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  1. Aaron Rodgers or Brett Favre?

    Favre was pure theatrics. He was old time SEC football. Rogers is clinical pure Pac10 cool football. The Packers will have two more HoFers with two more SBs.
  2. Peyton Manning to the broadcast booth...?

    Roone Arledge created MNF with a three broadcaster booth. Three networks, no cable, the gimmick worked well. Madden and Summerall were the same old school type. Don't take anything too seriously. With too many distractions today, from cable to internet, match PM with an old coach. Manning has a sneaky sense of humor. A no nonsense yankee would be a fit.
  3. Dome Teams on the Road in Conference Championships

    Domes generally have turf instead of grass, or a hybrid. Makes for a faster game, better footing. Outdoors on grass with wind gusting, icy conditions, different game. Dome teams select different skill players.
  4. Your picks for next years Hall of Fame?

    I remember watching AFL and NFL games in Chicago in the 1960s. The AFL championship games were played early so as not to conflict with the NFL. Denver was a small market team and didn't play well in Chicago. Lots of Chargers, Raiders, Chiefs and Jets.
  5. Your picks for next years Hall of Fame?

    John Elway is the only Denver Bronco in Canton? Really? In those 1980s SBs, Karl Mecklenberg stood out.
  6. Better Player? Barry Sanders or Randy Moss

    Randy Moss had the good fortune to play for better teams than Barry Sanders did.
  7. Is paying big money for a QB worth it?

    Deflated sportsware.
  8. Is paying big money for a QB worth it?

    Al Davis won two SBs with Jim Plunkett. All of the early AFL QBs were veterans of the NFL. Davis even got good value out of good old George Blanda. Before Brett Favre brushed off Aaron Rogers, he did the same with Kurt Warner.
  9. Best Organizations for 2018-2022

    There seems to be a mandate at Halas Hall to get another one. They need depth.
  10. Best Organizations for 2018-2022

    Hubris doesn't win multiple SBs. Look at the 1983 LA Raiders, 1985 Bears and 1986 NYG. Teams stacked with talent who struggled to repeat. Only Parcells-Belichick in 1990 made it.
  11. Next first time winner of Superbowl

    Chargers vs Lions Both teams have the veteran QB. Both teams need to spend a little extra to make the jump. The Lions could do it in 2019 out of the NFC N as could the LAC from the AFC W.
  12. The dumb argument regarding Brady vs Montana

    The only advantage Brady has over numerous others is having played his entire career with little competition in the internet era. Aikman, Kelly, Favre and Young shared the '90's. Marino, Elway and Montana the '80's. Staubach, Griese, Tarkenton and Bradshaw the '70's. Even 1990s highlights look vintage by now.
  13. Your picks for next years Hall of Fame?

    Karl Mecklenberg
  14. Who's The Greatest Player of All Time?

    How does anyone compare players from different eras? Every name mentioned is TV-internet era. How about Woody Strode? Helped to integrate UCLA. Was kept off of the 1936 US Olympic team. Later played for the first LA Rams team in 1946, breaking the color barrier before baseball. Played in the CFL of the 1950s. Hollywood stunt man, screen credit for Spartacus. Later director of Westerns in Italy.
  15. Who's The Greatest Player of All Time?

    Otto Graham played vs Bobby Layne who played until 1964. OG vs YA Tittle who played until 1964. OG vs G Blanda who played until 1973 OG vs Van Brocklin who played until 1960. OG vs C Conerly who played until 1960. They all started post WW II, created the modern QB position. Graham played vs Luckman and Baugh as they headed to retirement. He bridged two generations. The game Montana and Brady are lauded for is derivative of Graham.