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  1. Raiders sign Dion Jordan

    I thought Hoffman was gonna be a steal at one point.... Oof
  2. Official 2020 QB Thread

    In fairness, a lot of QBs look average this year. Goff has been bad, but the Rams as a whole have been bad. It goes much deeper than just Jared Goff.
  3. Easy answer: he progressed Not every prospect is going to be a 1st rounder as a Freshman or Sophomore or even Junior
  4. NFL arranges workout for QB Colin Kaepernick

    Fun fact: 2 of his HC's are out of the league and embattled in their same positions in college 1 is a position coach for one of the league's bottom feeders His QB coaches are now position coaches for other positions or out of the league altogether Only 1 OC is still an OC. Not to make excuses because he did regress on the football field, but there is something to be said about the level of coaching he probably received when you look back. I doubt this goes anywhere given the length of time he's been out of the game, but his play didn't diminish any faster than the NFL prospects of most of the coaches who would have had the most to do with his progression as a QB. If he shows some solidly at his workout, there's plenty of teams in need of a capable backup/spot starter. And hey, who knows, maybe he really impresses. Out of curiosity, aside from Vick (who was in jail, not exactly at home capable of working out and stuff like Kaepernick), have we seen a QB with a multi year layoff return to average or bettet success? Only one I can think of off the top of my head is Josh McCown (though he played in a smaller league for a year and spent part of an off season with the 49ers over his hiatus from 2009-2011) and Matt Moore who spent 2018 out of the NFL.
  5. The biggest thing I want to see is Gruden to keep the foot on the gas if we go up more than 10. We're starting a crucial stretch of the season and staring at the playoffs. Let the players have some fun and get that infectious taste of something going really well. Cincy and the Jets are teams we should look good against. The last time we played KC, we fell behind and lost big thanks to a total of like 7 or 8 minutes tops- we actually stood up ok for the majority of the rest of the game. We should have closed against Houston. Now is the time to do just that and gear up for the stretch run. I don't want to keep playing skittish with leads into the playoffs, where it's do or die. Instill that killer instinct now, when we have the opportunity to do so easily. More importantly though, Just Win Baby.
  6. FA 2020

    Like @Silver&Black88 put it in part of his post- I don't think he wanted to be here, and it showed. Who knows the reason for that, so I won't dog him for it. But I think it showed. Carr has had his ups and downs, no doubt, but there were many times I saw Cooper half@$$ a catch, drop passes he could have easily caught, especially with the slightest coverage on him, and overall just underachieve. Moreover though, we've seen him do more with the ball in his hands in Dallas than we ever saw on even a semi-regular basis. At that point, you can't blame it on a QB, coach, or scheme (ok, to an extent you can, but you get the point). Like I said, I don't know what was going on and I'm glad to see him doing well and there's certainly no ill will since he didn't act like AB. But we're seeing an entirely different WR from him in Dallas in every aspect of the game- including effort. To me, that screams someone who just wanted out for whatever reason.
  7. Do Matt Moore and Alex Smith take away from Mahomes success?

    No. It's clear that Andy Reid can exploit a QB's strengths and maximize their opportunity. Mahomes had/has untapped potential to have an absolutely brilliant career. There's just no way around it really. Smith, imo, was always a pretty good QB when in the right situation, which was rare. I still think he could have had a much much better career if he was properly coached early on. Thus, Smith having solid years under Reid, in hindsight, wasn't all that surprising to me. Likewise, I've always thought Moore had the potential to be at least a mid-range QB. There were a few off seasons his name popped up, but apparently he was super content to be Miami's backup (and I don't blame him in the least). All told though, back during his initial starts in Carolina, I would have expected him to have the career that Alex Smith actually had. Smith, overall, underachieved in my eyes and Moore never really got the big opportunity on a decent team. I'm not surprised they've both played well in their stints with KC. But Mahomes has so far exceeded anything either could do, often in jaw dropping fashion.
  8. Will 3 Teams from the NFC W Make the Playoffs?

    It wouldn't surprise me. But I think Minnesota or Carolina take the 2nd WC spot
  9. Raiders sign Dion Jordan

    I'm cool with it. I doubt he'll ever live up to his pre-draft potential, but he did come out of a 2 year hiatus and toss up 4 sacks with Seattle a couple years ago. If memory serves me correctly, a lot of his problems were off-field. Our locker room has proven to be fairly good at keeping people in check who want to be there- Waller, Incognito, Burfict, etc. all have fit in just fine. I'll forgive his lack of production a little since the Dolphins have been a routine dumpster fire. If he can come in and be a 4-6 sack player, I'm totally happy with that. If he can follow a trajectory like Mayowa, even better. Low risk-decently high reward signing.
  10. Arkansas fires Chad Morris

    All I know is that I want to be a college coach for two years and fail miserably. Knowing what some of these buyouts are, it has the potential to be the highest paying, lowest stress job on the planet. $321,000 an month is absurd severance package.
  11. AFC Wildcard Race Discussion

    That bullish on the Raiders eh? I like.
  12. Week 11 Poll Discussions

    Never forget Alabama looked human against Duke for a half or that Clemson needed a failed 2pt conversion to get past UNC or that 3 of LSU's marquee wins came by a combined 15 points- 2 of which came against teams that could wind up out of the top 20-25 by season's end. Dont get me wrong, wins are wins, though Minnesota has had some ugly ones. But ugly wins haven't hurt the Clemsons and Alabamas of the world in recent years. My only beef was that as one of 5 undefeated teams left, they were stuck way back. I think 7 is fine for them all told, but I think Alabama being tasked by Citadel last year for a large chunk of game time was about the worse thing I've seen and very few brought it up as them not being elite. Just want to see credit where credit is due, and Minnesota's win yesterday is arguably the most impressive of the year thus far (LSU beating up on Alabama for a majority of the game is their competition in my eyes).
  13. Alabama missing the playoffs

    If it helps, I don't like it. I've long said it should be conference champs if they want to play the "every game counts" card. But we can't kid ourselves into hypothesising against the committee's history. My previous statement was based on what the committee is likely to do and their justification for it. Trust me, I think it's bs too, but such is the farce of a "playoff" they gave us.
  14. Official Thread of the American Athletic Conference

    I haven't heard of anything yet, but I imagine the usual suspects are being looked at (UCF, USF, Cincy, Houston, maybe Memphis) by conferences looking to bolster divisions (looking right at you BIG12). I'm not a big enough fan of other sports to know how much of a tie some teams have to conferences in basketball or whatever, but I've often wondered if the Big10 would ever look into dropping Rutgers for a Cincinnati type team. If I'm the AAC and needed replacement teams though, I think I'm looking at Marshall, FAU, UAB, App St. Marshall seems like a natural fit. App St. has looked good to really good for a while. I think they have at least a little name recognition nationally still. FAU would seem to be a natural replacement for a loss in the Florida market. Plus, if they keep Kiffin around, he's enough of a name draw to make it a splash move (for better or worse). UAB (or possibly Southern Miss) are large enough schools and could replace the SEC territory footprint left by Memphis if they were to leave. UAB would be my first choice given Bill Clarke and how quickly they became relevant after folding a few years ago.
  15. Alabama missing the playoffs

    All Bama hate aside, if they win out, they deserve to be in over several teams (and given the committee's history, they will be). That they started out flat today won't (and shouldn't) matter. LSU isn't a cupcake and Alabama fought their way back into it. Frankly, even if we were to "eye test" that first half, it's still better than Clemson being tied with UNC or LSU being tied with Florida and Auburn at halftime. LSU had a hot day, they're a great team, and it all says more about them than Alabama. Auburn can make things really interesting though by beating Georgia, LSU, or Alabama (particularly the first 2). Does a 1 loss Alabama go in over a 2 loss SEC champion Georgia or would a 1-loss LSU team take that second SEC bid? Pont is, there are still plenty of weird scenarios that can play out, but this game alone doesn't knock Alabama out of the playoffs quite yet.