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  1. Pay the man, give him autonomy over the defense, and I don't care what SanFran offers to keep him, he'll come here. Get it done. Same with McDaniel, pay him, give him play calling, and he'll come. Scankarello as QB coach.
  2. Not the size of the staff but the motion of the lotion.
  3. Hoping McAdoo is here for the possible QB coach gig, with Scankarello as the OC, but only if...IF we absolutely can't get McDaniel. McAdoo was ARod's QB coach when he was interviewed for our HC job in 2014, and also later hired as the NYGiants OC.
  4. Agreed. Be a bad look to let McDaniel slip away to selfishly keep playcalling for himself. Not good for his humble image.
  5. I believe he ran man in Denver, adapted to more zone for SanFran because Shanny likes the single high Seahawks defense. That's going on memory. Could be wrong.
  6. Is there any other DC jobs open? It seems Wade doesn't have a ton of options. He says he wants to coach this year. Mentoring Woods as a senior defensive assistant feels like a good match. If Zimmer doesn't retain the Kubiaks, I'd love to bring them in too. Supposedly, Zimmer's slow playing his decisions for assistants.
  7. That was a mic dropper. Kiwi went for the jugular.
  8. Word. I'm 1/64th Klingon and all I get from that is mad backne and forehead wrinkles. I look like Sgt. Schultz if he had a hairline transplant using a shar-pei's ball-sack.
  9. The caller was in the house the whole time.
  10. Not just the French. We gave the Belgians and Dutch hell, too. Took all their waffles and chocolate.
  11. This has got to be the slowest dam putting together of a staff I've ever seen. Not one hire. Not one confirmed assistant retained. Zip. No GM. 5 days and nothing. McCarthy got his whole staff squared away. Stefanski can't even decide if he wants to order a pizza yet. Yeah, sure pal, do some interviews over the weekend. Heck, take your time, mull it over. Maybe go buy your house and check out the local schools first. Go wait for the cable guy to connect the wifi in your new man-cave. Don't let the fact that most new HC's have a staff on deck before they even interview for the j
  12. So the police and I may differ slightly in our recollections of the event
  13. They refuse to pull me over anymore, no matter how much I speed or how many lights I run. I tell ya, climax one time during a stop and frisk...
  14. I hate cops. I've been pulled over a dozen times, and no matter how much I beg, they refuse to give me a cavity search. What's a guy gotta do to get some action?
  15. I'm cool with Scankarello at QB coach or OC, Chad O'Shea at WR coach, and Joe Woods at DC.
  16. Like that's difficult 😉 #modburn
  17. I thought you were going to say, like Gregg Williams defenses... except not bad.
  18. Something tells me their LB coach is safe.
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