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  1. Yea except Brady hasn't been playing like garbage lol Ryan couldn't even throw a TD on Philly smh
  2. Mike Edward's needs to be our Nickle in the meantime
  3. Yea I see a 40 burger at least Lay it on em Leave no doubt But like mentioned I still see us giving up at least 2 TDs Idk how Ryan didn't score on Philly but we seem like we bend alot on D and I just see us playing prevent when we are up
  4. need a touchdown on this drive anything else and i wont have anymore nails
  5. for real if we had a run game we would be half way done with the 4th rn
  6. Bowles doesnt know how to coach unless its in the playoffs u heard it here first
  7. literally had JPP covering Amari Cooper right there WTF
  8. gona end up losing this game if bowles doesnt adjust
  9. i swear to God , college DBs can play more defense than NFL DBs
  10. we only watched rojo and lenny drop every single pass thrown to them all last season so its not like we learned or anything
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