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  1. If I may I have a question to pose to everyone: What does Quinnen Williams bring to the table for the Packers in terms of pass rush or run defense versus Shelby Harris of the Denver Broncos? I say this because Harris is on a 1 year deal that is cheaper than Williams and Harris is reportedly having a good year (plus he grew up a Packer Fan so I think we would have a shot at re-signing him). While Williams still has several years left on his rookie contract does he have big upside. To date, while he is still young, I hear he has been a mild disappointment due to his struggles rushing the passer. Thoughts...
  2. If the cap is $175 next year in 2021 and then goes up to $225 in 2022, do you think the NFL will try to work around this issue by allowing teams to "borrow" against the cap in 2022? Example, Team A has $200 million in payroll, so they borrow $25 million from 2022's cap to increase their cap in 2021 to $200 million. Their maximum cap permitted in 2022 would then be reduced by $25 million to $200 million. Teams would then go back to the normal cap rules in 2023. This type of approach would work for many teams and for many players whose contracts would ordinarily be terminated due to the reduced cap. It might also prevent salary's from going downward for a year (affecting primarily players whose contracts unfortunately expire at the end of 2020 might be facing). So my sense is that the players union would approve of this approach. A few teams that are way under the cap next year would protest this move, but I think it would take just 3/4 of the owners to approve such a move.
  3. I remember watching him play on TV during the 1960's. He was a very solid player...assignment sure....great tackler. Was a quarterback in college and used that experience in the NFL as a safety to quickly diagnose and anticipate plays. Great person...respected by all his teammates and fans. Losing him and others from those great teams in the 60's is tough for me. One of the reasons why the NFL is as popular as it is today and why I grew to love the game and the team. Wished the NFL did more to help these guys. They did not know the true potential long term dangers that playing the game could present. Hope they rectify that with the next contract with the players.
  4. I like the free agent signings a lot. I guess I can always dream that this happens...but if what Gute said in his presser was true....won't. I might pass on resigning Bulaga and instead attempt to resign Clark now. I would then stay in the first round and draft the best available offensive tackle from what I believe is a very deep talent pool at tackle. In the second I would get the highest rated wide receiver that I could that would provide us a deep threat. From that point on its just fill in the offensive line and defensive line. I like Throckmorton and Davidson, but I think Davidson is going to go at the end of the 2nd or in the 3rd round. You really addressed two of our key weak spots...defensive line and middle linebacker. Give Kwiatkoski that defensive line and he would prosper and at a much better price than what it might take to keep Martinez.
  5. General question for everybody: Whats your ceiling on a new contract your willing to go with to keep Bulaga and/or Martinez? This is supposed to be a pretty good year for offensive tackles and wide receivers in the NFL draft. That's a much cheaper option for the club for filling holes than free agency. With the depth in the draft at these two positions and our needs at OT, LB, DL, and WR do you fill your needs at OT and WR via the draft and look for free agents for LB and DL?
  6. We'll see. Pettine has been very open about stating that he believes his defenses have to be designed around stopping the pass as its a passing league. I think that's one of the reasons he plays with so many defensive backs, the other being the defensive line talent (other than Clark) is below average. So is Pettine prepared to change his coaching strategy and place more emphasis on stopping the run? I do not know. Should be interesting to find out. LaFleur's statements yesterday about keeping Pettine were evasive at best which indicated to me he still had some questions in his mind that had to get answered satisfactorily before retaining him. I guess in less than 2 or 3 hours, he made up his mind (or it was made up for him). Something smells very "corporate" about that quick shift. My opinion (and that's all it is but I've worked at 3 very large corporations over the past 40 years) is that after the press conference someone got a hold of him and told him that even if he was uncertain of Pettine's status that people above him thought he should be kept. Then when he questioned Pettine's status in the press conference that probably got them concerned when they heard it..and they wanted to throw water on that fire before it got out of control.
  7. Jones at least wants rings....Murphy wants profits. He's a tool.
  8. All roads on this one lead to one person......MURPHY ! He just wants to be competitive to keep the fans coming and most importantly the profits flowing.
  9. I heard that Rizzi was coming to Green Bay after his meeting with LaFleur. During the meeting Rizzi threw out a number that would satisfy him for compensation and LaFleur indicated that he thought the number was ok but had to run it by Murphy. MURPHY then entered the picture and said it was ok to offer Rizzi the job....but instead of the number Rizzi wanted, had LeFleur offer him less. That boiled Rizzi. By the time Murphy came up on the number to the one Rizzi wanted, Rizzi was so mad that he took the New Orleans job.
  10. Just my 2 cents....Pettine is toast. They're just figuring out how to communicate the justification for it.
  11. I was always kinda surprised we did tell him to bulk up from 277-285 to 290-300 and play the 5 technique. He has the height, the long arms, and the speed to play the position. His play against the run is pretty good...its pass rushing that he needs improvement on. With the Smiths helping him out on strategy and technique, you would think that we will start seeing results next year. But I still wonder....why not tell him to bulk up. We need help on that defensive line plus with this athletic numbers, he could be create more of a mismatch against opposing lineman if he had the bulk but utilized the teachings from the Smith Brothers. By way of example.... JJ Watt is 6'5" with similar arm length, quickness and speed and plays at 290-295 lbs.
  12. Bulaga....Gone...prices himself out of the market. I wonder if we bring in Conklin from Tennessee. Ervin....resigns Graham....Cut Taylor...Cut Fackrell...resigns if Pettine stays Tonyan.....gone Lewis...resigns Linsley....could be gone to save money...but me thinks he stays 1 more year. Depends on who and how many money we want to spend in free agency. Goodson....gone Martinez....gone Montraveous Adams...makes it to camp and then gets traded for a 7th round pick. Redman...makes it to camp. Tramon Williams....on team if he does not retire.
  13. Get Brandon Pettigrew from Tampa Bay in free agency. He has size, speed and upside. Was really coming on in the last 4 or 5 weeks of the season. And I don't think he'll break the bank.
  14. Wow ! Even Brady would have a tough time keeping up with those numbers.
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