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    Favorite team: Detroit Lions Week 1 pick: Chicago Bears I have read all of the rules and agree to them. The most important rule is "Watch your Edits"
  2. Detroit Lions sign DT Mike Daniels

    if only we could have drafted greedy in the 2nd when we had the draft and took Tavai in the 3rd id feel a lot more comfortable about our secondary, even though hes only a rookie.
  3. Lions sign Former Packer DT Mike Daniels

    never understood how being a fan of a particular team gives you more power to be able to talk smack over a fan of another team. Literally makes 0 sense im decided to be a pats fan now so i can talk all kinds of smack. whooohooo that was easy
  4. Possible Trade-Back Scenarios

    Why is he #4 on your board over the players that will be available?
  5. Possible Trade-Back Scenarios

    I don't think many people would argue with you in saying that's who they think we are going to draft. We all just hope you are wrong.
  6. Possible Trade-Back Scenarios

    the seahawks have notoriously traded out of the 1st round not up into it. I doubt they would even consider that and I dunno if Detroit would want it either if a premier player is available.
  7. 2019 Schedule

    He has more faith in a rookie QB and a rookie head coach in a brutal division. Ok sure.
  8. 4 for 4

    I think Harry in the 2nd and Winivich in the 3rd are stretches but if they wound up with those 2 along with one of those top 3 guys in the 1st I would consider this an extremely successful draft
  9. Walking Dead Season 9 (TV Talk Only) - Spoiler Mines

    So who do we think was the woman on the radio at the end? The possibilities are endless.
  10. Possible Trade-Back Scenarios

    if they have Ed Oliver sitting in their in their laps and they trade back and don't atleast get a high 2nd rounder with a 1st then I would be ticked. If everything goes well Detroit shouldn't be drafting top 10 again for a long time
  11. The Lions Den: The Anything Thread

    Players are absolutely hating that deal at this point. The Braves have gotten away with robbery from the Albies and Acuna contracts spending less than half than what the Phillies are out here spending on Bryce Harper.
  12. The Lions Den: The Anything Thread

    now the Redwings get screwed and drop from 4 to 6 where the blackhawks get to jump from 12 to 3 and the devils (who just had the #1 pick 2 years ago) jump from 3 to 1. Thanks Wings for beating them their last game, that coulda been your #1 spot.
  13. 2019 NCAAM National Title: (3) Texas Tech vs (1) Virginia

    You think the best coach in college basketball could have drawn up a better in bounds play for the NCAA championship than forcing it to a triple teamed Culliver in the corner. Especially when he had 2 full timeouts to draw something up...
  14. The Lions Den: The Anything Thread

    and now Franklin Perez is hurt again. Daz Cameron better turn into something or that Verlander was not even worth it

    also from that same article So what would it be the return for the Lions if they dropped six spots to 14? Depending on which value chart you use, it’s some worth somewhere around a late second-round pick. Thomas predicts a little bit less. “It’s probably going to cost you your number 14, it’s probably going to cost you a third rounder and a Day 3 pick in order to do that.” Im sorry im not moving out of Ed Oliver at 8 for someone else to take him for #14, a 3rd and a late round pick. If we don't get their first and 2nd count me out