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  1. Week 1: GB Week 2: Tennessee Week 3: Colts
  2. Week 1: Packers Week 2: Tennessee
  3. Tramon is waiting by the phone. When hes not hes probably working out.
  4. Is he playing LB? I liked him at safety going into the draft.
  5. Practice. You dont need to play in a game to show that your capable. I would wager more than half of the 1st rounders will be starting & none of them have played in a game.
  6. Favorite Team: Packers Week 1 pick: Packers I have read all of the rules and agree to them. The most important rule is "Watch your edits"
  7. Reagor & Fromm.........
  8. I guess it makes sense but still there are a lot of scenarios that could play out. Its hard to want to trade up before you know who can you get at value.
  9. How can you know even know this before the draft begins? Ha
  10. ......darn. Are teams limited on their virtual interviews?
  11. How are top 30 visits being done now. I wanted to update my big board with top 30 visits. Are these still being done virtually? Thanks!
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