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  1. MNF: Seahawks @ Bears

    Who’s realistically going to give up that much though? Would almost have to be a team with 2 firsts in one year as teams are extremely hesistant to miss out on the first round 3 straight seasons.
  2. Also Clay literally did nothing wrong.
  3. This game more than anything else should put to rest any talk of us not being able to compete with Minnesota over 60 minutes. We’re 1 passer rusher away from being on an elite level. Get Aaron Jones back and we’re in great shape.
  4. Aaron is fuming with himself over that fumble.
  5. How we didn’t win this game I’ll never understand
  6. This is going to take all week to stomach
  7. Worst loss of my life. Don’t remember feeling this bad about Seattle in the nfc title game
  8. I’m so mad. This is unreal.
  9. Fackrell getting blown up in the hole lol. Why even bother with the scrub
  10. What an absolute waste of a turnover