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  1. I can certainly understand why Nelson would be the more popular pick and I don’t see much reason to argue guard play anyway but if anyone had an argument against Nelson last year it was Jenkins. No reason to believe he won’t continue to be that guy next year. Losing Linsley does hurt a lot though and it remains to be seen if they can come even close to replacing his level of play.
  2. Elgton Jenkins is a monster at LG. If you haven't heard about him by now that's on you. Linsley is gone yes but I wouldn't have wanted any other center last year and Bakh is Bakh. That left side was as good as anyone's make no mistake about it.
  3. League's best LT Leagues Best LG Leagues Best C Average RG Above Average RT=16th? oof.
  4. I mean he is the best in the league but yeah you're right about the rest.
  5. If we tag Adams I'd be looking to trade him to the highest bidder after. Really don't want a situation where he's deeply disgruntled the year after we do away with a disgruntled QB. Would obviously love to have him back as well but a full reset wouldn't bother me a bit.
  6. MLF's offense doesn't put a premium on WRs and the front office isn't likely to entertain paying him more than Hopkins who broke the market being 5 mil ahead of everyone. He's about as good as gone honestly. I expect him and Rodgers to be here for this season but it's truly a farewell. End of an era here for sure. Most of us have embraced it.
  7. I can’t help but wonder how this conversation would be going and have gone had they finished the job and won it this year when most of the fan base felt like was a year they needed to. Rodgers would have much more public support and there would be a lot more fans advocating giving him what he wants that’s all I know for sure.
  8. Portis pretty much has to be back for me. Tucker is a little trickier but I'd like to see him back I just don't want him pushing 30 minutes per game if he's going to be scoring 0.
  9. The Bucks winning the title has made Rodgers second fiddle for Wisconsin sports and I know that's bothering him more than it probably should.
  10. yeah the self own brewing never was on my mind when I made this account in 2008 or whatever but it sure is stinging now lol
  11. What is attractive about Simmons to Portland though? Might be the best they can hope to get for Dame but I wouldn't be real eager to move him if that's what is on the table.
  12. You have fully swallowed all that Nets hype and that's fine. Fact is that team hasn't proven anything yet together. Looks great on paper. Doesn't mean anything if it doesn't come together and it better soon to keep those guys happy.
  13. It isn't even just the Nets staying healthy, it's staying healthy long enough and consistently enough for those 3 guys to gel and actually play like the super team they've been hailed as. Right now that's alot of conjecture in people's minds, but until it comes together next summer it's a lot of nothing.
  14. Love Tucker for what he brings but I feel it's worth pointing out he just played over 60 minutes in two games and didn't score a single point in any of it lol. Someone to compliment him a bit would go a long way.
  15. a 16 oz drink for the 16 free throws would have been a really nice touch but still well played nonetheless
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