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  1. Richie Incognito Retires

    No it isn't. It's clear he isn't happy with the contract saga.
  2. Mock with trades

    Penny is a reach in round 1, I think he is far from certain to be round 2 either, he screams round 3 early round 4 to me. I don't really like Jackson much more. They have their 2 starting corners and is Jackson really an upgrade over Davis and White? Especially given the Bills D doesn't prioritise corners and McDermott has a history of working with late round DBs. I think RB and CB are 2 positions the Bills are very unlikely to take round 1
  3. Mock with trades

    So the Bills who already have a full depth chart of running backs reach for mid to late day 2 running back in round 1? Makes no sense to me.
  4. BUF signs OL's Russell Bodine and Marshall Newhouse

    Look at the stats. They speak for themselves.
  5. BUF signs OL's Russell Bodine and Marshall Newhouse

    When you're in a hole, stop digging.
  6. BUF signs OL's Russell Bodine and Marshall Newhouse

    Why? The Bills have a top 10 O line. They have signed a couple of backups, how exactly does that change that?
  7. Who have been the winners and losers of free agency?

    Possibly, but they managed to put crazy money on the table for Grant, which if you add to the Brown money is about what Robinson got. I can see why he would choose the Bears over the Ravens anyway. But you just wonder if the Ravens could have been more bold in addressing such a major hole.
  8. Who have been the winners and losers of free agency?

    They could have bid strong at the likes of Watkins / Robinson. They are desperate, their WRs are so bad surely you just accept that you might have to be pay too much but finally get a WR1 for the first time in years
  9. 4 Rounds of Heaven With Trades

    Makes a lot of sense from a Bills perspective. I'd be pretty confident if they trade up it'd be for Rosen, he seems a McBeane sort of player
  10. Who have been the winners and losers of free agency?

    Crabtree is better than Grant, but even if he signs I'd still consider Baltimore a loser, they had the chance to get an established long term WR1, Crabtree is short term sticking plaster
  11. Free Agency News

    He can. But why would you play him there when you can keep him at his natural position and get a cheap slot corner. Davis as a slot is an expensive wasteful solution
  12. Free Agency News

    Rather than Gaines, we need to prioritise getting slot corner sorted. We let Johnson go and we have a big hole in the roster
  13. Who have been the winners and losers of free agency?

    I would count the Bills as a winner. They got excellent trade value for Tyrod, made good use of Glenn in the trade up for a QB, and in free agency itself they addressed the huge need on the D line. They didn't get sucked in to paying too much for a bridge QB like the Broncos. They had patience and played the situation well to get a serviceable bridge / backup on the right sort of backup money and much less than people generally expected. In addition they reduced significantly the number of the draft needs at sensible prices (CB / S / RB). They have appear to have a had a plan
  14. Bills sign DE Trent Murphy

    Money matters because for years we've been in an utter cap mess, which in itself then limits spending. This signing won't have a significant impact. But to not care about money is wrong. One of the keys to success on the field is good cap management off it
  15. AJ McCarron signs with the bills

    When you're in a hole. Stop digging.