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  1. rather trade a 3rd or 4th for one of the better kickers in the league
  2. i really hope VH3 isnt on OBJ, need Grimes on him , no question
  3. really need to take advantage of this good field position wish we had dougie r ight now
  4. thats Koetter saying, hey jameis we dont trust you all that much lol
  5. thank goodness lol we reallly need Hargreaves to start playing well
  6. i agree they are vulnerable, i just cant see anyone in our secondary making enough plays especially if they play like they did in the 4th quarter of week 3
  7. i disagree manning has sucked because his OLine hasnt given him time, that coupled with our inept pass rush and worse secondary, he should have a field day
  8. why must you fuel my fire lolol you know as much as i love my team , im a pessimist haha
  9. u guys are going downnnnnnnnnnnnnn, we are gonna beat you so bad , its gonna hurt so much ... lol i think this one could go either way, you guys have a better D so that might go a long way also, you will feast on our terrible secondary
  10. doesnt change the fact that he stares down Evans like he's the prettiest girl at the ball
  11. i honestly think this would be a great idea VH3 to FS he would be such a good coverage safety the only problem is we have no CBs right now as far as Winston, he cost us big , locking onto Evans cost us big, like dude we have so many weapons quit vulturing in on evans
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