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  1. AJ McCarron Traded to Raiders

    Already a long discussion in the news forum
  2. Raiders trade a fifth for QB AJ McCarron

    I could understand it if it was a conditional 7th, it saves you competing for him. But a 5th? That's a usable draft pick
  3. Raiders trade a fifth for QB AJ McCarron

    Yes. He was virtually certain to be cut. He was the clear QB3.
  4. Raiders trade a fifth for QB AJ McCarron

    Why would you trade for him? He was a virtual certainty to be cut. Unless it's a conditional 7th to dodge waivers it's an absurd deal for the Raiders.
  5. Khalil Mack to Bears

    Whatever some people said, it was clear he was going for multiple 1sts. And at that price the Bills would have been crazy to do a deal. The Bills have a roster full of holes, and you don't throw multiple 1sts, probably high 1sts to get anything other than a QB. Mack is a great player, but it was the wrong deal for the Bills
  6. Khalil Mack to Bears

    You are wrong. NFL.com are reporting a team has already offered a 1st and another high pick, but the Raiders want at least 2 1sts
  7. Preseason week 2

    Yes, the pre season, where defenses may be vanilla, but the pace of them is the same. It's players playing for their jobs so they aren't going half speed. His footwork has been improving in the pre draft process and has continued, it's hardly perfect but is significantly improved vs his time at Wyoming
  8. Preseason week 2

    It hasn't regressed so far against actual teams.
  9. Browns trade WR Corey Coleman to the Bills

    I disagree, it looked an unsupportive toxic locker room and one not supportive of developing players. I can understand entirely why he reacted the way he did.
  10. Preseason week 2

    I quoted a piece and commented on it, it wasn't convenient to remove the pre snap read bit, it was because the 2 aren't linked and I wasn't referencing it No, I never claimed you said it was about his footwork. You said the issue was accuracy. A wide range of NFL experts said a major cause of that is his footwork, which has been addressed.
  11. Preseason week 2

    I directly quoted you? You had an issue with his accuracy, he has worked on the widely reported cause of his accuracy.
  12. Preseason week 2

    So you didn't watch it from the angle a QB sees it.....?
  13. Preseason week 2

    Precisely, bad accuracy CAUSED by his footwork. So the guy has improved the issue you criticise for, and still trash him.....
  14. Preseason week 2

    Did you spot using a high up easy to see the whole field TV camera angle by any chance?
  15. Khalil Mack to Bears

    Plenty of teams have a lot of cap space next year. Most of the league could afford his contract especially if you backload it (which the Bills would have to themselves). That's not opinion, that's fact, just look at cap situations. And of course plenty of teams will be interested, he is a highly rated pass rusher in a league where they are in short supply, he would help virtually every team. Furthermore it only takes 2 teams to create a bidding war. Mack would cost multiple high (day 1 or 2) draft picks. Anything less is just wishful thinking.