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  1. Bye bye Cockrell in the slot HELLOOOOOOOO Mike Edwards
  2. We just needed our 1 quarter nap, we good now
  3. Finally Get the ball back , score , and erase the tape
  4. Why these guys have to get me so anxious on sundays
  5. We are going to have to score 30+ every game if we want to win
  6. Yea except Brady hasn't been playing like garbage lol Ryan couldn't even throw a TD on Philly smh
  7. Mike Edward's needs to be our Nickle in the meantime
  8. Yea I see a 40 burger at least Lay it on em Leave no doubt But like mentioned I still see us giving up at least 2 TDs Idk how Ryan didn't score on Philly but we seem like we bend alot on D and I just see us playing prevent when we are up
  9. need a touchdown on this drive anything else and i wont have anymore nails
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