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  1. Pro Bowl predictions

    For the Bills, Tre White probably will do, he's having another great year, and isn't be overshadowed by Lattimore any more. Micah Hyde might get in again. He hasn't been as good as last year when he got in, but is well known so will pick up votes. Matt Milano won't get in, but should.
  2. San Antonio attempting to land NFL team

    No they don't. They play 1.
  3. San Antonio attempting to land NFL team

    You move the Chargers. They won't last in LA, the problem with home fans being outnumbered will only get worse in the new stadium. The league will be desperate to move them. I suspect the league will prioritise London over San Antonio, but definitely it's a possibility
  4. Le'Veon Bell -Farewell Miami

    The Bills. 2nd most cap space and in desperate need of skill players.
  5. Bills release CB Phillip Gaines; Claimed by Browns

    Johnson won't. He's a slot corner. He's having a great rookie season and since day 1 it's all be at slot corner
  6. Week 6 Mock Draft - Just for fun

    They may go DE. That is the one defensive position that makes sense if there isn't value on the board on offense
  7. BUF signs Terrelle Pryor

    No. You passed on both.
  8. BUF signs Terrelle Pryor

    Could be worse. Could have paid tens of millions to Case Keenum.
  9. Jets cut Terrelle Pryor WR

    He is a serviceable WR, that's of value to the Bills. Assuming they go in FA or the draft after a WR1, they still need others. Pryor is fine as a rotation WR
  10. Giants officially cut OT Ereck Flowers; Signed by Jaguars

    The only benefit Flowers brings to the Jags is to distract everyone from how bad Bortles is.
  11. J-Deereā€™s 2019 1st Rounder

    The Bills have a LT. You don't draft RT at the top of round 1. Their issue on O line is the interior not the tackles
  12. 3 Round Mock (Updated)

    Tackle isnt the Bills O line problem, it's the interior. They love Dawkins at LT and he was terrible at RT so they won't move him. And you don't draft RT at 3
  13. AJ McCarron Traded to Raiders

    Already a long discussion in the news forum
  14. Raiders trade a fifth for QB AJ McCarron

    I could understand it if it was a conditional 7th, it saves you competing for him. But a 5th? That's a usable draft pick
  15. Raiders trade a fifth for QB AJ McCarron

    Yes. He was virtually certain to be cut. He was the clear QB3.