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  1. Liking what I'm seeing from Jones in this RB competition
  2. Well, I've been lurking this forum for over a decade, and once had an account I sparsely used (MrAnderson2008), but figured since I am actually knowledgable now, might as well stop lurking and join the conversation! ALSO, If any of you remember the Forum's MEME WIKIA.....I was the one that started that, but it slowly died out Your life Username: Squatch Age: 27 State you were born in: Oregon State you live in now: Florida Something unique about you: In 2010 I was in a coma for 2 weeks after a car accident and am now full of metal. Also, if my actual name is searched on google, the news article about my wreck is still up. Your love of the Packers When did you start following the Packers: 1997, First football game I ever watched was 97? SB Pats v. Packers What made you become a fan: Just picked a team and stuck with them Favorite current Packers: Davante Adams, Blake Martinez, Kevin King, Godgers, David Bahktiari All-time favorite Packers: SAM SHIELDS!!, Brett of course, Nick Collins Favorite moment in team history: Nick Collins Pick 6 in the 2010 SB.....at that moment I knew, the trophy was coming home. Your interests Other favorite teams: Jags (Young Talent) Hobbies outside of football: Gaming Favorite movie: Law Abiding Citizen Favorite TV Show: Currently: Archer, No longer running: Blue Mountain State Favorite band: Linkin Park