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  1. i remember a time where Bowles used to make half time adjustments ... idk maybe i dont the memory is fading
  2. yes yes yes cant stress it enough just keep jamming it down their throat and running clock
  3. hey at this point idc who it is, lets just get these 1st downs
  4. ngl Mickens got saved there bc idk wtf he was doing on that return
  5. i really dont think the Pats are playing good defense our playcalling is just atrocious
  6. Thank God for Winfield refs cant say **** about that one
  7. going to have to score on our first drive after the half im scared of this D without Carlton
  8. i just dont understand why you dont throw it to the middle of the field u have a timeout and 20 seconds
  9. what a lucky ******* bounce go stick a TD down their throats before the half already on tilt
  10. how does the clock run when Bolden went out of bounds???
  11. Bowles sorry *** needs to tell all these fools to stfu on defense QUIT CELEBRATING **** WHEN YOU MAKE 1 PLAY ON 1ST DOWN JUST TO NOT SHOW UP ON 2ND AND 3RD DOWN
  12. Between these refs and the way we are calling plays this might get ugly
  13. what a moronic play call jesus ******* christ why even have an LT if you are going to pull Cappa and ask rojo to chip THEIR BEST PASS RUSHER
  14. Shaq Barret being held like no other but is there a flag? nahhhh
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