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  1. Worst places for visiting teams in the NFL

    Soldier Field at night late in the year.
  2. How would Alabama fare in the NFL?

    About once per decade this comes up. Even the worst pro teams have elite players capable of dominating a game.
  3. 2018-2019 NFL Season Predictions (Awards)

    NFC N Vikings 9-7 GBP 9-7 Bears 8-8 Lions 8-8
  4. Does the NFL really need a draft?

    During the Rozelle era, the draft was in a hotel ballroom and was amateur TV. This is next generation marketing. Of course it makes $$. Potential fans 10 to 20 yrs that haven't picked a sport or a team are now drawn in to an HR excersise.
  5. Does the NFL really need a draft?

    The draft simply offers the opportunity for parity. If some teams have greater motivation, hire more competent scouts, play the draft rules better than others, better results. The NFC N and S just became four team scrums.
  6. Does the NFL really need a draft?

    The NFL is an economic cartel. Revenue sharing and the draft make the league highly competitive. In the 1960s, powerful Rep Emanuel Cellar, chairman of the House Ways and Means committee, waited for SB III, before granting Rozelle and Hunt a full exemption. Without the draft to create structure, a few wealthy owners could create a monopoly marginalizing the majority. This draft just restored parity across the league. Every team, for the first time, has a bonefide QB. Without economic structure, the cost of operations would make costs prohibitive.
  7. Bold Predictions Thread

    The Bears had one heck of a draft. MLB, C, WR. Plus the off season acquisions. The NFC N will dictate the season. The Vikings and Packers look strong. But the Bears and Lions are now pulling even.
  8. Roquan Smith - ILB #8 overall

  9. Would Brett Favre Be a Good Broadcaster?

    Frank Gifford made the original MNF work so well. He was the disciplined middle man keeping the broadcast on track. It was Cosell and Meredith who went off on tangents. Favre would need a similar arrangement.
  10. Difference of opinion as to whether he was auditioning or just meeting with network officials. Was he good or bad? Another Don Meredith? MNF turned down Bart Starr. Dan Fouts is a good broadcaster, Dan Marino does the CBS pre-game. So is Brett Favre heading to the booth? If not then whom?
  11. Who is the (second) best coach in the NFL?

    Zimmer, McVey, Pederson, McCarthy
  12. Montana on Brady's longevity

    The 1985 Bears and the 1986 NY Giants were merciless on opposing QBs. Always thought it was a bit crazy to let defenses tee off on QBs, damaging the product on the field.
  13. Montana on Brady's longevity

    There is a deep story about the arrival of a new owner in the Bay area in 1979, new HC Bill Walsh and new QB Joe Montana. The 49ers as a team had floundered for a decade after John Brodie retired. The two widows of the founding owners, the Morabito brothers, were trying to sell. Al Davis played a role. The Bay area had been buffeted by a decade of acrimonious politics and several tragedies. The arrival of DeBartolo, Walsh and the Joe Montana dynasty, basically saved the Bay area. Although not so dramatic, Kraft hiring Belichick, who in turn found Brady, saved the Pats from becoming the St Louis Minutemen.
  14. Lucy

    A scifi, action movie directed by Luc Beeson, starring Scarlett Johanson and Morgan Freeman. Freeman occasionally narrates the theory of brain useage through evolution, acted by SJ as a drug courier who ingests large quantities of a new drug that rapidy expands brain capacity. Clever use of science theory. The movie descends into shoot em up at the end with lots of CGI.
  15. 2019 to 2020 is NFL 100th Anniversary

    The rise of the Eagles as a potential dynasty must have the whole league a bit freaked out. Didn't see such a sudden rise of the Vikings or Rams either.