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  1. Easily top 5, and can be the best WR in the game on any given week. Pound for pound, the most polished and well rounded WR in the game too. He's so sure, safe and consistent, he gets overlooked. Watch the numbers once he retires.......
  2. LeBron James to the Lakers 4 Years/$154M

    As a Laker fan I just don't know how to feel about this. We get the best player in the NBA, but I wanted something built, not bought...
  3. Julian Edelman facing 4 game suspension for PED

    Although his chances are low, Edelman seems to have an outlier and has a better shot at getting this overturned than in most cases. Still waiting from the NFL to see what it was, or what may have been mishandled..
  4. E3 2018 and upcoming titles

    Maybe it's just me but the engine/mechanics for Days Gone looks extremely sloppy and glitchy. That shouldn't be an issue with gaming technologies these days. Would be extremely disappointing if that was the end product...
  5. E3 2018 and upcoming titles

    Used to spend hours figuring out combos, Ultras and finishers. The killing game of all killing games...
  6. Dynasty is a strong word in today's era of football. While we have one standing in it's twilight in the Patriots, could it be possible there is already another one next in line? I can't help but think so with the Philadelphia Eagles. Most teams coming off Super Bowl wins are usually leeched off of their resources/foundation, whether by important personnel members, assistant coaches or key Free Agent players. Yet you look at this team coming off of their impressive championship run, and they improved even more with acquisitions of players you didn't even think they could make. How did they do it? They had the cap space, because the nucleus of this team are a bunch of young players still on rookie contracts, the most important being possibly the best player on the team, playing the most important position in Carson Wentz. Including the likes of Hicks, Ajayi, Johnson, Clement and Agholor, complimented by fairly priced veteran members like Jenkins, Cox, Long, McLeod, Peters, Bradham, Kelce, Jeffery etc. This team got even better with the acquisitions of Bennett, Ngata, Wallace and they get back who looked like the real MVP of the NFL last season in Carson Wentz. Doug Pederson proved last year he has mastered the game in all phases, showing no fear or hesitation in the biggest moments on the biggest stage. He has this team behind him going full steam. You don't realize how young and talented this team is. Stockpiled with depth in all the right areas (OL, DL, WR, DB), a potential franchise/elite young QB in the making, elite/true LT in Peters, complimentary core of RBs to lean on, and the veteran/moral leadership provided by guys like Jenkins, Long, Kelce and Cox. Everything seems to be in place. Set up for the long run. This team is scary from top to bottom right now. And it looks like it's going to stay that way for a while....
  7. Top 10 Players Overall

    You left the least doubtful #1 player off your board because ESPN convinced you to get your feelings hurt because of him. That's mental....
  8. Top 10 Players Overall

  9. Top 10 Players Overall

    If it helps, his list is pretty terrible...
  10. Top 10 Players Overall

    Pretty much. Unquestioned #1 player in the world two years ago, but two seasons on the shelf since (and it's starting to look bleak) doesn't help.
  11. Patriots extend FB James Develin

    Develin is a man with a job. He shows up to it and gets paid.
  12. Top 10 Players Overall

    Factoring in career resume, last season and going into this season, list your top 10 OVERALL players in order, regardless of position: 1. Tom Brady 2. Aaron Rodgers 3. Antonio Brown 4. Rob Gronkowski 5. Aaron Donald 6. Von Miller 7. Zack Martin 8. Patrick Peterson 9. Le'Veon Bell 10. Julio Jones
  13. Chicago Bears unveil new alternate jerseys

    I'm not one to go into every uniform thread to crap on what's presented, which seems to be an on-going theme on this forum. But man, these are bad.....
  14. Raiders Fear Suspension for WR Martavis Bryant

    Lol no. He loves the ganja...
  15. Julian Edelman facing 4 game suspension for PED

    There's tension from top to bottom in every organization in the NFL. The Patriots are hardly even near the median line. Tension doesn't get you two consecutive Super Bowl seasons. Who in the organization has been fired along the way? ESPN is trying it's hardest to disguise a dynasty that is in the twilight years (because at some point, age and time will get you there) as a hot click. They've been adding fuel to a fire they can't even start all off season. It's pathetic...