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  1. The worst thing you can give Rodgers is power and make him the king again. Once he owns you he becomes complacent. He really could have played better in 2019 but he was not really totally buying into LeFleur's offense and went off script repeatedly. Rodgers over and over again changed the play last year out of a running play to a pass play with little success. His passes were off target and he was really off on long throws that used to be his bread and butter. His mechanics were getting worse by the year. But hey...no heir apparent was around and he had a nice new fat contract where he w
  2. Schefter probably is not lying. Rodgers did not tell him as he needs plausible deniability so you let someone with knowledge of the situation talk about it. Could have been his agent, could have been a player he is close to, could have also been someone inside 1265. Let's face it. You now have multiple reports of Rodgers doing the following: 1. Telling free agents not to come to Green Bay because he would not be there in 2021. (If true how if that not undermining the team, what is?). 2. Chatting with other players and calling Gute...Krause. Passive-aggressive nature shows
  3. And the media immediately threw shade on LeFleur. But the QB coaches that study film knew, Rodgers with all that arm talent and one of the best QB's to ever play, came up short in that big moment. But he left LeFleur out to dry. He could have acknowledged that if he had executed better on 1st or 2nd down, there would be no need for that 4th down call. Throw you're coach under the bus.
  4. Right after the game I also had questions why they did not give the ball to Rodgers one more time on 4th down. Then I watched the "All 22" tape of 1st and 2nd down. On both those downs, Rodgers has his guy open in the first window (albeit not wide open), but he HESITATES slightly pulling the trigger each time and then has to throw it to the same player in the second window when the window is smaller and the chances for completion are much lower. If he throws the ball on time and the ball is thrown accurately, we have a touchdown on both first or second down. Another ex NFL quarterback also
  5. It also gives him plausible deniability if he comes back.
  6. Normally I agree. The the Eagles will have 2 first round picks and 2 second round picks next year. One of those 2nd round picks could become a 1st rounder (Carson Wentz) if he plays I believe 75% of the snaps. How would you like to get 3 first rounders next year and a 2nd rounder from the Eagles? Maybe along with a player or two?
  7. (CB) Surtain; (WR) Jerry Jeudy; 2022 First Round & Second Round; 2023 First Round & Second Round A pick in 2022 in the trade value chart this year is really a second round choice this year. Plus with Rodgers you figure that first rounder will be a pick after number 24. In 2023, that is the trade equivalent of a 3rd rounder this year. You have to get more so I added the 2nd rounders. Why not trade him to Philly next year....I hear they have 2 or 3 first round picks and they may not be sold on their quarterback.
  8. Where is that money going to come from? We are up against the cap right now.
  9. You think that Jeopardy producer is going to want to hire him after this...THINK AGAIN. You would not want that unstable insecure head case to come into your company because your show could be next in line for this type of treatment. And if Love is soo bad, why did a consensus of NFL scouts when asked "where would Love be in this draft" generally conclude he would be the 4th or 5th best quarterback. Gee where was the 5th best drafted this year. Oh, only pick 15. Love might not ever be that good, but he has tools and talent that if developed right can succeed. You don't think either
  10. Can't you just see the commissioner get involved like he did during the Favre fiasco. Goodell to Murphy "You have to do what's in the best interest of the NFL and trade him" Murphy to Goodell "Yes, we bow to you oh great one" Me to Goodell: "How would Jerry respond to you about this" "Go to Hell".
  11. I agree with you that I believe the Packers blundered here, so I think they should shoulder part of the blame. Your quarterback has been expressing a desire to gain certainty over his future, and he wants it to be with the Packers. An offer to restructure would not be received by me positively as achieving that goal. So I can see where he is upset and probably told Gute and or Murphy to get the hell out of Dodge. But, then when the team came back and offered to extend his contract...even if I were really mad at Gute, I would have said, "Thanks, I appreciate you're coming around on this iss
  12. But the extension was then offered by the team. If that's what he really wanted this offseason, certainty of where he was going to be the next several years, the Packers were apparently prepared to cave. That's a HUGE win for him, or at least that's what I've been hearing him talk about since the beginning of the offseason. "A beautiful mystery". In a heated negotiation, its wise to keep the big picture in mind at all times. It might be rough getting to the end result, but when the other party is offering to cave in on their dug in position, it's time to reset your emotions and provide an
  13. Overall...solid draft. 1st round. Stokes has athletic ability and speed. Needs work like almost all rookies DB's on technique. But given where we picked a solid pick. I'm not sure he would have been there if they would have traded down into the early 2nd round and picked up an extra 4th round pick. 2nd round. Myers. Plug and play. Good size and a leader of the offensive line at Ohio State. I actually liked the guy from Wisc. Whitewater better but Myers is more of a known quantity. 3rd round. Rodgers...solid pick. We needed a player like this in the slot. Maybe not t
  14. The other thing I liked was his awareness. He isn't just charging into the man in front of him with head down. His eyes are up and looking into the backfield and he is reacting to what he sees. That may be partially due to his size which I believe was listed at 6'5". Plus his arm length is almost 33" which is not bad. He was an offensive lineman in high school so to move to defensive lineman and learn these techniques takes a while. Slaton can do more than just bull rush and he still has a lot of upside. He got his weight up to 380 pounds at some point early in his career with Florida w
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