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  1. {Poll} Should We Trade for Jalen Ramsey?

    Resign Tretter on a 2-3 year extension. Let Robinson and Hubbard walk, keeping Lamm at OT, signing Conklin as the starter at RT and drafting a LT. If I'm Dorsey, I'd be working on a deal with Jacksonville for Ramsey but only if it included Yannick Ingakoue, who held out training camp, hasn't been given the new deal he wanted, and is a FA after the year. Give em both big fat new deals. Trade would have to include Vernon going to Jacksonville to make the money work.
  2. {Poll} Should We Trade for Jalen Ramsey?

    Hell, I could live with two 3's even, but Dorsey would be nuts to pay more. 2020 Iooks good for OT's. I'm holding onto my 1st rounder for one of them, even expecting to probably have to use a 2021 pick to move up some. My focus this next off season is LT, OL, TE, n DL. My off season: Cut: Kirksey, Carrie, n Hubbard Resign: Tretter, Schobert, n Randall Sign FA: Eric Ebron, Jack Conklin Draft: LT in 1st, DE 2nd, SAF 3rd
  3. {Poll} Should We Trade for Jalen Ramsey?

    To all advocates for Trent Williams: dude is 31, and missed 13 games his last three seasons to injury. I'm not trading one 1st round pick for an old, broken down Olinemen, no matter how good he used to be. With all due respect.
  4. Njoku Hit

    Dorsey should look into trading for Eric Ebron. I think Indy would be receptive with their depth at TE. He hasn't been the same without Luck, he's a FA after the season, and even with a healthy Njoku, we need another legit TE.
  5. Around the league discussion

    Division is definitely there to be taken. If I'm Wilks, I set aside a little time each week to dissect Ravens film, like Urban did with Michigan. He's going to need creative solutions to attack that Ravens offense.
  6. Fantasy Football

    Austin Ekeler, you beautiful SOB! Only you could save me from my terrible decision to bench Tyler Boyd for Evan Engram. @NudeTayne how does one go about scoring 30,000 points on defense/ST?? Amazing.
  7. OL Situation

    Lamm should get a crack at RT when he's healthy again.
  8. Fantasy Football

    Melvin Gordon's holdout is sex for FatGerman right now. Ekeler carried my fat arse to victory this week. I've been in deep prayer with the Almighty requesting the Chargers trade Gordon away. And the answer is yes, I do use the Lord's cheatcode; that's why I actually sing the hymnals during football season instead of faking it.
  9. Fantasy Football

    Likely story.
  10. Fantasy Football

    I've got Zeke.
  11. Fantasy Football

    Make me an offer, pal.
  12. Fantasy Football

    Um, I own Austin Ekeler. Are you selling my players?
  13. OL Situation

    Will either be available at 32? No, but seriously, this is supposed to be a good OT draft. Might have to trade up for a good one. After watching Jake Burns break down Wyatt Teller's film I'm feeling decently confident Teller will shore up the interior in a few weeks after he learns the offense and adjusts to playing primarily on the right side. His pass blocking is his strength, and I think he ends up being nearly Zeitler's equal in that department. I still have hope Corbett learns this year and becomes a quality starting center next season.
  14. Cut Thread

    I'd be thrilled to walk away with Willie Henry, Daniel Wise, Damontre Moore, Jefferson, and Travis. At least one of these guys, Travis for sure, isn't eligible for waivers so we'd have to recruit him or them, which shouldn't be too hard these days. Henry, Wise, and Moore over Ekuale, Coley, and Smith saves us money and is a complete improvement. Legit depth and guys you actually want to get snaps without that being a last case scenario.
  15. Cut Thread

    What do you mean?