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  1. I'll be upfront, my team doesn't stand a chance in the preseason beauty pageant, but I feel like we should be very competitive in the stats driven, fantasy season.
  2. I keep having to go comb through rosters, then compile short lists for my next set of picks, then crosscheck and recheck to make sure none have already been selected while monitoring the current picks, but yes, too many fall through the cracks. I always try to give a nod when I see those players or players on my short list get selected.
  3. BTW, Davenport was on my short list. Good pick, brother.
  4. I didn't know they played shuffleboard this late at night. You party animal. Darnell Savage saf Packers Isaac Seumalo G/C Eagles Jordan Hicks LB Cardinals @BleedTheClock they've resuscitated Buno and got his picks. You're up... finally πŸ™„πŸ˜€
  5. My rascal is 4x4 & off roads like a champ, so nowhere is safe from me!! I will find you!
  6. Learning's for squares, Daddio!
  7. Oh, wow. No clue about the 3 picks a turn.
  8. Irv Smith Jr. TE Vikings Eric Fisher OT Chiefs @buno67 you got 4!
  9. Hock and Okereke were on my short list. It was a tough call picking Deion Jones over Okereke.
  10. Great picks at this point πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘
  11. I agree. BTW I had an idea how to incorporate name value/ opinion of best teams with stat fantasy style. Do a pre-season winner and post season winner. We have a big vote thing for best team before the season. Then a fantasy FF, stats driven winner after the SB. Makes most sense to me.
  12. Jamel Dean CB Bucs Chauncey Gardner-Johnson DB Saints @BleedTheClock it's you, my man.
  13. @buno67I know you're probably eating dinner and getting ready for bed, being it's 3PM and all, but if you could make your picks on this here interwebs machine, that'd be just dandyπŸ˜‚
  14. Stephen Tuitt DT Stillers Deion Jones LB Falcons @buno67you're up.
  15. Was this a genuine mistake or were you screwing with me?😁
  16. @BleedTheClock we're back, baby!!
  17. Preston Smith is a good pick here.
  18. @Reginaldm9 kiwi must not like you. You're up.
  19. @Dawgpoun8017 Hello? *crickets*
  20. I think that new hip is making you spunkier. Adrian Amos SS Packers Graham Glasgow OG Broncos @BleedTheClock you up. And may God have mercy on our souls πŸ™
  21. @buno67 kickstart that AOL dialup and make some picks, bro.
  22. @buno67 bring in the noise. Bring in the funk.
  23. Allen Robinson WR Bears Carlton Davis CB Bucs @buno67 it's you, my precious
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