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  1. yeah thats what i thought too only real ppl that were interested were us , Chargers, Saints had talks too, and the 9ners in the very beginning
  2. its all about who you have in your chain of command Kinley must have upset someone 🤣
  3. Always liked Licht because of his drafting When Dominik was let go, u could see a big contrast in how they drafted (for the better)
  4. Being in the Navy for 8 years I can say first hand... this is a typical Navy decision 🤣 So dumb Let the guy follow his dream and if it doesn't work out he's still locked in for 6 years. If it does then he just buys out his contract.
  5. Same! I just don't get what the falcons are doing They could have traded back and gotten so much draft capital to help that defense Instead they take a TE smh Their offense hasn't been a problem for years it's their terrible defense And now u get rid of one of your best players ever, while he can still play , for cheap too imo saints and falcons got worse , panthers should be in play to be better than them both
  6. honestly, if Vaughn doesnt step it up i can see a scenario where he gets cut decisions like these are why he was all the way down the depth chart last year
  7. 13-4*** But that was my initial thought also when I went through the schedule game by game
  8. Makes no sense having 4 QBs Gotta think Griff is out
  9. Thank you! i think I have been the biggest advocate for Trask even before the draft or us drafting him i just watched tape of Mills, Mond, Mac, and Trask before the draft and out of any of those i thought Trask showed the most polish so i didnt get how the other guys got more hype Of course, he doesnt have the arm talent of Lawerence, Fields, Wilson (Wilson especially has tremendous velocity on his throws) but the fact that these ppl on the media were trashing Trask's arm and not throwing those other guys under the bus didnt make sense to me Mills was my favorite before i w
  10. due to Trask i think its going to be a very fun preseason to watch 😎
  11. i am of the opinion that Trask will be one of the better QBs of this class whether that be a good backup type or a solid starter i am not sure yet but i do think he is a better QB prospect than Mac Jones, Davis Mills, and Mond Even Zach Wilson doesnt show as good of touch as Trask , he just has amazing velocity on his throws i also think he could outproduce Lance right too just because Lance is so raw and needs time , Trask is more Pro ready Trask doesnt wow but he is solid. He throws with good anticipation, good accuracy, maneuvers the pocket well i think its a cryin
  12. yea i concur with the DL we currently have it would take a lot for a rookie to contribute significantly, im just wishful i think Tryon completely tanks Nelsons playing time, i think he takes all of his reps, whether that be on the Edge or as an interior rusher on passing downs and Next year DL and CB should be major priorities (dependent on Carlton that is)
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