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  1. Baltimore Ravens 2018 Offseason Tracker

    afaik he is reliable and probably won't command a top5 contract, most of all is much younger than Howard. how much longer does Howard have? he is on his last year of contract if i am not mistaking.
  2. Baltimore Ravens 2018 Offseason Tracker

    thats great news. Fins probably have to release Jawuan James now who then could come to Baltimore as our RT. would clear a need before the draft.
  3. DJ Moore - Possible 1st round target?

    AB does it for the Steelers. Occasionally, should have added that. Of course you need a dedicated returner but somebody with Kirks ability should def. be used for returns every now and then just like JJ was.
  4. DJ Moore - Possible 1st round target?

    with the offense MM is running Kirk is the weapon if choice to me, plain and simple. draft him in the 1st and be done with, get a consistent 1k+ receiver who actually has the ability to gain yac. As Campanero will probably be gone he could also be the returner this team lacked since Jacoby Jones.
  5. 2018 draft talk

    where do you have Cousins ending up?
  6. 2018 draft talk

    all for adding some higher round OL every year, agree with Danand. Yanda has what - maybe 2 years left? he is the anchor of that line and a true all pro player, the only one on that line right now. Stanley might get there but who knows. can't fill the voids of higher level players with constant low level replacements and sustain great line play for long. that 80/20 of what Ozzie is always taking about does not add up year after year, you have to add some top notch talent in every other year. when Nelson is there in the first you take him, Wynn in the second, maybe some tackle but i'd prefer IOL.
  7. 2018 draft talk

    you sure this team knows how to use a guy like James properly? they'd probably play him deep and after his rookie season everybody would be lamenting a wasted pick. i like the guy but not the fit unfortunately.
  8. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    never saw Boulware play but he should be added. also, Vonta Leach, that guy was just awesome for the marginal position he played.
  9. Value Free Agents

    I like to think Jawuan James will be a bargain as a very serviceable RT.
  10. 2018 draft talk

    the WR you wanted to name was Christian Kirk i suppose.
  11. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    approved. send him off to the Cards or Colts forum where he can spend the rest of his sorry times alone.
  12. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    way to go Doug - JH, you may take note Link
  13. apparently that was the timetable set when he signed his 5y extension four years ago. as a Ravens fan i believe its for the better, farewel, Ozzie and thanks for the incredible job especially early on in this franchise' history. but its time to get a fresh look in, hopefully DeCosta is strong enough to ignore the coaching staff on draft day decisions. word is JH and his crew took more influence on early round picks over the last years and it shows... bad misses in 1st/2nd rounds are part of the reason the Ravens are struggling to be a contender.
  14. Newsome to Step Down as GM in 2019

    hopefully. i am getting tired of him trying to sell the "we were just a play / few plays short of playoffs" though. no Steve, you were lucky to face the easiest schedule of QBs this team could hope for and still it came down to the last game, last minute melt down as the year before. cannot tell me he is satisfied with that. run the table is what you should be aiming at. not putting yourself constantly in the position to have your season come down the outcome of the final reg season game.
  15. Newsome to Step Down as GM in 2019