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  1. First crack at one. 2 rounds, now.

    Interesting one from a Bills perspective. Filling the Alexander hole wont be easy so it makes a lot of sense. Will they want to spend 2 1st round picks on linebackers, given they love Milano too?
  2. First crack at one. 2 rounds, now.

    I'd be surprised if he goes round 1. He hasn't looked great this year and Oregon made him looked pretty terrible in the Rose Bowl
  3. Brushmyhairs divisional rd mock

    Interesting to see someone throw a few trades in. I suspect Ruggs would be gone by the time the Bills pick, but it makes sense if he is there
  4. WR set next year

    The way you are going on about him it's like we are missing out on the next Randy Moss.
  5. WR set next year

    No you don't. You need half decent play design to get your good receivers like Beasley and Brown open. Allen is about the worst QB around at delicate precision touch passes in just the right spot for jump balls. There is a reason we moved away from the big jump ball guys like Benjamin and Williams, it doesn't suit the QB.
  6. WR set next year

    He's popular because people want to dream.
  7. WR set next year

    Better that than the CFL. Let's be honest, if he was an UDFA and not a CFL star with loads of Internet highlight clips, no one who care about Williams.
  8. WR set next year

    No. I see the reality. Brown and Beasley aside, and Roberts for returns,no receivers have done much of anything this season. YET they have still impressed the coaching staff more than Williams enough for him to be inactive virtually every week. The fact the coaching staff, the many who see him every day, don't seem impressed by him seems to be a lot more reliable a judge than the hopes of an Internet forum fan.
  9. Updated 2020 5 Round Mock Draft Updated 1/22/20

    Odd picks for the Bills. A 1st round RB when they have a stud rookie in Singletary and a DT when they have loads.
  10. WR set next year

    Had an 8 touchdown NFL season. Kroft is not the long term answer, but at least has actually done something in the NFL.
  11. WR set next year

    No. I'm just find the Williams love bemusing. He is the 2019 Brandon Reilly. An online fan favourite who never actually achieves anything. Next year it'll be another random guy. It's always the same.
  12. WR set next year

    Yep. They have drop problems but also show potential. Williams hasn't.
  13. WR set next year

    Does he? In real games, or just that's what you hope he'll do?
  14. WR set next year

    What does he offer in that situation that Tyler Kroft or Dawson Knox don't?