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  1. Who would you take... Hankins or Francois

    Francois with a 1 year incentive contract. Hankins with a multi year backend contract. Boom go get it Bob lol.
  2. Who would you take... Hankins or Francois

    If we can get both get both
  3. Offseason trades and signings

    Interesting read I guess we will see what happens on Wednesday. https://www.prideofdetroit.com/2018/5/7/17327166/detroit-lions-likely-sign-soon-free-agency-compensatory-picks-deadline
  4. Offseason trades and signings

    I’m not sure we have about 13 mil in cap space now less rookie contracts.
  5. Offseason trades and signings

    Hankins or Francois would be great
  6. Offseason trades and signings

    As of rite now all we know is that it’s for a 2019 draft pick. Projected to be a 7th rd pick.
  7. Offseason trades and signings

    Is Jonathan Hankins still out in FA?

    I think this team will surprise a lot of people this year. I believe anything less than 2nd in the north would be a disappointment. With the Division title in reach.
  9. Round 5, Pick 153: Tyrell Crosby, OT

    He did not give up a sack last year at Oregon.
  10. Round 7, Pick 237: Nick Bawden, FB

    What? 🤔
  11. 2018 NFL Draft Thread

    That’s all I know of. We still have 8 picks next year too as of rite now.
  12. UDFAs

    4 cb to us so far
  13. Round 7, Pick 237: Nick Bawden, FB

    Have you ever wondered if there was more to life, other than being really, really, ridiculously good looking?
  14. UDFAs

    I could get down with some mata’afa
  15. Round 7, Pick 237: Nick Bawden, FB

    Guys we got a steal it’s freaking Mega Man in human form.