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  1. Congrats to Tom Brady, the system QB, on his first SB win with a different team.
  2. I remember commenting in one of the GTDs about how careless Kamara seemed on the sidelines. He didn't care to put half a mask on, and was literally chatting with people face to face. Not sure how the NFL didn't catch this when they knew what the Raiders were doing in their sleep.
  3. Congrats to Tom Brady, the system QB, on his 10th trip..
  4. This sucks. I was hoping his whole ordeal with Indianapolis had turned away teams long enough for him to hang around and become Bill's eventual successor. He's one of the best HC candidates right now next to Bienemy, and I was hoping his past would cloud that within the rest of the league. If he goes, Philly is getting a Josh McDaniels who is light years ahead of Version 1 and one who will be considered one of the best HCs within a few years. He's ready and I didn't want anyone knowing.
  5. Someone check Tyreek for a concussion as well. He seems to be confusing an assistant coach as his baby's momma...
  6. Yeah makes no sense. If you're gonna get on the Andy Reid tread, why not just stick with the one who already won you a SB?
  7. Should be picked up quickly. If I'm one of the HC needy teams, I take a hard look easily..
  8. Myles Garrett lining up offsides literally every single play...
  9. Not s single snap for RJ yet from what I've seen...
  10. I always enjoy Pete Carroll running out of gum to chew. We only know how much he'd be smacking if it were the other way around...
  11. Bills really learned from Hail Murray...
  12. This is gonna be a helluva game. You can just feel it.
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