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  1. Giants K Aldrick Rosas arrested

    Idk man, sounds like might be valuable on kick coverage instead of just an 11th body....
  2. Where do you draw the line?

    1. Jameis Winston 2. Gregg Williams 3. The Saints
  3. Which team will win their first Super Bowl next?

    Jay Cutler was too. Anyways, my vote goes to Buffalo. I see them making a Ravens style run with D, a strong run game, and decent QB play. Second guess would be Houston or Minnesota. The rest have a long way to go to even be talked about imo.
  4. Former WR Reche Caldwell killed in home invasion

    That's terrible to hear. This year sucks.
  5. How do you see the TB/TB experiment going?

    Man it really depends on how the offense runs. At first glance, Arians and Brady is not a match I would've ever made. That being said, he had Palmer playing lights out for a few seasons. Palmer definitely had the better arm, Brady the intangibles. If the offense caters more to what Brady can do, I don't see why he couldn't have a relatively strong season, statistically speaking. I imagine somewhere in-between. Some solid games, some ugly games, double digit wins, and a playoff run. Tampa has the overall talent to do so with any decent QB, and Brady isn't mistake prone. I'll guess something like 3400 yds, 19 td, 9 int, with the probability ~5 tds are lost to the run game in the RZ.
  6. Why did Reggie Bush Bust?

    Yes. I stand corrected. If Brian Dawkins had hit him like that, he indeed wouldn't have had a career. 😉
  7. Why did Reggie Bush Bust?

    So...he was a good player, just didn't play up to his billing. Now that that's out of the way.... He busted because Brian Dawkins laid the wood on him. No, for real, his skill set and size was an odd fit for the NFL at the time. I think, had he played WR, we may be having a different conversation. I remember watching some of the plays drawn up for him and just shaking my head and yelling "he's not that type of player!" more than a few times. Reggie didn't adapt his game as a RB to the NFL and I don't think coaches adapted their playbooks for him as much as necessary to highlight his strengths. Injury bug bit a couple times. The Saints O was so loaded he wasn't featured the way he was at SC. He was hardly used as an every down back from the get-go. Some of that is play book design, some injury, some personnel, some probably taking time to adjust. He showed from 2011-2013 how versatile he was. We'll just never quite know why he wasn't given the reigns earlier to be the featured type player. Judging by those 3 really good seasons, it's not hard to envision him having a much greater stat line if given more opportunities earlier on. Given that he still left with a respectable one, idk that I would even call him a bust, rather that he simply probably never got used as much as he could've been for a variety of reasons. Definitely wish we could've seen more from him though.
  8. Clemson WR Justyn Ross to miss 2020 season

    Ouch. That's really unfortunate. I always hate hearing about guys who have something pop up in college or Combine testing that can change their course that much at such a young age. It's easy to armchair QB and say "student athletes should have a backup plan" (and yeah, they should) but that doesn't take away the hard work they put in to get where they are, especially guys who, even with a down season, are staring at a guaranteed draft pick. Work is work, and to see it possibly be for naught is just awful. Silver lining is that, given it's a neck/vertebrae issue, they found it now instead of later. I imagine it's the type of thing that could land someone in a wheelchair with a bad hit or fall. So at the very least, there's that. Shame though, I was looking forward to watching him this year.
  9. What should we expect from coaching changes?

    Rhule is a change, but I'm not sure he's as much of a sure thing as some pundits made him out to be. New to the league, so it's a fair 50/50 on what we'll see in pretty much all aspects. Stefanski is a good hire, but Cleveland's management is.....yeah. His stock should rehab fairly easy in 2022 somewhere else. Big Mac. Sorry, Dallas. Be ready for some nauseating moments. Bill Lazor is a known commodity. They got rid of Helfrich who, take it from me, sucks. Whatever they field will be an improvement. Jay Gruden is gonna bro it up with Tony and be Jacksonville's next HC. Chan Gailey and Gary Kubiak are both well known commodities. Honestly, there's no telling what to expect from the Dolphins O. As for the Vikings, typical Kubiak stuff. The O won't change much, but his experience should have them clicking better. As for Rivera, I'm bullish on him and his staff. I don't think the results will be instantaneous, but they're going to have direction. His first season with a not-very-good Carolina squad was a 6-10 season with 5 1-score games. Took 3 straight no.1 finishes in the NFCS and only finished the season in last place 1 time. He's not flashy, but he's effective. Fact is, if Cam Newton isn't banged up in 2018, they don't finish 7-9 after the start they had, and he's probably not fired last year. It seemed more like natural progression of a coach and QB attached at the hip. The Panthers tried to hold out for Cam's health and made no effort to replace him while Rivera was there. They weren't going to go into a rebuild with him, and that's not really a huge indictment of his ability as a coach. Sometimes its just time to part ways. I don't expect much better than a 3 or 4 win season at best for Washington, but they'll be competitive and could be competing in their division much sooner than we think.
  10. Predict the 2020 NFL Season

    So I spent hours on this, taking win streaks, playoff elimination, previous opponents and locations, and opp W/L into account. Gave some benefits of the doubt here and there, so records can easily be +/- a game or 2 Playoff picture: AFC 1. KC 13-3 2. Bal 12-4 3. Buf 12-4 4. Hou 10-6 5. LV 10-6 6. Pit 9-7 7. NE 8-8 Just missed teams: Cle 7-9, Indy 8-8, Ten 8-8 Basement: NYJ 5-11, Mia 4-12, Jac 5-11, Cin 2-14, Den 6-10, LAC 4-12 NFC 1. SF 13-3 2. TB 11-5 3. GB 10-6 4. Phi 10-6 5. Dal 10-6 6. NO 10-6 7. Sea 10-6 Just Missed: Atl 8-8, Min 9-7, Det 9-7, LAR 8-8 Basement: NYG 5-11, Was 4-12, Car 6-10, Chi 5-11, Ari 5-11
  11. Raider 2020 UDFA signings

    He does have a point though. While they are certainly not meant to be starters, inevitably there are a couple (at least) UDFAs out there that will become starters/backup level guys. Competition is important, and yes, ideally UDFA's are brought in for that. We aren't a terrible roster, but there are certainly positions that we lack overall depth and/or "real competition" at. While not a terrible roster, there's still quite a few guys who could've used more than a warm body behind them for a kick on the rear. The problem, as I see it, is that at certain positions (LB) we're hardly settled and are going to wind up keeping guys we would be better off without. And there were quite a few LBs that I would have loved to bring in that honestly probably would have pushed our back end level guys to the limit or replaced them. On one hand, I suppose we've gotta grit teeth and trust Mayock and Co. On the other, I'm a bit perplexed as to why some of the guys with a (mostly) clear shot to the 53 aren't being given substantial competition. So you're right on the money regarding the role of UDFA's in general, but I too question who we've targeted and whether we're getting that role out of them. It seems like we only add guys to fill out numbers rather than push the guys who need pushing. Particularly at positions we've seemingly ignored for what feels like a decade or more. That being said, there's no telling who we wind up bringing in as cuts begin. It does sting a bit, though, knowing there were a few that got away at positions of need that probably had draftable grades. Preseason can't come soon enough, eh boys?
  12. Raider 2020 UDFA signings

    There were definitely a couple of T's and LB's I would've been ecstatic about bringing in. With FA, I think we're probably set at S, and Booker sorta takes RB down (though I definitely had a few targets ranked ahead of him). But yeah, I feel like backup/project T's were available, and I'm still not enamored with the LB corps. To say our UDFA haul was underwhelming is an understatement that will only look better if certain guys are diamonds in the rough. A lot of whiff-like moves this draft cycle I'm still not optimistic about.
  13. Cool. Anyone got a solid list of guys who are likely to be the first crop of guys? I can't think of many off the top of my head recently that got blocked despite having a lot of rumors of HC openings.
  14. Redskins WR Cody Latimer arrested

    Well, if what's coming out is true, he'll probably be alright legally. Honestly probably puts him on course for a roster lock. What NFL team is going to cut someone the media is gonna be hyped over, especially when Snyder can use all the good PR he can get. Key takeaway: if it's true, good on him and I hope karma treats him very kindly. Definitely a better look than most off season issues.
  15. 2020 Las Vegas Raiders Depth Chart

    Honestly, depending on how camp/preseason if we have one goes, I'm not adverse to letting Richard go in favor of a 6th WR. If Agholor can bounce back, he's a better WR than Richard is a RB and can replace him on ST. Same goes for my 6th WR in Zay Jones- if he bounces back and looks good, he's a better WR than Richard is at RB. Plus, Jones and Agholor can allow Renfrow to cycle in and out and allow Edwards time to develop (Ruggs too if he needs it). Bowden and Booker render Richard totally expendable at RB imo. Basically, if Zay and Agholor both look like keepers, I'd be more worried about them going elsewhere than Richard, as both have shown at least glimpses of starting caliber. It's all a toss up really, but boy doesn't it feel good being able to worry about back end WR depth being tough cuts as opposed to keepers out of necessity?