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  1. Does Oklahoma not like making the playoffs or something? 😂 Anyways, realignment 2.0 incoming! The Big12 is probably dying. If it were up to me: OU/TX- SEC Iowa St/OkSt- Big10 Kansas/KSt/TCU/TTech could be a bit screwed. Maybe the Pac12 or ACC come knocking, but they'd be geographical outcasts. I'd say the MW or AAC, but some of their teams could be poached soon anyway (looking at you Cincy). Or heck, maybe the Big12 tries to save face and extends that invite to Cincy and tries to convince BYU, Memphis, and maybe Houston or SMU to join? Honestl
  2. There would need to be an ungodly amount of 2 or 3 win teams and 10+ win teams for 12-4 to miss the playoffs. Even 11-5. With the extra game comes some wrinkles that could absolutely lead some 10+ win teams to miss out. The AFC could easily see KC, Buffalo, Miami, LA, Baltimore, Cleveland, Tennessee, Indianapolis and maybe Las Vegas or another surprise get to at least 10-7. The NFC...they're a mess lol. I think we see a lot more teams missing the playoffs as a 10+ win team going forward. My guess is there's always going to be some disappointment in being a winning team and not gett
  3. Man....Gute sure has proven to be a lackluster hire following Thompson hasn't he? I feel bad for LeFleur. Dude inherited a consistent playoff contender and, on the field, has had them doing almost everything right as Green Bay has looked great the last two seasons. Now he's going into a year that had Superbowl written all over it and is down a HoF QB and now has a disgruntled #1 WR who is very open about wanting out. Really, it's amazing that a team could manage to alienate that kind of talent in quick succession. But when you look at some of the hair brained moves....it makes
  4. Chicago and Denver are proof that an average QB can do wonders for a team. Neither should be where they are with the overall talent they've had in recent years.
  5. That's really sad. Man, life is fragile.
  6. This. We've used up the excess resource boon we got and we're almost 1/2 way through Gruden''s deal and still talking about "maybe we can sneak in as the expanded consolation 7th seed" and hoping we can hang as the 2nd best team in the division while hoping Denver doesn't find a QB and relegate us to 4th. Many HCs have been let go for less.
  7. Should've kept JDR and put an emphasis on finding really good coordinators. He was just a rah-rah guy, but damn good at it. Gruden is a rah-rah guy who thinks and is treated like he's much more. We weren't perfect under the last group, but there was a clear pattern in how we were building and who we were building around. Nowadays, it feels like we're just spitballing while hoping to catch lightning in a bottle over and over again.
  8. Only thing that explains it to me is our WRs QB- B or B+. We could do alot worse and we have (ostensibly) one of the best backups in the league. RB- B+ or A-. We've got a good 1-2 combo. TE- A or A+. Waller is top 5 at least, arguably top 3. Moreau could probably be a mid range starter on some teams, and he could very well be a top 15-20 TE himself if used enough. WR- I could see us pulling a flat out F or D, depending on the metrics. Ruggs and Edwards have proven zilch. Renfrow is what he is. Brown is a reclamation project coming off of an injury and down seasons. Jon
  9. Exactly. I don't think anyone here thinks he's bad or not worth starting and leepinng long term. Nor is anyone saying he can't or won't be productive. Like Carr, there's no need to reach blindly hoping to find an upgrade on him any time too soon. If one comes along and falls into our laps, awesome. If not, he's someone we can win with as an integral part of our offense. But like I said, I can think of more than a handful of more talented RBs in the league who would probably exceed his production if they swapped places with him. We could do A LOT worse, but we shouldn't pretend we
  10. Yeah this actually makes a ton of sense. It doesn't just cater to 1 or 2 players, rather the whole team and the benefits work both ways. The players can make some money and potentially find a new passion. ATT gets increased local awareness and a potential pool of future fighters. Idk about everywhere, but I know MMA gyms in a few areas I've lived have also done A LOT in terms of working with the community and local youth in building up the community and trying to keep folks out of trouble. While it may seem a bit Karate Kid-like, there's something to be said about results. I
  11. Next they'll ban cheering as "taunting" 🙄
  12. I'm hoping he's just a dude who made a ton of money spearheading one of the biggest moves in NFL history and wants to go enjoy an early retirement after working for the Raiders practically his entire adult life or that he's leaving to take some sweetheart deal from another company recognizing the job he did in getting the Raiders to Vegas. Anything but Gruden-related nonsense.
  13. I cannot over emphasize how much more comfortable I would be in our D-line situation with a guy who is at least unspectacular but solid and highly unlikely to be a total flop. Casey should be good enough to be a low end starter who wouldn't embarrass us, and if our unproven guys beat him out, good for them!
  14. Yeah, Booker is a solid but not spectacular RB2. Good guy to have around to take some load off, but not a guy who would have prolonged success filling in. A team could do far worse, but they'd also probably always be looking at his replacement sooner rather than later.
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