouth and put on your Chris Thompson jersey."
  14. Raiders just worked their way into under 40 total yards for the game. Insane.