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  1. 2020 NFL Draft Discussion

    Yeah, that's what I figured. Z's more of an every-down player than P is at the moment. Then again, part of it may have to do with the fact that F is more familiar with the scheme than R, Z, or P. On the other hand, if R, Z, and/or P were to go down, we'd probably be thinking F and A...
  2. 2020 NFL Draft Discussion

    True. Isn't Fackrell used a bit differently though?
  3. Also, weren't we going to trade for Drake?
  4. Adams is that guy for me as well. On the other hand, this is why we need to make another investment at the position because Kenny can't do it all in the running game in particular. Plus, he'd probably benefit from some more snaps off. Too bad Daniels had to fall off a cliff essentially...
  5. 2020 NFL Draft Discussion

    It tells me that he's behind two guys who we paid some serious money...nothing less nothing more.
  6. 2020 NFL Draft Discussion

    Gary isn't remotely getting the snaps that Burns is getting...
  7. Leisher's first 2020 Mock Draft 10-12

    Agreed, the problem is Biadsz won't last until the 3rd. He's also had snaps at Guard and IIRC, he started out as a Guard and got moved to Center. Two EDGE guys really don't make sense for me in this draft when we just loaded up at EDGE. I suspect Fackrell will be back as last year is proving to be an anomaly through 5 games. I too think that Lamb is a 2nd Rounder unless he blows up at the combine a la DK Metcalf. I'd also like to think that CB/S would be addressed, maybe the 4th Round. On the other hand, I suspect we're going to trade up again this year as well, though maybe not into the first; we have a lot of late Day 3 ammo.
  8. You must remember Ahman Green in the #34 too... I missed that. Totally opposed to bringing him in in the first place because he's injury prone. Just like Eifert...
  9. 2020 NFL Draft Discussion

    This is why I'm pounding the table to extend Blake now now now! I'm big on Trey Adams out of Washington as the first round pick, but it's a wait-n-see on where we would go with a WR in the second. Plus, we really don't know what we have out of ESB given that he's hurt. The fix to all of this is very simple: extend Blake, get a Day 1 ready starter at OT followed by a WR that could eventually supplant Adams, and find a good, young and reliable TE. It could be difficult, but we should have confidence in our organization figuring that part of it out and executing that plan.
  10. Green Bay Packers 2019 Offensive Line

    That and the fact that Hicks' absence created the opportunity for Oakland to focus specifically on Mack.
  11. 2020 NFL Draft Discussion

    Blake should've been extended long ago. Unless we're really high on a MLB in this upcoming draft, we're going to have to extend him. The more time passes, the higher his price. If MVS doesn't step up over the next few games, I can't help but think we go WR in the 2nd round next year, though we might do so anyway depending on where ESB is.
  12. I've numbered your concerns in order to properly address them: 1. This is actually my biggest concern. I don't think we move Tramon, but we see more Chandon Sullivan. 2. We lather, rinse, repeat what we did against Zeke last week. 3. Not concerned at all. Amendola is questionable for this game and if he plays, I doubt he has much impact on the game at all. Look at his game log from this year. Plus, our pass rush on obvious passing downs... 4. Hockenson is questionable for this game as well and hasn't done much. I know we were all obsessed with him as a prospect, but he's still pretty green. 5. I think our offense rivals that of New England's this week as it did last week; lots of run plays, lots of screen passes. Jones looked like a speedier James White last week TBH. I think we recreate that scheme this week unless we send MVS on a bunch of post routes.
  13. I'm not afraid of that secondary at all. Sure they have Slay, but who else in that secondary really intimidates anyone? On the other hand, the offense needs to score, but focus mainly on eating up clock once we have the lead. Our defense is going to get to Stafford and if we can show up against the run like we did last week, it'll be a long day for Detroit...
  14. I thought Graham played pretty well against Dallas. Campbell played for Pettine when he was in Cleveland so he's being kept around because he knows Pettine's system. I'd also suspect his role is to eat up snaps to spell other players or play as a stop-gap when injuries occur.
  15. I'm more concerned about JD McKissic than I am Kerryon Johnson. McKissic is explosive AF and shifts on a dime. Seattle misused him routinely; I was hoping we'd pick him up in FA. On the other hand, McKissic doesn't usually get the ball and he's the only RB on that squad rushing for more than 4.5 ypc; He's had 7 carries... Additionally, I think our offense is going to open it up a bit against them as well. Look at the competition they've played. They only beat Philly because Philly turned the ball over twice and allowed a KR for a TD. Those errors don't happen and Detroit doesn't win that game. KC gave up over 400 yards of offense to them last week and proceeded to get embarrassed at home by Indianapolis this week. I don't think this game is close unless we let them come back on us the way Dallas did last week. 28-10 and they get the TD in garbage time...