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  1. There was a lot I didn't like about Herbert. A lot of people weren't enamored with him. Don't be like VanS.
  2. Not a huge surprise, considering his TD:INT ratio and his overall lack of INTs...but even still, mad credit to the guy
  3. RG3 had a nice rookie year too, and I had DC based friends hammering me over him. We see how his career turned out lol. Nobody should ever anoint a QB after 1 year.
  4. Yep. Herbert is a tough one to gauge. He could quickly establish himself as a top 10 guy or he could hit that sophomore slump and be just another "could've been".
  5. (Potential) Needs I see: SS- Abram either steps up or he doesn't. CB- Arnette steps up or mans the slot as CB3. IDL- one of our FA's impresses enough or we suck again. Time will tell. EDGE/DE- Ferrell? Depending on what we do with Yannick and Crosby, I could see this being a target position depending on who declares. WR- we get through 2021 with what we've got and either do well, or the lack of size hurts us. Probably not priority #1 though. C- who knows, lol G/T- again, totally TBD with a lot of new faces starting this year. Miller, Good, and Leatherwoo
  6. Herbert is still TBD for me. I saw him look like a million bucks at Oregon, only to ultimately underwhelm for a long time. I want 3 years from him before anointing him (though if he replicates last year, I'm willing to cut it back to 2 years). Right now, I rank them Mahomes, Carr, Herbert, Lock. Rodgers comes to Denver, Carr is 3rd at best, no doubt about it. The bigger problem, for me, is what do you even do at that point, much less if Herbert indeed blows up? He has superstar potential, I have to admit. Would there even be a QB available for the next 5 years who would
  7. I imagine it'll be Moehrig for the bulk. Depending on the off season, I could see him splitting with Karl Joseph a little early, which is the only reason I mentioned it. Preferably, it'll be Moehrig from Day 1. DT is always a wash, I agree. WR, much as I wish we had bigger bodies, I can't necessarily call a downgrade at all (yet). I think Agholor has more upside than Brown, given age and such, but Agholor replicating last year is as much a ? as it is for most. Brown, at least, has been more consistent. C and RT....definitely a downgrade at C. No escaping that. RT almost has t
  8. My guess is a particularly bumpy ride, particularly in deep coverage and pass rush through the first bit of the year. Once FS (whoever they play there) gets comfortable, overall play should improve. If even one of our IDL can put consistent pressure on a QB, that would be outlook altering. If Bradley's system works to it's reputation, we should at least see a middle-of-the-road defense, which probably would've won us 10-11 games last year (possibly even more). If the offense can hold up it's part of the bargain, especially early on, there should be some hope for a 6th/7th see
  9. Trevon Moehrig Walker Little Wyatt Davis Elijah Molden Josh Kaindoh Simi Fehoko Jermar Jefferson
  10. Also not bad, but I just can't see Green Bay letting go of him and not getting someone to start or at least compete to. They only have Rodgers and Love on their roster at the moment. I'd say screw it and throw Mariota to Green Bay into the mix and we just bring in someone to compete with Peterman.
  11. Adding that bum Abram would probably tank a deal lol. But, that's a package I would offer and one I would strongly consider if offered. Maybe switch one of the 3rds for a 2nd even. Not like we wouldn't have room for trades to recoup picks down the line...if Mayock could learn how to be creative in practical ways
  12. A part of me wonders how they really feel about Love. If Rodgers truly plays hardball and refuses to play, a solid and proven QB and some not-too-premium picks might just do the trick. If Rodgers bails on them and they sink into sub-10 win territory or whatever else, Gut and LeFleur might just be willing to take pennies with a replacement QB to try and salvage things for themselves before ish hits the fan. Carr could conceivably play another 8-10 years (honestly probably more like 6-8 in reality) whereas Rodgers can "say" he wants to play into his 40's but that's always tbd and eve
  13. 10-7 or 11-6 is almost a sure bet for making the playoffs.... If we missed with one of those records, that's just pure bad luck, and I probably keep them. Clearly missing the playoffs, more bad implosions, and lack of clear progress in certain players though....I can them ASAP.
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