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  1. Broncos @ Raiders Week 1 GDT

    I thought he just got rocked. Abram's leg looked like a tree flying at the top of his head. I'm super glad to hear that everything is looking positive so far. Hopefully he's able to come back 100% very soon.
  2. Pretty sure there was one point in the game where he motioned to J. Gruden that he wanted him to "feed" him the ball. He wanted his carries. The guy is hungry for greatness. Man is it nice having such a well rounded back that has the capacity to carry the rock and catch passes for first downs. His receiving skills were so clutch last night. Shout out to Renfrow for his big catch near the end zone as well. Carr threw a dart, Renfrow caught it. All around strong game on both sides of the ball. Only thing that would've made it better is some turnovers. Hopefully Conley is alright. I hate that he had to go down.
  3. All things Antonio Brown: from Helmet to Feet

    Beat me to it lol. My bad. News is coming out fast.
  4. Around The League V.2

    Edit: Post from Twitter didn't work.
  5. All things Antonio Brown: from Helmet to Feet

    This may sound crazy, but why doesn't he get special treatment? I wish that had been discussed and approved. Not like the guys at home destroying tacos all day. I'd give him a day off every week honestly. Pretty sure he'd stay a top ten WR. Just my opinion.
  6. Around The League V.2

    Guy is terrible. The play calling was terrible too. Just all around terrible on offense tonight. Hopefully they keep it up.
  7. Broncos @ Raiders Week 1 GDT

    If we could just get through the season with him and then draft some WRs early, it would be a win IMO. I didn't think he'd cross the line until he threatened to hit Mayock. Hopefully they work through this. We'll see soon enough.
  8. Broncos @ Raiders Week 1 GDT

    Suspend AB84 the first half. Let him come back in so we can win the game. The news this morning was such a morale killer.
  9. Broncos @ Raiders Week 1 GDT

    You're right. Let's just forfeit the season and take the number 1 pick. No reason to try. No reason to believe. Just give up and maybe dissolve the Raiders. You talk like a Broncos fan. Raiders 38 Broncos 17. Believe the hype. Buy into the hype. Seriously.
  10. Broncos @ Raiders Week 1 GDT

    Renfrow, Williams, Waller.
  11. Broncos @ Raiders Week 1 GDT

    We literally should've been game planning for this one since the end of last season. If we can't score in bunches, Jon Gruden should walk away. We have way too much fire power on offense now.
  12. Around The League V.2

    All it takes to ruin a season is 1 or 2 injuries and a major loss of confidence. If one of their star players goes down, or if they start on a losing streak, it can change everything. No way do I expect them to be as good as last year. They can fall back to earth easily. Happens all the time.
  13. Raiders Offense Thread:

    D. McFadden missed 29 games in 7 seasons. I don't know what the average amount is for starting RBs in the league but I remember him missing a lot of time. I agree with everything you say about his lower body size and balance. J. Jacobs touched the ball 318 times in college, D. McFadden 869 times. These numbers include runs, receptions, and returns. D. McFadden played practically 3 full seasons before coming into the league, J. Jacobs played one. I just think he's going to last longer due to the fact that he wasn't thoroughly ran into the ground while in college. We obviously should ease him into playing the full NFL season, and I think we can easily do that. J. Richard is a receiving threat and D. Washington seems healthy and ready to contribute. No reason why we should be expecting a 300 carry season from Jacobs. I agree it would be nice to have Lynch here, but I think the Raiders are ready to move on.
  14. Random Raider Stuff

    I saw the Dak one and thought it was stupid too. Then I saw this comedic gold and had to follow lol. Another reason to look forward to this upcoming season.