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  1. Lions Forum Fantasy Baseball Discussion Thread #32

    I need one too. 1B seems to be super thin this year.

    I was just going to post about this lol. Pretty lucky day for me. Sorry again brotha @DalCowboyzRule
  3. Lions Forum Fantasy Baseball Discussion Thread #32

    How do you guys like the new layout on ESPN? The old layout would let you know if a player was out as soon as the lineups were released (1-2 hours before game time) without having to look at player news. I still can't tell when a player is out in this new version. I wish it gave you the option of going back to the old version.
  4. Lions Forum Fantasy Baseball Discussion Thread #32

    Yeah things are pretty rough for him, but he can go home and rest his eyes on his huge piles of money so it's not all bad. I truly believe some players just check out after signing massive contracts. I thought it was happening to Verlander after he got his big extension from the tigers, but it seems that was more about how bad the team was.

    Not a big fan of the new ESPN layout. It didn't tell me one of my players was out of the lineup today unless I'm missing something. On the bright side it was a nice opening day for my hitters with 6 homers (should have been 7 though).
  6. The Lions Den: The Anything Thread

    I think they will limp in with the 8th seed and get swept. Then draft a mediocre player and and do it all over again for the rest of eternity.
  7. The Lions Den: The Anything Thread

    I hope Castellanos has a good first half so we can get a decent haul for him at the deadline (I wouldn't hate if they extended him though). It would be nice if guys like Matt Moore and Tyson Ross aren't terrible and we could get a team to throw one of their top 15-20 prospects at us for them at the deadline. I don't think our farm system is as bad as most people think, but we need to keep building it up over the next couple years and hope we can compete with home grown talent instead of giving out huge contracts.

    Yeah you've beat me more than most people over the last few years, all of are match ups are usually nail bitters though. Should be another fun season!
  9. FFMLFB Draft

    Hunter Renfroe
  10. Ryan Braun, OF, MIL @Sllim Pickens
  11. FFMLFB Draft

    Jackie Bradley Jr @tom cody
  12. Jon Gray, SP, COL @Sllim Pickens
  13. Lions Forum Fantasy Baseball Discussion Thread #32

    Oh man, that sucks. I'm glad you're alright dude. You'll definitely be on top of list if/when we need a new owner.
  14. Eduardo Escobar, SS/3B, ARI @Sllim Pickens
  15. FFMLFB Draft

    Jorge Alfaro @tom cody