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  1. Rookie Numbers - REVEALED!!

  2. Bucs Draft Thread

    yea if its a 7th
  3. Rookie Numbers - REVEALED!!

  4. Our biggest remaining need(s)?

    LT/RT - Dotson is on his last leg and IMO Donovan Smith should be if he doesnt get better DE - as mentioned Curry and JPP are getting up there, and im done counting on Spence, we need a young stud CB - need a new starter when Grimes leaves S - been needing one for a while now but the positions above take precedence i dont think there is anyway we draft a RB unless Jones is a bust and Barber falls flat this year
  5. Bucs Draft Thread

    i can agree with the bolded idk about the latter though, i like the 1st and first 2nd , but the 2 CBs he got i think we could have gotten better value with some other guys that were still available
  6. Bucs Draft Thread

    that would be legit!
  7. Bucs Draft Thread

    or not
  8. Bucs Draft Thread

    i want Ronnie Harrison to think we could have had him and iseah oliver
  9. Bucs Resign Charles Sims

    smh at this point i can see us passing on a RB altogether or at least definitely by passing them in the 1st and 2nd hopefully we aim for one in the 4th ala Walton, Hines
  10. Bucs Resign Charles Sims

    so what, we're just going to keep Quizz , sims , and barber , and a a draftee
  11. Bucs Resign Charles Sims

    this please
  12. New Mock

    you had me at the trade down i wouldnt be mad with Fitz, if we traded down of course i think 22 is a little high for Guice but ill take it dont know much about Oliver and we get Hines in the 4th ! love it
  13. Offseason Discussion

    1st - Denzel Ward 2nd - Will Hernandez 3rd - JPP 4th- Jordan howard
  14. Offseason Discussion

    id do a 4th and a 6th now that ive thought about it more also Royce Freeman looks like a Jordan Howard clone if you ask me , same running style
  15. Offseason Discussion

    nah i dont want to give up our 2nd only if we got back a 3rd or 4th too