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  1. Is it just me or does Josh Jacobs look noticeably slimmer and quicker?
  2. I think Cam has a pretty good chance if Jakob doesn't get blown up on that play. I don't mind the call. If Cam scores on that, the team's morale and Cam's confidence skyrockets into the stratosphere. If they don't, Belichick and McDaniels can take the heat for it, knowing they can handle the criticism, make adjustments and move on. The risk was worth the reward in my opinion. I think Cam deserved that chance.
  3. His hands have turned suspect over the last year, I'm aware. But he's 34 and still a dog out in the field. Gotta take the good with the bad. Especially since it is literally impossible for the Patriots to develop someone on the other side of him to help ease the pressure a little bit.
  4. I forgot about that. Guarantee he makes that play if it was January.
  5. I'm proud of this team. I really am. As @Deadpulse said, that was all execution by the Seahawks defense. Going by how our goal line offense has executed up to that point, I'm not completely disappointed in the call (although I would have liked to see some sort of power pass option). Jakob Johnson clearly has a place on this offense with Cam Newton in fold, but his inexperience really showed up on that last play. Still, credit to the defender for blowing that up and being the best player on that single play. For a defense that is clearly using players out of position, the coaching and intent on this defense still shows tremendously, and that makes me glad. Yes, they got torched tonight, but they went up against the 2nd best QB in the league. Need some of these young LBs to get healthy so they can get a little bigger up front without sacrificing too much athleticism and deploy the secondary accordingly. How about we give McDaniels some credit for the offense he has put together in the early going? Some will keep wanting to nitpick the situational playcalling, but I chalk that up to personnel and a little bit of Bill's influence in philosophy; living to die another day. And playing mistake free football. At the end of the game, the Patriots will always have a chance because of that philosophy, and many people won't realize that at the forefront. One note on Harry: a decent statline. But let's not ignore the fact that they have to literally scheme him the ball only for him to average 3 yards a damn touch. Wasn't his specialty YAC? 1st round WRs should be able to create downfield. The team shouldn't have to create for him, only to constantly get put down by the very first defender at first contact. Where's all the physicality from that 6'3, 220 lbs frame? The dude isn't Tyreek Hill, and if he doesn't realize that soon enough and start molding his game after the Golladays/Hopkins of the world, he won't be long in this league. Cam. Nothing short of amazing. Some of those throws tonight were ridiculous. Literally amazing. I'm a believer. Just need him to stay healthy. He and McDaniels has clearly formed have an identity on offense that they're committed to and that's all you could ask for in this league. This was a great loss. One that should benefit the team tremendously. I have a feeling Seattle is a top contender this year, so it's nothing to hold their hats down on.
  6. Good stop there by ILB Adrian Phillips.
  7. His left elbow touched down before his right elbow or butt...
  8. They just gave him a raise. If they were looking to trade him at xxxx time, it was only because they were backed up against the wall in terms of cap space and team building resources. Gilmore is the one and only player currently on the team who could extract that in return. Belichick is and always doing what's best for the team, not looking to trade his best player because of unrelated reasons....
  9. Depends. Only if the team is already a legit SB contender (pretty much like the Cooks situation). With that said, I have a feeling the Patriots are definitely fielding calls for ARob and/or Ertz at the moment. Hopefully a 1st won't be needed for either...
  10. A body is a body at this point, I guess..
  11. Yeah I like the Texans WR corp, but they could really use a bonafide #1 WR.
  12. Can guarantee half the reason is because Trubisky. With that said, I can't stand players who cry and complain. Should trade him to the Patriots as punishment so he can no longer have fun.
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