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  1. 1. Belichick 2. McVay 3. Pederson 4. Reid 5. Carroll 6. Payton 7.Tomlin 8. Harbaugh 9. Rivera 10. Reich McVay is the next great Coach. He's going to have his blue print in the league someday..
  2. Chiefs extend K Harrison Butker (5 year, $20M)

    Didn't see him miss once last year. He was probably the second best Kicker all season after Tucker. Maybe after Zuerlein too if you wanna count him..
  3. If they come out of that TO and execute a beautifully drawn play, everyone is raving about he genius it would have been. People need to stop looking into the narratives. You play and execute until the clock hits zero...
  4. Seriously. Insult by question. She should get slapped...
  5. Am I the only person seeing how laughable Kawhi is when he tries to penetrate?
  6. Eagles Extend Carson Wentz

    Did I just read that the Dallas Cowboys are a SB contender in the NFC?
  7. Leonard Williams Reshad Jones if the Pats Safety group wasn't so deep... And actually Kenny Stills based off the Patriots' needs. He's one of the few outside WRs that's skillset would compliment Bradys game...
  8. Eagles Extend Carson Wentz

    I remember claiming he'd end up being one of the biggest busts ever. I thought the speed in the NFL would be too much for him watching his tape, but it really was just his competition in college. This crow is delicious..
  9. Patriots cut TE Austin Seferian-Jenkins

    Gotta make room for the Rudolph trade....
  10. New Packers HC Tears Achilles

    Not one ounce of disappointment in this thread.
  11. Bucs cut DT Gerald McCoy

    Y y'all arguing over da newest Patriot?
  12. Bucs sign Ndamukong Suh 1 year deal

    -2 million I bet...
  13. Newly signed Patriots OT Jared Veldheer retires

    They're no AB, the Buffalo Bill....
  14. Patriots extend WR Julian Edelman

    He'll be one of the rare lifetime New England Patriots under Belichick. He's earned it.
  15. Patriots extending WR Julian Edelman (2 year, $18M)

    Still the most underrated WR in the game on a week-to-week basis. To be honest, I thought he wouldn't be the same after the ACL a few years back. But he only seems to be getting better with age.