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  1. @TJM217 I swear I was just about to take him. hmmm. We'll it's a contract year for him, so lets see if he gets it together....probably not, but I'll take Rashaan Evans. You're up @TitanSlim
  2. I'll take Bud Dupree. You're up @TJM217
  3. I've never done this, but i'm interested.
  4. I love to cook. I try to on my days off unless I'm building up my garden. However, after a typical 12 hour + shift, that's the last thing on my mind. I hope that it's not making me burnt out, but sometimes I wonder if this is something I can retire with. I would love to have my own restaurant one day, but I also understand how I'm going to miss out on a lot of things in the field of work. I work every holiday, almost every weekend....it sucks when your wife, family, and close friends don't have the same hours. It's funny because I've had a few offers to go into food sales....Better benef
  5. Maybe we'll see what Richard Sherman and Patrick Peterson have to offer, since we're all about old cb's. Also what are the chances of signing the boy back in Will Compton?
  6. I know we just signed Bud, but what do you think of trading for Danielle Hunter and restructuring his and a few others contracts. We would completely transform our D line. - Draft wr, te, cb , ilb, ol in the draft?
  7. https://thespun.com/nfl/nfc-west/arizona-cardinals/patrick-peterson-free-agency-arizona-cardinals-preferred-destinations Just as old as Malcolm Butler, but brings a veteran presence
  8. Hey everyone. So I've followed this Forum for upwards of 5+ years and finally decided to quit being a creeper and actually make a profile. Please don't judge me too much. Name: TannerAge: 35City: Jackson, TnHow many years have you been a fan?: 2002ishFavorite Titans: Cortland Finnegan, Kyle Vanden Bosch, Dave Ball Sack, Michael Roos, Rob Bironas(Rip), Taylor Lewan, Aj, King HenryFavorite genre of music: mostly rockFavorite Movies: Coming to America, Almost Heros, IdiocracyHappiest Titan Moment: Letting Jeff Fisher go Intended Career/Career: Chef, Director of sales for the
  9. How much training camp does he miss and will he be there at the start of the season? I agree he's better than what we've had, but I hope there are more plans for edge as well.
  10. I wish Cam was playing so we could see how the defense does against him instead of Derek Anderson. I'm looking for deep balls thrown, since our wr core was eating up their corners in practice. No injuries, Mariota get us to the endzone, Murray run hard, defense with a sack or two plus a turnover.
  11. Name: Tanner Age: 31 City: Jackson, Tennessee How many years have you been a fan?: 14 years Favorite Titans: Kyle Vanden Bosch, Keith Bulluck, Jevon Kearse, Jurrell Casey, Marcus Mariota, Taylor Lewan Favorite genre of music: Rock, metal, blues, acoustic Favorite Movies: Almost heros, super troopers, coming to america Happiest Titan Moment: as of recently trading away the first round pick in the 2016 draft for extra picks. Intended Career/Career: Head Chef at the Jackson Country Club Random facts: Sneakin up like celery, yo i'm stalkin. Similar to
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