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  1. Man, I've just been learning of Patrick Jones and have started watching some tape on him, and man, I love him. I think he's up there in the conversation for best EDGE in the class, though I haven't really seen any round 1 talk about him. I disagree on Collins, though. I mean, I love him, I do believe he's a lock to go round 1, but I wouldn't play him on the edge. Wouldn't mind if I saw him get some pass-rushing snaps either on the edge or blitzing out of the middle, but I think he's too good and valuable in his current role to try to fit him elsewhere full-time.
  2. I know I'm liable to change my mind at least 10 times between now and Draft day, but give me Jalean Phillips. Hell, I'd even trade up a few spots to secure him
  3. Rodgers' post-game attitude was also weird. He claimed to have believed they were going to go for it, even switched the blame of him calling that 3rd down play (which both confirm it was Rodgers' play), claiming that he would've called a different play if he knew. But then again, if you really believe you're going to go for it on 4th, you run and pick up at least those 4-5 easy yards in front of him, instead of throwing it into a double coverage. That could've made for a different decision. But we will never know. In part because Rodgers didn't run for those extra free yards, but al
  4. Three downs with no yards gained should've advised anyone that it was going to be tough to convert on a 4th attempt. Pass rush clearly had an effect, especially on not their best OL configuration. Even if they did score, you're looking at a 2-point conversion. They already missed on such an attempt earlier in the game, which means that that would be no gimmick either. Dropped ball, but still. Then you still need to stop Brady from getting into FG range or else you lose the game anyway. When right before the half, you allowed not only a 4th & 4 conversion, but also a 39-yard TD wi
  5. That's not exactly the same case, but no, I wasn't as pissed off by that as most people, apparently. As for LaFleur's call, they needed to stop Brady regardless. Either they hold them to a 3 and out, got the ball back with time, a timeout and a chance to win the game with a TD, or hoped to pull an impossible 4th down conversion, attempt a 2-point conversion and score it, and then try to stop Brady from getting them in game-winning FG range for a chance to go to overtime. One decision is banking on a 3 and out stop and a TD to win the game. Other is banking on at least two low-p
  6. FWIW, after sleeping on it, I 100% now believe LaFleur made the right call. A) TD conversion on a 4th & 8, facing a solid pass rush and not having your star LT on the field + converting a 2-point conversion + stopping the GOAT from getting in range for a game-winning FG with 2 minutes and 3 TOs for overtime or B) FG + trying to stop them from getting a 1st down with 2-minute warning and 3 TOs, hoping you will get the ball back with around 1:40 and 1 TO for Rodgers to only need a TD I'll take B.
  7. I mean, it's true that Herbert played well above expectations, and Pep likely had a big role in that. But that's not completely shocking, Herbert has always been and been regarded as a big-time arm QB who could be really great if he pulled it together and fixed some of his flaws, which turns out he has done so far. But yeah, Pep would be a good hire. To throw someone's name in the hat that I haven't seen mentioned, Mike Shula would make plenty of sense too. Has the experience, a #1 offense on his resume, experience working with a defensive-minded HC and a style similar to ours. When he ha
  8. As much as I like LaFleur, that was the bad call to make. But also, yeah, if Rodgers runs that they are likely looking at a chance to tie the game.
  9. I really, really, have started to fall in love with Phillips too. He's not better than Rousseau, at least not to me, but he has the skill set to be an effective pass rusher. Also, if we're going to go DL over edge or any other position, I would prefer Daviyon Nixon over just about anybody.
  10. I'm sure Pederson could still land a HC job without having to rebuild his reputation or whatever. That being said, I would love to have him. But sincerely doubt it could ever happen.
  11. Yeah, he has very arguably the best supporting cast in the league in Tampa, a solid defense and a HC who knows his stuff too but lets him operate more freely, but at no point in his career was Brady at the Manning-level of his final career. I'm pretty sure Peyton was benched a few times that year, was abysmal for most of the season and was carried by a historical defense. That Peyton on last year's Pats team would have never even sniffed the playoffs.
  12. He has 106 targets in 14 games. That's not a small number.
  13. Buffalo O didn't really click, though, either. This would have been a different game had Tucker not missed those two FGs, had their offense scored on that RZ trip instead of a pick 6 the other way, and obviously had Lamar not suffered the concussion. He remains a bad playoffs QB, but this could've easily been a much closer game and, perhaps, even go the other way.
  14. To be fair, Tucker uncharacteristically missed two field goals and one of their trips to the RZ ended up in a pick 6 the other way. Bills D was dominant in moments, but I don't think this was as one sided as it looks. That being said, I don't feel bad at all for how it ended.
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