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  1. 2019 WR Corps

    Would drop a 2nd and a 2021 3rd for Sanu and Hooper
  2. Patrick Mahomes exits game with knee injury

    Yeah if it were me I’d IR him and let Henne and Moore push one another. He isn’t going to like it, but it’s the best decision for himself and the team that’s about to dump a truckload of money on him.
  3. Jalen Ramsey traded to the Rams

    Mortgaging your future for a player who hasn’t even grown into being a mature adult yet is never going to be a recommended way to get ahead in this league. Ramsey both wants to be paid and wants to win. Even after they pay him, if LA continues to regress going forward I could very easily see him try to force his way out in a couple years just like he did in Jacksonville.
  4. packers selcet mAtt leFleUr as head coah

    The team as a whole really seems to enjoy playing for the guy. If that’s because he’s younger and relatable or otherwise, it’s something I don’t think I’d have been able to say about McCarthy for several years now.
  5. Bengals OT Cordy Glenn Fined/Leaves Practice

    and with that I have no idea what his name was ever supposed to be. Maybe his mom couldn’t decide between the two
  6. Bengals OT Cordy Glenn Fined/Leaves Practice

    Should be fined for adding an unnecessary R to his name
  7. 2019 WR Corps

    Sign Brown, break his phone and tape his mouth shut🤔
  8. Rodgers playing his best in close to 5 years with next to nothing around him doesn’t make any sense at all but I’ll take it.
  9. We score on this drive I think we win this game comfortably in the second half
  10. Zero chance I’m drafting a RB next year given Williams progression and our dire need elsewhere offensively
  11. Get the feeling Detroit is going to regret allowing this game to stay this close. In b4 3 and out
  12. Forget paying Bulaga, paying Blake is the truly franchise crippling move