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  1. We're at home now and the crowd will let the refs know how they feel about it if that's the case as small as the crowd may be...
  2. This is exactly where I am except I think the Packers win and cover the spread. It'll probably be a 5 point game where Tyler Johnson runs the wrong route and we get an INT to seal the game.
  3. Pretty sure it was a crappy run defense and poor pass protection. Plus, we've really improved our run blocking over the course of the season. Suh as well. Not injury related? What he has Covid? Personal issues outside of football? Doubt it's veteran rest.
  4. I'm wondering if he'll be used more strategically in playing fewer snaps. You worry his presence would actually fire up the team, but given how well we can run off tackle, is he(or Suh for that matter) even a viable threat outside of obvious passing downs - especially given how strong we are along the IOL at this point in the season.
  5. Not puzzling at all. He wanted a ton of money and was labeled as injury-prone; not to mention that the Raiders had quickly descended into utter dysfunction. Ted wanted to take a chance on him thinking that a change of scenery would reboot his career and that he'd stay healthy; the gamble obviously paid off.
  6. Good. Haven't been able to pay too much attention to it this week given that everything in my life just went Holus-Bolus(look up the term lol).
  7. how about "successful?" This is one of those games where we need to keep their offense OFF the field. I think part of that is because their secondary has lost a lot down the stretch, yet their two playoff wins have been basically determined on one play at some point in the middle of the game.
  8. Campbell will flame out in Detroit. He's been ready to be a HC for quite sometime, but he would've been more successful elsewhere. Atlanta would've been a great place for him.
  9. If AJ Dillon is a no-go, do we go after Mark Ingram? Does Ingram have anything left in the tank? I know it's late in the week but....
  10. You forgot the use the sarcasm color for this post. Fournette and Jones are in the same zip code as Kamara and don't have the gaudy numbers because of injuries and shared snaps. You forget the field day Jones had in Week 6... yeah, I can't help but think Johnson sees more looks, especially given Godwin's case of the yips the last couple of weeks. Our front-7 really needs to show up in this game; this is one of those games that will be won in the trenches... Rhetorically speaking, does this mean we will be jamming dudes up at the LOS?
  11. I think the second half of his tenure was tainted by Dom Capers more than anything else.
  12. Couldn't agree more, seasoned pro's are questioning his ceiling and his ability. I do think Tua can turn it around, but bear in mind Tua didn't have to carry a team as well. Mahomes had to carry a team as did Rodgers in college. I do I have to say that if you're going to mention OU QB's, you'd have to be thinking of pre-Baker, Murray, Hurts. In fact, I think Hurts may be the future in Philly TBH; he got a raw deal at Alabama IMHO and I'm a huge fan given how he handled himself the entire time - Wentz can should take a few pages from Hurts' playbook. I can believe the lack of talent
  13. and with Schneider drafting rather poorly the last few years, this is a catastrof*** waiting to happen...
  14. Line up Clark over him repeatedly and maybe rush Kamal Martin behind him a few times... at this point in the year, I'd think maintenance wouldn't be where it was earlier in the year. I wouldn't put too much stock into this as well unless tackling Tom Brady on the surface is akin to the old Cowboys stadium which was essentially cement with carpet on top...
  15. I strongly disagree though I think another year would've benefitted him if he could've recreated his 2018 year. and didn't said coach get canned? Giving Jordan Love the benefit of the doubt, it makes a fella REALLY wonder if he may have been held back?
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