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  1. 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    So was Robert Griffin to many people. Burrow looks really good right now. And it's easy to get high on him. But, no. You're not winning diddly by mortgaging a full draft class. The harsh reality is that Joe Burrow rose to superstardom in 1 season following a transfer and a middling season last year. I think he's a bonafide 1st round guy, but still, there is absolutely no way I'd mortgage the franchise for him. The list of 1 year wonders who wind up not panning out is extensive enough for me to get excited about someone's prospects without giving up the future for. There's all the reason in the world to question whether or not Joe Burrow is going to pan out in the NFL. If I'm say, the Bengals, Joe Burrow's superstar ascent is my absolute worst nightmare that may turn into a dream come true, not the other way around. There's no way you can risk NOT taking him with the #1 pick at this point. But he could very easily be just another 1 year wonder who sets your franchise back almost a decade. We've seen that game countless times. And you not only think it's a good idea, but that the Bengals would go for it? Would I do it for Joe Montana or Tom Brady? Yes, in retrospect of their proven NFL careers, you bet. But Brady was a late round flier at the same point in his career. Joe was a 3rd rounder. You can't honestly invoke either as reason to trade the house for Joe Burrow and expect to be taken seriously. If anything, it defeats your argument and gives more ammo to someone saying "Heck, lets take Steven Montez in like round 5 and sit him behind the old franchise guy like the Patriots did with Brady and Bledsoe" or "Meh, we can wait until the 3rd where we have 3 picks and see who's available". None of the QBs left standing right now were given the Burrow treatment and only Mahomes is a bonafide top-5 right now. So....where you're getting this idea that top-5 QB is necessary to get to a Superbowl is pretty ludicrous. If anything, the teams who are built primarily around superstar QBs were the ones to fall off the quickest.
  2. 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    Bucs, Panthers, Bears, Patriots, Chargers, Steelers, Jaguars come to mind in a variety of scenarios, albeit some more likely than others (Jags are unlikely, but you never know). Depends on who retires or is allowed to hit FA. But there's going to be a QB market outside of Cincy (Burrow) and Miami (Tua, I'm guessing) that could wind up overpaying. Right now, there's way to much unknown to really take a worthwhile guess at though.
  3. 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    Never going to happen without pulling a Dan Snyder and mortgaging the franchise for the next several seasons. Not after that championship game and the season he had. 2 1sts to trade up for one of Tua/Burrow a few months ago might have been realistic. But with how the college season played out and the draft order, at this point it would be reckless. Joe is going to Cincy. Tua will probably go high, but that hip scares the bejesus out of me. He's talented, but not 2 1sts talented. Not with those ?'s having yet to be resolved. We'd be better off trading back with one of the 1sts into the high 20s to try and gain some extra capital to jump back into the 2nd with. Love or Eason would probably still be around in the 20s. Or stand pat with Carr, grab the weapons we really want/need, and wait til next year (I think the overall QB class next year is shaping up to be much better than this year). I'm all for using the 2 1sts to our advantage (maybe we trade one for an extra 1st next year?). But what it would take to move into the 1st pick would set us back long term imo.
  4. 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    Carr and one of our 3rds in exchange for a solid player and a 2nd would be my absolute floor on a trade. He's a starting caliber QB in a league somewhat starved for them, playing a position that is probably most amenable to a scheme change working out. Tannehill's resurgence probably inflates Carr's market value too. There's quite a few teams who aren't going to be in a position to take one of the surefire 1st round QBs who would likely see Carr as a steal for a 2nd to at least bridge a gap for a while.
  5. Brown, Moss, Walker.... Truth is, it's becoming rare that great WRs, especially divas, are as successful at subsequent locations. Notable exceptions have been Amari Cooper, Emmanuel Sanders, Anquan Boldin, and Vincent Jackson. There's a difference between them and OBJ that stands out in a way I want nothing to do with. I'll pass and try and grab someone who puts the team first, shuts up, and produces without being toxic.
  6. James Franklin Sued Over Hazing

    This is a really bad look. You don't normally see someone naming names like that. Hopefully it gets resolved quickly as an overblown beef. But man, of all places. 🤦🏼‍♂️
  7. Cardinals WR Larry Fitzgerald to return for 17th season

    I'm going to be sad to see him leave when he does. It's fun watching someone who probably "shouldn't" be as good as they are at his age still dominate. The guy would've cleared 1000 yds the last 2 years on many teams. He clearly wants to help his franchise though. That's cool to see.
  8. Falcons announce new uniforms for 2020 season

    Agreed. Tampa clearly tried to pay homage to their creamsicle past with the abomination they put on players on Sundays. The Jets' are just ugly. If Atlanta sticks to something more of a throwback, I could see it working though. Red, black, white/silver is a hard combination to screw up. Buffalo seems to have gotten the redesign mostly correct. I'm not too optimistic though.
  9. 2019 Coaching Carousel Thread

    Eh, he'd be moving into a potential top-10/15 program in a fertile recruiting ground. Baylor is easily the 2nd or 3rd best program in the Big12. The ACC has some really solid coaches- Dabo, Brown, Mendenhall, Cutcliffe, Norvell, yada yada. Lincoln Riley to the NFL seems almost inevitable within a year or two. Campbell is likely to move onto a better program before long (Baylor > Iowa St anyway), Mike Gundy seems to be losing some steam, Patterson hasn't had the easiest go at TCU in a couple of years, Wells and Brown and Klieman are relative unknowns but all are at programs decidedly underneath Baylor at the moment, and Herman can't seem to take Texas over the hump. Les, meanwhile, took Kansas last year because....reasons? With the ACC programs, he could fall into a 3rd/4th place rut in the Coastal division as easily as he could win it. Virginia, NC, and Pitt are pretty stiff competition and Miami/G-Tech have their moments. The ACC as a whole seems increasingly difficult to navigate outside of being Clemson. A move to Baylor eliminates the division issue for now and arguably puts him in a better position playoff/bowl selection wise. He would benefit from what Rhule left behind, giving him a fairly solid head start on the rest of the conference outside of Oklahoma, who Baylor arguably has a better chance to compete with than V-Tech has against Clemson right now. My theory for coaches like Fuentes follows pretty simple plan- slide into a P5 school and bulk up the resume, scan the other conferences, seriously consider a job in a conference that doesn't have single team absolutely dominating recruiting and on the field. Right now, Clemson far and away does this. So, the ACC is a good launching pad, but don't stick behind a Clemson team so long your own shine wears off. Avoid the SEC, particularly the West. Alabama and LSU too much a stranglehold there right now, and the prime jobs all seem secure. What opens up opens up for a reason. Conversely, the Big12 doesn't have an absolute monster right now. Oklahoma is close, but we saw last season that the gap between them, Baylor, Texas, etc isn't LSU-Ole Miss wide. Same with the Pac12. There is no surefire pick to dominate the conference right now on a yearly basis. If there's an offer from Baylor, I'd jump all over it if I'm Fuentes. The money is probably comparable, but even if not, it's at that amount where you're splitting hairs over nothing. Besides, Baylor isn't going to lowball him if there's serious intrigue. So, money matters out of the picture, he'd be better positioned for on-field success- which leads to more money, a more prestigious program offer, NFL offers, etc. And the timing seems right for that. Just my two-cents though.
  10. How is Bill Cowher a HOF'er?

    Matt LaFleur has a higher winning percentage and has coached for 24 fewer years than Belichick. It kind of works that way.....
  11. What Super Bowl matchup do you want to see?

    Vikings did everyone a favor too.
  12. What Super Bowl matchup do you want to see?

    Packers-Chiefs in a SB 1 Rematch
  13. How Much Do You Think Patrick Mahomes Is Going To Make?

    Enough to.....and try not to laugh.....do what they all talk about needing x amount for...... seriously, don't laugh.....put food on the table.
  14. What's More Brutal For The Texans

    This one has to sting more. You go up that much in any setting, much less a championship game, you SHOULD be sailing off into the sunset. It's not just that they came out flat like last season or that they lost again this time, it's that it arguably should've been a win and instead turned into a route that wasn't nearly as close as it looks. Take away spotted scores on the two turnovers and the garbage time TD when the game was already out of objectively reasonable reach, this was a 51-10 beat down. That's so much worse than a 21-7 sleepwalk loss.
  15. NFC Championship: GB@SF

    This is the glorious NFCCG we deserve, heading into the 100th season. I feel like a kid again. I'm low key hoping for a GB-KC SB1 rematch. Gut tells me SF 28 GB 20 though. Should be a good one.