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  1. BG82 Bills Mock Offseason

    We are built to be run first, our O line are far better run blockers than pass blockers. We have a stud RB. We are in a place where the weather is far more run suitable than pass especially the wind. We are far more than just a QB away from being a pass first team
  2. BG82 Bills Mock Offseason

    We are a run first team in a small market playing outside with bad weather. That's about as undesirable as it gets
  3. BG82 Bills Mock Offseason

    I'd be sick if we released our best pass rusher and signed another washed up Carolina RB
  4. Bills fire Rick Dennison as OC

    It wasn't his fault that the OC decided to play a slot receiver out wide. It didn't take a genius to know what would happen
  5. No player in the draft is less of a Bills style player than Lamar Jackson
  6. DeShone Kizer: can he turn it around?

    Yes, when they dump Jackson who is ruining the guy's head and replace him with a coach with man management skills he has a chance. No one has a chance with the "you're dropped, you're starting, you're dropped" nonsense from Hue.
  7. Buffalo's 2018 Offseason Information

    I don't think either are in play, Robinson will want stupid money and Lee will stay in Jacksonville
  8. Buffalo's 2018 Offseason Information

    Yep, on a day 2 / day 3 it makes sense.
  9. Buffalo's 2018 Offseason Information

    Our front 7 if a lot plays out nicely if a hypothetical scenario above. Right now, it stinks and is one of the worst units of any team in the league. We have no pass rush, cant stop the run and have no depth. I really dont get this we need a WR1 stuff, Benjamin is a WR1. Whilst we would all love a superstar Julio Jones / Odell Beckham type, you have to luck into those. And right now I barely see a WR1 in this draft class, never mind a superstar.
  10. Two NFL teams merging together?

    I can't see it happening. But the only time I think could, would not be on poor on field performance, but poor off field. And even then I think they would move not merge. The Chargers merging with the Rams is the only situation I think you even have a 0.001% chance of being considered, and that's because the NFL can't live with the Chargers playing 16 away games each year because they have such weak support in LA, and it might be more palatable to merge and create an expansion team than move them again within 10 years
  11. Case Keenum

    If they were losing I think they would switch. I think the biggest 2 reasons they aren't losing is their O line and WRs
  12. Case Keenum

    Minnesota's wide receivers and O line is keeping Bridgwater on the bench not Keenum
  13. College QB Watchlist

    At the moment, with so many roster holes, I really don't want to trade up. In the range of our picks there are a number of stud DTs and LBs in the 1st, even potentially some good O linemen. All of those would have a huge impact on our roster. I'd be far happier then taking a punt on trading up for a QB and having huge roster gaps. I'd much rather Tyrod + rebuilt D line than a rookie QB and the current D line
  14. Maxmw22's First Mock Offseason

    QBs very rarely if ever drop in round 1. Especially in a season with so many teams wanting them
  15. Week 14 GDT

    When the league decides fun is going to be banned