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  1. thank you ET, appreciated. if you could enlighten me how that specific call influenced the outcome of the game? PM pls so we do not derail this thread any further, right, Mod?
  2. how so? Didn't end in points afaik. Other than the DPI called to during the first deive for the Browns that gifted them 3 points. w/e dude. enjoy the win!
  3. insecure much? for some it was a week 14 divisional, for some it was their SB.
  4. 97 total yards in the second half for the Browns. Against a defense missing their top 2 CB. Mayfield sure showed out. Playoff bound, no doubt.
  5. it only took them a bye between a h2h, an injury to the starting QB of their opponent and some questionable calls by the zebras to squeeze out a win at home. The Browns are back! Watch out AFC
  6. yeah no argument Clowns are ****e but man it must be 2-digit number of easy INTs dropped by these guys. Embarassing.
  7. again. brick hand brigade that is the secondary better be on the jugs machine all offseason.
  8. these refs though LOL. Unnecessary roughness? You gotta be kidding.
  9. another year the punk that is TJ Watt will not be DPOY.
  10. cool. Only took you 4 weeks to remember that?
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