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  1. so vague ormgerd BB chess match SO superior to anyone blah blah blah guess we are gona find out this year but just let me remind you that great QBs make coaches stick around not the other way around im betting the pats dont win more than 9 games at the very most
  2. Cam's legs/foot is shot to hell and hes never been an accurate qb so basically same arguments can be made yet, all those teams CLEARLY have more offensive talent than NE
  3. Colts Bills Steelers Texans all look to be on par with where NE is right now
  4. true, bout Ginn and Brown with Olsen though, running QBs tend to love their TEs, look at Lamar i dont think you can count the Jimmy G, Brisset 4 game sample Look im not saying this cant work lol, im just saying they have alot of work to do with scheme changes yet ppl want to anoint them to already being top of that division just looking at it objectively, the Pats dont have much talent on O and lost alot on D so unless they prove otherwise they arent that good on paper
  5. bro lol 1- BECAUSE ITS A DECADE BEHIND 2- a decade ago when that happened, that Pats team was STACKED any QB could have had a good season with Moss and a Prime Welker 3- that NE team was not even close to a Running QB , ground and pound team like i said, if McDaniels can pull a Greg Roman to completely get the most out of Cam, as Roman did with Lamar, then this will work if not, this is 8-8
  6. i'll believe it when i see it here i still think the Pats have zero talent on offense right now (Cam if healthy, Michel, Edelman are their starts on O)
  7. How DARE you disrespect the Fitzmagic Best QB is FITZY Best RQBS = Scam then Allen then there is Darnold somewhere in the horizon What is with everyone blowing this Cam to the Pats stuff out of the water? dont get me wrong , Cam is good, Panthers are idiots for going with TeddyB over him lol but ill take it BUT if hes healthy AND thats an IF, it just isnt a good fit in NE unless Mcdaniels is going to change everything and make this a Ravens style offense , then i still think the Pats are an 8-8 team lets not forget that Scam has never been a very accurate QB AND THEN LETS NOT FORGET that the Pats have trash at WR other than a grey beard in Edelman WHO IS HE GOING TO THROW TO??? Cam has never been a QB that would elevate his WRs So unless this morphs into a brand new RUNNING QB offense then this will not work out well YOU HEARD IT HERE FOLKS
  8. so annoying WE ADVISE AGAINST IT, WE RECOMMEND YOU DONT does not mean DONT DO IT yet ppl still get pissy waaa go cry me a river
  9. lol sign me up he'd be pissed though because we wouldnt be able to pay him til next year when we have money
  10. Adams would be great bc hes a top SS in the league and Winfield would be the FS but we just dont have the money right now most id give would be a 1
  11. Hey you watch your mouth lol dont bring back those memories I am no fan of our last unis but this really gives those a run for worst ever
  12. sign me up for the over hittin that parlay
  13. definitely Might even take us out right What's the total though, that's what should be interesting
  14. ALL PRIME TIME GAMES called it lol nah at minimum 4 Chiefs, Packers , Saints, Raiders
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