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  1. 2019 Murphy / Gute Off-Season moves

    https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/free-agents/green-bay-packers/ Off that list, I'm keeping CMIII(to mentor the young un's we draft), Lewis, Breeland, HaHa, Ryan, Allison, Patrick(for interior depth), and everyone from Brice on down. There really aren't any FA's that are really worth it for us unless you're talking Fowler, Clowney, Preston Brown, and Aaron Lynch; but I suspect their respective teams will resign them. If there's a hot young OC that's lighting it up for a particular team, grab him and let Mac go.
  2. 2019 Draft Discussion

    Oakland's OL is trash as well as their front-7, especially now that Mack is gone. I'd trade for Karl Joseph if I'm grabbing anyone from the Raiders. Cooper could be an excellent player on the right team. He's obviously not on the right team and if I'm Derek Carr, I'm thinking about asking for a trade...
  3. Extend Mike McCarthy

    I think it's time for Mac to go. I was listening to WIP in Philly this morning and they were talking about blowing timeouts for whatever reason and apparently Mac has blown the most this year according to PFF. Immediately, one of the commentators asked how Mac is still the coach. My issue with him, however, is where the offense is. We signed Mercedes Lewis as a stud blocking TE who can get open when necessary; haven't seen much of him. Graham gets a 54 yard pass the other night and then did what after? I don't think we're creative enough with our talent. I think we have the talent, it's the play-calling that's problematic.
  4. Too much arm tackling in this game for me. Our lack of pressure from the front-7 was once again and issue and hurt our secondary in the process. Needs to be cleaned up ASAP.
  5. Way, way to early 2019 Mock draft.

    Kinda dreamin there with the NE deal, but.....it'd be a good way for Belichick to screw over the Patriots before walking out the door... As the boards stand right now, I don't think Edwards is on the board at 85. He IS, however, a possible pick at 75 if the right pieces fall into place. Don't like the Anderson pick, but only because we can plug Day 3 picks behind that OL and they'll have just about as much success as a Day 2 guy. I think we'd package up picks to move up in the 2nd if we've got picks 54 and 57. I could see us taking 57 and 99 and moving to a pick between picks 35-40. Also, we'd go DL much earlier than the 6th.
  6. The 3 RB's

    Fixed. Derrick Henry has been an incredible disappointment this season, but I can't help but think his coordinator has everything to do with that.
  7. Gotta use your players to know what they've got. MVS is the only guy who's gotten any real playing time of the three.
  8. Mike Pettine Defense

    After this week yes. We were 26th after last week. Do consider the opponent we played, however. Buffalo has the worst rushing game in the league.
  9. Mike Pettine Defense

    Disagree completely. We've seen Rodgers carry the team time and time again only to have our secondary and/or pass rush forget to show up. The problem so far is that our run defense is horrible. Not only is our run defense terrible, but up until Sunday, CMIII wasn't allowed to touch the QB. Then you're talking about an offense that's sputtered because of play design and play-calling. We have a ton of weapons outside of Cobb, Allison, and Adams and we're not using them. Jimmy Graham should be leading all TE's in receptions at this point or be relatively close. Sure, we've had some injuries, but nothing catastrophic except for POSSIBLY the Mo Wilkerson injury. Pettine needs to find a way to stop the run. Our DB's have been actually pretty reliable this year, especially the rookies.
  10. I agree, but I think ESB's the better fit for that package believe it or not. He found a lot of success with similar plays in college.
  11. I have to agree. It's looking more and more like last year's defense was a fluke. Their offense seems likes it's a former shell of itself, even with Ingram coming back. Carolina has played a lot better and Atlanta will find a way to bounce back. I can see TB heading the wrong direction. I think New Orleans is a 7-9/8-8 team to be honest with you.
  12. NFL News & Notes

    Except their best pass rusher is going through some serious personal problems and their OL is pretty shaky...
  13. Random Packer News & Notes

    I agree with the previous two posts here. I don't think we'll draft four EDGE guys necessarily unless we have players fall into our lap. This next draft is DEEP along the OL and we have to cash in on that on Day 2 and early Day 3 in particular. Then you're talking about the fact that the DL class is pretty deep as well. Do we bring Wilkerson back? We need to address the DL with a higher pick IMHO to compliment Clark and to eventually replace Daniels, who is having a sub-par year.
  14. Mike Pettine Defense

    This is where the Jake Ryan loss hurts. Jake-n-Blake had a phenomenal report with each other in which one played off the other and it worked. We don't have that right now, not even with Morrison or the quicker Korey Toomer. Burks is a rookie and brings a different element than Jake-n-Blake, but between his nagging shoulder injury and Jake's absence he cannot be as effective as he could possibly had been this year.
  15. This Is Rival Talk v1.0

    Very logical argument, but one has to add that one influenced the other here. Jerel Worthy would have probably been a solid starter had he gone to a 4-3 team with a similar defense to what the Rams are running at the moment where Worthy could be inside charging next to a bigger NT. We forced Perry, and many other 3-techs, into either 2-gapping(which didn't really work, except for Daniels) or playing another odd front where they were over-matched due to adjustments by opposite OC's in order to counter Dom's defense. Dom made VERY little adjustments as we all remember. The worst example is the 2011 loss where he made zero adjustments during the second half dropping 8 guys into coverage and rushing the same three, gassed DL. Dom showed that he learned his lesson in subsequent years, but the improvement was minimal and any Dom defender could easily say his issues were the result of annual attrition due to injury and a lack of talent following the exodus of Cullen Jenkins. The performance of the 2014 defense LITERALLY bought Dom three more years in GB I contend that while all of the above is true, it's a result of Ted trusting Dom far too much and MM giving Dom far too much latitude.