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  1. How many WR1's are in the NFL? And how important is it?

    Adams OBJ Julio Hopkins JuJu Allen To me, those are your true "franchise" WRs There's a smattering of WR1 level talents who can be boom or bust like Marvin Jones, Robert Woods, Cooper Kupp, Amari Cooper, etc. or a guy who has a couple nuts traits like Tyreek's speed. After that, you get into the #1's by default- Sutton, Fitzgerald (I rank him out of respect, understanding he's not officially a #1 anymore but was still the Cardinals best WR). But in response to the original question, I would say there aren't more than 6-8 true "#1's" in the league, but about 15 when you count in the Cris Carter's to the few Randy Moss's.
  2. Eagles by 50. The Jags overachieved to get to the CCG. Foles was a man possessed in that run. Nothing was stopping that Eagles squad.
  3. 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    Anae, Pittman, Harrison, Pride from that list. Moss, Akers, Dye come to mind if they're available.
  4. Rams new logo unveiled

    I'm sorry Rams fans, you deserve better. Hopefully it doesn't make it's way onto the uniform and they get the point when merch sales suck. The old logo was so nice imo.
  5. Raiders sign WR Nelson Agholor

    He wasn't signed to start (Williams and whoever we draft will be our top 2, with Renfrow as 3rd) and will likely be our 5th or 6th receiving option. He'll compete with the back end of our pass catchers, and if he returns to form/improves then we have a steal. At worst, he's a low end starter/high end rotational piece. Definitely not the total bum a lot of Eagles chatter makes him out to be. It's not like he's Seth Roberts. For the immediate purposes, it's a fantastic signing that could pay huge dividends in the future. Great HOF WR? No. But if he's who you plug in a rotation as a 4th/5th WR, you're doing something right.
  6. FA 2020

    Agholor? I'll take it. If we get the 17/18 version, he's a fine 3, borderline 2 option. Low risk, reasonably high reward signing.
  7. FA 2020

    Hopefully Randall. Without trades, I fear Winfield and Davis will be gone and after the top 3 or 4 S's, the quality seems to drops pretty fast in this class. I'd trust Randall over S's we could get in the late 3rd or 4th. WR can.wait until the draft. Our depth sucks, but Williams, Renfrow, and Waller are serviceable enough to operate as our primary veteran presence while a couple rookies get up to speed. I want whoever we draft at WR to get serious play time ASAP as I'm a believer in repetitions being necessary to progress. Same reason I don't want to spend high picks at DE right now- give the younger guys a chance to get some seasoning. Gimme a CB in the draft to put with Mullens and Apple, we have Heath, Joyner, Abram, and Harris shoring up the back end, which isn't an absolute disaster. Randall would round out a fairly solid backfield. After that, we can use every pick on WRs, LBs, and RBs for all I care (not that I would necessarily advocate that, but you get my point).
  8. FA 2020

    100% agree. The FA class is cheap this year for a reason. Give me a stud in round 1 and a solid potential future #2 in the 3rd or 4th. My preferences are Lamb and Pittman at the moment. I'm almost interested in seeing how far Juwan Johnson falls. It might be a bit of a homer Oregon pick for me, but if we could nab him late and stash him while he improves his blocking and maybe adds a few lbs to move to TE, I'd like to see what we could do with him given how we used Waller last year. He's not as fast, but he's fast enough to intrigue me a bit as a project. Williams, Lamb, Renfrow, Pittman, Waller, Moreau, Johnson as our primary receiving depth would make for some interesting matchups I could be happy with.
  9. FA 2020

    Not that I'm aware of
  10. FA 2020

    If we land Randall, I think we can possibly see how the field plays out and grab a S in the 4th tbh. Davis in the 3rd would be extremely enticing though.
  11. FA 2020

    Pick whomever we're highest on at 12 or 19 (preferably 12 obviously) and trade the other for a 2nd and 3rd/4th (whatever value we want to say is best). Package 2 3rds to jump back into the end of round 2. J. Johnson @ CB in round 2. Could still probably grab a solid S or LB or even WR depending on what we do in rd 1 with the other 2nd rounder. Keep a 3rd or 2 for some depth pieces/luxury picks (I really like Michael Pittman in the 3rd). I'm thinking Ruggs/Lamb at 12 Johnson/S or LB in the 2nd Pittman/O-line/RB in the 3rd/4th Take your pick depth pick in rd 5. I'd like to think that's at least doable adds some serious depth at WR with Williams and Renfrow and whoever else we keep. Mullens, Apple, Johnson is fairly comfortable. I really like Winfield or Davis in rd 2 at S. LB can probably be had in the 3rd or so (move some decisions around). Maybe a Zack Moss or Cam Akers or someone hangs around to round 3. Guess we really just need to see how FA pans out before diving too deep into wish lists though.
  12. BayRaider Mock Draft 3/20/20

    Winfield and Johnson are close to 1st round talents imo, so I'm totally cool with essentially getting both for 19. A+
  13. FA 2020

    I'd do it. This draft class is deep enough that 35 is still going to net a 1st round talent at a few positions of need, depending on what we do with 12, and it's still a high enough pick to package with someone on draft day to move back into the 1st if we really really really wanted to.
  14. FA 2020

    I'd honestly wait for the draft to snag the Robin to Jacobs' Batman. I just don't see anyone on the market I'm cool with for what they'll command, price wise.
  15. FA 2020

    I always felt like Perriman had it in him. If not for the rash of injuries he had early on, dude wouldn't last 10 seconds on the market had his overall body of work resembled last year. Now though, he's a possible steal. I'd nab him in a heartbeat.