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  1. From what I've read so far, the 2022 NFL draft will be a below average year for quarterbacks. This should enhance Rodgers trade value. Philly has 3 first round picks next year and I do not believe they are sold on Hurts as their QB of the future. If you paired Rodgers and Adams (via the tag), I believe Philly would gladly give us all 3 of those picks, which right now are all in the top half of the draft. If Rodgers and Adams knew they were going to be traded together to the same team, it might remove their objections to said trade.
  2. Hopefully it is for players minimum because he really is not what he used to be.
  3. He must have been told that Stokes is the starter so he needs an excuse not to play....surprised its not the hammy. I thought he might need time off for all those burn marks on this body from being torched by wide receivers running past him for touchdowns.
  4. I thought this was easily the best showing by this defense this year. Good intensity and effort. Still would like to get better at getting off the field on third down and longer than 5 yards. But this was a step forward. Its early, but I like what I'm seeing from Stokes so far. Yes, he got called for a couple ticky tacky pass interference calls, but he was pretty tight in coverage. We desperately need one more interior defensive lineman to show up on 3rd and long. But again...a step forward. That's all I can ask for at this time.
  5. Hey you all, have a little faith in the Packers, oops I mean 49er's.....48-10, Aaron sits in the 4th quarter.
  6. The defensive line is really the key problem so far (if its not Barry). So which defensive lineman(s) should we pursue and how much in terms of compensation/draft choices and or players are we prepared to part with? Its only been 2 games and hopefully we see improvement, but when do we either accept what we have or press the button and get an upgrade on players. Trade deadline is I believe week 8 this year.
  7. We are not good again....not with that defensive line. Barry has not figured out we don't have the Rams defensive line talent. Last weeks game and that first half performance last night was just putrid. If it took LeFleur to talk to him at halftime and get him to dial up the pressure, bad on him again. That's Barry's job to figure out. We're going to play better teams here in the next couple of weeks. I'm really hoping they prove me wrong. If not, we're in big trouble.
  8. Barry is trying to go 3 for 3. The last 2 teams he was defensive coordinator finished last in defense, and he wants to win the tri-fecta.
  9. And against offenses that are not elite either.
  10. Can someone explain for me....what exactly is Joe Barry bringing to the table??? This defense reminds me of the 1970's and 1980's. We could not stop the run and we could not pressure the quarterback. He is running about the most basic plain defense. Does not attempt to confuse the quarterback with anything pre-snap. No unusual blitz schemes. This guy might need to get fired after this game. The players have to be wondering...are we REALLY THIS BAD? They were average last year...how do you go from being average to being the worst defense in one off season.
  11. I think if the Lions just run the ball, they can get 4-5 yards a crack.
  12. Our defensive line just SUCKS !!!
  13. Love that commitment to the running game.
  14. But we don't need to play starters in the pre-season.
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