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  1. Turner Jenkins Humphrey(R1) Patrick Leatherwood/Radunz (R2) This would be what I'd look to do. Whenever Bakh gets back that rookie becomes a nice swing tackle to have.
  2. Remember yesterday when the majority of people had thought he "changed" LOL
  3. I think you're absolutely right about where he'll land. I do view him as a center only not because he's incapable of kicking out to guard but because I don't believe in moving interior lineman around who have elite potential at the spot they're most comfortable in. CH is that guy for me and I'm probably the only guy in the Packers forum who would be more than fine with him at 29.
  4. Been a top 20 player for me for a while now. He's going to make someone's interior alot easier to build around for a decade plus.
  5. There is no wrong answer here but I like the guy we have personally.
  6. I have a feeling we'll be higher on Greg Rosseau than the draftnik consensus has been on him
  7. Top 20 for sure, but not as high as he would have been before his most recent play
  8. A career underachiever headed to a place where they've struggled to pass consistently for over a decade I wonder how this will end
  9. I don't know what personal beliefs you could possibly have that would justify anyone having a STOLEN gun regardless of how you feel about gun laws but I digress
  10. Smart move by the Eagles to move down. They need as much young talent as they can get to replace the core of that roster.
  11. I don't think its likely but there's no denying he would be the most talented interior player Clark has ever gotten to play with.
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