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  1. Curtis Samuel Put on IR

    this does hurt as he added an element (speed) that few others on the roster can. however, at least we're getting olsen and possibly byrd (speed) back. clay is also kind of fast but unproven.
  2. Week 10: Dolphins @ Panthers... on Monday Night!

    wow. I expected a win against the crumbling dolphins but not like that. probably the most complete win of the season. the o looked the best it has all season, almost 300 yards rushing, cam with 4 tds (should've had an even better passing day if not for the drops by shepard and Samuel). the d played well again, and special teams didn't blow it (palardy is a beast). going into the bye I like the way we're looking for the rest of the season even though there are still some difficult games ahead vs. NO, ATL and MINN. overall an impressive win and CAP finally got some play albeit at the end of a blowout.
  3. Week 9: Atlanta Falcons at Carolina Panthers

    i was skeptical about this one. the O looked better- more diverse. the only negative was j stew who fumbled twice. we need to give more play to CAP. j stew offers nothing right now, not even ball security. the def almost blew this one and should've but thankfully Julio dropped a gimme. either way we held serve on our home court and need to continue to improve the O. hopefully when olsen and byrd get back they really start to open the O. I'm too afraid every time I see cam run especially when he dives towards the goal line
  4. Benjamin traded to Buffalo (per Schefter)

    wow, this was out of nowhere. heard only for a 3rd and a 7th. no olsen, no KB, is mccaffrey getting 20 catches a game? who else is cam going to overthrow? I don't like this at all
  5. Week 8: Carolina Panthers at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    The d is legit and the only thing keeping us with a winning record. the O looks like its taken 3 steps back from 2 years ago when cam was mvp. j stew looks like old toast and c mac has been a solid pass catcher but a poor runner. I honestly want CAP to get more play in the 2nd half. and we need a field stretcher and olsen back bad. but luke is the man on D and they are every bit as formidable as they have ever been. special teams is still a meh but at least they haven't cost us
  6. Week 7: Carolina Panthers at Chicago Bears

    well that was horrible. the offense single handedly wrecked the entire game both losing and not winning the game. they led directly to 14 pts which is losing and scored a pathetic 3 pts which is not winning. cam was off, some bone headed play calling and mistakes like the Curtis Samuel fumble and bad newton ints. the D was lights out giving up only 3 pts. this loss is squarely on the offense.
  7. a step backwards IMO highlighting some of our issues. no one on D really stepped up (although bredberry and j pepp looked good). run game was atrocious, maybe its time to give CAP some play? j stew looks done. cam made some bad decisions but you can't deny his drive to win almost getting himself crushed reaching for the goal line. some bad plays on O like j stew handing the ball to the def killed our O and crippled our D. playcalling was vanilla for the most part. we now have 10 days to hopefully right some of these wrongs
  8. Week 5: Carolina Panthers at Detroit Lions

    An impressive victory. the offense came up big again, cam looks reborn, Fun fun and Dickson might be checked for PEDs after this week's blow up. luke looked bad before settling down. the come back was forseen by all who have seen a panthers game. but overall an impressive victory against a solid team. another heat check this Thursday vs. the eagles but given what we've done the last 2 weeks I like our chances.
  9. Week 4: Carolina Panthers at New England Patriots

    wow, I definitely didn't see that coming. after 3 weeks of atrocious O vs. brady and the pats in NE? cam and the O came alive and the D did just enough for the win. gano won it after almost losing it, the run game was solid, fun fun had the best game of his career. c mac is just as valuable as a decoy as he is as a weapon. the loss of coleman is worrisome but j pepp still amazes me and I think that the D will be fine with some tweaks. if cam continues to show up and the D does their stuff the sky is the limit for this team
  10. Week 3: New Orleans Saints at Carolina Panthers

    atrocious showing on both ends. D got carved up but the O was predictably horrible and after losing KB we had nothing. Cam is looking even worse this year and I honestly dunno what can be done to correct it. things wont get easier next week and with 5 more games against our division unless the O dramatically improves it's not going to go well
  11. Week 2: Buffalo "Panthers" at Carolina Panthers

    solid first half. couldn't punch it in which nearly cost us. 2nd half was ugly offensively cam still has some rust, missed another wide open Dickson again. defense was stellar again. only allowed 2 fg in 2 games. amazing. the loss of olsen is killer but it does look like fun fun is finally starting to catch on. but the O has to get their crap together otherwise we're going to lose a few games. a win's a win but this was nasty
  12. Week 1 GDT: Panthers @ 49ers

    all in all in was an ugly victory. but a victory nonetheless. I was at the game and cam sure looked rusty as hell. bad decisions, overthrows, missing a wide open td. I know we don't want him to run as much but I still expect him to run some. a lot of open throws were missed as cam locked on to the wrong double covered wr. the run game was ok as was Cmac but nothing spectacular. the run D did get gashed and sometimes the pass D was beat but the D obviously was pretty good limiting them to 3 pts and mike adams looked solid and saved at least 1 td a win yes but there needs to be improvement if were going to beat the better teams. luckily one of them isn't next week but shady scares me
  13. Steelers at Panthers, TNF, Final Preseason Game!

    IMO CAP has been the preseason MVP. He might replace J Stew in a year or 2 as our hammer RB if he keeps this up. But he has looked powerful and fast
  14. Panthers at Jags TNF 7:30

    Anderson and Worley have probably been the 2 worst performers this preseason. the o line has been surprisingly good, KB looks good, fun fun has disappeared and so has byrd after the first week, as far as Anderson webb and gilbert have actually looked better and IMO offer more potential than Anderson. CAP looks the best he ever has as well.
  15. Tennessee vs Carolina: Preseason Week 2

    ever since the move this forum has died. hopefully its only temporary. The good: C Mac is the real deal. wow. CAP looked the best I've ever seen him. run blocking all around was pretty good. Butker looks like he might actually replace Gano. KB looks like he's back. That's about all the good. The bad: ugh the tackling was atrocious. some of the worst I've ever seen. poor pass rush and DA making some bad decisions. And I the only one but I think Fun Fun is no more than a #3 right now. no separation, fumbled. nothing special. I know Byrd has choked in practice but I say give him some play and see what his speed can add. he broke loose last preseason game while fun fun hasn't done anything is over 2 years.