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  1. Good afternoon Norm are you ready for another fun filled evening with your boy Raj and his user friendly content he likes putting out there :^]
  2. The ignore feature is as Low T as anything a forum can implement to begin with not to mention it doesn’t mean anything in the least because the people who say they have you on ignore spend the majority of their time talking about you anyway so really what is the point lol
  3. Hollywood Brown is quietly starting to bounce back from his dismal 2020 nicely. He was a factor out there all night.
  4. I think we can hammer these issues out it seems both sides are eager for a resolution that fits all.
  5. No you were passive aggressively taking about me to someone else like some kind of teenage girl would about another she doesn’t like. That’s actually worse.
  6. Here you are commenting on me yet again despite insisting you want nothing to do with me. Don’t make me go and say something that’s going to make you go and tell on me to daddy ET again we’d hate to have to go through that again now wouldn’t we?
  7. No, but the reaction shows just how little faith their fans and players alike had in actually being able to win this game. It’s like Auburn upsetting Alabama it happens from time to time but it doesn’t make it any less of an aberration
  8. I enjoy making your day just a little bit worse than it was before.
  9. You’d think with these celebrations Baltimore just won the super bowl. Lol how embarrassing congrats you’re 1-3 against KC now Week 2 kings of the NFL!
  10. Lamar out here losing his team games.
  11. Lamar out here losing his team games
  12. A Steelers and a Vikings loss in the same day. Now that's gods day.
  13. There's that Mike McCarthy clock management that drove me to drink too many sundays
  14. I'll never understand why guys dive into the punter like that unless they're absolutely 100% sure they're going to get the ball. Any other time and it's just a great way to screw your offense over.
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