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  1. Johnson III and 2 of Judon, Dupree, Anzalone, Williams, Reddick, Vernon, Barrett, Davis, Golden, Yannick would absolutely transform the D. CB should be pretty easy to find. WR, I'm cool with about whomever so long as they can play. Agholor? Cool. Robinson? Cool. Marvin Jones? Cool. So on, so forth. As for RB, I just want to make sure whoever we get is more of a speed back/pass catcher to contrast with Jacobs' power. I don't particularly want Jacobs getting a lot of passes outside of necessary checkdowns and the occasional designed play. Let a quality backup do that dirty work
  2. I actually wouldn't necessarily hate Hooker and/or Perriman depending on the price. As for Mariota, if we wind up cutting him, we're idiots. We know Washington tried to trade for him already. The contract can be a bit of a drag, but that's fixable. He was made the highest paid backup in the league. I highly doubt he's going to get much more, if any, on the open market. So he should be fine with restructuring a bit and banking on himself for the year. So yeah, we'll probably wind up cutting him at some later date after he can collect the max amount from us/hurt us the most in
  3. The more I watch some guys on tape, the more I'm fearful of them. The weird year and opt outs have me really skeptical about some of the talent that could be considered more "raw". Anyone else getting that?
  4. I stand corrected. We've moved around the board under Grudock....towards the back end of the draft while consistently taking reaches when we all know very well they were reaches that could have been traded...which was my point to begin with. Either way, whatever. Not like trades have really netted us much anyway. I'm not here to argue pedantics over a comment made with facetious intent in the first place. 🤷🏼‍♂️
  5. Conclusion: You're making an entirely different argument, basing said argument on pre-Draft trades, not trades made during the draft. Two very different things. Oversimplification, zero fact checking. Cool story though. It's why reading comprehension is so very important.
  6. That's sort of the problem though, isn't it? He's undoubtedly better than Abram and the on-field product improved with him. But he wasn't a recent 1st Round pick. Heath's not an All-Star and doesn't have the "unrefined" "potential" Abram does. Unless Heath morphs into a superhuman, he'll always be chasing the guy making egregious mistakes. Him not playing over Abram and the outright refusal to play Joyner at FS when we clearly had nobody capable of handling it will forever be etched in my mind. How mind boggling can it possibly get, right? I'm not sure if it was ever ve
  7. Hardly about mere "want". It's a fact we have been ridiculously trade averse during the draft. Mayock has essentially backed that up by routinely claiming every objective reach was precisely who and where we wanted someome. Over the last 3 years, we've done little to move around the board until back end of the draft and consistently reaching, despite having plenty of tradable picks. Only a fool would still fall for the "we couldn't find a trade partner" excuse, as plenty of other teams have routinely moved around the board around us. Either we don't try, or we're so inept at gaugin
  8. Major issues, that one. Our depth is pretty bad in most cases, and guys start by default. If Ferrell, Crosby, Abram, and Arnette faced competition from something more than replacement level talent, would they actually win? It's fair to ask. Same goes for the offense. Our WR and O-line depth are both good, and it reflects in two ways that stand out to me: On the O-line (possibly our deepest position group), we had a lot of plug and play last year to pretty good results (Sam Young not withstanding). We lost guys quite frequently, but never really felt hopelessly lost. Comp
  9. Good, so can we start fining Gruden, Mayock, and Davis $200 for every time Abram makes a mistake and freelances under Las Vegas Municipal Code 7.36.030? 😉
  10. In other words: We'll take Barmore at 17 with zero hesitation and Mayock will pretend he was the perfect prospect. ...Meanwhile, on the other side of the wormhole, where the Raiders actually win, our GM accepts a trade with Jacksonville for a first (25) and 2nd (13), and winds up with Jaelan Phillips and Barmore instead. But we're stuck in this reality where we can't have nice things instead of being the most trigger happy, trade leery team in the Draft.
  11. I don't think Cisco drops out of the 2nd/early 3rd tbh, unless his injury is that bad. The safety class just seems too shallow for the better prospects to drop far. I could see Shelvin dropping though. Not a ton of tape, deeeeeep class, etc. We've seen Marvin Wilson's stock plummet from guys stating unequivocally that he was a top 10 lock to now a firmly entrenched day 2 guy. Even if neither of those players in particular are there, I still see much the same. A Cisco-like talent at S is going to need to be an early pick. A Shelvin-like prospect could very well be there later.
  12. The Bears, Cowboys, and Saints aren't recent successes by most metrics? The Cowboys looked pretty solid on O before Prescott went down during what was year 1 without the Clap. The Bears are a QB away from solid contention with Green Bay. And as much as I despise Sean Payton, he's an offensive genius who finds weapons in places most people don't even know are places. Nothing is keeping the Cowboys out of perennial playoff contention if healthy (NYG and Philly are bad and Washington is a wildcard). The Bears could be in a position to overtake Green Bay before long. Detroit is in disr
  13. I think it's more about the lack of endorsement by Gruden and Mayock. Trade speculation is going to happen every year. Nothing you can do about that.....except shut it down, which we've failed to do. Notice how quickly Green Bay shut down any talk about Rodgers not being back? If Carr had flopped, different story. But he's coming off of pretty much his best season and the brass has yet to really say he's our starter next year (even if it's a little white lie and they look at what Wilson or Watson or whoever would cost). When Gruden first came in, the big hoopla was (laughably
  14. Yep. This has been a thorn in our side. Too much chatter about Carr doesn't help us. In a way, it's like getting rid of Mack again- everyone pretty much knew it was coming and didn't help us much at all. Outside of Carr, all we have is a bunch of unknowns. 2-3 O-line spots up for grabs, no true #1 WR someone is itching to play with, lackluster depth at RB where we weren't lighting the world on fire. On D, we have next to nobody with the kind of credibility it takes to attract people here in a meaningful way. We've got Waller and Carr as established guys (aka: not just "full o
  15. Titans waived Breon Borders. Not a star by any means, but I seem to recall some interest from some other Raiders fans when he first came out. Anyone got a scoop on him?
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