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  1. Yeah I lied he’s actually #5 behind Tyler Johnson on some depth charts. No reason your #2 is getting torched by anyone’s bottom roster fodder.
  2. Lol a #4 WR who’s only playing due to injury. I know your agenda here though give King that 13 million and let good players walk because you said so. Right.
  3. I don’t like calling cover 1 there either but all that loser has to do is run with him and he just couldn’t do it.
  4. Not even Pettines fault it’s totally worth 12 million more a year according to the talking heads here
  5. Where all my super smart fans who insist we have to pay king now I wanna hear your best
  6. I don’t even care if that’s a hold man taking that sack after wasting 30 seconds is just inexcusable and that throw was only thrown to make up those yards. I’m ******* sick.
  7. Pretty sure they missed a hold on that run to but **** it whatever
  8. This short sideline **** is not going to work against this defense
  9. Vea is a freak at 350 though. If anyone can come back from that at his size and have an immediate impact it’s him.
  10. Yup Brady is statistically a top 3 deep ball passer by just about any metric this season. I expect a lot of soft stuff that’s going to frustrate the hell out of this board but in this game limiting big plays really is a huge key to winning.
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