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  1. Week 2: Buffalo "Panthers" at Carolina Panthers

    solid first half. couldn't punch it in which nearly cost us. 2nd half was ugly offensively cam still has some rust, missed another wide open Dickson again. defense was stellar again. only allowed 2 fg in 2 games. amazing. the loss of olsen is killer but it does look like fun fun is finally starting to catch on. but the O has to get their crap together otherwise we're going to lose a few games. a win's a win but this was nasty
  2. Week 1 GDT: Panthers @ 49ers

    all in all in was an ugly victory. but a victory nonetheless. I was at the game and cam sure looked rusty as hell. bad decisions, overthrows, missing a wide open td. I know we don't want him to run as much but I still expect him to run some. a lot of open throws were missed as cam locked on to the wrong double covered wr. the run game was ok as was Cmac but nothing spectacular. the run D did get gashed and sometimes the pass D was beat but the D obviously was pretty good limiting them to 3 pts and mike adams looked solid and saved at least 1 td a win yes but there needs to be improvement if were going to beat the better teams. luckily one of them isn't next week but shady scares me
  3. Steelers at Panthers, TNF, Final Preseason Game!

    IMO CAP has been the preseason MVP. He might replace J Stew in a year or 2 as our hammer RB if he keeps this up. But he has looked powerful and fast
  4. Panthers at Jags TNF 7:30

    Anderson and Worley have probably been the 2 worst performers this preseason. the o line has been surprisingly good, KB looks good, fun fun has disappeared and so has byrd after the first week, as far as Anderson webb and gilbert have actually looked better and IMO offer more potential than Anderson. CAP looks the best he ever has as well.
  5. Tennessee vs Carolina: Preseason Week 2

    ever since the move this forum has died. hopefully its only temporary. The good: C Mac is the real deal. wow. CAP looked the best I've ever seen him. run blocking all around was pretty good. Butker looks like he might actually replace Gano. KB looks like he's back. That's about all the good. The bad: ugh the tackling was atrocious. some of the worst I've ever seen. poor pass rush and DA making some bad decisions. And I the only one but I think Fun Fun is no more than a #3 right now. no separation, fumbled. nothing special. I know Byrd has choked in practice but I say give him some play and see what his speed can add. he broke loose last preseason game while fun fun hasn't done anything is over 2 years.
  6. Thomas Davis Signs One-Year Extension

    i'm happy with this. I was afraid the contract would be hurneyfied but 1 year doesn't break the bank and TD is happy and will retire a panther. good move