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  1. RB1-3 wiped out before the season starts. ok then. Peters loss is brutal for a D that certainly has questions at PR and will need to rely on good coverage... sigh.
  2. without Hudson / Jackson their IOL could be a problem, which could result in Madubuike having a coming out party early this season...
  3. pretty confident the D holds the Raiders to 10points max. get the early lead, smother their running game and have them put the game into Carrs hands - secondary will feast. not sure about the offense, too much uncertainty for my liking, i'll go 21-10 incl. a pick six. most importantly, plz stop the bleeding, no more injuries.
  4. heres the replacement for Hills ST snaps
  5. Bell will most likely not get much of an opportunity and i couldn't care less. Neither of these 2 will make or break the Ravens season.
  6. Bell down. Does not look too good, why have him return punts?
  7. COTY candidate. BS call iyam. Too bad for the guy
  8. i always thought the main interest for the NFL to have a franchise in LV would be the hordes of tourists going there and filling the stadium rather than a big local fan base. No expert obviously and no idea how the Golden Knights are doing but is anybody really expecting the crowd to be mostly Raiders fans thus them actually having somewhat of a home field advantage? I'd expect a lot of purple and neutral fans attending so to me the expectation of an enthusiastic home crowd favouring the Raiders seems rather optimistic.
  9. the front 7 is not good enough to avoid Fitzpatrick throwing away a few games.
  10. Don't think they'll add another short yardage RB
  11. EDC is killing it with compensation for guys about to get cut this year. Nice job.
  12. Favorite Team: Ravens Week 1 pick: Buccaneers I have read all of the rules and agree to them.
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