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  1. Marcus Mariota: Is it Time ??

    I don't think we need to promote from inside to ensure some continuity. I've seen this argument on twitter and it makes a lot of sense. Vrabel is a defensive minded coach. They will always ask to be able to run the ball effectively and often enough. It also fits with Robinson's philosophy of building the team, so far. So that part I hardly think will change anytime soon. It's why I think someone like DeFilippo makes, frankly, no sense coming here, knowing he was fired for not running the ball often enough. And it's hard to believe that at this point Mariota will lose the see-it-throw-it stigma for good. It's not a bad thing, it just means that whoever comes next to call plays won't be able to make much of a change as to how things are being run. And frankly, it's probably for the best. I think both Mularkey's and LaFleur's systems were pretty similar. Both run heavy, both intending to pick their shots down the field carefully, often with a limited number of receivers running them. I just think that LaFleur was better at scheming and designing those shots, although that's not necessarily reflected in the offensive numbers. And I would also expect a variation of the same system in place for next year too. I think it's what Vrabel/Robinson would ask for in an OC, and very arguably what's needed too.
  2. Offseason Thread

    Good OTs don't get traded that often. Cordy Glenn is the only one I can remember being traded recently, and Buffalo was entering a rebuild phase, Glenn was paid a lot and they badly needed to trade up in the Draft. All it took for Cincinnati to get him was a trade down of 9 spots and they moved up from the 6th round to Buffalo's 5th round pick. That's not a lot, and Glenn plays LT, which needless to say are worth more than RTs in general. It's also not hard to argue that at their best, Glenn has been a better player than Conklin. Conklin was drafted top 10, but his stock was more like mid-1st. It's really hard to argue he played well or consistent enough for that stock to remain as high as it was on Draft day. He's also approaching the end of his rookie contract and he comes with injury concerns. Those are important things to keep in mind. Whoever would line up to trade for him, would do so knowing that A. it's possible he's only a stop gap due to injury concerns, therefore not worth paying for more than one year B. would have to pick up his 5th year option and/or C. sign him to a long term deal. So with all of that in mind, a late 1st would be pretty other worldly. I'm not saying take it, but it'd be foolish not to consider it, if that offer was to come. We have other talent on roster they will need to pay, this would save them some cap to do so and at the same time get them some pretty incredible compensation too. Plus Kelly is still under contract, who we know if needed, can hold it down just fine. Arguably at least at the same level of play Conklin has be able to for at least this past year.
  3. 2019 NFL Draft/College Thread

    I love Murray, so it'd be definitely interesting. I don't think he falls out of the top 10, 15 at worst.
  4. Titans OC Search

    Wouldn't mind Gase. I honestly think he'll eventually get another shot at it and get it right the second time. Wouldn't mind if he spent a year or two here, in the process. Other than that, I'm not really accustomed to some of the names you guys are throwing around.
  5. Offseason Thread

    Without the Manningham or the Tyree catch, they don't lose two out of those three SBs. Without Edelman's catch, they probably won't win against the Falcons. Without Holmes' catch, the Steelers don't beat Arizona. Without Butler making a hell of a play on the ball that will probably last a long time, they don't win against Seattle. If Crabtree is able to beat Jimmy Smith, the 49ers win against Baltimore. So you're really just arguing my point. That, sure, you can cherry pick stats and moments and whatever to try and narrow the game of football to fit whatever philosophy you choose to adopt, but in reality it's not nearly as black and white. There's room for a wide receiver to be highly impactful in football. Which is exactly what Brown is (as well as others, sure).
  6. Offseason Thread

    I kind of forgot about Revis on the Pats, to be honest, but that's because I thought we were talking about prime Revis (which was the Jets version of Revis). And I kind of get what you're saying, I haven't missed the point. I just think there are a hell of a lot more nuances than just arguing defense wins championships, and there are definitely many other factors that contribute to winning a football game than winning in the trenches and forcing turnovers. Two of them being the passing game and being able to score points, and it's very easy to argue Brown has been (by far) the most impactful non-QB player in that regard for years, now. Brandin Cooks, who is not remotely close to being as dominant as Brown has been, has been traded twice for 1st round picks now. Why? Because he adds value that you can't easily replace, hence the Patriots offense looking differently than they did last year with him. I don't think the NE or the Rams organization are morons for doing so, they just understand there's much more than winning in the trenches that could help you win football games.
  7. Positive takeaways from this season

    I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure he actually played much more snaps in the slot in college than for us. He was a favorite of mine as a prospect to fill that slot role and I could swear it was because that's where I mostly saw him play. Anyway, my memory could be off.
  8. Positive takeaways from this season

    I think he's much better suited to play on the outside, actually. His speed is better than his short area quickness, he's not that crisp of a route runner (yet), but again, that's something that his speed can cover for on the outside, and his rookie year he looked lost (or scared) at times going over the middle of the field.
  9. Offseason Thread

    Having a very injury prone quarterback back up your very injury prone starting quarterback seems kind of silly to me. Also, are you referring to the preseason? Cause otherwise I'm not sure what impression Griffin could've made in Baltimore since I'm not even sure he saw the field at all in the regular season.
  10. Offseason Thread

    Well, when was the last time Mack or Donald, or Watt or prime time Revis won it? FWIW, DT won it just a few years back. And those might not have been exactly elite, but the likes of Jennings in 2010, Cruz in 2011 or Boldin in 2012 were all pretty instrumental in their respective SB runs. Point is, like quarterbacks, or pass rushers or literally any other position in football, receivers can only go as far as their team goes. That doesn't take anything away from the value they add to an offense, especially the value of an elite one like Brown has been for so many years. Which is not to say that I am arguing trading for him, but to think that he wouldn't make this team instantly better (possible locker room distractions aside), is simply insane.
  11. Offseason Thread

    Think he played some 5-tech in Denver, but I could be wrong. Anyway, would love to add him if the Jags cut him loose and we don't have to overpay.
  12. Offseason Thread

    Someone else, maybe, if their run of finding high quality receivers keeps going, but anyone, no, they wouldn't be perfectly fine. Ward, Washington (who wasn't even that good in Pit IIRC), Wallace, Sanders, Bryant (for how long he was able to stay on the field), JuJu, and obviously AB. I might forget a couple of names too, but that's just about as great of a WR list you could find for any team in the league, in that time span.
  13. Positive takeaways from this season

    Brown definitely deserves the top spot if we're talking about highlighting players' performances. Then comes Evans' improvement in the middle of the season, he went from a visible rookie who hasn't caught up to the speed of the game yet to a veteran-like 'backer making instinctive plays and very few mistakes. That was madly impressive, it usually takes at least a year for rookies to figure it out. It took him just a few weeks. Plus Henry's play in the second half of the year, and Vaccaro definitely has proven to be worth of a mention here. I don't think he necessarily qualifies, but personally I'm very encouraged by Taywan's performance. I know his numbers don't suggest anything close to a breakout year for him, but he was very much improved from year 1 in terms of how he played what they asked of him and I'm pretty confident that if we stay on course, meaning the pass blocking improves, Marcus stays healthy and consistent in his play and we keep LaFleur, he's going to have that breakout year very soon.
  14. Week 17 Colts vs. Titans

    Maybe we remember history a little bit differently, but I really don't think there was ever any consensus that Davis and Williams were both going to be top 10 picks, or that White was a top 20 prospect in that Draft. They may very well have been fan favorites, I wasn't around the board at that time to know what the mood was in here, but not really to the outside world. Here's an article that surveyed 104 mock Drafts that year to track how accurate they ended up being. You can see that the highest Davis was predicted to come off the board is 13th to Arizona (10 out of 104 had him going there, and to put it in perspective a little bit, 7 people also had him last all the way to 27 where KC was picking). Most people had him going to Baltimore at 16, or to us at 18. Way outside the top 10. White's highest predicted landing spot is Oakland at 24. He was seen as more of a favorite for Dallas at 28, or NO at 32 and some thought he would be a great fit for Seattle at 26. Again, not even remotely close to being a consensus top 20 prospect.
  15. Week 17 Sunday football talk

    My god, finally! Thank you, NO, and more importantly thank you, Steelers! Time to put an end to the Luck curse once and for all.