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  1. I put in 32 hours, but beat it only in 3 "days" worth of play (talk about binging), so it really didn't seem much to me. I also wanted to soak in everything I could within the game knowing how much I was going to binge it so I wasn't in a hurry. Most of the time I spent was just taking in the scenery and literally appreciating every detail of the world they built. How many times did you play to beat it in 21 hours? It actually wasn't as challenging as I thought it would outside of a few of parts where you are alone and run into large groups of enemies. I barely beat it yesterday so I'm still trying to finalize my thoughts on the game, but one thing I wanted to point out was; I'm starting to really like the final sequence of the game. From what I've read on Reddit, people like to sh!t on Ellie and say her character was tainted because of the whole revenge thing. But I don't think it was revenge she was seeking (at least not by the final epilogue). She needed closure. By the time the farm epilogue came around, her tone towards Abby had already changed. When she decided she needed to set out to confront Abby again, she didn't even know what for. But she just knew she had to. There was never a sign of clear, malicious intent towards Abby, and there were even times she was worried about Abby's well being throughout the California journey. The ending was such a good scope on the morals of revenge, sacrifice and loss given how things ended up for Ellie.
  2. Just finished it. A smidge under 32 hours on Survival. Mentally f***ed would summarize my overall feeling. While I didn't agree with the direction they went with the story, I can't deny it wasn't effective. You gotta give it to ND for that. At the end of the day they stuck to the original title and theme of the game and that shouldn't be dismissed. Gameplay wise, it's a technical marvel and masterpiece to me. The movements, the interactions, the controls were a completely satisfying and realistic immersion. Dina was my favorite character. She's completely wifey material. God bless those thighs.. Lev, Jesse and Manny were great as well. I mean, all the characters were done so well. You seemed to care about all of them, only for ND to scar you by pulling their plug in the blink of an eye. Again, gotta give it to them for keeping you engaged. Apparently, I didn't find every single item attainable, and that's frustrating given the fact I looted every single corner of the game lol. More reason to run through it again I suppose and just goes to show how much detail was put in. I really hope they add Factions. The maps to be created from this world are going to be amazing.
  3. Chiefs sign Mahomes to 10 year extension

    I remember calling him a bonafide bust when he was coming out. The crow tastes great Patrick. It really does....
  4. Sexy Rexy Restructures Final Year of Deal

    Nice. We should have the room to sign another elite ST'er now....
  5. Our Offense Now...Where Does it Rank?

    X-Factors are going to be Harry, Harris and the rookie TEs. As of what we know this moment, it's still not that impressive. I'm interested in seeing how Cam and N'Keal get acclimated. I think they are a better fit for each other than Brady was.
  6. Patriots sign Cam Newton

    Anyone watch him play the last two seasons? I think we need to be concerned about whether or not he can stay on the field before anything else. With that said, I have some faith in Belichick/McDaniels ability to coach up Cam and keep him "safe."
  7. Patriots sign QB Cam Newton

    As long as one of the clauses in the contract states he must get a haircut, I'm all for it...
  8. I was fine never having a sequel to this game. The story and writing in the first was one of the most complete and satisfying fictional stories I've ever come across in any movie or game. Of course, as a selfish human being, I was never going to fully operate against a continuation of the game, and let the hype build up over time. The story is still important to me. Only because of the first. If they managed to completely destroy the arc of it (based on the little things I've read), I'm not sure if I'm going to let them do it. The DLC story they added for Elie already left a bad taste in my mouth. Debating if I should pick this up now.
  9. Has Prince Amukamara been to the Pro Bowl? He first came to mind. Logan Ryan also might fit the bill. There was a dude that played on the other side of Charles Tillman that seemed pretty good while the Bears defense still had Urlacher and Briggs, but it was only for a few years and he was never heard from again after leaving Chicago. I'd look him up but I've used up all my Google lifelines today..
  10. Giants K Aldrick Rosas arrested

    Imagine being paid millions to kick a football, but the temptation of getting sh!t wasted and ramming into people on the road was too much to resist over said millions...
  11. He did. Reports of concerns over long term knee issues right before the draft. I guess we can appreciate the fact he hasn't missed many games, but he already looked physically shot last season. Put on the Georgia tape and it's a completely different player in terms of explosiveness. I feel good about Damien Harris' implementation into the offense this season, so hopefully it would spell Michel a little and help keep him more effective with less of the load on him.
  12. Pretty sure he's missed his first two training camps because he had to get procedures done..
  13. https://www.boston.com/sports/new-england-patriots/2020/06/12/sony-michel-foot-surgery-offseason That's three operations before his 3rd year if I'm counting correctly. His long term outlook looks bleak to me at this point..
  14. This sucks. It's hard to comprehend how any one can get killed over the pettiest things. RIP Reche. Are Florida home invasions a thing? Seems like it...