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  1. 2019 CFB/2020 Draft Prospects

    Jaylon Johnson is set to have labrum surgery after the combine. will that drop him? i say take him in the 3rd if he's stiil there and stack him for a year, Ravens are one of the few teams i'd assume a relatively high DB draft pick would not be needed to start year 1 http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001102782/article/utah-cb-jaylon-johnson-set-to-have-surgery-after-combine
  2. 2020 Baltimore Ravens Offseason Tracker

    did anyone mention that the Ravens are scheduled to have the easiest SOS next season at 0.437 a lot can change obviously but me gusto mucho
  3. Joe Burrow may force his way out of the Cincinnati Bengals

    yeah, i'm sure the guy is willing to sit out a year with an upcoming draftee class including the likes of Lawrence and Fields.
  4. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    Theres gotta be a FA starter / early draft signee. Brandon Sherff come on in.
  5. Ravens release Tony Jefferson

    Good riddance. The signing at the time had so much promise, only to be one of the most embarassing FA signing of Ravens history
  6. 2019 CFB/2020 Draft Prospects

    how does Netane Muti compare to former Raven Osemele?
  7. Redskins Release Josh Norman

    could see him in black & yellow next season. if he's not signing for the biggest deal available that is.
  8. Way too early 2020 predictions

  9. Ravens extend S Chuck Clark (3 years, $19M, $10M GTD)

    hats off to everybody who was sure he'd be a starter and an actual asset this last season. Didn't see it and so glad i was wrong. Beautiful to see EDC hand out intelligent extensions ie. 3 years until LJ gets his and the cap handling will get sliiightly more complicated. Now go extend Humphrey and Stanley.
  10. 2020 Baltimore Ravens Offseason Tracker

    It would be the most Ravenish thing to throw money at a FA WR in a historically deep draft class. I'd rather see them spend their money in both lines.
  11. Super Bowl LIV - San Francisco 49ers vs. Kansas City Chiefs

    happy for Suggs.
  12. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    Snead is good enough and better than 90% of the scrubs this team has trotted out at WR for the last 10yrs+ the position needs to be upgraded, as long as they didn't sign anyone worth a damn they better make sure to keep him. he was extended during the season for a reason.
  13. 2020 Baltimore Ravens Offseason Tracker

    and GR will be back for another run.
  14. Where do these 30 top Free agents go?

    Ravens will take Chris Jones and Sherff, thank you.
  15. 2020 Baltimore Ravens Offseason Tracker

    i'm not confident Bynes and Fort can be counted on to have the same impact next season ie. the same level of play. they were jobless for a reason i guess. can't fix everything in an offseason though so it would def benefit the team to sign Bynes for another year or 2.