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  1. Wow, was under the impression he was completely worthless. Couldn’t even get on the field as a Bear as far as I can remember.
  2. Wouldn’t have any problem with GB offering their first for him but hasn’t been the way we’ve operated.
  3. Keep at them Rams. First place incoming
  4. I don’t expect Bakh to be resigned unless it’s a short term deal at Tunsil money. Already looking at paying Jaire Ramsey money, I just struggle to see enough to go around long term.
  5. Zero chance Dallas is able to resign Michael Gallup, might be worth inquiring
  6. Brutal drive but you’re only going to hold this offense down so long entirely
  7. Cooking the rest of the half by waiting till 30 seconds left. Like it
  8. At 1-5 you’re shutting Watson down for the game if there’s any long term concern at all
  9. Also settle down gang we’re up 14 embrace a little conservative approach sometimes
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