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  1. You can never have enough EDGE rushers, CB's, F TE's, and versatile DB's. I get that Barry will want athletic ILB's, but we're hurting worse at OT and CB. Mainly at OT. This year's OT class is quite deep as well. Also, Daelyn Hayes is an EDGE guy who could easily move to the inside given his athleticism.
  2. brilliant move on his part. He wasn't going to get his starting job back in Green Bay and Houston's OL is a trainwreck at Guard. Lots of tweener T/G types on that roster. No reason he can't get one of the starting Guard positions. I could see Gute blowing this all up if a Super Bowl doesn't happen this year, sadly enough. On the other hand, I could also see him letting a ton of guys walk if we were to win the Super Bowl, however. In any case, if Adams, Rodgers, and Z are gone we're pretty much blowing it up and sticking to the rookie contracts while accumulating as much cap spac
  3. Except we have a track record of Farley's medicals and enough knowledge to know why they would be a major red flag. We don't want to go through Justin Harrell again...
  4. This is probably the best mock I've seen from you. My only real criticism is that you don't go CB earlier though. A lot of people are obsessed with Jabrill Cox and I can understand why, but Collins may be off the board by 92 as would Quinn Meinerz at 135 most likely. That said, who do you select at CB after bumping Meinerz and Collins up a spot? Take one of them out, who do you draft at 62 or 92? Personally, I'd go with the best CB prospect on the board at 62, but I think you'd have to trade up in that round to get someone who's got a grade higher than a 3rd rounder and I think Cox is off the
  5. I hope he's not in their top-100 TBH. On the other hand, if he's there in the 4th or 5th and we haven't given up those picks I'd be happy to take a chance on him provided we have selected another CB first.
  6. uh....no he won't. He'll be a middle-of-the-road Rich-Rod type of player that functions in a role player role and we'll sit back and think...man if Gutey didn't blow a 4th round pick to trade up for Jimmy G 2.0 we might have drafted a better player at 94 AND have taken the plunge on Deguara in the 4th... Seriously, his ceiling is very low, but if he can be that successful H-back that can consistently sneak out and get you 5-7 yards underneath we can consider that pick a success IMHO. https://www.nfl.com/prospects/payton-turner/32005455-5264-6253-7d03-4daa88bd4dd4 Note
  7. It's why I don't think we're capable of drafting in the 3rd and why I wish Gutey would've traded down into the 4th from the 3rd round instead of giving up a 4th when he's traded up. In all fairness, however, the last half of the 3rd round is typically made up of players that teams think have potential to be much better in the pros than college or they're looking for that solid role player that another team may have their eyes set on; rarely is the value actually there. I'd honestly trade away my 3rd round pick just about every year to either move up in the 2nd or to pick up more Day 3 pic
  8. What tweener skills did Burks really have though? Greene actually showed some skill.
  9. That's the scary thing. Maybe Barry's defense doesn't employ that particular role....or so we could hope. Any decent SS should be able to cover a TE. which is why you don't even bother in the first place.
  10. Throw Oren Burks into that mix as well. He's only 233 and IIRC he put on 10 lb.s at Vandy to move to the LB role.
  11. Lance Zierlein at nfl.com is a bit sour on him. He's got him graded at a 6.24/8 and 10 CB's graded higher.
  12. I've gone back on my assessment on him as well. I think he'll be there at 62 provided we don't give up the pick first. Did some research on Hufanga and I don't want him anymore than I want Sherwood either. With that in mind, what is our general consensus on Divine Deablo out of Va. Tech? Seems like a 6-3 226 lb. lump of clay...
  13. Or he'll go to FS1 and become the next Mike Mayock there first...
  14. I'd rather Hufanga or Holland over Sherwood.
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