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  1. https://metro.co.uk/2021/04/18/premier-league-threatens-to-ban-big-six-over-european-super-league-plans-14430887/?ito=newsnow-feed Seems like theyre ready to go there.
  2. Im not seeing it as that big of a deal. These teams already had separation within their leagues. Top 3 in LaLiga have a salary cap 150 million above the 7th team. Top 2 teams 250 million over 7th. Top 2 (Madrid/Barca) 310 million above the 9th team. Premier League isnt much different. Top 6 spend 120m or more on their squads. Yet the league avg is under 80. Cause theres 7/8 teams spending in the 50m range or less. These teams are already killing their own leagues with others trying to be competitive. And there are for example multiple Serie A teams begging for someone to buy them rig
  3. Euro Super League! Get that ManU stock for the pump and dump.
  4. Surprised at the teams that arnt listed. No PSG or Lyon? And surprised Lazio or Roma isnt in there. Figured theyd have Rome represented. German teams I understand due to the 51/49. Now I gotta get up at 4am to get some ManU stock before it rockets. ๐Ÿš€ ๐Ÿ’ฒ
  5. Most the other teams just arnt attractive. First off. Im not picking a Nike or GM sponsored club. Others like West Ham/Magpies/Arsenal I couldnt stand the owners/FO (Already a WFT fan stuck with Snyder). Southampton was appealing until watching a home game. 90+ mins of "When the Saints go marching in" about gave me a seizure. Fulhams owner cares about wrestling instead of the team now. Knew Shef and WBA were going down after the first week of the season. Things narrow down to where theres not much to chose from in a hurry.
  6. Im still hunting for the most part. Loving Palace. They have the best, loudest, rowdiest, diehard fans in all Britain. But in 150 years, they only have 12 in the top division. So as a long term prospect. Its tough to settle in on them fully. Do like City alot. Just cause they tick off all teams equally. Whos their main rival? Everyone. Roll into town. Kick you in the teeth, and strut back out. Even when ranked in the teens the first couple months of the season, they still carried that Late 80s Miami Hurricane swagger.
  7. That would be funny. Being we just lost our Cheerleaders.
  8. Middle English: from Old Northern French werreior, variant of Old French guerreior, from guerreier โ€˜make warโ€™, from guerre โ€˜warโ€™. From what Sitting Bull said. Ghandi would be a warrior. But did he even know any French words to begin with to even be able to understand its origins meaning? Like I said. Going to use the tern. Use how it originated. Or could end up being in the same type situation. Cause they wernt war bringers and had no standing forces to be such. And some of those historically peaceful tribes could take offense. Use how it originated to nip any capability of back
  9. They should load the spinwheel up with dried ghost pepper powder. Video of thieves rolling around in blinding pain is much funnier than a guy vacuuming up glitter. And because Im talking to Americans. Im not trying to discriminate against kleptomaniacs. I would laugh equally as hard at whoever had such an incident regardless of race, gender, religion, mental capabilities, partner preference, weight or disability.
  10. Curiosity has got the best of me. Does this guy still try to respond to me after I told him hes on ignore? lol
  11. No they wernt. The term actually refers to what the French called Knights during the Medieval era. Natives didnt have a standing army, developed war weaponry or anything of the sorts. They were more like Minute Men that came to the call and were naturally peaceful by nature. Putting them with Warriors seems stereotypically worse than the drawings Dr Seuss got called out for. If going to use "Warriors". Have to use knights. Or the whole name issue thing starts all over again.
  12. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/sos-stock-believed-significantly-overvalued-071211013.html Plus theyre Chinese and people are worried about sanctions.
  13. With them stopping production of Ethereum this year. Does that mean Eth Classic has a chance to boom up? Sort of like Bitcoin Cash.
  14. Been sitting on watching Bitfarm for over a week. Its been sinking. 7am today they had a release that theyre adding 6 new Bitcoin development machines. And the stock sunk 44 cent at opening. Hedgies wanting a decent start point before cranking it up I guess. Nabbed a thousand shares at 4 flat. Up in the 4.30s now. They also announced they have finished submitting to the SEC to be listed on Nasdaq. Which should be major. Check them out, buy a dip. That listing is going to generate attention along with the great growth report.
  15. Ive looked everywhere for a trustworthy broker. Still cant find one I really like or trust. https://coinmarketcap.com/rankings/exchanges/ Look at that list. 309 total and I checked into every one allowed in America.
  16. Yall suck. All happy acting. Loss porn is where its at. And I should know. Im down near 780 this week. Might can top 1000 tomorrow. ๐Ÿ’ช
  17. After a few weeks of good overall shows. No NXT competition. Chance to draw new viewers. Youd think theyd want to push some of their better talent that arnt over-the-hill WWE guys. Page, Archer, Omega, Cage, MJF, Jungle Jack, Luchasaurus or the likes. Sammy should have been showcased against former WWE Dax instead of former WWE fat, aged Jericho. Outside Ogogo. Jade Cargill was several inches taller than any wrestler on that show. Like the only NXT viewers they want to draw. Are the ones that scream "this is awesome" when some little spaghetti armed 160lber does a cartwheel. And that
  18. Seems all the focus is on Coinbase and Crypto that the farms are getting neglected.. Or shorted. Getting me a couple.
  19. Should have been the biggest of the year to perk up viewership much as possible for the Summer decline. But reading what happened. It seems like no real effort going forward. More Drew/Lashley. Didnt they battle last Summer? Then into Mania. And Riddle comes out on a scooter? Outside the Viking Raiders returning, I didnt see much. And when they came out they just hurt what was left of the Hurt business. So nothing really there for storylines or feuds from that fallout. Not a single thing that has any chance of getting me to check out a show.
  20. Looking over some Uranium stocks. Heres the past month for 3. North Shore, Cameco, Global X. And I had a few others stack up the same way before getting to these 3. What they all had in common. They all jumped up heavy at the same basic point 3 to 4 months ago. Came down, and registered a loss the past month while following this pattern. Its like Wall St went. "Okay, we allowed you massive jumps. Now youre going to settle in right here for a spell until we say so." With each attempt at a rise countered down.
  21. Yes. How dare he go the MLK route instead of tossing blind hatred at the problem. He was standing up. He chose to work with Hogan. To show and educate him about the person he is to help Hogans perspective. Not to sit idle and do nothing but hate. Cause thats not at all who Titus is. Hes the type to help people through their issues. Id guess it would be a hard pressed case for him to walk away from anything of the sorts. Ill take pride in having never been any different. I would welcome Hogan to my vineyard anytime. Invite him to sit dinner with my family and all else. And hed leave
  22. 445 down on Tilray alone. Ty's birthday wish: "I wish I could be as good a trader as them guys." Well your wish came true. Just not to the desired effect. Now we all suck. Happy Birthday anyway.
  23. Im in a county of 12-14k. We have "Concerts, bars, museums, restaurants etc." And anytime we go to that type deal. Will know numerous people while there. Groceries? A city might have more options. But ours is far superior in quality. Within 5 air miles of me alone. There are numerous fishermen, 2 beef farms, dairy farm, few veggie stands, 2 Amish markets and 3 wineries. And what you named to do is all indoor. If I want to go sailing, jetski, water skiing, maybe mudbogging, clay pigeon shooting, horse riding or hit the beach. I just step outside and do it. It surrounds me.
  24. Gotta save her for the Raw audience. Post Mania Raws are their biggest drawing. Need something special for it.
  25. If GME is below 160-162 range at opening bell. Ill try to grab 10 in a hurry. But Bitfarms is about to jump on Nasdaq. The biggest bitcoin generator in the Western Hemisphere. Going to be a lot of hype when it jumps up. Might just hit that full on ๐Ÿต๐Ÿ’ช instead. Also looking for decent Freddy and Fanny dips this week to grab and hold a few months. Anyone with any better plans?
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