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  1. Bravvion Roy is another I'd be interested in.
  2. Ok, so what the hell did DPJ do? Him and Quartney Davis would look good in orange.
  3. I can't believe Okwara, Trautman, the Texas A&M DT are all still on the board.
  4. I think that depends. Are we going to run a ton of 3 safety D like we did last year, and like the league is heavily moving towards? If we're basically starting 3 safeties, then yes, I feel he would be necessary.
  5. Would it change anyone's perspective on Delpit if we end up trading a 3rd for Hooker?
  6. If we could could walk away with Julian Okwara and Winfield jr, I'd be THRILLED!
  7. Safeties and DLine is my thought. I'd love to trade up and get another 2nd rounder. That would be 3 legit players added to this roster.
  8. Lotta good players available tomorrow!
  9. Now I sign Jadeveon Clowny. Trade a third for Malik Hooker.
  10. Just glad we didn't bypass a top young/cheap tackle for Trent Williams.
  11. Yes. Gonna crush in the run game 💪, plus was Joe Thomas's safest tackle pick.
  12. Hey knuckle dragger. Good to see you too 😉😁
  13. Still fat. Still German. Still alive and kicking. Sup, fellas!
  14. It seemed like he'd stop giving effort after he would screw up and knew a suspension was coming, like what's the point. Because other times you'd hear he was working hard, looking good. Obviously, I could be completely wrong.
  15. Now that weed won't get him suspended, should we take another crack at Antonio Callaway? Also, isn't it a relief going into a draft without having to give two craps whether a prospect tokes up? It is for me.
  16. Not like that. I just prefer Jones at 20 over Wills at 10 because of value. Wills has to convert to the Left side while Jones is already a strong Left tackle, in my opinion.
  17. I get this to a certain extent, but what are we supposed to add to the offense? We're pretty set besides LT. I could see WR to a degree. I want to walk away with Josh Jones, Antoine Winfield jr, Julian Okwara, Jordan Elliott, and Terrell Burgess, and Willie Gay Jr.
  18. I agree with Thomas but if he's gone, to me I'd take Jones at 20 over Wills at 10.
  19. Going OT in one and defense the rest of the way is the direction I'd go as GM. I know our LBs are weak, but this is a seriously weak LB draft. I wouldn't waste draft capital forcing LB, especially with plenty of good safeties and DLine. With that said, Willie Gay Jr. in the 4th-5th definitely does interest me.
  20. I think Josh Jones is as much a plug and play left tackle as any other tackle besides maybe Thomas. Wills and Wirfs are RT converts. Becton is not quite on par with Jones as a pass protector right now, not to mention his 2018 tape was meh at best. So besides Thomas, who is this true plug and play left tackle you expect to grab?
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