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  1. Raiders sign CJ Anderson

    I like it. I wanted to sign him in FA earlier this year. Hopefully his stint in Carolina had more to do with it being a bad fit. If so, this could be a great late season signing for 2019.
  2. How good is Jared Goff?

    The only thing that matters to some: Better than Carson Wentz.
  3. Coaches on the hot seat

    How Helton made it this far is beyond me. USC could (and should) do so much better. Larry Fedora, even though I like him, is sitting on red hot coals. I'd add PJ Fleck, Chad Morris, Guz Mahlzan, and Derek Mason to the list of hot seaters going into 2019.
  4. Colorado fires Mike MacIntyre

    My top 4 in no particular order. Brown has been really solid. It's hard to put a value on what Clark has done at UAB given the circumstances. It can't be overstated. I don't know that he's much different than MacIntyre (program builder, not a long term winner) but he's definitely earned the shot to prove otherwise. Tedford definitely deserves to be coaching at a P5 school again. But I feel like I recall him taking Fresno as a "dream"/homecoming job. Not too sure he'll get lured away. Bieniemy for all the reasons you listed.
  5. Who should be shipped out next?

    Ship Carr out. I love the guy, but we're Alex Smithing him with yearly scheme changes and crap talent. I really WANT him to be our guy going forward, but the situation has gotten way to deep imo. This team already needs a JDR come to Jesus style culture shock again.
  6. Raiders trade WR Amari Cooper to Cowboys for a 2019 1st

    I don't care what he did his rookie year as that's well in the past. Or any other year really. He's been wildly inconsistent. And had been for a while. If I'm trading a 1st round pick in the upcoming draft (any year, not specifically this one), I expect a #1 alpha WR. Cooper has not actually been that on the field. And those stat lines aren't worthy of being called that, not when as far as WR goes he's been the "best" we've had aside from Crabtree. Cooper was (and maybe is) all "potential" at this point. The problem is, we've seen enough to say he is what he is, and it wasn't worth a top 5 draft pick. There will likely be a WR drafted in the 1st round who produces a heck of a lot more than Cooper did, h/w/s aside.
  7. Raiders trade WR Amari Cooper to Cowboys for a 2019 1st

    Jerry Jones strikes again... No way Cooper was worth a 1st based on production at ANY point in his career. This is one move I actually like.
  8. Let's look on the bright side...

    Except we've long been on the train of "just another class or two, because, LOOK AT ALL THAT CAP SPACE" for way too long for that to be a point of optimism for anyone. Same story, different year. Two Top 5 Picks in a row will net us someone we trade and a WR people refuse to admit isn't a top 5 worthy player. And at this rate, an 8-8 season is our ceiling for a quite a while now to come.
  9. The Polls are a Joke

    Army would loveto be mediocre. Don't see Oklahoma suffering.
  10. Aka: same crap. We suck at drafting. For all Reggie's "cap genius" talk that goes on here, what has that gotten us to? Gruden is ruining this team. We spent years working contacts to have space to lock up Carr and Mack and possibly Cooper. We avoided bringing in talent. And now we have no Mack, our likely best safety is up for trade, Cooper is up for trade, and we've allowed Carr to get murdered. I feel bad for Carr. He had a really good season in which he willed us to victories. And he's been stuck doing that with regressing talent since. Is he making a ton of mistakes? Absolutely. But when we're almost always playing from behind, and now in Gruden's quirky scheme, I can't fault the guy too much. Our talent around him is a joke. No QB in the league could make this group look half decent under the same circumstances. We can say he plays timid. But a gunslinger would just toss more picks and take more sacks. We can play the "Cooper is open" game, but let's face it, he's also Devery Henderson when it comes to showing up. I've seen him make far too many drops/lack of elite wr effort to put full onus on Carr. I wouldn't trust Cooper to make the play at this point either. Nelson isn't that guy. Bryant isn't. Seth...moving on. Our Oline is bad, so forget running it. Even on Lynch's best days, he's getting hit in the backfield more often than not. And our offensive shortcomings are getting extra attention because our defense isn't capable of stopping an LFL offense. Look at the opener- the D played well, offense started cooking. But we have zero depth, zero consistency there. So yes, we'll have a ton of picks and cap space. But we won't have uncertainty. We'll continue to purge talent and fill holes with AFL replacement talent and talk about how "in 2 years, our cap space will be so great" that we give up our talented players to make more space to plan for 2 years after that. Just like we've been doing.
  11. The NFL is basically unwatchable as of now

    Defense is only irrelevant if you're a Saints fan. Otherwise, what I've always found boring were games that are 9-3 bore fests full of 2-3 yard runs, punt, hope for decent field position for a FG. This forum would be lost, as far as GDT's go. I can see it now: A: LYNCH! B. What happened? A. A 4 yard run! B. Holy crap! C. WOOOOW A. GAME BREAKER!
  12. Injuries pushed him in. But I agree. How he was rostered at all is beyond me. For that playoff game, they would have been better off signing almost any FA available to fill in that game.
  13. Andy Dalton. Not that he's terrible by any means, but a true franchise QB would've made at least 1 Superbowl with some of these Bengals teams. Cincy is stuck between a rock and a hard place with him. As for truly bad? Max Hall and John Skelton with Arizona.
  14. Did Jack Del Rio get fired for good reason in Oakland?

    I liked Del Rio and appreciate the culture change. And I think he can be one heck of a DC and will probably be one again. I really liked his style and hype at being our HC. But he's just not HC material. He can't multitask on the sidelines well enough to manage more than 1 side of the ball, and it showed. I kinda think of him as the Ed Orgeron of the NFL. I wish him the best in future endeavors, but we would have been stuck in neutral in the long run with him.
  15. Week 4 over reaction thread

    Not an overreaction imo. I love watching McVay go for it on 4th and medium up 20. That killer instinct.