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  1. Probably not a popular opinion, but I'm for trading back, getting another second round pick, and drafting Josh Jones/Ezra Cleveland, preferably Jones. I'd be thrilled to get Winfield jr and Okwara in the 2nd.
  2. He was talking about Garrett and Young and Hunt, I thought maybe Hunt was another pass rusher.
  3. Myles and Hunt together? Who's Hunt?
  4. Evan Brown is crazy athletic for oline. 36" vert, anyone??
  5. Only one of those guys, your examples, were drafted in the 1st round. Even when you're helping yourself you're hurting yourself.
  6. I'm cool up to 8 games if it's very early.
  7. If Baker goes down for the whole season, let's just suck and get the draft picks. If it's for a limited amount of games, then utilize the good back QB and try to stay in contention. That's my feeling on the subject.
  8. Or any other trade down suggestions?
  9. I'd be down with Cam Akers if he fell to the 4th
  10. Hell, I'd still sign Darron Lee, for that matter.
  11. I'd still sign Jayron Kearse to play the back end and cover TEs.
  12. Green, rectangular, dead guy's face on it, usually some numbers and letters.
  13. trade for Anthony Harris Resign Rashard Higgins Sign Jayron Kearse Sign Darron Lee Trade back from 10 and get a late 2nd OT in the first 2 DL in the second OG & LB in the third S & WR late Something like this...
  14. It's nice to see a front office do the no brainers, instead of frustrating us all the time.
  15. Don't read the fine print, lil buddy.
  16. I'd sign Darren Lee to a heavily incentive-laced contract. I still believe he can be good if he's played right. Two years ago he was one of the best coverage backers in the league. Then last year, KC puts him on the shelf, going with a big run stuffing backer instead. You put him at the Will where he can cover, blitz, and run & hit, he'll thrive. You expect him to be a take on backer who stuffs the run, he'll fail.
  17. So what you're saying is, you want me to come over to New Zealand and lead your people to revolution. I'm in! I'm so in! Together we will free your people, kiwi! We will tell our English enemies that they may take your lives, but they will never take...my freedom!!!!
  18. Holy crap, I thought we were just kidding. You guys are owned by the Brits? Wow! We told those guys to go screw like a 300 years ago.
  19. I was an ear model for a minute until my ears got too fat... What can you do? Go on a diet? Like hell!
  20. My bad. Third world territory? Province? Australia's poop?
  21. Chill LGB, you got all that hand modelling money, don't you?
  22. 100lbs. of sausage?? You don't think for a second that's enough, do you? Okay, there's lunch, what's for dinner? 100lbs... No wonder New Zealand is a third world country.
  23. Thank you, Bruce. You're a gentleman and a scholar.
  24. Time to crash at kiwis spot. Stock up the fridge, lil buddy. Daddy's coming.
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