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  1. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    ironic that the Ravens drafted 2 tackles who excel in passblocking rather than run blocking, yet try to build this run heavy offense.
  2. so why did this guy not sign his contract yet? any concerns now? July 11th i believe is the day TC starts. i know smart heads on here will say its a non issue but being a 3rd round contract should absolutely not linger into TC. educate me.
  3. Goldfish's Slightly Too Early 2019 Season Predictions - All 32 up

    very fair evaluation, gj. next time you might want to add Tucker though as he will remain a big contributor to the offense.
  4. Goldfish's Slightly Too Early 2019 Season Predictions - All 32 up

    Chiefs in my uneducated opinion are very much like the Packers post 2010. high powered offense, middling to poor defense who will hinder the team to make it to the big game. nothing changed since last season, in fact Spagnuolo will probably make it worse.
  5. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    can you give me a short explanation what exactly they are ranking / measuring? sorry if it is self explanatory
  6. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    how in the world is Vince Rey supposed to improve the roster in any way. hard pass.
  7. Which Ex-Player Talking Head is the Biggest Phony

    he may not be the biggest phony, but Ray Lewis should not be on TV. as much as i liked the player the few i saw of him made me cringe.
  8. Predict the Week 1 Roster

    i'm really wondering why so many on here see Boykin as an IR candidate when Brown is the biggest unknown yet. If he aggravates his injury he easily could (should) be shut down for the season to rehab and bulk up reasonably.
  9. Transfers & Rumors: Deadline Drama!

    so Messi basically told baca to swap Griezman with Neymar. seems a bit Lebron-ish if you ask me for a player to tell his club how to assemble the squad. Link Marca wonder what Suarez will say when they replace him with someone younger because Messi said so
  10. OTA/Camp Observations 2019

    #8 bulked up a lot. great to see.
  11. OTA/Camp Observations 2019

    exaggerate much do you. love how everybody knows how the 53 are playing out when TC didn't even start yet. but lets just continue throwing random quotes around for good measure. must be the next great safety in the making.
  12. OTA/Camp Observations 2019

    hope OB2 didn't spend any time with Pierce over the last weeks.
  13. Colts make LS Luke Rhodes highest paid LS in the NFL

    living the dream. makes me rethink my professional orientation.
  14. Saints extend DE Cameron Jordan (3 years, $52.5 M, $42 Gt'd)

    agreed. team friendly deal, he probably knows the Saints need every dollar to build a contender and isn't solely focused on earning every last penny he could.
  15. Who will have the #1 pick?

    any team heavily depending on their QB for success. All it takes is one major injury. i don't wish injuries to anybody but in that scenario i'd say Seahawks w/o Wilson.