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  1. I think we might be burying the lead here with the Walker signing. Darius Leonard attributes the majority of his development and success to Walker. Can he help do the same with Mack Wilson, Takitaki, or Jacob Phillips? We've got one of the better run stopping LBs in Walker and one of the better pass covering LBs in Malcolm Smith. Hopefully those two can work to tutor up the young pups.
  2. My draft prediction: 1 Edge, 1 DL, 1 CB, 1 SAF/Slot, 1 WR, 1 OL
  3. I forgot this in my brief absence. Shame on me.
  4. Somebody call the cops, please. Dizzy just raped the word "knowledge"!
  5. Not as much as his bungling of analogies makes me.
  6. You suck at this. I'd like to think I could explain it to you, but... I'd soon be a danger to myself or others.
  7. I don't buy your car part analogy. I prefer mine: if the price of beef is up and chicken's on sale, we're cooking chicken. A good chef/coach should be able to cook a gourmet meal with either.
  8. Fit the personnel to the scheme or the scheme to the personnel? Analytics folks are always looking for market inefficiencies, right? Right now there's a market inefficiency on man corners.
  9. If Joe Woods would commit to a man coverage defense, it would be beneficial, but I think he's a Seattle zone guy from what I've heard. Denzel and Greedy(at LSU at least) are best at man coverage, as are Gareon Conley and Kevin King, two cheap FA's. Conley and King are available on the cheap because their previous teams tried to square peg them into zone defenses and torched their value. When the hell are teams going to stop drafting top flight man corners for primarily zone defenses?
  10. There's no way we can say this, yet. You just never know how the draft may play out. To a certain extent, I understand this thinking with R1, but R2 is a complete unknown at this point.
  11. Give me Shaq Griffin or William Jackson plus Reddick as a pass rush specialist and I'm okay. Really wanted Lawson.
  12. Hope we let Lawson slip away because we have something in the works with Danielle Hunter😬🙄
  13. No worries. There are worse ways to spend a Saturday night🤔😊
  14. The flat noses are why I smuggle pugs and not terriers😏
  15. Nooo...? Maybe... If there is, and I'm not saying there is, it would rhyme with pug smuggling. The hardest part is stuffing the pugs up your cavity...I hear.
  16. Because I would want to cut his snaps down dramatically to preserve him for the playoffs, and his greatest value to us is as an interior pass rusher. He can play the run well, I just don't want to waste his precious snaps on run plays. Having him healthy for the playoffs is the top priority.
  17. I'm more interested in signing Carl Lawson or Romeo Okwara than most of these aging stars. Personally, if I signed Watt I'd want to cut his snaps in half, playing him primarily on passing downs, on the inside. Same with Von Miller, but on the outside.
  18. Does the fact that I actually do have diabetes make this less or more funny?😂
  19. Alive? Debatable. Been exceptionally busy the last few months. Christmas, new year, wrote a ton, been dodging Covid, stormed the capital, you know... the usual.
  20. Okay, Baker's clearly playing injured as F. Those ribs ain't letting him throw for S. Time to sit him for his own good.
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