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  1. i call it the Kamar Aiken effect. Somebody has to catch some passes, the Jets have nothing at WR. Mims is not up to game speed yet.
  2. If we can't beat y'all we'll at least spread the disease. Officially sanctioned by the NFL.
  3. rescheduling only effective for Patriots. Funny how the league did anything to reschedule once Newton tested positive.
  4. i'd say its more the OC that has been figured out but what do i know.
  5. Titans have the tiebreaker, no way we beat the Steelers and i am not sure the squad in its current form with all injury/coaching issues is able to beat the Browns.
  6. I reaaaaaally like the way they are roughing up this fake *** tough guys. Not in our house dudes.
  7. so you take timeouts to get the ball back before HT only to get conservative and run the ball. cool
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