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  1. FA 2020

    The only FA QB I'd look at (not counting Brady because I really don't think he leaves) would be Alex Smith if he were able to come back. Cheap and would probably do well in the system (lord knows he's been through enough of them) and would be a decent bridge guy. Seems pretty good about mentoring, which I think is imperative for a young QB in Gruden's system, and would probably be cool getting relegated to backup without a fuss. Outside of that scenario, roll with Carr and draft someone if you want this year or see what 2021 brings along in FA/draft. Edit: he's technically not a FA
  2. 2019 Coaching Carousel Thread

    I don't necessarily think he would leave for a mid-tier P5. But in the last 3 years we've seen Washington, Oregon, and Arizona St. all open up as well- all of which I would put in the upper tier of the Pac12. To me, it's more surprising that it seems like he's barely been linked to any P5 jobs it would make sense for him to take. I agree, he's absolutely the top dog in the mids, so maybe he pulls a Petersen and stays put for as long as he likes. Still, though, of all the jobs I've seen opening up in recent years, it has never felt like there was a serious push for him from any program as his resume would otherwise warrant.
  3. FA 2020

    I don't see Martinez getting out of GB, but that would be a dream come true. Of that list, I feel like Kwiatkoski is the most likely (and cheapest) option and would be a perfectly fine addition.
  4. 2019 Coaching Carousel Thread

    Man, the Pac12 at one point had a bunch of really good coaches. This year alone to lose Leach, Petersen, and Tucker to replace them with Rolovich, Lake, and Dorrell is awful. Rolovich and Lake could prove successful, but the name value took a big dive for the time being. Plus, Clay Helton is somehow still employed. 3 Pac12 gigs open up, at least 2 of which were late openings, and Bryan Harsin STILL being at Boise is absolutely criminal.
  5. Browns T Greg Robinson in custody after drug possession arrest

    LA to Kenner..... I-10 pretty well the entire way and goes through El Paso. $10 says Passenger 2 is a Bama fan though.
  6. Browns T Greg Robinson in custody after drug possession arrest

    Definitely trying to go to Mardi Gras. Might be able to swing personal use based on that. For real though, how dumb can someone be? He's definitely gonna be hanging out with Sam Hurd.
  7. 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    I wouldn't be mad about it at all. I'd love a bigger bodied WR to put on the field, especially in the RZ. Still hoping we double dip at WR (3rd and a later pick, especially if we do any trading back).
  8. Jamarcus Russell could play T, G, C, DT, FB, QB, and find you a cup of sizzurp in the middle of the desert. Nobody said versatility was always about being good.
  9. Tom Brady to the Raiders?

    Not a big fan of using 12 on a D-lineman with how much we've invested in there lately. Let guys develop in my opinion. But to each there own. That being said, I'd be overall ecstatic with that- my only question being whether you think Dye would still be around at 91? I have him as a probable top 60 pick myself. But I've seen people go as high as 33-40 or as low as 91. Trying to get a solid gauge on how others perceive him.
  10. Tom Brady to the Raiders?

    Did someone really suggest fixing whatever we need fixed by shoveling money at Brady, tossing picks for Larry Fitz (who I absolutely love, mind you), and......bringing back AB? Way to make another team a ton of fans overnight. On a more serious note, why? Even if you absolutely hate Carr, the team needs a heck of a lot more than Brady, an aged out Fitz, and...no not even entertaining that last bit. On Madden, maybe. In real life? We blow money and picks and probably wind up worse off than before.
  11. Everything Free Agency (Rumors, notes and news)

    Yep. I don't get the weird double standards going on with Brady right now. Some say he's clearly lost "it" but without him the Patriots will obviously fall apart. That just doesn't make a lot of sense. Every time Brady had been out with an injury, his backups have played plenty well enough. Cassel, Jimmy, Brissett, etc., and in retrospect most of them played well above their ceiling while in New England. I think the Pats have a much better overall roster now than many of Tom's prime years. I see absolutely no reason to think that they wouldn't make the playoffs with almost any starter, or even some backups, currently in the league at QB. Find them someone worthy of being one of the best 32-35 QBs in the league, sure it may not resemble Brady's peaks, but the team is still built to at least be a WC team. Folks need to pump the brakes a bit.
  12. 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    Welcome to the Raiders Endless Overreaction Forum, my friend. That's essentially status quo around these parts anymore. I agree, he's a bit overrated. Happens every year. Just be happy that the #TankforTrevor2019 talk finally settled down.
  13. The (Potential) 2020 Draft RB Class

    I'd rank them Moss, Edwards-Helaire, Akers Moss has that "pro-ready" feel to him. My only worry is his injury history. Edwards-Helaire is more 4B than 5 to me. It's close, I just like Moss a little bit more. Akes has potential but is close to being a JAG with me for some reason. That said, he could also be a total gem.
  14. What's the lesson of the Chiefs superbowl victory?

    This 100%. We had a ton of holes this year, but still managed to hang with the Chiefs for most of our games (minus that ridiculous meltdown that built an insurmountable lead in like 5 minutes).
  15. How does Alex Smith’s career go if he isn’t dumped

    I was always fairly high on Smith. If the 49ers keep him and trade Kaepernick, I'd say he would've probably had a pretty solid run from 2012-2020, probably has a SB win, but is firmly entrenched as a high-end game manager. If the Chiefs keep him, I think he spends the last few seasons flirting with AFCCGs and some pretty elite stats a'la Rodgers/Rivers over the same span. If he doesn't get injured, I think the Redskins make the playoffs in 2018 and things start looking a whole lot different around the league.
  16. What's the lesson of the Chiefs superbowl victory?

    That recency bias and hot takes never end
  17. Does Andy Reid retire?

    Unlike some, I'll assume by 3-peat via stranglehold over the AFC means a 3rd straight AFCCG appearance, which would be impressive in itself and set him up for a b2b Superbowl. That being the case, I highly doubt he retires. I think he'll be around at least another 5 seasons at least. The only slightly possible scenario I could think of would be Bienemy being the Garrett to his Parcells and the Chiefs brass asking him to go enjoy retirement, or, if this Chiefs team was a surprise that had been through some down years and this was an unlikely last-ditch push for him. But with that not being an obvious issue, I'm not getting any retirement vibe from him. He's got a young, talented roster that he can continue building his legacy with for the next few seasons.
  18. In what order (Colts QB options)

    Clearly you don't understand the fundamental difference between a playoff push and a playoff appearance. Look, if you want to scout box scores, by all means have right at it. Few, if any, are mistaking Brissett for a long-term solution. But your question was "on what planet...blah blah blah". Considering that the Colts were still very much in the hunt towards the end, in spite of Brissett's poor play, the answer is Earth. Logic, bud. Learn it.
  19. QB Rankings

    Someone posed the question regarding why people see Burrow as a 1st rounder now if they didn't last year. The obvious answers aside (more tape, more experience, 2nd year in a system, etc) it was probably more of a fair question than initially given credit for. Don't get me wrong, Burrow absolutely worked his butt off and is 100% deserving of the #1 overall spot. But I do agree that the hype has gone a bit overboard. Based on his great season, if I needed a QB and was picking #1, I'd go with him. It's too risky not to. But the fact remains that he's still very much a 1-year wonder. Now, watching him, I can't say I see bust written on him. I don't really even see a 50/50 split. But you're absolutely correct about people acting like him not panning out is somehow impossible.
  20. 2019 Coaching Carousel Thread

    Agreed. At least the letter he posted reads with class and accountability. The answer was in poor taste but the context was clear enough to not make a huge faux outrage over. He said multiple times that the guy was terrible and with terrible motives. My question is whether anyone will ever bat an eye if someone says they want to learn defensive strategies from Gregg Williams. Yes, the two are hardly equal, but if people are that willing to take context and yeet it into the next county all bets are off. Sucks for Coach Berger as this is probably a career killer, and it really didn't have to be. Like you said, an extra second or two....
  21. At least he didn't say D-1? If I were a middle of the pack school, I would consider having him come on board as a recruiter and maybe a position coach. He's definitely charismatic enough to make that a reality.
  22. In what order (Colts QB options)

    I didn't say that and your point was disproven. That being said, yes, I would be fine with that if my team were winning games or if my offense was built around the run game. I don't care about stats because I prefer real football to fantasy. 🤷🏼‍♂️
  23. 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    I really hope we move back with at least one of the firsts. There are a lot of guys I would love to grab in round 2. But if we trade back twice (assuming with the 2 firsts and not just using 1) I would want more compensation than that. If Aiyuk, Jefferson, and Shenault were all available post-1st round, I would be ecstatic. Frankly, I'm hoping we double dip at WR on day 2. Day 2 seems pretty solid at quite a few positions of need for us, so gobbling up several picks there seems ideal to me. We're picking in spots that are likely to net a game changing superstar, so may as well use the draft capital to our advantage. Our last two drafts have made me more interested in who we find later anyway.
  24. 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    I would be irate. Fromm just isn't the type of player you give up picks for when your team has the holes we do. If he's hanging around, I guess he's worth a pick (disclaimer: I don't like him as a QB nor do I think Gruden's offense is set up for a rookie, hence me not wanting to invest heavily on a project QB in the first place), but I wouldn't ever trade up for him. Then again, I find this QB class disgusting while others find it deep, so take it for what you will.
  25. Raiders Officially known as the "Las Vegas Raiders"

    Still pissed about this.