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  1. Matt LaFleur

    I don't know if you guys are familiar with Brett Kollmann's youtube channel or not, and if you're not I highly recommend it, but you should check out his latest episode he did on LaFleur's offense projected going into 2018.
  2. AaT - Draft Thread - 2 People Need To Pick

    Sorry for being so late, but with my skipped pick, unless I got it wrong and we can't select coaches, I'll go with Matt LaFleur. If I need to repick because it's players only, holla at me and I'll change it.
  3. Ranking The Roster - #8

    I know I said I don't think he will repeat, but Woodyard for me here. I don't think Adoree is there yet. Kern, Rak and Ryan are worthy as well, as far as I'm concerned.
  4. Adopt A Titan - Sign Ups - 18/25 Spots Filled

    I'm in too
  5. Ranking The Roster - #7

    I'm not sure Woodyard can repeat the form he had last year. I'm sticking with Butler, should be rather an easy choice as far as I'm concerned.
  6. Ranking The Roster - #6

    Butler for me, personally.
  7. Is LaFleur one and done with the Titans?

    Maybe he's picky about landing in the right situation, nothing that he might like opens up and we hang on to him for a year or two. But I, too, think that if everything goes right, two years is likely the most we see of him.
  8. Ranking The Roster - #3

    I still love Delanie, but going into next year I agree that Byard has done enough to take over his spot.
  9. 2018 UDFA Thread

    I like Wadley too, I always thought he looks pretty similar to a skinnier version of DeMarco. But my favorite of that bunch is easily Burnett. Man, I saw him as an early day 3 pick at worst, I'm so thrilled we got him as an UDFA. I could see him easily compete with Taywan for the starting slot receiver spot.
  10. I knew as soon as I read the name that I've seen an interesting breakdown of him before, but couldn't really remember it. He definitely seems to be good value. Overall, might be a short Draft for us, but it will still be very much intriguing to see what can become of this class.
  11. NFL Draft Day 3 discussion

    I know it sounds a little crazy, but if Daesean Hamilton continues to fall, I personally wouldn't mind trading up again to grab him like at the end of the 4th maybe.
  12. Titans trade up to 41, select Harold Landry

    Boy, remember when people were saying we might be disappointed come Draft day? Then we end up with both of what likely would've been top 2 choices for the 25th pick. I didn't love Landry as much as some people, but man this is some seriously great value, and a very good Draft so far.
  13. Titans trade up to 22, select LB Rashaan Evans

    Man, I just love the pick. Henry called it too, on that Back to Campus video they did together, IIRC. Also, if it happens to be true, the reports coming out about the Steelers wanting to trade up for him as well as NE waiting for him to fall to 23, we have to take a moment to appreciate the feel that Robinson has for the Draft. I was a little pissed when we passed on some elite prospects in Allen, Lattimore or Adams last year to pick Corey at #5, but then two more WRs went almost immediately, and it felt a little more reassuring that we managed to stay ahead of the curve and get the guy we wanted. Plus the trade up to get Conklin when, as it has been reported, he was likely going to be the Giants pick. And now Evans, who we haven't given up much for. That's pretty impressive to me.
  14. 1st Round Draft Talk

    Yes, yes, yes! Perhaps Robinson felt like he would be NE's guy, but either way, I love it!
  15. 1st Round Draft Talk

    Goddamn, I jinxed it. He's going to be a beast in that McDermott defense, I can only imagine what Vrabel would've gotten out of him.