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  1. Can the Packers trade Preston Smith and not have any dead money? With the salary cap it'll be tough finding a team but maybe they could throw in a late pick.
  2. Todd Bowles, Dom Capers?, Leslie Frazier. I think you could get a long list of DC that went on and failed as a HC but then had success as a DC again.
  3. Thank you bro! I liked to say hours upon hours of watching YouTube videos has made me a pretty good scout. We got some good takes and some pretty ****ty takes in this thread.
  4. Love this! Are there not video links anymore? Thanks!
  5. The late 1 CB? I just started scouting CBs so are you assuming Surtain, Horn, and Farley are gone?
  6. Salary cap wise, we're already all in. The only all in we have left would be trading future draft picks for more draft picks this year.
  7. Yup, Winfield was my favorite guy. Mocked him in most of my drafts.
  8. I think because this thread came to the general consensus that King wasn't a problem at CB and then Sunday happened. My guess
  9. Haha thanks for the thread! Did he do any returning for you guys?
  10. GB fan here. How well was Tramon playing for you guys?
  11. You could have shared these stats instead of being a typical a**hole. Kevin King progressing or being upgraded would help this defense get closer to #1. He is our weakest link in the secondary.
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