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  1. Since trades are being done. If anyone wants to talk over reaction first week trades PM me. 😂
  2. Thoughts on Travis Heinecki, Raheem Mostert? I would drop Big Ben for Heinecki to be a backup, and keep Mostert for next season on my IR would he be worth it? thoughts?
  3. In none PPR leaguers 100% CEH is not worth it.
  4. It’s official Okudah has a ruptured Achilles.
  5. I love the two calls to go for it on 4th. Hopefully, it’s a common theme.
  6. Goffs accuracy definitely leaves something to be desired.
  7. I went from last to 6th-8th. I must have done something right this off-season? 🤷🏻‍♂️
  8. 26 Roster 2IR 3Taxi Dynasty startup. Wilson, Darnold, Watson, Mond Henry, Gibson, Dobbins, Akers, Edwards, Tyler Johnson, Elijah Mitchell, Quadree Ollison, Darius Guice Kupp, Devonte Smith, Thomas, Amon-Ra, Marshall, Collins, Renfrow, Hamler Pitts, Engram, Gray, Long Ravens Chargers Dst Lutz, Gay Texans Browns Punter
  9. I have a problem…this is a cry for help! 😂
  10. Alright! I think I got all of them. Three are just draft pick trades, but there are a bunch of blockbuster. You know how my trades go! Lol @JaguarCrazy2832 1. Buffalo Bulldogs Lionized sends 2021-3.15 2022-2nd rd pick Lionized Keshawn Vaughn for Lions Pride81 Raheem Mostert 2021 -6th-Karnage 2022-4th-Karnage 2. Lionized-gets: James Robinson 2022 First 2022 Second 2022 Third Laviska Shenault Pick 6.5 Pick 4.15 For Simszilla gets: Pick 1.1 Pick 6.1 Cole Beasily
  11. You never know when you may need some reading material? I’ll try to compile them. Lol
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