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  1. Can't wait for that match-up We are a whole new team
  2. Sheesh Looking back , Thomas looks like the worst one I had Wills , Wirfs, Becton, Thomas anyway so 👈👈😎
  3. this should be another blowout Giants D is good though despite not having any big names , but by the time the 4th quarter comes around we should be wearing them down 42-17 Bucs
  4. you could too lol + everyone else in this forum
  5. Wirfs and our whole line have been a revelation this year i think Brady just makes OLines look good tbh... i mean we all thought the Pats OLine was elite for years and look, 7 games in our line looks SOLID, not enough evidence yet just making an observation as for Leftwich, sorry but i cant get behind it Leftwich sucks, hes riding the coattails of a BA offense , MAXED OUT ON TALENT , with the GOAT QB at the helm I could look like a top 10 OC with this lineup ride this train leftwich and then please leave
  6. with the way we are starting to click on offense AB being added is beyond scary
  7. The washed up old guy that Genius BB let walk
  8. i know life is unfair and all but cmon mannn lol
  9. Idk I dont like it Why Why now? BA was so adamant before I think we are doing too much But whatever If it opens up the offense I'm here for it We need to get these wrs more involved
  10. i thought he was slightly above average but hes really turned it on our whole line has , hell even Don Smith last week, balling out keep it up boyz
  11. disagree only because i dont think its BAs offense altogether , its Leftwich's janky offense that Brady has had to curb but i do think we need to get these WRs more involved if we are to really open things up as for the game depends on which Bucs and which Raiders teams show up we should be able to shut down Jacobs, the question is , can the secondary keep this momentum and shut down Carr 28-17 Bucs
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