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  1. 2019 Off-Season Roster Building: Free Agency & Draft

    I had an idea that started as sarcasm, but I gradually found myself thinking about it and going hmmm. Let's sign all of the 2015 draft WR rejects on tiny, prove-it deals, and let them scrap it out in training camp. Breshad Perriman, Jaelen Strong, Devante Parker, Kevin White, Philip Dorsett... they almost all had crap QBs that stunted their growth. Maybe Baker can make some lemonade outta these chumps like he did with Perriman. All of these guys are physically talented. Let's see what better coaching (Adam Henry) and better QBing can do. Game of thrones had the battle of the bastards. We can have the battle of the busts.
  2. 2019 Off-Season Roster Building: Free Agency & Draft

    Totally doesn't answer my question.
  3. Mrs. FatGerman

    Practically a Hallmark card. Beautiful!
  4. Mrs. FatGerman

    As long as I'm not expected to bathe or anything like that. I've finally perfected my musk. The ladies can't resist. No, I mean it; they physically cannot resist due to a lack of consciousness. The old Cosby play. Works every time.
  5. Mrs. FatGerman

    I'm hoping the latter 😉 I figured I can use her holey heart and half a bowel to neg her self esteem down to the bare minimum so she can never get the courage to leave me. Now, if I could just get her wheelchair bound, I'd be home-free.
  6. Mrs. FatGerman

  7. Mrs. FatGerman

    Update: My bride now has her bowels in working order. They found a hole in her heart, some congenital thing not that uncommon, that they think may have thrown a blood clot, which traveled to her bowels, killing half of them, or it... whatever... She needs meds for the heart, but otherwise, things are looking good. Thanks again for all the support, boys! God bless.
  8. Mrs. FatGerman

    I didn't think you had a dog. I guess it's because you always struck me as a cat lady.
  9. Mrs. FatGerman

    What?! It was funny. Made me laugh 😂
  10. Football Lingo(calling for help)

    Raptor: you imitate a dinosaur Lobster: you do pinchy hands Rudolph: point to your nose Lumberjack: chopping a tree motion
  11. Mrs. FatGerman

    Early leader for best post of the year! Fantastic!
  12. Mrs. FatGerman

    Good advice from a guy that's clearly got it down pat. Yeah, we have a deal, I make her laugh and she loves me up. We compliment each other pretty well. Best thing to ever happen to us was being dirt poor, barely getting by in the beginning. Forged an iron tight bond. I had no idea when I started on FF that you buncha derelicts would end up being my favorite group of people in the world. I look forward to popping in here every day just to see what's going on, who's arguing with who, what shenanigans are afoot. Plus, you guys make game days more fun. Thanks for all the support, fellas.
  13. Mrs. FatGerman

    You guys are awesome! Thanks! She said after surgery, "Please don't leave me." I said, "Don't you know I married you for your fully functioning colon? C'mon! That's right, when I met you at the Redbox, I said to myself, I bet she has a great colon." SMH I guess she thought half a colon was a relationship deal breaker... Like I can be choosey. I'd like to see that in the divorce papers, irreconcilable differences stemming from her lack of colon. God help me, I love her.