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  1. My Personal Ambien

    You know you want this body. Grab a pound of soft margarine, an eggplant, the latest issue of Teen People, a used pair of Justin Bieber's underwear (preferably unwashed), a snorkel, two boxes of Hostess snack cakes, three gerbils, four tubs of Vaseline, five neutral observers, a fedora, a motorcycle helmet, season three of Full House, contraceptives, a nude photo of Kelsey Grammer eating a banana, and come on over, big boy! I'll be waiting in the bathtub. Go ahead and let yourself in.
  2. My Personal Ambien

    My feeling on our needs is: impact WR opposite Jarvis, impact pass rusher opposite Myles, impact young CB opposite Denzel, and impact DT opposite Ogunjobi. With FA, trades, and high draft picks, I think we should be able to land at least 3 of those 4. A possible off season could look like this: Extend our young studs nearing the end of their contracts, guys like Randall, Schobert, Higgins... Sign Demarcus Lawrence or Frank Clark in FA Trade for OBJ, saving him from that sinking ship Draft an impact DT in what is looking like a deep and amazing draft for 3tech DT's Hot damn, that gets me frothy! If ya know what I mean.
  3. My Personal Ambien

    Having the cream-corn kicked out of you on Sunday makes for a week of sleepless nights in my humble abode. I've found the one thing that can help me nod off with a smile when nothing else can. It's kinda like counting sheep. Genard Avery 23 Antonio Callaway 21 Nick Chubb 22 Austin Corbett 23 Myles Garrett 22 Desmond Harrison 25 Rashard Higgins 24 Duke Johnson 25 Jarvis Landry 25 Baker Mayfield 23 David Njoku 22 Larry Ogunjobi 24 Jabrill Peppers 23 Damion Ratley 23 Joe Schobert 24 Chad Thomas 23 Denzel Ward 21 Doesn't that just make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside?! Best young core in the league. Best I've ever seen on the Browns. The next 6 years should be a blast.
  4. Higgins Injury

    Relief! Glad it's a week to weeker and not an IR trip. I wanna see him and Baker continue to develop their rapport.
  5. We Found Our Man

    I'm sure it was tasteful. I mean, I know he wants to be Brett Favre and all, but doesn't he know that sending pics of his junk was not exactly Favre's proudest moment?
  6. We Found Our Man

    Wait, she better not be trying to me-too our boy!
  7. We Found Our Man

    It's the insta model thing I'm unsure of. Did I miss something?
  8. We Found Our Man

    In lockstep, broseph!
  9. We Found Our Man

    I'm not sure I even understand the question here, buddy. Elaborate?
  10. Free Agency Discussion

    Here it is, gentlemen. And I'll stand by it!
  11. We Found Our Man

    I think if any of this surprised me I might feel the need to temper my enthusiasm, wait and see, but he is playing how I expected. He isn't playing better than he did in college. This is him. He's doing what he's always done. The throws, the movement and poise in the pocket, the accuracy, the will to score and win... These are all traits I saw in Oklahoma, which is why I bet my place on this forum back in December when I said: if Baker isn't the best QB in this draft 5 years from now, I'd accept any and all ridicule, and never post here again. I meant it. I stick by it! And I'm confident Baker won't let me down.
  12. We Found Our Man

    Watch this video and tell me this man is not a leader. Finally, we have our franchise QB. It makes everything else exponentially easier when you have that guy. Drafting is easier. FA's want to come play with him. We have better odds of attracting superior coaches. I'm thrilled!
  13. 5 up, 5 down vs. Ravens

  14. 5 up, 5 down vs. Ravens

    Ogunjobi isn't on the stat line but made so much impact inside. He's becoming big time. A lot of our big plays were do to his wreaking havock on the interior Oline. Ogbah at least got some pressure. Peppers, like Ogunjobi, didn't fill up the stat line, but was everywhere and very impactful. Schobert is a stud. Ward is emerging as an elite corner. EJ Gaines answered the bell. Hope he keeps it up. He played well last year in Buffalo, so he has the ability. He's gotta stay healthy. Desmond Harrison is holding his own, but definitely needs to add mass and strength this off-season. Suggs' bullrush got the better of him a few times, but even Big Joe got bulled a time or two by Suggs. Hubbard got some bad calls today. Refs sucked! It's almost funny how bad our officiating has been this season. Our entire special teams unit, including coach, needs scrapped! They are costing us games. Even Peppers needs tossed from the unit. Focus on being a safety, my man. I think this team needs to work harder in training camp to get better conditioned. Fatigue makes cowards of us all, Jimmy Johnson always said. Biggest change he made immediately in Dallas was to make his guys work harder on conditioning and endurance. We need that. Guy's seem to get gassed too quick, IMO. 4th quarter, it feels like guys are struggling instead of imposing themselves.
  15. Week 5 GDT: Browns vs. Get Your Own Team

    Good point, buddy boy. I would think so.