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  1. McGrone's ability to break down and attack the ball carrier is impressive. If he can refine the rest of his game, look out...
  2. Sure makes up for all the 4.6s on the roster at the skill positions. Yes, I'm aware Nixon, who may not even be on the opening day roster, ran a 4.4.
  3. Not sure why you think this. They'll absolutely be in the running for a top QB in the next few drafts...
  4. Didn't realize Dede Westbrook is on the market. He'd be a great late off-season addition. Just need Bill to stop being allergic to speed....
  5. To be fair, Michel's college tape was off the walls. His knee issues just turned out to be legitimate and ill timing. He went from David Wilson to Mike Tolbert within a blink of an eye...
  6. Got a feeling he'll be back with no draft asset placed on a CB.
  7. Haven't initially felt this good about a draft since the Chandler Jones/Hightower one. This gets one nice capital A from me.
  8. With this pick,is there any hope left for Cajuste/Froholdt?
  9. We need to draft a WR. To come out of two consecutive years of the deepest classes ever with nothing to show for would be unacceptable..
  10. Barmore is as good a prospect as Dexter Lawrence / Jeffrey Simmons / Christian Wilkins from the previous years in my opinion. The fact that he fell to the 2nd in such a weak class where he was easily the top DT is still baffling me. We just got this dude in the SECOND round.
  11. Ravens just got a steal with Tylan Wallace. Though I don't have much confidence in Baltimore to get the best out of him.
  12. If going RB, why not draft a speedster to add to the group? We have enough guys who always gets at least 4 yards, but never more than 10.
  13. Didn't even know he was in this draft. Dude was popping up everywhere in a game tape I watched. I think it was Davis Mills'
  14. Amari Rodgers Diyami Brown Paulson Adebo Tylan Wallace Would be happy with any of these at 96..
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