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  1. 2019 7 Round Mock draft

    The Bills picks make little sense. 3 O linemen in particular. They invested hugely in FA and simply don't have the roster space.
  2. Aceinthehouse's one & only 1st rd mock:

    I disagree when you say Dillard is the easiest pick. The Bills invested massively in the O line in FA. I think O line is an unlikely option. Oh and Williams at 10 is nonsense. He is the best player in the draft
  3. BrownLeader Annual 5 round warmup

    One of the more logical mocks for the Bills I've seen on here
  4. The Bills have loads of depth at CB
  5. 7 Rounds of Heaven With 1st Round Write-ups

    The Bills are loaded at CB so drafting another 2 makes little sense. Likewise they have 14 O linemen, so another 2 seems more than unlikely. Maybe 1 but not 2.
  6. Bills sign OG Quinton Spain to a 1-year deal

    The 16th free agent signing for the Bills.
  7. 1st Mock of 2019

    I disagree about an Offensive Lineman being a no brainer for the Bills given the huge investment they have put in free agency. It's a possibility, but not a particularly high one. Although Williams versatility means he is the most likely candidate in my view
  8. Consensus Mock Draft - Post Combine - Pick 9 - Buffalo Bills

    Zero chance it's CB. They have White who is a top level starter, Wallace who was excellent last season as a rookie. They brought back Gaines who was very good for them in 2017, and brought in Johnson for competition. Drafting a CB early makes no sense at all
  9. UPDATED MOCK!! (New Coach.....New QB?)

    Dawkins was tried at RT. He was terrible.
  10. Jaguars sign WR Chris Conley

    I like him, but it's more of the same for the Jags, I don't think he offers they don't already have
  11. 2 RD MOCK 3/16/19

    He isn't Roquon Smith. He really isn't. The Bills have a centrepiece LB. It's Edmunds. They gave control of the defense. And they ain't converting the guy who was their best player until he got injured. Top 10 picks should be locked in day 1 performers. Not guys who may or may not even make the field. There is no way they would pass over Allen/Burns/Oliver/Wilkins. They might go depth linebacker on day 3, but day 1? No chance.
  12. 2 RD MOCK 3/16/19

    Milano isnt a pass rushing linebacker. Alexander is, and is excellent at it. Allen, Burns, Oliver, Wilkims and Hockenson are the board and would contribute way more. The Bills only have Phillips at 3 technique, and after this season only Murphy under contract at DE. They have spent the off season talking up Edmunds,Milano and Alexander. They are not taking a backup linebacker at 9. It's bad value in terms of what's on the board and horrendous in terms of addressing needs I applaud the creativity, but sometimes you need to apply some logic
  13. 2 RD MOCK 3/16/19

    That's a ridiculous pick for Buffalo. They have Milano who was the best player on their team until he got hurt last season, and Edmunds who got better every game, with Alexander being a massive veteran presence. You don't draft backup linebackers at 9. I applaud people for being creative with mocks. But some things are just being silly.
  14. J-Deere Mid FA 2 rounder

    No way the Bills go CB early. We 2 good starting CBs in White and Wallace, and a veteran competition in Johnson. You don't draft 4th choice CBs in round 2.
  15. Bills sign John Brown WR

    They went for complete opposites..... Beasley is purely a slot receiver Brown is an out wide deep threat.