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  1. Tidbits from around the league

    true, and the thing is we could really go on a roll if the O figures it out and the D keeps playing lights out football with these Brees hurt and Cam mediocre, we could really have a shot at the division if we split with Atlanta
  2. Tidbits from around the league

    well everyone is entitled to their opinions mine is that: If BA keeps Winston after this season (and Winston does not improve obviously) then BA is not making the right decision
  3. Tidbits from around the league

    yeah but i feel like thats what we are doing right now with his 5th year option how many years are we going to run it back and do the same thing?
  4. Tidbits from around the league

    still, sad people that make decisions should be smart enough to see this but , who knows maybe Winstons starts lighting it up out of effin nowhere
  5. Week Three: Giants (0-2) @ Bucs (1-1)

    we are about to eat this up for breakfast might even pickup the bucs D in fantasy
  6. Tidbits from around the league

    i really hope Jameis IS going somewhere else there really is no reason to pay him 20 + mil when we can get a rookie to perform almost as well with the same amount of turn overs ive been saying it
  7. Tidbits from around the league

    I kinda want to stay away from the ultimate headache that Ramsey can become. And you have to pay him? No thanks. If it was a 2nd ya but no more and I don't think a 2nd would cut it so I'm out.
  8. Week Three: Giants (0-2) @ Bucs (1-1)

    Yea. this should be a win. Please let's open up the offense. We need OJ to step up or a 3rd wr to step up.
  9. Tidbits from around the league

    lol thats cold
  10. A run first team???

    Right , with these backs we'll be able to lean on them every now and then but if we had a legit RB I honestly think it would make Jameis look good, because he could do less and with Jameis less is more lol
  11. Yards per target through two weeks

    We need to get OJ more involved but hes probably in the dog house right now We should also try and utilize Scotty like we did hump
  12. Devin White has a grade one MCL sprain

    We bottled up Run CMC without him for most of the game, I'm not worried about Barkley 😎 Ok maybe that's an over reaction itll be nice if White can get on the field for game 3 tho
  13. A run first team???

    If we are going to be a run first team we need a workhorse back Maybe we should trade for Melvin Gordon 🤷‍♂️ Lord knows we wont win on the back of barber or whoever else we have on the roster very often
  14. TNF - Bucs (0-1) @ Panthers (0-1)

    Didnt let them have not 1 TD