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  1. 1 hour ago, ravishingone said:

    Last night was a weird game.  The D gave up -1 yd rushing, under 300 yds passing with 3 subs in secondary, and 17 pts yet we as fans were killing Bowles.  Offense rushing total was near the amount of the first 3 games combined with 0 turnovers yet only scored 19 pts.

    In the end, wins only matter.  

    Let's not get carried away though just because we held them to 17 pts

    The weather was a big factor 

    And we still have up 19 straight completions to a rookie

    The secondary just bleeds

    But fortunately our schedule is favorable coming up 

  2. Holy mother of God


    didnt deserve this but we got away with it

    refs should be ashamed of themselves

    bet Goodell had something to do with it lol

    cant believe Bill went for the long FG , hes too much of a genius, should have known he could have picked up 3 yards on us

    just wow

    These Bucs cant keep putting me through these heart attacks every week man i wont last  a full season

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  3. Just now, one_of_a_kind24 said:

    ******* stupidity is going to cost us this game. Instead of getting a first down to run out the clock, throwing 2 ******* homerun balls to leave them 2 minutes left to win the game. Great ******* choices.


    dont deserve this game and you know what , its all on the coaching staff, NOT the players

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