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  1. Who Was The Most Improved Player In The NFL Last Season?

    He put up stats, sure. But was still wildly inconsistent and still unreliable...I wouldn't categorize him as most improved..
  2. Who Was The Most Improved Player In The NFL Last Season?

    Yep. Can't be Mahomes. He never set a precedent to improve on. He's just a stud...
  3. Black Summer (Netflix)

    They lack such conviction to me. He's this mysterious, con-man of an outcast, but completely gives in to her. What does she have to offer him? She's not even cute....
  4. Black Summer (Netflix)

    Pretty much a good correlation of thoughts here. I'm thinking they didn't care to try to develop characters too much because they were going to end up dying anyways. I mean, who was there to even like in the first season? Velez was the only character I remotely cared about. Sun is the one moral character in the show but her language barrier ignorance is intolerable. The main white girl, I would have ditched after five minutes if I was Spears. It definitely ended flat. There just wasn't enough material and substance. But it definitely doesn't lack in the creative suspense and "what's gonna happen next" factor.
  5. 2019 NFL Draft Thread: Nashville

    Should the Pats take Haskins if he falls to 32? I would consider him a rich man's Jacoby Brissett as a prospect...
  6. 2019 schedule leaked

    We're on to Pittsburgh....
  7. Patriots sign WR Demaryius Thomas (One year, $6M)

    He'll be the next Galloway, Ochocinco, Wayne, Decker etc...
  8. Falcons sign DT Tyeler Davison to 1-year deal

    You guys signed Malcolm Brown over bringing him back. Wrong move if you ask me.
  9. Black Summer (Netflix)

    Anybody watching this? Randomly turned it on last night and was hooked right away. I know the post apocalyptic zombie genre is beaten to death at this point, but they did a good job bringing a fresh perspective into this one. The editing is done very well, and the cast are brand new actors who all do a magnificent job. Intimate zombie and human chase scenes seem to be a focal point of this show, which is profound, given no other zombie show/movie has never taken that approach before. Very suspenseful. Think the movie Crash and The Walking Dead put together. Watched about half of the season last night and will finish the next half. Looks like it's gonna be a good one....
  10. Panthers ink WR Chris Hogan to 1-year deal

    He sucks. Lost any athleticism he had left. Plays scared. Can't absorb any tackles without getting hurt. Lacks any awareness whatsoever. Good teammate though.
  11. What TV Show Are You Watching?

    Black Summer on Netflix. Thank me later....
  12. The same league that at this point, has players voluntaringly retiring earlier than ever. The same league that has seen it's career life span dwell down to 3-4 years average due to it's physical toll. Brady isn't a product to any excuse you desperately try to come up with as to why he is still haunting you in your nightmares. He's the exception to all of it because he's mastered the game in every aspect. That is why he eats hay. This thread is foolish. Might be one of the worst ones I've ever seen on this forum. Followed by the attempts of trying to justify it. All that salt and no wound....
  13. Should the Seahawks trade Russell Wilson?

    You say that like money grows on trees....
  14. Patriots re-sign K Stephen Gostkowski

    He's been one of the best, most consistent Kickers this decade. He's also been money on KOs, especially when given a certain KO assignment, like pinning opponents deep. Your idea of him 'not being clutch' probably stems from the Denver playoff game among anything else, where his missed PAT early in the game was exaggerated because the team couldn't pull off the win the rest of the game. Your perception of him is also probably exaggerated by the fact that the Patriots play in more competitively close games than any team in recent history, constantly putting him in big pressure moments. And the fact that the Patriots consistently score and border field goal position at an alarmingly higher rate than most teams, increasing his vulnerability. He's been insanely consistent and has stepped up in the biggest, most needed moments time and time again. I can live with whatever shortcomings he has failed to deliver on in his career; whatever that may be, at least I know it's not what the rest of the league is suffering through because of their own ignorance to the value of such a position...

    Am I wrong for thinking this will be the longest lasting Green Room we've ever had up to this point?