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  1. Our most glaring weakness

    I think both Gardner Minshew and Brett Rypien are both very solid backup candidates in this draft.
  2. 2019 Off-Season Roster Building: Free Agency & Draft

    I figured that logo is why Dee Haslem is missing ole Hue about now.
  3. Trade Targets?

    Honey, I'm so ashamed of myself. Now go fetch me a beer and a sammich. You wanna be a lady, I'll treat you like one.
  4. Trade Targets?

    I don't care what anyone says, gaining a 2nd for taking on a bad contract when you have cap space coming out your ears is a good move. Blowing the pick is another matter. This is more meant for Bill Polian, BTW.
  5. Trade Targets?

    Absolutely! Myles really needed Vernon, and Larry really needed Richardson. I think all 4 compliment each other very well.
  6. Trade Targets?

    Great points. Mosely is definitely in the running. I do know Brock Osweiler was at one point.
  7. 2019 Off-Season Roster Building: Free Agency & Draft

    Is it just me or does that H have a weener?
  8. Trade Targets?

    I absolutely agree with this. My only concern is whether they are willing to accept being compensated accordingly. Unfortunately, most players see themselves in a better light than what might actually be the reality. I see people post how so-&-so player wants to be the highest paid at whatever position they play, but the truth is they all want to be the highest paid at their respective positions. Maybe Njoku is the 10th best TE, and we offer him 10th best money, but ole David, he thinks he's the 3rd best TE. Heck, it's the team's fault if his numbers don't reflect that, he's not getting enough targets because of OBJ, Jarvis, and Chubb. I personally just think it's easier, and cheaper, to draft another 10th rated TE. Now, if he elevates to a top 1-5 TE level, that's much harder to replace. Pay the man. BTW, maybe 10th rated is a touch too high for this particular example. Let's say 13th or lower.
  9. Trade Targets?

    I do, buddy, but even before the injury he was selling out to get to the passer, leaving something to be desired against the run. Now maybe he had his reasons, like a lack of a complimentary pass rusher for Myles, or maybe he was coached to do so by Gregg, or because he knows sacks get linemen paid, but I would like to see a more complete game from him. Nose tackles, even in a 4-3, are so vital to the total run defense that they can't neglect that aspect of their jobs.
  10. Trade Targets?

    I get what you're saying here, but at his current level of play, I'd probably draft Njoku's replacement this year or next. He's very young, I know, but he hasn't shown enough to be an extension candidate. Like Ogunjobi, he still could elevate his game to that level.
  11. Trade Targets?

    As much as I love Ogunjobi, I don't think he's impactful enough YET to sign to a big extension. If he takes another step, taking his play to the next level, he very well may be, but right now he's a very good one-tech, an easily replaceable position. If he maintains his current level of play he should be replaced by a draft pick.
  12. Trade Targets?

    Marcus Peters was traded for a 2nd and a 4th with multiple years left on his rookie deal, so stranger things have happened.
  13. Trade Targets?

    I love you too, baby. Let's not fight...for the kids. I caught @NudeTayne trying on ladies clothes, and @Kiwibrown is starting to get into trouble at school. Plus, I'm pretty sure @freakygeniuskid is peeing the bed again. Our little boys are growing up so fast.
  14. Trade Targets?

    My bad. Vernon will be 29 in October. I stand by the rest though.
  15. Trade Targets?

    Clark is a 25 year old pass rush technician. He has a complete pass rush tool belt with speed and power and counters. Dude was the sole pass rusher with a pulse on his team last year and still had double digit sacks. Vernon is a better run defender for sure, but he's 29, often injured, and hasn't had double digit sacks in years. My vision is Garrett and Clark terrorizing OTs for the next 4-5 years, 10-15 sacks a year from both ends annually. It's beautiful. Vernon is a nice stopgap, but a stopgap nonetheless.