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  1. The only way the Brewers ever take home a WS is if they compiled a team similar to that of the 2015 Royals. Much like the Bucks, they're WAY more competitive in recent years than they had been since the 80's.
  2. We should be more concerned about playing well as a team in spite of injuries, rather than Rodgers' play. Could he do more? Possibly, but you can't ignore the constant shuffling in front of him. Sure, we have guys coming back, but will there be improvement as a result? IMO we're overthinking it and should be focused on defensive and ST consistency.
  3. The only thing I like about a Rodgers departure is the potential for multiple FRP's. Adams would be the bigger loss as we wouldn't get as much back for him. As for the emboldened part, there have been plenty of articles from legitimate sources that have said Gutey traded up for one of the WR's that went before Love, namely Brandon Aiyuk who has been Aiy-ick in SF(as I predicted). Teams give up on dudes they traded up to get all the time so it could be viewed as a whiff, which for Gutey's record drafting, isn't all that common. I still contend that Jordan Love's accuracy is an issue and t
  4. Love doesn't have the off-the-field baggage Haskins has and he's probably a better player for it TBH. That offense may be a much better fit for Love than MLF's as well.
  5. I have to retract my comment about EDGE and go with this if Haden can still play. Edge has clearly been shored up with Mercilus provided he stays healthy. I'd still add Vernon as well for good measure as he may be an upgrade over Hamilton.
  6. Rumor has it he's signed with us.
  7. Sam Kinison was on Stern this morning given that it was the 35th anniversary of his first appearance on the show. In reading the weekly injury report coupling it with the long-term ramifications I only have one reaction....
  8. The questions then are 1. Does he want to come to GB? 2. How has his injury affected his play? and 3. How cheap is he?
  9. Rasul Douglas has had health issues which is why a lot of teams kinda passed on him in FA. My local Iggles fans tell me he was great when he was healthy......when he was healthy so as long as he doesn't get hurt... I'd still say EDGE however, We're kinda holding it together with chicken wire right now despite getting better-than-average reps from some of these street dudes. We just need some of these recent signings and PS promos to take that next step. I'm confident that can occur BEFORE the trade deadline facilitating a clearer picture as to what we should be targeting and what we could
  10. Agreed. Cook can't stay healthy, their defense is still lagging behind and now aging. That OL is still sus as well.
  11. Now can we get that newborn elk to get his sea legs in this defense and make him productive?
  12. This is the Aaron Rodgers we need to see. I love that trashtalk...
  13. You're missing the point. We need a dude that is AVAILABLE. He's never available so why shouldn't we go sign someone who is worth our time and ready to play? This is how we beat the Bears. Herbert isn't going to have a 100 yard day against us and with their OL being the walking wounded, they're well XXXXed and far from home. Their defense is going to have to be perfect and our defense is going to have to be 2019 NFCCG horrible for them to have a shot IMO.
  14. I wonder why he's even on the team. He's sick, hurt, can't crack the line-up when he's neither. I can see where CVL isn't ready, but in all honesty we have to question if whether or not he's the better option given that he has an ability Kelly doesn't seem to have: AVAILability... As for the game, there's no reason we shouldn't hang 35 on them with Myers and Jenkins likely to be back but I'll temper my expectations because it's a rivalry game on the road: Packers 29 Bears 13
  15. I think it's how he was landed on that's the issue. I bet it's actually a dislocation.
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