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  1. Thank God that's over! I haven't slept in 2 weeks. This draft cost me my health, my marriage, and my sanity. But it was totally worth it because I am going to dominate you fools this fall. My team is going to spank y'all like naughty little step children 😈😂
  2. Logan Cooke P Jags HC & OC Greg Roman Ravens DC Vic Fangio Broncos @BleedTheClock it's you. I'm all through.
  3. He's got it coming, wearing that skimpy outfit.
  4. Is a reach around so much to ask for every now and then?
  5. Oh, is it my turn? Thanks for telling me, pal! Ronnie Harrison saf Jags Brandon Mcmanus K Broncos Will Dissly TE Seattle @buno67 it's all you.
  6. @sdrawkcab321 it's on you, gunshow. We're almost done.
  7. Dam, I was hoping to snag Tyler Boyd next.
  8. Brandon Linder C Jags Taylor Decker OT Lions JC Jackson CB Patriots @BleedTheClock you're up. See y'all tomorrow 👍😂
  9. @buno67 you do know it's your turn to pick, right? Are you just taunting me, now?
  10. Tough break, old timer. I thought about it, and just cuz, Larry Warford. He might even be who ends up replacing Brooks if the Eagles decide to sign him.
  11. Thank you, gentlemen. I had to look at the list like 3 times because I couldn't believe he hadn't been picked yet. BTW, @buno67 if you respond in the next hour, I'll give you the name of a good guard who hasn't been taken yet to replace Brooks. One time offer.
  12. Dee Ford DE 49ers Matt Ioannidis DT Washington Marlon Mack RB Colts @buno67 baby, keep this train moving and I'll give you a big sloppy wet one.
  13. James Daniels was on my short list.
  14. @NudeTayne is a conspiracy nut. First he tried to convince me that man had walked on the moon, when we all know Stanley Kubrick made the footage on a soundstage. Then he tried to convince me that the Earth was round and spherical. Dude! Flat and domed. C'mon! Then he tried to convince me that Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas Texas in 1963 instead of abducted by aliens and replaced by a clever stand-in in '62. They had to "kill" the stand-in to maintain the cover-up of the alien abduction. Get your head out of the clouds, nude. Join the rest of us on planet earth.
  15. Don't let me down @shoffma1999 We need you to make your picks so we can wait all night on @cortes02
  16. @Thomas5737 we need you. It's your turn, playboy.
  17. Hey, you take it easy on my lil buddy. He hasn't slept.😂 I got you @Kiwibrown
  18. Early bird gets the dingo! My bad, @Dawgpoun8017 you're up. @dawgpound1816my bad
  19. @Kiwibrown wakey wakey eggs and bakey, lil buddy.
  20. Just wait for my coaches. Paul Brown anyone? Vince Lombardi at defensive coordinator? Yes, please!
  21. Big deal. I hired Sashi Brown to run my draft. When I found him, all he seemed to be doing with his time was playing Zelda and watching Boy Meets World reruns while his mom brought him a steady flow of diet Sprite and pizza rolls. Convincing him we can't trade back on every pick took some doing, but after that, we've become a well oiled machine. Although, Sashi does keep talking about this being a 3-5 year process. No, Sashi, it's not!! He also wanted to draft an all Ivy league team. I'm not going to lie, things got a bit heated. Lotta tension in the room. Good news: I
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