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  1. its picture perfect really, the franchise, the fans, the QB, their colours. a match made in heaven.
  2. dito. i totally neglected that they castrated themselves offensively by trading Nuk. Watt seems washed even after a full offseason, not to take away from him since he has accomplished amazing things but he is really nobody to game-plan for anymore. i won't expect 7 sacks on their Oline but that team as a whole seems veeery average. Browns do have a solid Oline and i expect our front 7 to be able to pressure Watson into some very doubtful decisions. he seems to get gun shy when pressured constantly and to me is worth 2 INTs against our stout backfield IF we are able to make him uncomfortable early.
  3. 33-13. Texans can't match, i mean what changed since Nov to think otherwise. If KC can run all over them so should the Ravens be able to. 200+ yds between Ingram and Dobbins.
  4. time for Hooper to prove he's worth his contract. Can't say i'm optimistic.
  5. replaced Stanley when he was injured. Fluker is the current backup tackle
  6. i'd like Greg Roman to solely use Pat Ricard to punish ppl. stop getting cute please, you have enough options to get the ball to.
  7. Way to start a season. Love it. Can't say the same about watching 99 constantly dropping in coverage. Any word on Stanley yet?
  8. Love me some proper *** whooping on the Browns to open a season.
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