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  1. Hope this eases the minds of those people that were complaining about not making enough moves in March. Here we go, baby!
  2. I think Ilkay Gundogan had something similar done, around 2014. Now, aged 30, he is having the best year of his career and is going to play in the UEFA Champions League final. I also have a friend of mine, professional footballer (soccer player) as well, that has suffered from a herniated disc around 2016. For like a whole month, he couldn't move at all out of bed. He has recovered completely without surgery and is still playing football. That's just what came to mind. Obviously, this won't put any worry to rest, but I trust that they are confident in his recovery, as well as the rep
  3. Someone posted a video of him carrying Jaylen Waddle up the field on a crosser. I'd say that's a pretty good indicator he could cover.
  4. Crazy that we add an extra 4th by moving down 7 spots.
  5. We've built it around the running game, I agree. Henry would wear down eventually, but a RB is easier to replace than a QB. A good OL would definitely help in making it easier to do so.
  6. I'm not sure what might have gave the impression they were willing to abandon a big part of their core philosophy, and I honestly don't see why that might be desired in the first place. I also disagree about how narrow you seem to believe the window is. We have talent on the roster, at some important positions, and some young ones at that. We have a QB that still has something to offer, and a FO in which at least I, personally, believe in to continue to find good value to supplement that. If you really believe these two prospects are high-value picks, that's all there should be. It's
  7. All things considered, this is a much weaker reaction than I anticipated. As soon as I've heard the pick, I thought by now there'd be 'fire J Rob' chants.
  8. We didn't create the need, it was there before they released Kelly. Last year's SB champs obviously valued the position enough to spend a top 15 pick on it. I have no idea why we're acting like the 53rd pick for a premier position is a crazy thing to do.
  9. We didn't create a need. They drafted a RT in the 1st last year with Kelly on the roster. It obviously was something they looked at to upgrade way, way before they released Kelly.
  10. I probably want Josh Palmer the most, but there are still a lot of good WR prospects still left. Smith-Marsette would also be a guy I would like to look at.
  11. If only OT was a premier position so we could justify spending a 2nd round pick on one...
  12. I like Rondale more, especially for the type of offense we run. Elijah looks to me like he wastes too much time setting up his routes. Rondale is more plant-and-go.
  13. He has 170 yards and 2 TDs against Ohio State, as a freshman, playing in the slot. He's neither Smith nor Austin IMO, but he has the skill set to be a true elite slot WR. I'll just put this out there, but I want Rondale way more than I want Elijah.
  14. If it weren't for the injury concern, he wouldn't have been available, though.
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