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  1. It wouldn't be "game of the year" if we won !
  2. Have the NFL owners approved increasing the schedule from 16 to 17 games yet? I knew it was on the table...but have not seen news on whether or not the owners have approved it. If approved, I think this will increase the salary cap to somewhere between $185 million to $188 million for next year. Could impact who gets cut and who gets restructured.
  3. I would imagine we are looking for a offensive tackle, cornerback, or defensive tackle in the first round. If we are thinking defensive tackle, it would be nice if Barmore was there but most of the mocks that I have seen have him going anywhere from 18-28. The defensive tackle that should be there is Nixon from Iowa, who I believe is a more complete player currently in terms of playing both the run and the pass. I've seen mocks with him generally being selected between the 27th and the 42th pick of the draft. Would you be happy with him?
  4. Both the Packers and now the Chiefs are playing against the Bucs and the refs. Last week they would not call holding against the Bucs. This week they will not stop calling holding against the Chiefs. How fortunate for the Bucs.
  5. Now we are calling defensive holding....I saw a lot worse last week....not called.
  6. It was all about taking a guys head off back then or at least it was for Lynch....maximum force. Butler emphasized playing with your head in a different way.
  7. Hopefully Barry has learned something over the past several years about scheme, strategy, and execution that he did not understand before. Otherwise.....this could be a major blunder. Should be an interesting press conference introducing him. I wonder if he will get an insightful questions like....."Your defensive ranking for each of the previous teams that you were the DC for were near or at the bottom of the league. What do you say to the fans that read those rankings after you were announced as the DC and are now shaking their heads questioning your hiring to assure them that we wil
  8. I personally think Lynch and Butler are about equal....I believed Lynch played longer and because he now is in the media is more well known after his playing days. Butler could play in today's NFL, Lynch could not...he would be ejected for head shots every other game.
  9. Underwhelmed. Still like to know what happened to Leonard....2 interviews, the second of which went on for several hours before Murphy showed up.....then he declines. I can only figure it was a security issue in that the offered contract term was too short in length, too low in compensation (and Murphy is known for being cheap), or did not have an out in it if the Badgers Head Coaching job became available.
  10. Saints are like $90 million over the cap next year. But Brees is due a lot under his current agreement. He could do nothing and let the Saints hang, but I always sensed that while Brees wants to be recognized and compensated for the great player he was, that he really appreciated the team, and this concession is a tip of the hat on his way out for the Saints to help them with their cap problem.
  11. I think in a hint he won't be back the Saints and Brees are now restructuring his contract. He is apparently agreeing to reduce his base salary next year to the players minimum, so the Saint's save $24 million against the cap next year. If he is just giving up money...thats really big of him. I wonder if Rodgers would do the same if we restructured his contact and extended it a few years to give him security. Then when he retired in 3-4 years he gives the Packers a concession like that.
  12. UW has limits on how much they can pay assistant coaches. The SEC pays way more because they don't have those limits. Coaches have left just for that reason.
  13. Agree that security is the main driver, but maybe part of the security is keeping players around that Aaron wants....Tae would be one of those guys and his contract expires at the end of next year. His cap number is $16.787 million next year and if we gave Rodgers the security he wants and part of that security would be keeping Tae, you may be able to negotiate a more slightly more favorable deal cap wise next year with both him and Tae. Then take that extra cap savings and go sign a free agent or two. Can't hurt.
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