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  1. Ok. I repeat 2016 was a good draft, considering that 4 patriots draft picks from that draft are projected as NFL starters and a they drafted aQB could who could start. All without a first round pick. 2017 was not great, but they only had 4 picks and none before the third round. 2018 had a starting left tackle and a starting running back. You can’t judge 2019 or 2020 yet. If you go back to 2015, that draft had Jimmy G, James white, and Malcolm Brown. Not a bad draft. So, overall, your take is off base.
  2. I think he was implying that the Patriots have been subpar at drafting since drafting Tom Brady (or since the year 2000). Which is kinda insane considering the following year they drafted Richard Seymour and Matt Light, both of whom were all-pros, and Seymour has been a hall of fame finalist.
  3. Well that’s unfair. He’s had plenty of hits in the first, mid and late rounds over the years. Gronk, Flowers, Thuney, Mason, Flowers, Collins, etc. all have been great compared to draft slot. He might not be noticeably better than other GMs, and he has drafts that end up stinkers (just like every other GM), but he is not necessarily bad at drafting. Take 2016. The second rounder was a failure, but he drafted two linemen who are currently starters, a linebacker who is projected as a starter and another LB who has been part of a rotation, and a QB who is a backup, but who started his fair share of game.
  4. Seems like the type of guy the Bucs have been collecting this year...
  5. Very good special teamer. Certainly played in Slater’s shadow.
  6. A solid big body defensive tackle. Lions are going to keep trying to recapture the Patriots success.
  7. I don’t think Brady ever forgave Belichick for taking his parking spot that one time...
  8. Babe Ruth played for the Braves. Willie Mays played for the Mets. Hank Aaron played for the Brewers. Kareem played for the Lakers. Wilt played for the Lakers. Gordie Howe played for the Whalers. Jerry Rice played for the Raiders. Smith played for the Cardinals.
  9. A very good player, but that contract is insane for a linebacker. So much for the boogeymen.
  10. Keyshawn Johnson is who comes to mind for me. A big talent wide receiver, who just wasn’t a touchdown threat, Especially after he left the Jets. He had one season in the top ten in touchdowns: when he had ten and was 6th in the league.
  11. QB Wilson RB Cook WR Thomas, Evans Flex McCaffrey Interior Donald edge Barrett, C. Jones linebacker Collins, Wagner CB Gilmore Safety D. McCourty
  12. Richard Seymour was towards the end of his career when he left, but he was good in Oakland and deservedly made two pro bowls. He wasn’t prime Seymour, as he was in his 30s, but he was solid and even had some sacks despite that not being his game. Lawyer Milloy was very good after he left. Ty Law lead the league in interceptions after he left NE. Jones is a beast in Arizona. Logan Mankins made a pro bowl in Tampa. Yeah, with the exception of Jones, those guys were all towards the ends of the careers when they left, but they continued to play well. they are of course examples of players who never did anything in New England and then established themselves elsewhere. The Patriots litany of second round DBs who never did anything for them, who are then got snaps for other teams (Cyrus Jones, Duke Dawson, Tavon Wilson).
  13. What aspect of special teams? Everyone is going to say kick returns or punt returns because those guys who break plays twice a year get glory. Kicking is another obvious choice. nevertheless, I would argue kick coverage is important. For example the 2019 Patriots, without a great kick returner and without a consistent kicker, have scored multiple touchdowns on special teams. They have done so by blocking punts. They also have forced fumbles on returns giving great field position to the offense. Conversely, if your special teams unit can’t cover kicks and/or your punt is lousy, then the other team is going get great field position and score more points. I can’t say the 2019 patriots have the best special teams unit of all time, as they have struggled kicking and don’t return the ball particularly well, but I think the analysis Of best does need to include coverage.
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