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  1. Scheme and discipline aren't words our D understand. Even the playmakers we have on D are almost routinely flagged for things they should know not to do. Definitely placing some blame on Abram, but yeah it's Guenther 99%. He's the DC, he should have his guys knowing what not to do along with scheming better. It's a broken record at this point.
  2. There were goods, but screw them. The takeaway: Gruden has no balls. That FG was unacceptable. Our D is pathetic. Guenther is still employed. Arnette can't tackle. Abram is so undisciplined. We have no pass rush. I feel bad for our offense. They're playoff, if not championship caliber. The defense is holding them back. Gruden's lack of testicular fortitude to play to win and to can Guenther is holding them back. We should be 8-2 and in the driver's seat for the 2-seed right now, not 6-4 and fighting for the Wildcard. And we all know it.
  3. Pathetic defense all around. So disappointed.
  4. You're actually saying he "quit" now? Really? Lol
  5. It's unfortunate too. He's a big play waiting to happen, but yeah, gotta make those catches.
  6. Our defense virtually never gets to say they competed. The offense could simply chew up clock to keep them under 30. Our D is bad. Really bad.
  7. They should all get some snippety snips and donate some to Mark and Chucky.
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