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  1. I usually go to the opponents GDT for matchup talk. Last week was tough because its crickets in the seahawks forum.
  2. I just heard since that loss to SF we've given up two plays over 40 yards.
  3. Agreed. Every team has tendencies and motioning a back out wide to figure out the coverage isnt just a disguise issue for gb hahha
  4. NFC Championship: GB@SF

    I hope not. We just paid big money to Turner. He is our weakest link on the Oline. Not bad idea to through a late round pick at G.
  5. This team has yet to lose a game in which they led in the 4th quarter. Pettine is doing something right.
  6. NFC Championship: GB@SF

    Do they?
  7. Lets play a game

    You know a guy?
  8. Lets play a game

    Nice idea. KC up by 31 call and offer a couple 1st round picks in order to pull him early,
  9. Lets play a game

    So you're saying his best bet would be get some rest on the flight?
  10. Lets play a game

    Yup but I doubt he gets to SF in time. If its a quick 3hr 15 min game you may get him to sf for the 4th quarter. You also run the risk of him having 0 time to learn any of the playbook. He'd have to study on the plane ride.
  11. Lets play a game

    Ha this would be interesting. So we could use the most improvement in coaching?
  12. Lets play a game

    WR would definitely be my second position to upgrade. Hopkins would give Rodgers another weapon but I still dont know if that would be enough to add that many more points. I feel like with Donald we would be able to completely shut down their offense.
  13. Lets play a game

    I was thinking it would be interesting to see what everyone thinks is possibly our weakest position with a game. You can add one player from any team (outside of the teams playing in the conference championship) for the game vs SF. Who are you adding? I'm tempted to go WR but I think I would go with Aaron Donald. The strategy would be to completely dominate the defensive line. I would favor our DL or defensive front over SF with Donald. Lets hear yours.
  14. I'm not going to leak this to Matt Lafleur but for match up sake I want to know what GB is going to have to do to beat SF. You guys know SF best so how would YOU beat your offense and defense?
  15. Enjoyed this video: https://www.packers.com/video/kyle-brandt-packers-qb-aaron-rodgers-will-unleash-the-fury-in-divisional-round