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  1. Is Rob Gronkowski the GOAT TE?

    Rob Gronkowski’s CAREER Average yards per reception was 15.1 yards per catch. He never averaged less than 13.0 yards per catch. Tony Gonzalez NEVER averaged more than 12.9 yards per catch. Gronkowksi May have looked lumbering out there but he was fast and athletic too, that’s what made him such a match up nightmare. You don’t average 15 yards a game without speed. In 2016 his y/r didn’t qualify, due to injury, but he would have easily lead the league.
  2. Is Rob Gronkowski the GOAT TE?

    With Gronk announcing his retirement today, where does he rank among tightends in the history of the sport? Is he better than Tony Gonzalez, Antio Gates, ect? Does his dominant peak (and superior blocking ability) trump the other contenders longevity?
  3. Gronk Retires

    One of the most dominant offensive players of the past twenty years. He was impossible to cover, extremely difficult to tackle, and (let’s not forget) a great blocker.
  4. Gronk announces retirement

    Well that stinks. I get it, but it seemed like he was coming back.
  5. Still disagree with drafting a tackle in round one two years in a row with other pressing needs. There should be good dlinemen available or one of the three top tightends.
  6. Rebuilding the Patriots

    To the extent a QB, will be drafted, this is interesting: For what that’s worth.
  7. Patriots re-sign punter Ryan Allen

    Not really a headline grabbing signing, but an important signing.
  8. Rebuilding the Patriots

    The Patriots draft need with frequency. Is there a coincidence that they have drafted tackles twice in the first round in 19 years both times when they either needed or would shortly need a left tackle? They draft a guard once when they needed a starter immediately at left guard. I mean do not reach for need, but spending a first round pick on guard seems, quite frankly, a massive waste. Thuney is a solid left guard, who they clearly like and should try to extend. Shaq Mason is entrenched and locked up long term at big money.
  9. What is Rosen worth and to who?

    Neither Rosen nor his agent really has any say in this matter...
  10. Rebuilding the Patriots

    I would look at QBs now, if they like anyone of the second day guys. Irv Smith might be a decent pick at 32. After him there appears to be a drop off to Tommy Sweetney, Caleb Wilson, ect Otherwise I agree generally with the urgency of positions.
  11. AAF

    Karter Schult continues to get to the QB, like he did in college. Undersized, but he should probably get a shot.
  12. Rebuilding the Patriots

    That seems a little high for that role. They’ve drafted Fleming in the fourth round, Cannon in the fifth. You can get decent back ups at that position later in the draft or via trade/free agency then coach them up. With so many holes, a back up tackle seems like a luxury in the top 100 picks. If there is great value sure, but if they’re drafting for need, Edge, DT, WR, TE, Saftety, and QB, seem more pressing. Heck Punter and kicker (they I wouldn’t draft either of those positions in the third round).
  13. Rebuilding the Patriots

    I guess that’s what comes from winning your division every year, you are placed against other division winners twice a year. Adds up over the years. Also note, only the Patriots and Steelers have winning records.
  14. Rebuilding the Patriots

    Spent a first rounder on it last year.
  15. Better Safety: Brian Dawkins or Ty Law

    Next thread: better Wide Reciever: Tom Brady or Randy Moss?