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  1. The official training camp thread

    I consider that a life hack. Gravy is the cheat code, my man.
  2. The official training camp thread

    Welcome to the dark side, Kiwi. With enough gravy, anything is possible.
  3. The official training camp thread

    Funny thing is: I watched every snap from both players, and I wasn't as impressed with Darnold as the rest of the world. Most of his snaps, the offense was bare bones, college spread concepts: 3 WRs, TE, RB in the pistol. I saw several quick read, simple passes, using rubs and crossers to get guys open right in front of him. Don't get me wrong, he didn't do anything wrong, but I didn't see NFL offense from him. Todd Haley wasn't as kind to Baker. He ran the same offense that Tyrod ran, pro style, NFL all day, concepts and routes.
  4. The official training camp thread

    Dorsey trying to be Billy Beane, without all the stupid math. Just needs a fat nerdy sidekick. I'm putting in my resume as we speak.
  5. Available WRs to Consider

    I don't see Gordon as an alpha, if you're talking personality traits. Always heard he was soft spoken and reclusive, not in a negative way, but in a wallflower kind of way. Dez and Juice might bump heads, especially if Dez runs his jaws like he's still the man but isn't producing much of squat. Callaway, Higgins, and Ratley all need to make the roster.
  6. Browns vs. Steelers

    Pretty close.
  7. Browns vs. Steelers

    Love this vid. Got it saved for those long months between January and mid April. Do most of my spec writing during that time. My most productive time of year. August through December is my least productive, with football, more football, holidays, family, winter prep around the homestead, holidays, more football, "hunting" with my buddies (drinking beer in the woods). After the bowl games, me and the wife disappear, hibernating for the winter, visiting no one, going nowhere.... Some call it a rut. I love my rut.
  8. Alex Hall, what could have been.

    Nope. Just looked it up. I suck.
  9. Alex Hall, what could have been.

    Was it Richmond?
  10. I'm not going after Sashi by any means, but I'd consider moving Drango and Ricardo to iffy or miss. Just my opinion but Drango, I heard, looked terrible covering RG last night, and even before the injury, Ricardo had the worst hands on the team. Ricardo's hands are the love child of Braylon's hands having an affair with Greg Little's hands. Them some bad hands.
  11. If Davis Webb is cut

    Some serious hurt feelings. Baker made Davis his bit.... You can figure out the last two letters.
  12. Football is back; Preseason Week One GDT

    Maybe it's good you don't catch my drift. But, lumber is another way of saying wood. Produce wood? Pop Yee old tent...? So does Peter Jackson live in South Central NZ? BTW, I have a script I need you to take to him. He doesn't seem to be returning my calls. Now I know how Dorsey feels not getting calls returned from Dez.
  13. Football is back; Preseason Week One GDT

    Thanks, buddy. Guess I'm waiting till then. Ahhh...lol
  14. Football is back; Preseason Week One GDT

    I think we're having a translation issue. Are you suggesting Baker will produce a little lumber? If ya catch my drift... BTW, that pimps and hoes talk earlier in the thread concerns me. What part of New Zealand are you from - South Central NZ? Are you rolling down the street, smoking Indo, sipping on gin and juice? Laid back? Is your mind on your money, and your money on your mind?