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  1. I was obviously, I thought, joking about envy. When someone acts dismissive of my opinion, and then I'm proven right, I expect a smidge of contrition or I get obnoxious. Yes, I'm an overgrown child, and I'm okay with that.
  2. Envy is a green-eyed monster, my friend. This clock is working fine and right on time.
  3. Someone did know the game would look like that, ME! And I tried to warn you guys. That's the point.
  4. I agree. We need another strong pass rusher, one of the hardest positions to fill, and I'd go hard after Yannick Ingouke(however it's spelled). The Vikes traded a 2nd and future 4th to get him. They suck this year. I'd pull the trigger on a 2nd and sign him to a long term deal.
  5. Duh... You guys acted like I was ridiculous and I turned out to be right. I said, we'll see after the game who was right and wrong. Here we are.
  6. On 10/11/2020 at 7:52 PM, if y'all don't recall, I said we'd lose to the Steelers, win the following week against Cincinnati, and beat the Steelers the next time, but I wanted everyone to wrap their heads around the idea we weren't going to look great for a host of reasons. I got ridiculed for my timing and not believing in our boys. I recall someone said they should be afraid of us. I went on to elaborate that I was saying this so when we lost, you guys wouldn't go running for the razors. Now here we are, many are down, the faith is lost for some, and the Baker hate begins to reemerg
  7. You guys remember all this in 8 days. Our pass rush is good, but what about without Ogunjobi, Elliott, and with big Sheldon on one leg? Ronnie Harrison is probably in the concussion protocol. Karl Joseph is injured. Greedy is perpetually injured. Baker about got his shoulder crunched. Jarvis got his ribs caved in. Hunt is still nursing a groin. Teller is injured. Any of this sinking in?
  8. What part of that read like a complaint? It was a forecast of the coming weeks. And Pittsburgh's defensive front is better than Indy's, especially when they were without Darius Leonard. My post is so you negative nellies don't go running for the razors when we lose next week.
  9. I'm gonna tell you boys right now, we're not winning next week. With our injuries and how good they are, it's not happening. BUUUUTTT, we will win the following week, and we will beat the Steelers the next time we face them
  10. We should start having the Scottish Hammer do kickoffs. He was both a kicker and punter in college and has a huge leg. Parkey doesn't have enough leg.
  11. Whenever Harrison comes back, the safeties have to be a mix of Karl, Redwine, and Harrison.
  12. But he puts himself in position for picks, which is better than Sendejo who might as well be playing on the opponent's offense as much as he helps them score.
  13. Ronnie Harrison and Jacob Phillips showing reason for optimism. That Phillips tackle, he was scooting. That's speed.
  14. Ronnie Harrison played a little over 10 snaps and put himself in position to intercept two balls. Obviously he didn't intercept either, but I see where there's hope.
  15. If I'm Cleveland, I'd be calling Dallas about Aldon Smith. Might be able to grab him for a late round pick. He's rushing the passer well, is trying to prove himself on a one year incentive laden deal, and could make a big difference opposite Myles.
  16. Probably depends on how the team's performed, whether Hunt is injured, etc... If Hunt and D'Ernest are good and we're winning games, we'll probably take it slow.
  17. Well, I didn't see that coming...or did I?!πŸ˜‚ There once was a creep we called DawgX A pervert who wrote many bad checks Until that fateful day he bought sex But failed to pay his dominatrix Ouch😡 The End😈
  18. gumroad.com/coldhardcomics Or do you prefer I Doctor Seuss you a poem outta my ***?
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