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  1. They've already succeeded in growing it. There is no turning back now. International growth is inevitable. Just as people said the MLS would never work, or the Austin GP couldn't succeed after Indianapolis 2005. Now they are both embedded in their respective sports
  2. Fair enough, I assumed it must have some clause about highest of the 2 picks but that makes sense
  3. So if Tennessee don't finish with a better record than Miami then they actually drop down in the draft not up?
  4. He's just seen Daboll and Dorset do a massive development job on Allen. It's an out the spotlight city with a QB who plays a physical style and takes risks.
  5. The fringe players still need replacing for cap purposes. There is also a 40m a year Allen contract coming, plus Edmunds. So they can't get too strong on pushing money to later years as it will really hurt later
  6. From all that I've seen they won't be able to do that. Basically Feliciano is the name free agent. Assuming Smith retires / is cut. You then have a few million at the bottom of the roster for Roberts / Mckenzie replacement
  7. So that's the Bills basically out of contention for any FAs. Puts pressure on Jackson and Epenesa to step up on D.
  8. In a salary cap tight year. Did an aging veteran RB, never considered a superstar, actually have a big market? At least he locked up a role that looks he'll get playing time in, at a lot more than vet minimum. Maybe he survives til next off season and a better situation. Aside from the Dolphins who is really going to splashing out on old free agent RBs this year?
  9. The Leatherwood pick for the Bills makes very little sense. They have starting OTs on long term deals and 2 massive holes at Guard. O line makes sense, but Guard not Tackle
  10. The fact that players like Morse, Butler and Addison are taking pay cuts to stay shows how the different the Bills are now perceived. It's a place players want to be.
  11. Almost as bizarre as them not losing any significant coaches or co-ordinators this off season is the fact they didn't lose any of their front office to GM jobs. Despite it having multiple obvious candidates
  12. It's be basically equal in terms of the completion stats being reported so it seemed likely they would go with the big cap space saving
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