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  1. Offseason Rumors

    Is it just me that doesnt think this is innovative...
  2. 2019 Prospects thread.

    i know, Just worried that the buzz he generated at the combine doesn't cause him to go in the 2nd
  3. 2019 Prospects thread.

    I like this idea Maybe he falls and we can nab him in the 3rd or better yet 4th
  4. Your favorite Bucs games?

    That catch was crazy Jurevicious was my favorite player for a whileeeee I think he was Lithuanian, had like this odd tattoo
  5. Bucs sign S Kentrell Brice

    so many other guys out there ... Would have preferred Sendejo
  6. Bucs sign S Kentrell Brice

    Idk what to think about this one boys Doesnt look like we will be signing anyone else at safety now ..I dont like it
  7. Offseason Rumors

    We need to go back to our old classic looking numbers These digital clock looking numbers are so garbage
  8. Your favorite Bucs games?

    Yep Came in here to say this JUREVICIOUS getting the O kick started after a big kick return and quick TD by the eagles What a game
  9. Free Agents

    Really should have signed Kareem Hunt when we had the chance
  10. mid FA mock draft

    Maybe I'm wrong, but I think he would be perfect at RG or RT I haven't watched much tape but I've seen him show some power on highlights
  11. Bucs sign EDGE Shaq Barrett (1 year $4M + incentives)

    I think Golden > Barrett But it ain't by much Real big upside, maybe he learned something from Von He definitely beats out Spence that's for sure
  12. Free Agents

    sucks too there are some good guys left out there Ziggy for 1
  13. mid FA mock draft

    i can dig it i think i'd rather go Jonah Williams at 13 and maybe Byron Murphy falls to 2nd or Rock Ya-Sin but still , i see what you did there if that is how the draft unfolds then i pray we trade down
  14. Free Agents

    Darn We just have no money to sign anyone I would like for us to get another corner Maybe a Morris Claiborne If berry were to do a 1 year prove it , I think that would be beneficial, but I'm talking like 1 year 6-8mil I don't think we are going to be signing anyone else really
  15. 2019 Prospects thread.

    This is the worst way things could go for us