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  1. offtopic. so supposedly Watt is down to 3 teams to join. Packers (obv), Bills (ring chasing) and... Titans? what a ****** if that would be his choice. imagine 52 joining the Steelers in 2009.
  2. with Ngakoue you are at least confident he will make it through 16 games. Watt? at this stage in his career it is a gamble at best to expect 16 games out of him. so i absolutely prefer to invest money in a younger guy. same people calling for Watt now are probably the same guys hammering Jimmy Smith for being injury prone tbh.
  3. if you believe adding Watt willget us a ring you're wrong. see: Calais Campbell. the D is fine w/o another aging big name player. better invest that cap into the O for once.
  4. Bears 1st round pick sounds allright to me. Pace desperately needs to get this team in the POs and afaik they have nothing at tackle. Might not have the time to develop a 1st round rookie to save his job.
  5. yeah, i know who i'll add to the forum draft pick game. Tremble screams Ravens TE.
  6. we'll take Watson to backup Lamar, thanks. this whole "news" is nothing, thats a guy entering his 4th year 3rd round rookie contract, having played well replacing the starting LT for the Ravens so ofc he tries to maximise his value in contract talks, whether they are already under way or not.
  7. Steeleres fans watching AB and Bell play the Super Bowl is rather ironic ain't it.
  8. i am plenty confident in believing the art of long snapping is much easier to master than the art of playing center in the NFL.
  9. indeed. more than another WR not to get any targets. a guy like Duvernay with a cath rate of +75% had a total of 26 targets during the full season. its the offensive concept rather than individual skills alone that is lacking.
  10. its a snapper ffs. Nick Moore will do just fine.
  11. if it wasn't for JH the only logical hire for DB coach would be #20. too bad the both of them will never get along.
  12. does anybody expect EDC to stay put and pick at #27? cannot see him not drop back to the 2nd round to get that 3rd round pick back.
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