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  1. What would you guys be willing to trade for Kearse? Fourth? Third maybe? He's 27 with I think 2 seasons left on his contract at like 2 mill each if I remember right. Safety valve type receiver. Also wanna remind folks, because of our draft standing, picking number 1, we get first dibs on the waiver wire. With the new cut down roster rules this year, I think that waiver position could come in real handy.

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  2. 7 hours ago, freakygeniuskid said:

    It's no big deal. At least here it was just a meme on a sports page. I accidentally put a song with a super subtle F-bomb on the playlist for the kid's gym I worked at a while back. That was... way worse.

    Reminds me of Christmas, Junior year in high school. Young and dumb, I burnt Holiday mix cd's as gifts, but made sure to put NWA's F the police in the middle. Made me chuckle imagining Grandma and Grandpa relaxing by the tree, sipping on eggnog with Christmas tunes in the background,  and suddenly F the police... priceless. Oh, to be stupid.

  3. 1 hour ago, NudeTayne said:


    BBC is going to step up.  McCourty is going to be a great fit on this defense & will be a huge bargain when all is said and done.  And we're setting up to trade for and extend Aaron Donald.

    My man! I been dreaming on Aaron Donald since we switched to a 4-3, and Rams hired Wade Phillips. Id give a first and a second round pick, staggered one year then the next, for Bill Willis meets Michael Dean-Perry(My personal favorite Brown ever next to Big Joe).

  4. 5 hours ago, Bonanza23 said:

    Yep welcome to the board.  So are you really a fat German?

    Born in Frankfurt. Built like John Candy and John Belishi's love child. So yes.lol and yes,  I love sour crout if ya know how to make it, ie Apple cider vinegar, bacon, brown sugar, chicken broth, diced onions, celery, and garlic. Who knows what I'm talking about?

  5. 2 hours ago, DaWg_LB. said:

    Welcome to the Board.....always love to see new posters.

    I appreciate that. I love talking Cleveland sports. So excited for the turn around that seems to be in front of us. 

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  6. Joe's going the way of Phil Taylor and Justin Gilbert. Pittsburgh wants our trash for some damn reason. To anyone questioning Joe's skills. When he was one on one he got humiliated. Even with safety help he wasn't doing great. If ya got a corner who requires safety help, he shouldn't be a highly paid dude. Cuz, low paid corners can play decent with safety help. Just my feeling. Joe played better when he was hungry for that big pay day, and popping adderalls. 

  7. This might be very unpopular,  but I'd go for broke on the future right now. LeBron is gone in a year and we won't beat GS anyway, so tear it down. Trade Kyrie, KLove,  and anyone else you can get value for. Be upfront with LBJ about the whole thing and maybe he'll help facilitate a trade of himself. Get all the youth and assets you can. Fans n media would destroy you for it, but we'd be thanking ownership in 3-4 years when this team is respectable and loaded up to be in a position similar to where the timberwolves were this year.

  8. Seen a little back and forth about Peppers position and whether we should add a free or strong safety. I look at it a bit differently. Since Peppers can be a good free or strong, then draft the best safety you can in the second round next year and let that choice decide. So if you draft a killer free, then Peppers is the strong and vice versa. Let the BPA make your decision for you. Now I will say, Corner is a big need, whether draft or FA. And only take a DT if he's extremely impactful as an interior pass rusher, otherwise we're solid on run stopping tackles. So, safety, Corner, 3-tech, LT to follow Joe, and an impact WR and RB. Good news is, if Kizer proves to be The Man, we got 5 picks in the first two rounds of the draft and plenty of cap space for FA to address these. 

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