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  1. I have an active imagination πŸ€”πŸ˜
  2. Unless you find the girl that brung ya banging your best bro in the men's john. Then screw that broad, and dance with the hot 22 year old student teacher with the big jugs.
  3. I have a pretty good idea because I can remember thinking this could happen as I watched it unfold. 2019 Week 1 Tennessee Titans 5 sacks, 7 hits, 3 picks. Baker got his *** whooped that whole game, especially when he tried to stand in the pocket and deliver pressured passes. He's had happy feet ever since. His rookie year he controlled and climbed the pocket like a vet. That and his accuracy is what made me believe he'd be a stud even that early. The max protects, the good run mixes with multiple tight ends, and the faster passing concepts only boosted that confidence. Then his soph
  4. Ben ain't shrugging off defenders anymore; he's getting hit, hard. He looks older every time he picks himself up off the turf. No way he makes it a whole season.
  5. When they ask who your daddy is, it's spelled Nick Chubb.
  6. Bro, I was joking too. I figured you were F'ing around.
  7. Good to be back at the RNC. Where do I pick up my complimentary gun and bible?
  8. I self produced a comic book. All my Forum peeps can download a FREE PDF at the link. Just proceed like you're buying it, enter $0 where it asks for an amount, and download free. Beware, some adult language. gumroad.com/coldhardcomics If anyone gives me any trouble about Forum rules or decorum, I will burn these message boards to the ground!!! You've been warned.
  9. I think Hand's traded in the off-season and Quantrill stays in the pen. The 1-2-3 of Karinchak, Clase, and Quantrill will be the heart of our bullpen for the next 4-5 years. And that's with high upside relievers like Sandlin, Kyle Nelson, and Hentges in the pipeline.
  10. To be clear on Germany's position in regards to Baker Mayfield, we fully believe in Baker and expect him to eventually hoist at least one Lombardi trophyπŸ† We have lost zero faith in our boy!
  11. Best plan of action this season: pound the ROCK!! Defense is soft/injured? Passing game has to matriculate? POUND THE ROCK!!! Break their will to fight. POUND THE ROCK!!! Eat up the clock. POUND THE ROCK!!!
  12. I'll be in next year, but with the combination of the plague and my project schedule this fall and winter, I'm out on 2020. Besides, if a certain someone wins a certain election on a certain day in November, I'll be partying with a certain pitcher of cyanide margaritas. Then embrace sweet, sweet deathπŸ€’πŸ€’πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡
  13. https://www.pitcherlist.com/aaron-civale-approaches-as-a-new-challenger/ Good article on Aaron Civale. Boy, the tribe can develop pitching!πŸ’ͺ
  14. Yeah, I came around to this school of thought last year. It's true.
  15. If we really want Adams, I say trade for him, regardless of his request. Get him in the building and integrate him in with all the other LSU guys, have some success with any luck, he'll want to stay. Nobody wants to come to Cleveland but that often changes once they're here.
  16. Them working Corbett at every F'ing position on the line really screwed him. Transitioning from college OT to NFL OG is tough enough. Transitioning to NFL C, OG, and OT on both sides of the line?? Just plain damn stupid. Terrible disservice to a rookie player.
  17. Cleveland Bombers? B-29 bombers manufactured in Cleveland https://case.edu/ech/articles/i/i-x-center
  18. Here's my stance on Vernon's restructure and how it relates to Clowney or Yannick... Suppose you've decided you would keep Vernon onboard even if you sign Clowney, which many of us think is a good idea; more passrushers the better, depth, rush packages with Myles, Clowney, Vernon, and Clayborn, etc... If that's the plan, then this restructuring doesn't exclude Clowney by any means, it helps. You were going to keep Vernon anyway, now you save $4 mill you can put towards Clowney/Yannick. Maybe we're out on them, but maybe not.
  19. What about the Cleveland Arrows? Can still use a native American motif, still be the tribe... Use Arrowhead emblems.
  20. Cleveland Blues Cleveland Iron Men (this city was built on iron) Cleveland blizzards ;-) Cleveland Rough Necks or Rust necks
  21. Do we even want to imagine what was said here?! πŸ€”πŸ™„
  22. Tillery has a chance to break out this year. Good pick at the end.
  23. Not funny πŸ˜’ That might just be the cruellist thing ever said.
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