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  1. If we're picking 15 or later with 2 rookie WRs starting, I can't see how they will have underperformed realistic expectations. WR shouldn't come until the 4th or later for us.
  2. Carson Wentz for proving my faith that Goff is the superior QB correct. Prince Harry doesn't belong in the same conversation at this point.
  3. Eagles and Cowboys are my vote even though one will make the playoffs by default. Texans are my AFC favorite to collapse.
  4. Reich and Foles were the heart of the Eagles. Rob Riggle and Prince Harry were clearly riding coattails. It's been going downhill for Philly for a while. They're just not a good team. Underrated is being supremely generous.
  5. Yeah, Jacksonville certainly isn't nearly as bad as I thought they'd be. Easily a 7-9 team
  6. Lynn doesn't have the guts. Sad, too. This Chargers team is gutty.
  7. It's always going to feel odd to me that the largest city in Florida is considered a "small market". I know you're right, it just strikes me as odd.
  8. He has money. If he wants to play for a contender, he needs to help us be one. If not, he's lazy and can go play for someone else. He's one of those "can't miss what you never had" types to me at this point.
  9. Maybe, but there's always plenty of undersized TE's that can play an H-back type role. When I look at a guy like Hunter Bryant (6'2 245 per the Lions website), I often think of him being used in a FB role. He can play TE, obviously, but he's not as physically imposing as Hockenson. I'm sure his blocking is adequate enough. Stick him in the back with Swift/Johnson/Peterson and let Hock be the TE. I'm not sure we'll ever see a major resurgence of the old school FB that acts more like an extra lineman, but I can definitely see the H-back type role becoming a staple of offenses. Not sure how much of a learning curve would come with a TE transitioning to FB, but I can't imagine it being too extreme.
  10. UAnyone have any thoughts on Elijah Mitchell, RB, UL-Lafayette? If we're in the market for a RB2 around the 4th round or so, I've been pretty impressed with his last couple games. They have him listed at 5'11 218. Coming off of two statistically solid years, though I usually don't catch many UL games.
  11. Sans Michael Thomas, their WRs definitely don't scare me. Kamara isn't as good as McAffery, and I thought we did alright with him. If Abram hits him the way he was blistering McCaffrey, I don't see Kamara being as willing a playmaker awaiting the ball in open space, where he's the most effective. I think it'll be a big stage for our CBs to show what they can do, considering how well we handled the run game last week. I'm actually more worried about scoring enough to win on their D, which seems odd considering who they are and our D. Pounding the rock and chewing clock will be our best friend. We'll need the O-line on all cylinders to avoid unnecessary 3rd and longs. If we can do that, I feel really good about our chances.
  12. Pretty much. We looked good against a decent at best team. It's way early on projecting anything set in stone. Even with a top 10 pick, who yet knows why. Could be a huge key injury, could be someone missing a stretch due to illness, could be a million things. DT and Safety are the only obvious needs. If I had to guess, our draft goes something like this (assuming last week is an indicator for the year): (order of position depending on who is available, of course) R1-2 DT/S R3-5 OT/RB2/LB R6-7 BPA/Depth picks
  13. Gase or Quinn I still think that Patricia somehow manages to pull a BoB and the Lions squeeze into the playoffs saving his job.
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