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  1. Would flipping Turner and Wagner make this look more comfortable short-term? I honestly think Runyan can play RT if he develops, but I doubt that's in the team's plans.
  2. This is specifically why I can't really take a stance on who's a good WR outside of Adams and Lazard, nor can I bring myself to advocate trading for a top-tier WR - especially given the more balanced offense we have under MLF where the run game actually works most of the time...
  3. First of all, Giannis is a UFA after next season and I've seen plenty of what they've done. However, I am old enough and wise enough to know it won't last; just like when they had Cassell, Robinson, and Allen 20 years ago. In all fairness, I will definitely give you that Budenholzer is the right coach for that group and they have a lot of nice pieces, but they don't have a legit #2 like LeBron has Anthony Davis or like Steph Curry has a Klay Thompson or KD. Therefore the ring is NOT going to come because Giannis won't be able to get that #2 and given some of his more recent comments, it wouldn't surprise me if the Clippers sent Paul George(knowing he's not the answer in LA), a couple players, and a few first round picks for Giannis at the trade deadline because Giannis wants out... Rhetorical question: weren't they supposed to be the overwhelming favorites to go to the Finals this year and maybe even beat LeBron? I'd agree on the second emboldened line wholeheartedly; go out to the park, get drunk, yell random obscenities at the other team, then watch the sausage race. When I visit family north of Green Bay, I see a ton of Cubs, Bulls, and Blackhawks fans because many couldn't follow the Brewers pre-Fox Sports Net, but they got all the Chicago teams on WGN so they followed those teams; especially given that both the Brewers and Cubs were an statewide embarrassment in the 90's. Once Giannis is gone, Yelich gets sick of being the bridesmaid(read: the Yankees want him), those two pathetic franchises will return to the basement.
  4. I get the sentiment about forcing it to Adams, but it's not like he didn't try to throw to other receivers. Gary got screwed out of a sack by P Smith jumping offsides. I was wondering why Dexter Williams was on ST's. He can't pass-pro for crap, but I'm sure he'll be demoted or cut altogether whenever it is Lazard and/or Ervin comes back...
  5. Not being rude, just stating facts. *shrug*
  6. Again, against a lower tiered OL. I'm not sure what part of we should have dominated this OL you don't understand. I'm not denying what happened, but the story of the day should've been how we shut their offense down, maybe even shut them out altogether; especially with the level of EDGE play we've had the past two seasons.
  7. Along the OL maybe, but look at that DL. The IDL should've dominated Houston's OL, which is considered to be one of their major weaknesses outside Tunsil.
  8. our coverage today was a bit off. A lot of that probably has to do with the ineptitude of the IDL as a whole, but the zone assignments seemed really off today IMO. Raven Greene had an up-n-down day in this area in particular; looked kinda sluggish out there when having to change direction.
  9. I wasn't saying they'd get rid of him. What's around him, however.... I think it's also pretty obvious that Minnesota will draft a QB this year or next. Wouldn't be surprised if they traded up in the 1st to grab someone if they're sitting at pick 10 or 12. How they'll do it is a mystery, but it wouldn't surprise me if they figured out a way to do so. That defense has lost much more than we expected and with Zimmer on the hot seat, you can't help but think Zygi will can him and Spielman and then let the fresh blood reconfigure the team. They've already got the offense pretty much in check outside of a questionable OL, but they need to rethink the front-7 of that defense. They're very strong at ILB obviously, but that DL has lost a ton. They'd be well served moving to an odd front, trading a couple ILB's for picks, and continue to add at CB.
  10. This could be read as sarcastic... First of all @deltarich87 is dead on and why trading for a WR would be idiotic unless we got a healthy Julio or a healthy Amari Cooper and neither are happening. Secondly, Will Fuller is more injury prone that JJ Watt and wouldn't fit into this offense at all. Face it, the first four weeks were a tease where we played a severely declining divisional rival, the latest Detroit team who will fire their coach, a New Orleans team that's a disappointment, and a Falcons team that promptly fired their coach and GM after our game. Now we're going to come crashing back to reality. We'll win the division but only on the account that Foles will falter down the stretch, Minnesota's clearly packing it in, and Detroit is practically too injured to play. If it weren't for the NFC East being a tire fire I'd say our division is quickly becoming the worst in the NFC.
  11. Kampman was hilarious in the 3-4... I think the complaint was more or less a "why fix something that isn't broken," especially because they remember how good the 2007 defense was.
  12. Joe

    Week 7 Games

    The Giants are almost completely lost on offense without Barkley, their defense is the walking wounded with 4 2nd-level players out and 6 more players on IR not to mention that they're running that failure of an off-set 3-4 that Dom ran his last year in Green Bay. Washington finally made a sound decision in hiring Ron Rivera, but their offense is a complete mess. Injuries galore, a QB who grew a massive and uncontrollable ego once he made it to the NFL, questions at RB and WR opposite McLaurin, and major injury and depth issues along the OL. Hell, we could probably trade Lucas Patrick and a 3rd for Daron Payne this instant had Matt Ioannidis didn't get hurt. Hell, we probably could've gotten him for next to nothing if he weren't hurt. The division is Philly's to lose and in the end that tie with the Bengals may win them that division, but I can't help but see a situation where Washington's defense, the most complete defense in the division by far, shuts Philly down a second time and sneaks a couple more wins to win the division.
  13. No complaining from me, then again I wasn't here when that change was made; but Dom's first couple years were great, then he crapped the bed because he started getting cute moving away from what was working. Such isn't the case with Pettine so much as it is the fact that he's not employing our pass rush the way he should. We've had little change in our personnel from last year to this year so there's no excuse to change things up.
  14. Or because the team knows that it's almost time for the annual season ending injury to Burks...
  15. Joe

    Week 7 Games

    All the NYG fans out here want the #1 pick and don't think they can win a game. There will be riots out here tomorrow. Thank God I live on the NJ side of the Philly metro... They're going to lose to Washington. Rivera wins that division with a 6-10 record...
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