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  1. Picking 8th

    Josh Allen (yeah right) Clelin Ferrell Ed Oliver Greedy Williams Any of those 4 id be very happy with
  2. Should the Lions trade Stafford?

    if dwayne haskins is availablle at your pick u take him and ship off Stafford to Jax or NYG right after that for their pick. Take the hit and look toward the future

    devin bush in the 5th? am i dreaming
  4. Saints TE Benjamin Watson to retire following playoff run

    classic geaux Saints!
  5. Lions Forum Fantasy Baseball Discussion Thread #31

    im out this year sorry guys, i have no time for anything anymore. enjoy!
  6. TNF GDT: New Orleans Saints at Dallas Cowboys

    just because he isn't known as a dirty player doesn't mean it wasn't a dirty hit...
  7. TNF GDT: New Orleans Saints at Dallas Cowboys

    How can a ref be standing right there and not throw a flag on that? and how can any person say that wasn't an illegal and dirty hit. Gimme a break
  8. Survivor 37

    anyone still watching? Great blindside last night
  9. Week 7, Bengals-Chiefs flexed to Sunday night

    Everyone keeps saying this but it would take a monumental upset for the Bengals to get there considering their last playoff win was over two decades ago and they would indeed need to win 1 game atleast to get there
  10. 2nd Best Cornerback in the League?

    A coverage sack is a funny thing isn't it. Can you name someone on the Lions DLine the past 4 games? If u say Ansah then it seems u r a stat watcher and not a game watcher
  11. 2nd Best Cornerback in the League?

    Its unfortunate he plays for Detroit because he gets no love whatsoever. He hasn't allowed a guy to top 68 yards yet this year. The guy is an all pro breaking up passes left and right.
  12. Week 4: Lions @ Cowboys

    Firing JBC I have 0 problem with. Pascaloni too. But who to bring in is the question mark. its gonna be really sad to have a 4-12 record and miss out on an elite prospect
  13. Week 4: Lions @ Cowboys

    id take 4-12 over 6-10 this year. I know that probably puts around pick 4 and out of the way of Oliver but I haven't wanted a good on the Lions so bad since Patrick Peterson (thanks AZ for turning down the trade u bums). That guy is going to be a difference maker
  14. Week 4: Lions @ Cowboys

    Whats with the double negative man? and your sentence makes no sense lol I see a 4-12 team left with us beating the seahawks and bills and one division home game
  15. Week 4: Lions @ Cowboys

    Yep its a very lions esque game. They had one job- to stop Zeke. Couldn't even do it.