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  1. Mock Drafts

    http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001011490/article/daniel-jeremiah-mock-draft-10-kyler-murray-lands-with-patriots Just saw this Disgusting If we dont draft a DE, DT, CB ( or maybe jonah williams) I'm going to be very upset
  2. 2019 Prospects thread.

    Gary would be a perfect 5 tech
  3. Cam could miss 2019 season?

  4. Free Agents

    Verrett would be a great pickup we never seem to find good secondary help in FA its so annoying when Eric Weddle was a FA i was screaming for him same with Casey Hayward but nope
  5. Free Agents

    thats actually a good idea Mathiew exclusively in the slot , with Evans and Whitehead playing Safety
  6. Am I the only one here that is sad to see Monken go ? i feel like he did great calling plays, wish he would have stuck around
  7. 2019 Prospects thread.

    well even then the rams pressure the QB consistenly all im saying is i dont want to waste picks trading up, the more picks the better
  8. 2019 Prospects thread.

    idk where all this Nick Bosa love is coming from but count me out IMO we are better off drafting a DT than a DE i think the successful trend in the league is pressure from the inside IE Vea and Q Williams/Oliver , would wreck offensive guards and force QBs to run into whoever our Edge rushers are theres no way id be for trading picks VALUABLE picks to move to 1 , no thank you
  9. The Jameis Experience

    right i agree, however in the instance of comparing Jameis to Mariota, we can say that Mariota most likely had just as many chances of putting up garbage time stats and he didnt ( or at least not on same level as Jameis)
  10. BA wants DJax to stay?

    i can agree, DJax is great when motivated, but again Winstons down field accuracy has been garbo rather pay someone the minimum that can run fly routes than pay DJax 10 mil, look what BA did with JJ Nelson and John Brown when he was there plus we can get at least a 4th for DJax imo
  11. This has to be the best thing ive read in years from our coaching staff
  12. Free Agents

    Mosley is the only FA i want BAD seems like a pipe dream though
  13. What do YOU want us to do with the fifth pick?

    ive been looking at a lot of mock drafts and the majority i have seen do not have Jonah going in the top 5 more like in the teens range i know its early and all, but yeah if this turns out to be a thing then i wouldnt mind trading back either
  14. The Jameis Experience

    after all that has unfolded.... i think i say i'd rather have Winston i mean all in all he's produced way more, and hes been less injury prone i think both are in the same boat, its impossible to say how much Mariota has been wasted in the systems hes been in, but i do think is a good margin (again it can never be proven) but at least with Winston i know that he can be a superstar if he stops losing the darn ball, as where with Mariota is still relatively unknown what he can do, hes been mediocre for the majority of his career so far, theres no telling whether or not he does have that superstar potential other than some big games that all QBs tend to have every once in a while you can say that again!
  15. 2019 Prospects thread.

    ew stop