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  1. Goldfish's 3 Rounds

    I like it. The TEs are going far too low in mocks
  2. The one where the Steelers do all the trades (1 round)

    No. The Bills pick 9th because of Strength of Success which applies after Strength of Schedule for same Conference Teams. The coin flip between 49ers and Raiders only happened because they are less tiebreakers when the teams are in different conferences.
  3. Trades Trades TRADES

    If John Elway picked Kyler Murray at 5, he would be fired before the 1st night of the draft was over.
  4. The one where the Steelers do all the trades (1 round)

    What price are you assuming the Broncos pay for pick 9? They would have to trade up for it.
  5. The one where the Steelers do all the trades (1 round)

    How can the Broncos trade pick 9? The Bills own pick 9.....
  6. Goldfish's 2 Rounds - Updated

    The draft order is wrong. The Bills pick at 9.
  7. The Mock: Kyler Murray Edition (With Trades)

    Dexter Lawrence makes no sense for the Bills. They already have 2 big 1T run stuffers. They need a pass rushing interior lineman. The position is logical for the Bills but the player fit is terrible
  8. AFC Wild Card: Chargers @ Ravens

    A QB who can't pass or run anything other than a novelty offense which is already out of date.
  9. 2 Rounds Let’s get down

    All those trade values are way off, in every case they are way too cheap.
  10. New Years Mock

    It's not the WR I would take, but the logic for both Bills picks is solid
  11. 1st Round Mock

    You got the draft order wrong. The Bills are picking 9th.
  12. Will Josh Allen become a franchise QB for the Bills?

    I completely disagree. That's the one thing he won't be. He'll either be a disaster and or take them to the playoffs regularly He is very high ceiling, very low floor. Tannehill is high floor low ceiling
  13. Mike Mayock nearing deal to be Raiders next GM.

    DJ has reportedly been interviewed for much more senior positions than just that of a scout
  14. Mike Mayock nearing deal to be Raiders next GM.

    Joel Klatt was brought into last year on the secondary team when they jointly did it with Fox, I wonder if he becomes part of the main group
  15. Final Draft Order Mock w/ Explanations. 1 Round

    You got the draft order wrong. Bills are 9th, Broncos 10th. The Bills got it on Strength of Victory.