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  1. Joker

    Decent movie for me. I think people are overrating it a little bit. Phoenix was definitely good. And in a different way from Ledger's. Which is ultimately a good thing given how Ledger set the bar. I have to say, are all people from Gotham, regardless of what parallel movie universe, nothing but idiots and morons? Seems like that never changes. I still can't tell if he killed his GF or not. If he did, and he let Gary go, what's the line in thinking for that? The ending almost pretty much indicated a sequel into another Batman. Did they just do that for the easter egg sh!ts and giggles? I don't feel it was necessary given this was supposed to a standalone film focusing as a psychological thriller.
  2. People forget how bad Jimmy looked at the beginning of the season. I don't find it a coincidence the 49ers this year, was the best running team, all by scheme. At some points employing 4 different RBs productively. Matt Ryan had an MVP season with Shanahan. Kirk Cousins looked great as a young QB with Shanahan. But with Garroppolo it has largely been the running game. So yeah, I think Shanahan has done a helluva job trying not to put Jimmy G in high pressure situations. They rely on him when they have to explains it all. I can't say Shanahan used the same formula with Ryan/Cousins. I'm aware he had 3 good games this year. Two were against a historically bad defense, and one was one the fast track in the Superdome where every team averages 20 more points than they should.
  3. Because Jimmy G would have to actually step up and play. Shanahan has done a wonderful job scheming the offense (or disguising) to not have to rely on him since the first quarter of the season. I'm sure they'd like to keep it that way.
  4. NFC Championship: GB@SF

    Do you see what he's throwing too outside of Adams? Packers need to get him another viable weapon in the passing game...
  5. Offseason Thread

    Sanu actually managed to add a negative element to the passing game. Trading a 2nd for him in the first place was pathetic, simply put. If he doesn't acclimate himself to the system by the end of next preseason, they need to eat that 2nd rounder and move on. I have my doubts he will....
  6. Nothing crazy about that. Very possible.
  7. Patriots Sell The House For Burrow?

    They'll probably try, and get shot down. Just not enough ammo. I heard they did the same for Baker. As a Patriots fan, I'm kind of glad that didn't happen...
  8. Great SB matchup. Both teams are there deservedly. The 49ers might have the best overall team, but the Chiefs have the best player at the best position. I feel like the 49ers defense isn't as battle tested as we think. I think Mahomes exposes that secondary. He is playing at a better level than Rodgers' in '11 and Flacco in '13 playoffs and those performances were off the charts. If he works the pocket and makes plays running the ball like he has been, I don't see the 49ers keeping up. With that said, it's anyone's game....
  9. Kuzma out here looking like an LA Sparks player...
  10. Barring a complete flip from the upside down, Lamar Jackson should be the clear cut winner of the MVP of 2019. Cam Newton (2015): 3.837 passing yards, 59.8% completion, 35 TDs, 10 INTs 636 rushing yards, 10 rushing TDs 15-1 record Lamar Jackson (2019): 3,127 passing yards, 66.1% completion, 36 TDs, 6 INTs 1.206 rushing yards, 7 rushing TDs 14-2 record Who had the better MVP season?
  11. What movie are you watching?

    Would have been a lot better if they didn't make it such a Disney movie and directed target audience towards adults. I won't every say no to Steinfield though...
  12. Panther's LB Luke Kuechly announces retirement

    When I think of HOF, the first thing I think of is longevity. Everyone has a different criteria obviously and there are a ton of factors and variables that come into play. It's going to be really interesting to see how/if Calvin Johnson, Willis, Gronk and Luke among others, can make it.