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  1. Yea I get it lol but I would like it if they would stop giving up 3rd and long plays "by design" 😂
  2. Yea but they should We most likely won't resign him so why not get something now Gio or Vaughn could do the same job that Rojo is doing rn
  3. This is going to be a tougher game than we think Fields is better than Brisset and can run Plus Chicago's defense is good While our defensive backfield is single ply TP at the moment Offense is going to have to carry again Still think we pull it out though 34-24 Bucs
  4. Just ask Dean to play man to man every play and good things happen
  5. Blatant no call holding on JPP on the 3rd and 12 conversion Pick play no call on the td to ertz Gtfo with these refs already
  6. cant lose him David is the glue to this defense great news
  7. I don't think he comes here Think he wants money not success at this point But it would be nice to have a "good" problem at CB for a change
  8. I just don't get this He's showed decent flashes of ability Why keep Mclendon over him?
  9. Let's not get carried away though just because we held them to 17 pts The weather was a big factor And we still have up 19 straight completions to a rookie The secondary just bleeds But fortunately our schedule is favorable coming up
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