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  1. Saints @ Panthers

    d line got no pressure. we need 2 new de's and a new safety. lb core is solid, cbs are young growing and solid as is reid (I hope we keep him). beyond all that we still held the saints to 12. rivera needs to be calling the Def plays period. O was putrid. not on norv IMO though. cam is toast this year. rest him. start another young qb and give him some exp since the season is now over. the O will be better with DJ moore and smauels and mccafrey. the D can be elite with some d line pressure. we're not that far off. but this year is done. look to 2019
  2. Week 12 GDT: Seahawks (5-5) @ Panthers (6-4)

    our season IMO is circling the drain. the last 3 weeks have totally changed our outlook. getting crushed by the steelers, blowing it against the lions, and choking vs. the seahawks. the O imo has changed for the better under norv. c mac has turned into a one man wrecking crew, dj moore looks like he can turn into a legit #1, cam has been solid. now the O has choked in vital situations like TOs and the red zone today. but the D has also folded when it mattered the most. maybe wilks or mcdermot will come back. we need more DB depth, better DEs. even if we do make the playoffs bysome chance I don't like our chances. we've been losing to middling teams lately and it doesn't look like were getting better.
  3. definitely a game of 2 halves. the first half was horrible on O and D to the point where I actually fell asleep at half. woke in the 4th and it was all of a sudden a competitive game. hopefully this jump starts the team as we look lost for 6 qtrs. before the 2nd half vs. the eagles. poor tackling, bad throws, bad o line play, little pass rush. hopefully that changes and norv calls a better game and the D gets back to basics. still a wins a win esp vs. the defending champs.
  4. ugly game, ugly loss, the next couple weeks will define this team. bad to's by moore, poor overall performance by cam (some bad throws, not mad about the INT, was more or less a punt), poor D got beat by alex smith and old man Peterson. even gano missed a xp. overall a blown game. and now we go to philly
  5. a wins a win but we did everything we could to give that game away. bad to's, poor execution, poor play calling (esp that run up the gut with like 30 secs to go), some bad throws, D had some lapses. took literally a record FG to get the win. getting olsen and td back will def be a boost to our whole team.
  6. Week 3 GDT: Bengals @ Panthers

    impressive win against a quality team. c mac is a quiet beast. I still want to see Anderson getting GL carries as I don't want to see c mac in those gl piles. newton has been efficient. fun fun has been serviceable and I do agree we need to see more of DJ. the D has been unimpressive by panthers standards. pass rush needs improvement. Jackson looks solid at CB. LB's seem out of place most of the time. if they ran gio more there def would be 2 100 yard rushers on our plate the last 2 games. I hate early bye weeks but it is what it is. got to stiffen up the D and still 5 more division games. I like where we're sitting but still room for improvement. keep c mac and newton healthy, shore up the D and we got a playoff shot.
  7. Week 2 GDT: Panthers @ Falcons

    im impressed by norv. I was a little skeptical before the year because his last few stops haven't been inspirational. but norv called a great game and utilized everyone's strengths. cam played great (except for the lack of urgency at the end of the game but some of that is on rivera too) Anderson has been an ok pass catcher in his life but his drops were brutal especially the pick which might have cost us the game. Anderson needs to be the short yardage and gl back and maybe when we need to run the clock but c mac should continue to dominate the backfield otherwise. cmac has been decent as a runner but awesome as a receiver and I think he's only going to get better at both. the def was atrocious- specifically the rush d. pass D was ok but the run D was unacceptable. ryan getting 2 rushing tds, coleman going over 100 yds, missed tackles, no pass rush. Im not surprised we lost (we're horrible in division away games) but this is one we actually could've won. gotta win the next 2 so we enter the bye with some momentum.
  8. Week 1 GDT: Dallas Cowboys at Carolina Panthers

    and we just lost 2 of our best people. OT Williams probably going on IR and olsen might as well be. I've heard of day to day and week to week but not month to month. I highly doubt we see olsen again this year and I wish the best for Williams but at least we might get him cheaper in FA next year. also we'll soon find out how good Ian Thomas is. he looked good in the preseason but reg season is a different beast.
  9. Week 1 GDT: Dallas Cowboys at Carolina Panthers

    awins a win but this one was costly. cam looked solid. didn't see much separation from the wr. decent run game but would like to see CJ near the goal line. def was amazing as usual . the keuchly scare scared the bejesus out of me. o line was ok. dallas got a lot of push up the middle. losing our OT for what looks like an extended time is going to hurt. olsen looks like he's going to miss a lot of time. at least we have Thomas, now time to throw him into the fire. a solid win, esp with NO and ATL losing. but o line and O have to be better.
  10. It'sssssss TIME!!! Carolina Panthers Training Camp Theard

    Since this forum has absolutely died I will just continue talking to myself. 2nd preseason game. def looks a little worrisome. gave up a lot of easy yards. not much of a pass rush with 1st stringers. but stopped them in the redzone for fgs. bend but don't break. cam was erratic. threw an int, took two sacks, but still had the td as well. cmac looks great. I still don't see him as a bell cow guy. I see 12-15 carries and maybe 5-8 catches a game. but he is a weapon. I can see Anderson being the game finisher if we get a lead and need to close it out with hard runs. ian Thomas looks legit. still raw but if he blocks he can be a complete TE.
  11. It'sssssss TIME!!! Carolina Panthers Training Camp Theard

    Just FYI there was a preseason game yesterday. observations- def looked terrible. little pass rush, poor tackling, blown coverages, Seymour should not make the roster as he was burnt toast from the first play. the D made both McCarron and Peterman look like brady and made the RB murphy look like faulk. I expect some hard practices for the D in the coming week. O looked better, cam was solid but sailed a couple throws as usual. mccaffrey looked good, I thought norv was making things up with how much they were going to use him but if this game is any indication he will be used a lot. the rookie TE Thomas got a lot of play and already looks solid but a bit raw. moore looks good and gilbert looks like an accurate back up qb. might have something if he continues to progress. also the bills announcers suck.
  12. Playoffs/Offseason Thread

    i dunno how it stacks up to other cbs but 8 mill a year seems a bit much for a middling cb. I think I remember seeing him get torched a couple times last year. hopefully it's backloaded and we find a long term replacement in the draft. I do think torrie smith is a solid get fitting the speed/vet we really needed. and with the money being thrown out there to people like albert Wilson and paul Richardson I think the 5 mill for smith is a bargain. but that's just my 2 cents
  13. Playoffs/Offseason Thread

    these 3 releases after the last year IMO were all necessary. need to get younger and better and get some of the guys we already have PT. I still want CAP to get a little more PT ( IMO he looked better than j stew in his limited time last year) I also expect us to draft a mid round rb (dunno how this draft is for rb's outside of the top few). I actually do like fun fun, olsen, and Samuel/byrd as our wr corps. no true #1 but IMO all are threats to go over 100 yds any game and throw in c mac and I think we're sitting ok. I think we need a back TE to groom, d line, o line and safety.
  14. Playoffs/Offseason Thread

    offensively we're a mess. last few games the D has been impressive considering how horrible our offense has been. no separation, no speed, sailing throws, no consistency, sporadic run game, some bad o line play. I don't like our chances vs the saints who whupped us twice however if brees, kamara and ingram get lost and don't make it to the game and we win I do like our chances vs. the eagles and making it to the nfc championship.
  15. Packers at Panthers GDT

    did almost everything possible to blow it in the end but overall I was impressed. O looked fluid and effective. D held a rusty a rod mostly in check, cam looked probably the best he has all year, c mac looked as good as advertised, nice to have olsen and byrd back. last 5 or so mins were atrocious and we def lose vs a healthy a rod. still a solid win.
  16. Vikings at Panthers GDT

    an odd and surprising game, looked good in parts, o was sporadic as usual, stew was ok (got most of his yds on one run) cam was ok, d was mostly solid besides the blown theilen catch. still beat one of the hottest teams in the nfl. like our chances getting into the playoffs. solid game but still room for improvement
  17. Week 12: Panthers @ Jets

    all three phases looked horrible today. d was cut up by the jets and Anderson (redeemed themselves with the luke td) special teams missed an extra point then redeemed with the pr td. but the O looked as anemic as ever. j stew cant get anything done and needs to replaced by either CAP or even armah. fun fun is the only wr doing anything. shepherd has disappeared and we need clay to do something as a wr. hopefully byrd comes back soon as we need his speed. cam missed several wide open receivers. a wins a win but with quality teams coming up its a bit unsettling.
  18. Curtis Samuel Put on IR

    this does hurt as he added an element (speed) that few others on the roster can. however, at least we're getting olsen and possibly byrd (speed) back. clay is also kind of fast but unproven.
  19. Week 10: Dolphins @ Panthers... on Monday Night!

    wow. I expected a win against the crumbling dolphins but not like that. probably the most complete win of the season. the o looked the best it has all season, almost 300 yards rushing, cam with 4 tds (should've had an even better passing day if not for the drops by shepard and Samuel). the d played well again, and special teams didn't blow it (palardy is a beast). going into the bye I like the way we're looking for the rest of the season even though there are still some difficult games ahead vs. NO, ATL and MINN. overall an impressive win and CAP finally got some play albeit at the end of a blowout.
  20. Week 9: Atlanta Falcons at Carolina Panthers

    i was skeptical about this one. the O looked better- more diverse. the only negative was j stew who fumbled twice. we need to give more play to CAP. j stew offers nothing right now, not even ball security. the def almost blew this one and should've but thankfully Julio dropped a gimme. either way we held serve on our home court and need to continue to improve the O. hopefully when olsen and byrd get back they really start to open the O. I'm too afraid every time I see cam run especially when he dives towards the goal line
  21. Benjamin traded to Buffalo (per Schefter)

    wow, this was out of nowhere. heard only for a 3rd and a 7th. no olsen, no KB, is mccaffrey getting 20 catches a game? who else is cam going to overthrow? I don't like this at all
  22. The d is legit and the only thing keeping us with a winning record. the O looks like its taken 3 steps back from 2 years ago when cam was mvp. j stew looks like old toast and c mac has been a solid pass catcher but a poor runner. I honestly want CAP to get more play in the 2nd half. and we need a field stretcher and olsen back bad. but luke is the man on D and they are every bit as formidable as they have ever been. special teams is still a meh but at least they haven't cost us
  23. Week 7: Carolina Panthers at Chicago Bears

    well that was horrible. the offense single handedly wrecked the entire game both losing and not winning the game. they led directly to 14 pts which is losing and scored a pathetic 3 pts which is not winning. cam was off, some bone headed play calling and mistakes like the Curtis Samuel fumble and bad newton ints. the D was lights out giving up only 3 pts. this loss is squarely on the offense.
  24. a step backwards IMO highlighting some of our issues. no one on D really stepped up (although bredberry and j pepp looked good). run game was atrocious, maybe its time to give CAP some play? j stew looks done. cam made some bad decisions but you can't deny his drive to win almost getting himself crushed reaching for the goal line. some bad plays on O like j stew handing the ball to the def killed our O and crippled our D. playcalling was vanilla for the most part. we now have 10 days to hopefully right some of these wrongs
  25. Week 5: Carolina Panthers at Detroit Lions

    An impressive victory. the offense came up big again, cam looks reborn, Fun fun and Dickson might be checked for PEDs after this week's blow up. luke looked bad before settling down. the come back was forseen by all who have seen a panthers game. but overall an impressive victory against a solid team. another heat check this Thursday vs. the eagles but given what we've done the last 2 weeks I like our chances.