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  1. The Official XFL Thread!

    They do want to see football. But football for a purpose. The XFL rules aren't very different and the players are basically a collection of NFL failures. By having a link to the NFL a development league both gets the power behind it, but also a structure to get players. By standing alone, you either have to compete, or accept it'll be sub standard
  2. The Official XFL Thread!

    I completely disagree. A feeder / linked league is the only survival hope. Trying to compete, when your biggest names are the likes of Cardale Jones is a hopeless cause.
  3. The Official XFL Thread!

    Seems like a fair amount of recycled AAF players. So I expect a similar level product. If the AAF didn't succeed, even with the NFL links to the point games were on NFL network, I can't see it lasting. The sheer amount of money available means it might last a bit longer, but no start up league will work until it properly links into the NFL structure
  4. Working on a third round...

    Nah, I'll stick to bringing up your posts at draft time. I'll happily take the high road over resorting to your behaviour.
  5. The Cowboys in the US is a pretty good comparison. Initially the growth in Jaguars fans was noticeable, and neutrals accepted them. Now there is a backlash from the marketing and neutrals in Jags games more often than not cheer against them. Its almost as annoying as the London's Jay Ajayi thing, which fans now mock the NFL with.
  6. No. Brits like underdogs. If anything their performance helps them. It's their marketing style. The brash marketing approach which suits the US falls flat in the UK. Brits don't like being told we must like the Jags.
  7. Disappointing. There has been a noticeable swing in mood in the last few years against the Jaguars amongst the UK fans. The media are obsessed with them, especially NFLUK and the backlash is growing fast. The Jaguars are becoming one of the most hated teams in the UK
  8. Working on a third round...

    Grow up.
  9. Working on a third round...

    Bucky Brooks this week Lance Zierlien this week The 3 most recent CBS ones Most draft network ones. He isn't in the 1st round. That credible enough....?
  10. Working on a third round...

    You can say it a thousand times. You'll be better off spending your time using Google.
  11. Working on a third round...

    He has fallen down draft boards. And in most recent mocks HE ISN'T the 20s. Or the 1st round at all.
  12. Working on a third round...

    Biadasz hasn't been good this year, and people are realising which is why he falling in mocks. A couple of months ag9 he was round 1 in every mock. Now more often than not he isnt
  13. Working on a third round...

    You would be loading a huge amount of cap space to 1 position generally that isn't considered one where you would do it normally assuming they also extend Milano. It could happen but it would be a step away from the norm
  14. Working on a third round...

    Interesting one from a Bills perspective. Filling the Alexander hole wont be easy so it makes a lot of sense. Will they want to spend 2 1st round picks on linebackers, given they love Milano too?
  15. Working on a third round...

    I'd be surprised if he goes round 1. He hasn't looked great this year and Oregon made him looked pretty terrible in the Rose Bowl
  16. Brushmyhairs divisional rd mock

    Interesting to see someone throw a few trades in. I suspect Ruggs would be gone by the time the Bills pick, but it makes sense if he is there
  17. WR set next year

    The way you are going on about him it's like we are missing out on the next Randy Moss.
  18. WR set next year

    No you don't. You need half decent play design to get your good receivers like Beasley and Brown open. Allen is about the worst QB around at delicate precision touch passes in just the right spot for jump balls. There is a reason we moved away from the big jump ball guys like Benjamin and Williams, it doesn't suit the QB.
  19. WR set next year

    He's popular because people want to dream.
  20. WR set next year

    Better that than the CFL. Let's be honest, if he was an UDFA and not a CFL star with loads of Internet highlight clips, no one who care about Williams.
  21. WR set next year

    No. I see the reality. Brown and Beasley aside, and Roberts for returns,no receivers have done much of anything this season. YET they have still impressed the coaching staff more than Williams enough for him to be inactive virtually every week. The fact the coaching staff, the many who see him every day, don't seem impressed by him seems to be a lot more reliable a judge than the hopes of an Internet forum fan.
  22. 2020 7 Round Mock Draft Updated 2/3/20

    Odd picks for the Bills. A 1st round RB when they have a stud rookie in Singletary and a DT when they have loads.
  23. WR set next year

    Had an 8 touchdown NFL season. Kroft is not the long term answer, but at least has actually done something in the NFL.
  24. WR set next year

    No. I'm just find the Williams love bemusing. He is the 2019 Brandon Reilly. An online fan favourite who never actually achieves anything. Next year it'll be another random guy. It's always the same.