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  1. Who do the Bills keep between Milano and Dawkins?

    I think it depends on the season they have. Milano needs to stay healthy and Dawkins needs to prove consistency and 2018 was a blip. Cody Ford is big in the decision making. He needs to have a decent season at RT otherwise I think the decision is basically made for you. You can't go into next off season looking for both starting OTs. If Ford cements his position, I can see them being more willing to take a risk at LT
  2. Offensive Breakout Player for 2020

    I'm not sure he will be the true breakout but in terms of outperforming draft position, it's Isiah Hodgins for me. He doesn't have pure straight line speed, but he has fantastic short area burst, and you see time after time him getting a yard of space, and the guy has natural hands, you can tell, he isn't forcing it. I think he'll become a Beasley esque chain mover. Maybe not massive yards but a lot of catches
  3. Rams Jersey Leaked

    The best thing I can say is that the next time they change uniforms it's a guarenteed improvement. It's the 0-16 of uniforms.
  4. Defensive Breakout Player for 2020

    I'd say Harrison Phillips if he's recovered. He was our best DT before he got injured and finally was starting to settle
  5. Roster Expectations

    Something like that is the only conceivable way that Roberts isnt on the roster. They won't get rid unless a rookie emerges
  6. Offensive Breakout Player for 2020

    For me, he is favourite amongst RBs, WRs and TEs to lead in touchdowns. He can do the power 2 yard run, equally he can catch or run in a 30 yard agile run. He may not get big yards, but he could be brilliant for TDs. Utah isnt a big watched program, but they were amazing last year, could easily have ended up in the college football playoffs.
  7. Offensive Breakout Player for 2020

    I'm not certain Singletary is the lead back. Moss was drafted at basically the same spot, and has a lot of Singletarys agility, in a more powerful body. Without the injuries he'd have gone a lot higher I think its genuinely up in the air about RB touches. It could 2/3 Moss or 2/3 Singletary and I wouldn't be surprised. My gut says Singletary will have more yards (between the 20s) and Moss will get more TDs
  8. Roster Expectations

    Personally I think he is one of the safest spots on the roster. We don't have an even half decent alternative, it's one of the biggest drop off of any positions on the team. Hyde is a alternative if you simply want a safe catch. But Mckenzie was a liability and the fact they went and spent the money they did in the off season on pure special teamers suggests to me he is, barring something like Gabe Davis being a stunning returner (which he has shown no indication of) that Roberts is locked in. It's not just the player, it's the roster and investment they have made around it
  9. Roster Expectations

    They won't cut Roberts. No chance. He is a top 3 returner in the league and has been for a number of years and they made a conscious effort this off season to improve Special Teams. The drop off to the next best returner is dramatic.
  10. Day 2 Draft Discussion

    Far better. Dillon is a straight line runner who needs a long run up. Moss is powerful but also can evade tackles and is far more agile
  11. 3-rounder.

    This aged well.
  12. 2020 NFL Draft

    Thought all told it was one of the least exciting 1st rounds in a long time. Jordan Love pick aside it was short on drama or storylines. For the Bills it went pretty well. The Dolphins seriously reached on 2 picks and whilst Beckton helps the Jets, he is hardly a polished LT, he is a risky pick.
  13. 2 Round Mock

    That pick makes no sense for the Bills. DT is their deepest roster position and with Oliver, Phillips and Jefferson also one of their younger
  14. Mountains Mock 2nd round added

    That's a bizarre trade for the Bills. They have Oliver, Phillips, Star, Butler, Jefferson and Taylor. It's their deepest roster spot by far. I'd be staggered if they drafted one at all, never mind trade up for a guy who at best, would be a backup behind Phillips and Oliver
  15. My only mock this year

    Are you claiming Burrow is a reach?