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  1. The Good, the Bad, the Winless Gruden Era vs Miami

    So I'm gonna take a different angle here. Ugly: We are 0-3 with more than enough issues to work out. Bad: But we've been "mostly" competitive in all 3, with a new scheme and turmoil. It's not pretty, but there are certainly worse teams. We've just got to close games. Good: We're only 1 game behind New England, so I'm staying blissfully ignorant and saying that a WC spot isn't out of the question yet. Truth is, we are 0-3, but Miami and LA both appear pretty good and Denver's D isn't terrible either. And it's not unfair to say we "should" have won all 3. It's not too late to get into a groove, especially when looking at the entire league and how inconsistent some teams have been. We need a better punter and Nelson doesn't need to be starting. But some tweaks can still be made. Carr has been a Jekyll and Hyde QB thus far, but I'm not terribly sour on him yet. Growing pains were expected after all. But Gruden has to make adjustments and prove his worth as we're clearly capable of competing with some of the best in the league in spite of our flaws. Maybe a glass half full way of seeing it, but it hasn't been all bad despite the letdown start.
  2. Week 2 Overreations

    Only issue I take is....how does one mistake that amazing beard? I'll allow your initial point to stand though.
  3. Week 2 Overreations

    Kearse came after Fitz left. He had Anderson, Enunwa, and Brandon Marshall. Arguably a better set.
  4. 2018-2019 Heisman Watch Thread

    Seems like there always winds up being a surprise guy at the end of the season after a team creeps up from nowhere and settles into 3rd or 4th in the Heisman race. Anyone out there the first couple weeks you guys are watching?
  5. In fairness, dude went through 3 head coaches and 5 OC's in that span. Sure, Smith didn't look particularly good, but neither did the 49ers as a whole outside of 2 or 3 guys on both sides of the ball. Those 49er teams were the definition of garbage. Perhaps the team "should" have moved on from Smith, but in hindsight, it's kind of hard to put much blame on him. Once he got a real HC and some consistency at OC, we started to see what he could actually do. Ironically, he's now on HC 6 and OC8 and seemingly getting better. Sidenote: I feel like Smith would make a really creative coach with all the variety. Played under both offense and defensive minded QB's and under Harbaugh, Reid, and a Gruden. Roman, Childress, Pederson, Nagy as OC's worth noting.
  6. Sam Bradford and Jay Cutler. Guys get/got chance after chance with a ton of hype (some of the times) and consistently under performed their contracts. While neither has been the "worst" statistically, for the investment, they've both largely been garbage.
  7. Goff. Wentz is a super close 2nd, but his injury drops him (for now). I think Goff will continue to build on his stellar season last year and has shown the ability to overcome an adverse year. I can't say Wentz would not be able to as well, but we just haven't really seen him have to. So for now, I'll give Goff the added bonus for mental fortitude.
  8. The Bucs. The NFC South has been a worst to first division plenty of times. I'm really not enamored with Atlanta's O under Sarkisian so far and the Saints D looks like their status quo again. I still think Atlanta takes the division, but I wouldn't be surprised if Tampa snuck into the WC.
  9. Week One GDT: Los Angeles Rams at Oakland Raiders

    Cooper as usual was a no show. Our D is pathetic Carr is playing like the other model No pass rush Poor blocking We got cute instead of feeding Lynch The 2018 Oakland Raiders, ladies and gentlemen
  10. Week One GDT: Los Angeles Rams at Oakland Raiders

    Just started watching. How has the D looked so far?
  11. Week One GDT: Los Angeles Rams at Oakland Raiders

    Hopefully I'm surprised and we don't fall behind by 3 scores. Between Saturday and Sunday, I've about had it with blowouts.
  12. 2018 Free Agency Thread v2

    Underwhelming signing. I hesitate to believe there wasn't someone out there with better upside, but at least we know LaFell's floor. I can appreciate his consistency over the years. Unfortunately, it seems we've made nothing but kneejerk head scratching moves all off season regarding recievers. The Bryant trade was far too risky to begin with, we let a guy with potential go too early in Switzer, kept Roberts, signed a ? in Jordy (though I'm optimistic), and really failed to otherwise address it. Personally, I'd have rather brought in a guy like Wheaton and rolled the dice there, if only for some variety. Oh well.
  13. Heroes and Goats- Week One

    Goats: Pollsters that keep Penn St in the top 10 Pollsters that keep Michigan St ranked Pollsters that move a handful of teams up that have no business moving up after lackluster overall performances against much lesser talent. This was a putrid opening week for several "powers".
  14. Million Dollar Head, Ten Cent Arm

    Kellen Moore is the best recent example. Put that kid's head on any starter and most backups' body and you were looking at a guy who would've been a perennial top 8 QB. I have a wild guess he'll be a HC either at the NFL or college level within the next few years.
  15. Camp Cuts (53 Announced)

    No. But the signs were more than clear.