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  1. so funny i would definitely expect this to happen i mean, im going to watch regardless because i love the draft for all teams but still, i cant wait til the Bucs pick if we can get a good package, maybe an extra 2nd or 3rd, we'd be in business hopefully one of the QBs drops and someone trades up trying to lock in that 5th year option
  2. Quinn Meinerz has Licht pick written all over him in round 3 I'm on board too
  3. Every year it seems like we want a back 🤣 Its such a glamour position....though it doesn't pay to play Id love Williams tbh super grown on him lately Idk bout our first though , just not that big of a need
  4. I dont fault these guys... But you be your *** I'd hold it against their draft stock if im a GM. I'm not so sure these opt outs were "all about safety" Let's be real, it was very calculated. Guys like Trey Lance had so much hype last year, he was talked about as a top 5 guy. If he comes out and plays poorly this year he becomes anywhere from a fringe 1st round guy to like a 5th round guy. That goes for all of these opt out guys. Hell , its super smart. You don't play, and maintain your status based off last years tape AND don't take anymore hits for a whole season. I
  5. I'll to back and watch some more But you hit the weaknesses spot on He over pursues and is consistently getting high with pad level, idk he just didn't stand out in the vids I watched in comparison to some of the other guys I'm also REALLY not into the guys that took a year off with the "opt out" How many times have we seen guys projected at round 1 or 2 drop 3+ plus rounds the following year ? All the time. Especially with guys like Tryon that are, as you say, still developing.
  6. I'm still on the : "Let Shaq walk" bandwagon keep Godwin, David, Suh, then draft an Edge rusher
  7. been watching some tape DL i want in order Philips - i think his tape is so good, hes fluid, can rush, set the edge, all around talent, only problem is his injury history and "love of football", more of an OLB like Shaq if he played on our D Kwity Paye - very smooth, can rush from inside and out Dayvion Nixon - super athletic for such a big man, and he has some different rush moves that make him effective , kinda like a poor mans , dare i say, Aaron Donald, more of a 34 end than an OLB Levi Onwuzirike - Strength , power, rush moves, good eyes in the backfield, would b
  8. Barmore seems to rely a lot on strength , i dont think he'll be able to do that as much in the NFL like he did in college i havent really seen him use many moves i dont want him Kwity Paye >>> Barmore imo
  9. As of right now they guys i want in the 1st are: Zaven Collins Jaelen Philips Joseph Ossai
  10. Didn't want him anyway We are pretty well set tbh, whichever upcoming FA we lose , we'll be able to sign our other FAs and we a can draft a replacement for whichever guy manages to slip away
  11. Even if Fisher had played , it wouldn't have saved them. This wasn't a 1 score game. Our front 7 would have gotten home. And the Bucs left points on the board not to mention just ran the clock out in the 4th. Let's also not forget that in the 2nd half of the first meeting in the regular season, the Bucs D clamped down and made it a game. Those adjustments carried over to the Super Bowl.
  12. I was about to disagree with you , buy i took your advice and watched some of his highlights... Jesus This guy has future All Pro potential written all over him If he's there , barring a trade back, I'd take him over Jalean Philips who I previously had wanted more Collins looks so fluid , he's definitely a hybrid, but the fact that he had so many picks and can cover is just crazy We are lucky hes talked about falling that far, I feel like if the combine had happened, this guy would have shot up to top 15 pick status
  13. if any good package comes to us for pick 32 i'd trade down in a heartbeat getting an extra 2nd or 3rd could go a long way
  14. Jaelan Philips looks great, and he really sets the edge and doesnt over pursue too , which isnt as common id love him at 32 yea he looks good but idk if he would last til our 2nd
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