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  1. Trade Deadline Rumors

    I'm not a reporter not do I claim any credibility with what I say but, OJ Howard to the Patriots
  2. Michael Bennett suspended

    His play has been just fine. Nobody on this team has a full time role rushing the passer. No doubt it is and will always be the crappy attitude....
  3. Isn't his overall record under .500?
  4. Is the NFL rigged?

    Is that why you spend half your day on a dedicated forum to discuss the analytics of it?
  5. Is the NFL rigged?

    Threads like these are so useless. Saying the NFL has an officiating problem or is rigged is like saying we have a police problem in this country. The NFL is a game of inches and instantaneous moments. Officiating and regulating it will never be a perfect science. It's just the nature of the beast. If you want don't want the referees to decide the outcome of a game, you just have to play well enough to compensate for any discrepancies in how the game gets called. With that said, the Lions absolutely should have a bitter feeling in their mouths after tonight. Those calls were cringe..
  6. MNF: Lions at Packers

    Lol at #29. Not even gonna try to learn his name..
  7. MNF: Lions at Packers

    Is Graham playing with ankle weights on??
  8. MNF: Lions at Packers

    They are literally just gonna call it every time someone gets hurt now. Now matter how proper the defensive player was. It's pathetic..
  9. SNF - Pit @ L.A.

    He'd be a top 5 TE if he could just stay healthy..
  10. SNF - Pit @ L.A.

    Only the Chargers would get bood in their own stadium based on a call in favor of the home team...
  11. GDT - Week 6

    Did DeAndre Hopkins just.......drop a pass???
  12. Raiders release WR JJ Nelson

    Why? This all but seals the Raiders' fate for a Super Bowl...
  13. Watson Back In

    He was toast last year, and looked worst in preseason.
  14. I want Jerod Mayo to be the next head coach

    Oh look. Another hot take. We'll stack this one on top of the 'Cut Gostkowski, McDaniels Sucks, Patriots Should Have Drafted Calvin Ridley, and Trade Brady For Derek Carr files...
  15. MNF: Browns @ 49ers

    Just trying to make this a game...