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  1. Like I said, biggest bust of the 2021 Draft... https://www.nj.com/giants/2021/09/giants-rookie-kadarius-toney-is-already-apparently-frustrated-with-his-role-s-t-just-be-lame-to-me.html
  2. I oddly think he improves a lot with Mac Jones at the helm. Mac has already shown an innate ability to play to his receiver. Brady, in his success, has become stubborn over the years and would never work with types like Harry - who I guess thrive in contested man situations.
  3. Yes. Can't count the amount of times he's pulled through at the end of the game for his coach and team to completely fold like paper. Tonight was no exception..
  4. Carr deserves better. He truly does...
  5. Not sure why the Ravens decided to take Humphrey off Waller. Game seemed to have swung as soon as that happened.
  6. He still reminds me of Kurt Warner more than anyone, but I don't think most people here even remember how Warner looked.
  7. All five 1st round QBs score a TD in week one. 🤯
  8. Patriots and Dolphins playing chess today, while everyone else is playing football.
  9. This Drew Brees guy ain't bad. Can we finally boot Tony Dungy please..
  10. Helluva a game so far. A far cry from the last few season openers..
  11. Not sure how a rusty Dak and offensive line missing their best player will be able to keep up. I don't think the Cowboys defensive backfield will be able to touch Evans, Godwin, Brown either. Both teams will have their backups in by the end of the game for completely opposite reasons. 38-7 Bucs
  12. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Choreography was off the walls and very authentic. Got a little too mystical for me in the end, but that's trying really hard to find something to complain about.
  13. Going to be a low scoring slugfest me thinks. Game's going to come down to which one of Tua/Mac makes more plays in the end. LFG...
  14. GI Joe: Snake Eyes What an awful, awful movie...
  15. One of his bigger accomplishments...
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