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  1. Don't know if this has been posted yet, but a closer look at the friendly exchange between Harbaugh/Vrabel.
  2. NFL should be proud of this officiating crew they've been shoving down our throats tonight. Along with the two of the worst calls we've seen this season.
  3. Hasn't Edmunds been subpar? Haven't really paid much attention to him.
  4. Louis Riddick acting like the Bucs don't have the best run defense and in turn, one of the worst pass defense.
  5. Winfield Jr is going to be really good..
  6. I want to see Ramsey get burned every single play. With that said, he's probably been the best CB this season.
  7. Simmons might be wearing the worst number of all time..
  8. Hopefully Baker found another place to sleep..
  9. Can't tell whose worse. Foles or the offensive line?
  10. I really hope not. Will really hate to see him go out like that. He deserves a proper retirement.
  11. Feel bad for the lady ref. She's been getting ripped by Hoodie all night.
  12. NBC trying to break down what the Bills did wrong on the hail mary lol. There were three defenders there. Nuk is GOD.
  13. I was wondering who was calling the Detroit/ Washington game. Low and behold, Aqib Talib 😂
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