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  1. Potential 2018 Draft Needs/Strategy

    because they will save a good 8m in cutting Bryant and according to the Cowboys Board here they seem to be content in cutting him. getting our oline healthy will go a loooong way in fielding a good unit in 2018, don't you think? also as probably everybody i'll expect coaching changes this offseason as MM is just not cutting it. and i wouldn't call Hill washed up but to each his own i guess.
  2. Potential 2018 Draft Needs/Strategy

    why not? i think there is a real chance Bryant is cut, same with Hill. typical Ozzie moves. and i'd adress much of Hills struggles lately to incompetent coaching (sounds familiar) and a leaking OL (yep). doesn't help they have 2 more over-average rbs in Bernard and Mixon.
  3. Potential 2018 Draft Needs/Strategy

    just like beefing up the secondary, CB in particular, worked out weel this offseason it cannot be a bad thing to again invest a high draft pick in OL, be it guard or tackle. improve your strengths to masken your shortcomings (like a QB allergic to slightest pressure). if we could sign J. Hill as powerback and D. Bryant at WR you can focus on OL, TE and then BPA come Draft iyam.
  4. Potential 2018 Draft Needs/Strategy

    my money is on Dez Bryant being cut this offseason, Dallas would save 8m or so. Just like Sr89 he, who should have been a Raven from day 1 will rejuvenate his career in Bmore and become the possession receiver this team is missing.
  5. GDT 2017: Week 11 - Ravens @ Packers

    he did not let Koch punt the ball did he?
  6. GDT 2017: Week 11 - Ravens @ Packers

    ol man suggs still the MVP on this D
  7. GDT 2017: Week 11 - Ravens @ Packers

    Humphrey is gonna be a gooood one
  8. GDT 2017: Week 11 - Ravens @ Packers

    a wr finally helping out flacco and coming down w/ contested catch. nice to see.
  9. GDT 2017: Week 11 - Ravens @ Packers

    time for redzone. just can't stand this ineptitude.
  10. GDT 2017: Week 11 - Ravens @ Packers

    such a **** show. hilarious.
  11. GDT 2017: Week 11 - Ravens @ Packers

    Perriman demoted and healthy scratch this week. Didn't think the Coaches had the balls to sit him. I support the decision.
  12. GDT 2017: Week 11 - Ravens @ Packers

    Stanley doubtful w/ concussion. Hurst at LT? CAN'T WAIT.
  13. GDT 2017: Week 11 - Ravens @ Packers

    at this point there is absolutely nothing to gain with staying conservative and playing games how Harbaugh likes it. go all in and let Flacco show if he still got it, be aggressive in offensive playcalling and blitz the sh*t out of your opponent with your younf stable of pass rushers. you have the secondary to make that work now. nothing like that is going to happen of course. we'll lose in Lambeau, just because all that was (winning after a bye week, beating rookie starters being a given) counts anymore. just a lame duck of a team held back by there incompetent coaches. go Ravens.
  14. Chances Colts take QB in the first round

    seems wiser to build the trenches before picking another qb and have him be mauled to early retirement no?