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  1. Detroit Tigers Thread

    Not good times. Aging roster and little on the farm outside of a few solid pitching prospects. Are we simply waiting for deals to expire or can we have a legitimate fire sale? Is Chris Illitch going to be considerably less generous than his father? Does Al Avila have any clue what he's doing? Nobody knows. In Michael Fulmer, Alex Faedo, and Matt Manning we trust.
  2. Official Pistons Thread: Offseason

    I'm excited for the season but wish they would've altered the jerseys for the move to Detroit and new logo. I think this team can surprise and win 45-50. Will ultimately come down to the health of Reggie Jackson and the consistent focus of Andre Drummond.
  3. GL81 here, now GL18. Happy to be able to start this here. I was very vocal around '10-13 and many of my thoughts on the B1G landscape and how MSU fit within that came to fruition. Obviously, the program is in a very different place right now. I'd be happy with 7 wins this year and obviously thrilled with 8 or more. Commence discussion.