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  1. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    i'm flying in on Sunday, enjoy your trip @Danand btw, how about this gem? bad scheduling or bad luck for an organization who wants to promote their brand overseas? London games have never matched two teams with winning records
  2. Baltimore Ravens 2017-18 Roster Tracker

    i am really curious to watch if Brandon Williams indeed is key to our DLine / run defense or if they will not miss a beat against a talented runner in Fournette who you know will get at least 20 carries. With ZSmith back they should be at full strength besides #98 if i'm not mistaking?
  3. GDT 2017: Week 3 - Ravens @ Jags IN LONDON

    3-0 here we come! With BWilliams injured we'll find out about our DLine depth, gonna be interesting to see if Michael Pierce is as good as people here like to think. Nothing to worry about other than Fournette for the Jags offensively with their sorry staple of QBs. Their defense is nice though so i expect a low scoring affair. 16-13, and ffs please no more injuries!

    week 3 pick: Baltimore Ravens
  5. with the latest losses to injury (Yanda, B. Williams) both our lines are weakened significantly. thus, i should expect the Jags to run, run and run some more... how did Fournette look thus far? how did your dline do this week, our oline should be better then the Texans but significantly weaker then the Titans, can't see our running game going anywhere. i see 2 ints for Ramsey and 4 sacks min. here's to no more injuries... longshot i know as i'll be attending the game i'll say 16-13 Ravens.
  6. Yanda Out for Season

    Go C / G / RB in any order in the draft, rounds 1-3. WR should be added through FA as per usual, always worked better than through the draft. For this season i dunno... pray for the best. Don't sacrifice cap and/or draft ressources now since i believe this year to be the final phase in rebuilding into a contender. A healthy squad with offensive improvements in the upcoming offseason? Watch out NFL, Ravens are contenders again
  7. Ravens Rundown: Week 2 2017

    Love: 2:0 divisional record. If we manage to split with the Steelers 5:1 looks reasonable and would certainly improve chances for some playoff shenanigans. Recent drafts seem very successful, many young guys contributing. Tim Williams gave Thomas fits several times. Humphrey had decent coverage late game. Too bad Tavon Young is injured. Offensive playcalling. Nobody expected much from the unit, they look much better then i hoped for. Flacco on his roll-outs looked good to me. Penalties. Only 45 yds? Yay.
  8. Is Aaron Rodgers prime being wasted by Thompson/McCarthy?

    Threads like this make me cringe. Is the OP looking for reasoning to crown Rodgers the GOAT on a career overshadowed by Tom Brady? Whom i dispise btw but Rodgers has had decent teams around him most of his career. Stop whining, its week 2 ffs. Packers will be in the hunt as they have always been with Rodgers.
  9. GDT 2017: Week 2 - Browns @ Ravens

    i guess it may be good the way it is, let our D fly under the radar as long as possible, they seem to thrive in the underdog role. i believe Ben R. is up for a rough ride once we play the Steelers in a few weeks, going 3-0 in the division would be a big step towards somehow reaching the playoffs, even if our depleted roster should not allow us to make it very far.
  10. Raven OG Marshall Yanda done for the season

    just leaving this here, unreal. maybe its time to call some central african witch doctor. not sure if maybe Max Williams and/or Brandon Williams will be added to IR since both left the game early...
  11. GDT 2017: Week 2 - Browns @ Ravens

    some thoughts in the early morning. Defense is for real and playing with a swagger cause they know they are great. still give up some long completions in the secondary but make up for it. very encouraging. Flacco looks good and his low no of pass attempts against the Bengals were clearly due to a very strict game plan that proofed successful. still not on the same page with his receivers on intermediate / long routes which will hopefully just need some more time due to him missing time in training camp. Perriman i gave up on. don't think he will ever be a reliable hands catcher, really need to wonder who in the world is doing the scouting for the Ravens in regards of wide receivers, it is ridiculous that they just cannot draft anybody worth a damn. injuries will be the downfall of this team. can't see them making it against tougher competition with all of their interior oline starters on ir. Yanda was the one guy they couldn't afford to lose, fully expecting Flacco to get injured sooner or later behind this line. anyway, 2-0 record in our division is great, will be attending next weeks game in London and watch the D dismantle the Jags, expecting not less then 4 interceptions
  12. GDT 2017: Week 2 - Browns @ Ravens

    They are schooling the Rookie
  13. Week 2 GDT - In the land of Crab Cakes

    Poor Kizer, Ravens D is having their way with him. GG guys.
  14. GDT 2017: Week 2 - Browns @ Ravens

    Man... BWill is also out w/ a foot injury? Geez.