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  1. Thank you! i think I have been the biggest advocate for Trask even before the draft or us drafting him i just watched tape of Mills, Mond, Mac, and Trask before the draft and out of any of those i thought Trask showed the most polish so i didnt get how the other guys got more hype Of course, he doesnt have the arm talent of Lawerence, Fields, Wilson (Wilson especially has tremendous velocity on his throws) but the fact that these ppl on the media were trashing Trask's arm and not throwing those other guys under the bus didnt make sense to me Mills was my favorite before i w
  2. due to Trask i think its going to be a very fun preseason to watch 😎
  3. i am of the opinion that Trask will be one of the better QBs of this class whether that be a good backup type or a solid starter i am not sure yet but i do think he is a better QB prospect than Mac Jones, Davis Mills, and Mond Even Zach Wilson doesnt show as good of touch as Trask , he just has amazing velocity on his throws i also think he could outproduce Lance right too just because Lance is so raw and needs time , Trask is more Pro ready Trask doesnt wow but he is solid. He throws with good anticipation, good accuracy, maneuvers the pocket well i think its a cryin
  4. yea i concur with the DL we currently have it would take a lot for a rookie to contribute significantly, im just wishful i think Tryon completely tanks Nelsons playing time, i think he takes all of his reps, whether that be on the Edge or as an interior rusher on passing downs and Next year DL and CB should be major priorities (dependent on Carlton that is)
  5. now that the draft is over .... the gulf between now and the season feels like a scathing supermassive black hole #WorstPartOfTheYear after i get done crying, its time for hibernation wake me up when football is back
  6. just wana say i think you guys killed the draft i think Bolton could end up as DROY i think Creed will start at C for you guys and 2 other steals in Powell late who could end up being your slot and Trey Smith that could be quality depth
  7. just to throw this out there now that we have hindsight, i wonder if we arent being a little too cocky. i mean you can tell that with our last 4 picks in the draft we completely targeted improving our ST which is fine, i mean that was definitely a key area of our team that needed strengthening, however i would have liked to address some DL depth and we overlooked that area with 3 guys over 30 starting on our DL i wonder if that comes back to bite us in the u know what our drafting showed how confident we are in our roster and its awesome, but i am also just so used to NOT
  8. I think we did okay My favorite picks are Darden and Trask Tryon is going to have to win me over bc im unconvinced
  9. PFF must have someone inside the draft room feeding them picks as they come in. They are announcing picks a full minute before NFLN or ESPN
  10. i think at this point im done hoping we get anyone we assumed/liked to grab just sit back and enjoy the ride
  11. oh yea lol we are beyond past Watson now 😆 but i do think that Darden could work his way into taking snaps from the other guys
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