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  1. I too applaud @Brit Packfor the work put in here. After reading the responses, I do have to agree that the numbers will look differently as the season progresses and I suspect that converting salary into signing bonuses may become a common practice as we rethink our cap strategy. I would also say that this is where player development kicks in here. There were lots of players mentioned in @AlexGreen#20's post that shouldn't/won't be all too expensive to bring back; the challenge being WHICH guys to bring back. He also re-iterated how we will most likely be moving on from Lucas Patrick. Th
  2. This screams "mentor" to me. Sure, Rodgers wants him back because of past history, but we all know Cobb will be a bearkiller and nothing more as a player. On the other hand, we have a ton of young guys on that roster including Amari Rodgers in which a loose relationship already exists. Personally, I think Rodgers will easily be our WR1 post-Davante simply because his game is similar to that of Davante's, yet his personal ties are to Cobb. In other words, he gets to learn from both. Name me a receiver who wouldn't jump at that kind of opportunity, I'll wait... Also @MrBobGray,
  3. Right there with you. He had limited opportunities down the stretch during the regular season as a guy off the street, made good on ALL but one of them where he dropped a rather difficult ball that glanced off his fingertips, and then his role expanded in the playoffs quietly becoming a bit of an unsung hero in certain aspects of MLF's offense as a result. I can see us keeping at least 4 TE's simply because of how the H-back functions in our system - a role Dafney executed quite well IMHO. Given that Dafney is able to execute that role well AND function as a move TE, that allows Deguara to ser
  4. Same thing with shoveling snow. My parents recently moved to vacation land north of Wausau and all during Covid, their church sent kids to do grocery shopping, shoveling, yard work, and a lot of other chores that are becoming difficult for my father. Not only are they service hours for the kids, but nobody cares if my dad slips them all a $10 bill for their assistance.
  5. Right, but outside of Kenny Clark, who do we really have on that IDL? You gotta remember that we had a TON of talent on that DL and could switch 4-3/3-4 with that front-7 because of the talent we had there. We're kind of the other way around with this current group if you really look at it. Sure, you have our stout pass-rush, but Kamal Martin is not George Koonce, but the secondary is eons better than what we had in the 90's TBH. I'm warming up on Stokes a bit more each day as the more I read our discussion and the more I reflect on how a present day secondary functions, the more I think he's
  6. I think Rapoport is doing his impression of Schefter where he adds his own interpretation to ramp up the drama where it doesn't belong. We're in a slow news time and we know for a fact that the Adams contract hinges on what happens with DeAndre Hopkins and that situation. Note that this came up AFTER Hopkins made those comments about his future in the league. If those comments aren't made, I seriously doubt we're discussing this topic. I can buy this argument, but @cannondaleis right about bad defenses; which is the exact same thing Favre went through the second half of his career with
  7. IIRC, there's been a bit of a shift away from Kubiak's philosophy so this more or less is a loss in regards to the coach's ability as a single coach and less about Kubiak's philosophy. JMO I'm not so sure, People have been slowly figuring out Michael Thomas for quite sometime. I suspect we're going to see a lot more Kamara and Murray in this one, especially when the QB situation is really up in the air(do they really trust Jameis?). I'm a little more concerned about that defense as their secondary improved through the draft and they've added a few nice pieces to that front-7.
  8. That's not how our league is looking at it for some reason. Just passing along info as IDGAF whether or not someone else has the vaccine knowing that those who are vaccine deniers would not be playing in the league, nor would they probably be intelligent enough to be successful at poker anyway...
  9. I take it everyone else is either on vacay or working from home? This work from home stuff is going to really shake up the economic and demographic fabric of this country. Admittedly, I'm pretty uneasy about it simply because of how we function and communicate given our immediate environment. Several of my co-workers have been in discussion as to whether we want to split time between the office and home, go full-blown at home, or full blown at the office. Personally, I've got pets and kids running around so I can't exactly provide my 100%, undivided attention when working from home though
  10. Is that a rhetorical question? We all know the answer to that; it's the articulation of that answer that has drawn unnecessary debate that has fortunately ended. That said, you bring up some excellent questions that, again, have already been debate. As far as the "want it" part, I think we saw him try way too hard in 2019 - some called it "hero ball" and we debated how the coaching staff is going to have to unlearn that mentality if it should be unlearned in the first place. With that in hand, we have to return to how he has handled himself in interviews; there isn't anything to suggest t
  11. I play in a poker league and we cannot ask other people whether or not they have the vaccine because it violates their HIPAA rights. Ditto. Lighting a J isn't kosher with the wife because then the kids can smell it.
  12. I hated the Myers pick more because his athleticism is overrated. On the other hand, Myers is a high football IQ guy, a versatile player in that he's not pigeon-holed into one set position, and his mechanical issues(vertical posture, hand placement/technique) should easily be corrected by our coaching staff; our strength-n-conditioning program has produced better results for our players as of late which, as I've probably already mentioned, may be the trick to unlocking untapped athleticism within Josh Myers. If he can correct some of his footwork to drive block a bit better we'll have more suc
  13. And all those players are going to need to get paid most likely. This is why Gutey needs to swallow his pride and give Rodgers a reason to come back. It's really frustrating to watch this organization shun the "win now" philosophy. I'd rather win 3 Super Bowls in a row and suck for 3 more years than miss another Super Bowl.
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