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  1. Lamarr Mitchell and Tony Sanchez sounds about right at this point
  2. Money moves, baby, money moves. 🤦🏼‍♂️
  3. Matt Jones converted to WR and quickly fell out of the league, so I have no idea what you're going on about.
  4. He's quickly becoming unlikeable. He talks way too much for someone who is always nicked up and overall inefficient.
  5. To be fair, Chip and that pogue Helfrich didn't. Chip just got the NFL itch and hates recruiting. Taggart did, but he's a tool. Screw that guy. I'm glad he flamed out at FSU and isn't even doing well at FAU. Not a single good thing to say about him. Snake oil salesman through and through. Cristobal, no hard feelings. He's a Miami guy through and through. It's home in many ways and probably the only job that could have realistically pulled him out of Eugene. Plus, he had some personal non-football reasons. Nothing but the best of luck to him. I don't necessarily think it's vie
  6. Even at full strength, our personnel is primarily backup level. If we started every starter on offense, it would still rank as one of the worst in the league. But sure, we can keep pretending that Jackson, Jones, Edwards, Jacobs, Simpson, James, Leatherwhiff, and Parker would be starting anywhere else. Incognito playing in this hypothetical? Dude's a relic. Good? He's just ok.
  7. It's not an excuse for Carr so much as an indictment on the team we've fielded. We don't have a good offense at all. Playing backups/noobs at 8 spots on the offense due to cuts and injuries (9 if one concedes that Jacobs is not a feature back) doesn't help matters at all. The talent level is, frankly, inexcusable on offense. That's on the staff more than any individual player. I refuse to place blame on the person on the field who goes out and tries, even of they're sub par. The staff should be ashamed that we have utterly failed to field a legitimate 11 NFL starters. Even being generous
  8. Yeah that was just.... egregiously stupid. Gotta protect the guy running the ball, even if it means linemen are allowed to absolutely flatten defenders. We'll be watching flag football by 2025 at this rate. Every near sack is a roughing the passer call if they happen to get the ball away. Every other tackle is unnecessary roughness or illegal something. But, hey, rolling up on someone's legs from behind is apparently free game, right?
  9. Yes. Let us be the ones to close that distance and light the flame of love. Those who cozy on up to us tend to run away
  10. This. We could have scored the on the 2pt conversion and been up 3. We SHOULD have scored on it. No excuses there. At the same time, with how effortlessly Washington moved the ball against us on their last drive and how the defense has played this year on tough spots, I hesitate to say we could have stopped them from a TD. At best, we would've gone to OT again, and then it's a literal coin flip. The offense needed the 2 point conversion to get a safe-ish lead and failed. The defense needed to get 1 stop and instead gave up 3 (almost 4) straight 10+ yard plays to keep th
  11. Oregon > UCLA for sure, especially with USC and Utah in the South. I wouldn't hate it, but I think Chip was a moment in time that won't be replicated just because he's back. He benefited greatly from Mike Bellotti building the program up. Whoever we get, I just want someone who doesn't just use us as a launching pad. No hard feelings towards Cristobal, and Miami has that heritage, but someone's out there that's a high quality HC and sees Oregon as the better of the programs between, say, Miami or Florida St. That's the guy I want.
  12. I hope Oregon finds someone who looks at the Oregon job the way Urban Meyer undoubtedly looked at the USC job..
  13. Meh, we also said Carr needed weapons and have given him a sub 4 ypc RB, a backup TE, Zay Jones, and someone that used to be known as Desean Jackson that comes in once every 6 or 7 plays while gutting our offensive line. Even if we had a great D, we gutted the offense down to the point of barely having one. If we still had Ruggs, Agholor, Gabe, Hudson, and Incognito to go with Renfrow, Waller, Jacobs/Drake, and Jones/Edwards, I think we would've looked much much better on offense, especially with the D we have that's better but not perfect. Basically Carr with last year's off
  14. The Jaguars once held the Bills to 6 points. Nobody is gonna be caught dead saying that the Jaguars have a "good" defense. Totality of the circumstances. We can't make stops when they count, we haven't made adjustments to address things that beat us up every week.
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