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  1. Draft Prospect Scenarios

    you guys are really swaying me towards Thomas over Kinlaw , where i was at the opposite before , makes sense with OT being more pressing also i agree here but i have tried some scenarios where we trade back and get Delpit late in round 1 but the draft ends up feeling a little out of sorts IMO plus there arent that many good FS prospects either, which is what i think we need, Whitehead is a pretty decent SS with good potential, we need a FS that can cover
  2. Draft Prospect Scenarios

    lmfao thank you kind sir
  3. Draft Prospect Scenarios

    I think i would prefer Kinlaw over Thomas honestly , i dont see that far off a drop off between Thomas and Jones Ruggs over Chiasson i dont think i could do. I do see the Mingo comparison but i think Mingo just ruined it for all like prospects and i think Chiasson will be better in the pros Did i misspell something? im surprised by Akers over Eason i think alot of guys would rather the opposite, but i would be happy either way i like both prospects
  4. Draft Prospect Scenarios

    I was running some different scenarios in my head of who would be there at our draft pick and i just want some input from you guys if it was between the following, who would you chose (trade backs being unavailable): 1st round Derrick Brown / Jedrick WIlls Javon Kinlaw / Andrew Thomas Mekhi Becton / Javon Kinlaw Tristan Wirfs / Jedrick Wills K'Lavon Chiasson / Henry Ruggs Cedee Lamb / Henry Ruggs Mekhi Becton / Tristan Wirfs 2nd round Jonathan Taylor / Ross Blacklock Blacklock / Josh Jones Josh Jones / Austin Jackson Neville Gallimore / Blacklock 3rd round Jacob Eason / Cam Akers If anyone has any others feel free to post. I'm just trying to gage where you guys have certain prospects.
  5. The more I have watched these 4 OTs , the only 1 I really want is Jedrick Wills. I'd be in for trading down alot, if we could get some additional 2nds and 3rds. I just wonder if that's something that could really happen. I've played around with trading back with the dolphins and packers and I end up with something like : Klavon Chiasson Josh jones Edwards-Helaire Or Swift Jones Yetur Gross-Matos With the first 3 picks
  6. BK's 2020 "Quick" 3 Round Mock

    id rather have Swift in the 2nd and Eason in the 3rd but i can see the logic in Niang rd 2
  7. Seven Rounds w Trades, post FA and Combine, Mr Fluffles V2

    just no for the Bucs no way we take Jeudy over Kinlaw or thomas
  8. Patriots sign QB Brian Hoyer

    Notice i said "best case" but yea i dont see them getting the #1 pick probably top 10
  9. Roster Review: Potential picks/trades/FA

    Nah in that scenario, I'd definitely go Kinlaw if there wasnt a trade down
  10. Roster Review: Potential picks/trades/FA

    Yea idk about this I like him more than anyone else other than Swift who I have as the number 1 Did you not see Taylor catching passes at the combine? His hands were damn impressive
  11. Roster Review: Potential picks/trades/FA

    Well I've seen a couple mocks, not alot, having Love drop to our 2nd , it wouldn't be out of the realm of possibilities but I wouldn't say likely either I'm not that high on Herbert, he reminds me of Trubisky kind of
  12. Roster Review: Potential picks/trades/FA

    Yea But the crop of QBs isn't all that great There are only a few I'd even consider Like for example; If Tua fell to 14 id have to think about it Love in the 2nd id do Eason in the 2nd id consider maybe Hurts in the 3rd or 4th and then James Morgan in the 4th or 5th and that's it Unless you want to throw a flier on Cole McDonald late So it just depends
  13. i tried this out , with a trade down with the dolphins after Andrew Thomas was the only OT left at 14.... still ended up getting him lol FINALLYYYYYYY^ got a pic to work shout to @bucsfan333
  14. Yeah I agree we need Safety help but I dont know if another rookie would do the trick let alone a 2nd or 3rd day rookie. Our secondary is so so young already I feel like they need a vet.