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  1. Sorry to rain on your daily mental derangement caused by a man you never met but I just figured you should understand how illogical it sounds.
  2. Feel like all IR moves from now on need to be followed by the clarification on if it's a season ender or the short term IR they recently added.
  3. Amazes me that people will say things like this as if they're fact and everyone else here isn't fully aware that you know as much about what goes on between the two of them as the rest of us which is zero. We get it you hate the guy on a personal level but this type of conjecture isn't based in any demonstrable reality.
  4. Nah I'm pretty sure he just sucks and the good play we seen in years past was the anomaly more than this.
  5. Sterling Shephard is really good to the point that he's underrated now.
  6. Predictably this thread sucks because of the usual homers on the Ravens side but yeah they deserve a suspension or two.
  7. Based on what? If you think the reason we lost had anything to do with 23 you weren't watching what happened
  8. Still gave up 3 more scores after the fact so idk hard to give them much credit.
  9. The worst thing about this game to me was how quickly EVERYONE seemed to quit when Aaron threw that INT when we were about to make it 17-10. It was a backbreaker no doubt, but you can't fold up the way we did there either. Heart of this team is in serious question.
  10. I would definitely agree that he made the absolute least out of the little amount of time he had to show why he's been a reliable swing tackle for the last several seasons. I think you almost have to hope that he can still be that guy though with this line in the current shape it's in. We don't have the luxuries we did last year there in this regard.
  11. There is zero reason to throw the ball that high with that much velocity when the guy is that wide open. He still should have caught it but if it’s thrown with any touch its not going to be an interception at the very least.
  12. You can’t be playing for free downs inside the 1. That’s 100% on Carr
  13. There is no reason why that blitz shouldn’t have worked. That corner just blew that entirely on his own.
  14. Gruden deserves some credit after tonight he is everyone’s favorite coach to take turns beating up on but he’s been really good since halftime.
  15. Lol can we please wait at least one more game before discussing at length who’s going or should be cut or whatever
  16. Patrick wasn't any good either and hasn't been since the last time he played RG. At this point the versatility we thought he offered is lost but if he can at least be decent on the right side like he has been in the past it'll help the line as a whole. Newman certainly didn't do enough to warrant a stranglehold on his spot for me.
  17. Yeah I almost threw Patrick in there at RG because it seems every time Patrick looks like a serviceable NFL player it’s at RG but I reluctantly give him one more week before pulling the plug.
  18. Turner Jenkins Myers Newman Kelly is what I’d try on the line next week. If Nijman has a good week of practice you could even move Turner back to RT but at least with this you know the left side of your line is pretty solid.
  19. Jenkins getting elite grades at LT already has mental images starting of that money losing Rodgers frees up going up in flames.
  20. Few here value interior play at any recognizable level it became an easy afterthought last season when we were getting top 3 in the league performances from them week in and week out. It’s getting downplayed this week, but this is going to be a problem against every good defensive front we face at least until Bakh is back.
  21. I wish Rodgers liked a good DL as much as he does Cobb maybe he could have strong armed the team into adding someone who can actually help with the little bit of money we had left over as opposed to a guy everyone knew wasn’t going to matter.
  22. An important distinction to make here is that it isn’t just the two high that’s killing this passing game it’s the 2 high where they’re able to get pressure with 5 or even 4.
  23. Honestly it was worse on first inspection than anything I can remember standing out last season. I’m not going to pretend to have X’s and O’s understanding you do or look into this film again as I can’t be bothered to see this a second time but things like King trying to man up on Harris just seems so obviously lopsided in the offenses favor.
  24. This is true and a fair reason to be optimistic about it going forward. We have to make the right acquisitions in free agency I say free agency because the only hope of a fast fix for this front 7 particularly the line is with established veterans capable of playing well right now. We seen this with Z when we had no edge rushers so it absolutely can be done, but it’s likely going to take time even if we do everything right and I just don’t see the patience from fans to give it that sort of time.
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