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  1. What will be crazy is if there are still the same amount of yes votes and a lower amount of no votes. Currently at 6-2.
  2. I'm glad we can agree on this very obvious fact.
  3. We are Raiders fans, we only go hard. No patience, no desire to be wrong, always arguing. Only thing we agree on is winning is everything.
  4. Voter names are public. Let the game begin.
  5. I voted to retain Carr. I think we should at least do what the Chiefs did and stack talent throughout the roster before going all in on a QB that may have a Pat Mahomes ceiling. I would rather us stack blue chip talent throughout the roster before pulling the trigger on a QB that ends up with a crappy OL and no weapons.
  6. I know all that. I just never agreed with the trade. Even when it happened. Wasn't Carson Palmer not getting along with the Bengals? We traded serious capital for a player that didn't even want to play with the team he was with. I never understood that. I'd have rather we just racked up losses and had better draft positioning. Then went into the next season with Jason Campbell under center.
  7. Till this day, I do not understand why we gave up on Jason Campbell so quickly. Bringing in Carson Palmer was a huge fail.
  8. I agree with Carr=Cousins. I do not agree with Cousins being Carr's ceiling. I would say that Cousins is what Carr looks like when he has two good receivers. As for Carr and Tannehill rushing, I didn't considerate it, but your statement is true. Carr needs to play better.
  9. Lamar Jackson's season was a season for the ages, so we both know that is a stupid question. Jackson's ceiling is obviously much higher than DC's at this time and probably will remain higher. I don't think Tannehill is better. If anything, I think they're very close in terms of overall talent. I think Derek Carr could be just as successful in Tennessee as Tannehill. Derrick Henry is having a season for the ages (406 rushing/receiving yards last two games combined). I mean Tannehill has a total of 160 yards passing over the last two games. So yeah, Carr=Tannehill IMO.
  10. Raiders to re-sign G Denzelle Good (One-year deal)

    https://www.silverandblackpride.com/2020/1/8/21057173/how-many-blown-blocks-did-the-raiders-offensive-line-surrender-in-2019 Fun little article to read about how our offensive line did this season. Good looks like a solid backup according to the numbers.
  11. Mock Offseason Thread:

    I would not be entirely opposed to this. Hopefully one of those 2021 first round picks is at 32. I would still hate Brady more than Carr 7 days a week.
  12. Mock Offseason Thread:

    I hope we keep T. Williams., he was pretty good before the foot injury and I think it hindered him for the rest of the season. Those injuries take like 6 months to a year to get over (according to google). If we get Anthony Harris and Cory Littleton, and we hit on the draft a second time around, I'm thinking playoffs. This would just be a dream scenario honestly. I don't know how well it would work, but my guess/hope would be contending for the playoffs for sure.
  13. Well according to those who hate DC with a passion, those stats are still meaningless and he is complete garbage. Perfection is the minimum, and he isn't it. If he isn't a top 3 QB in the entire league, we must move on and sign a player like T. Bridgewater or R. Fitzpatrick, generational talents who will surely complete 90% of their passes, throw no INTs, and never make another mistake again with our very, very talented roster as it currently stands (so talented). Why have DC when you could have Winston, 5,000!!! yards with 30 TDS!!! (and 30 INTs). I'm tired of this talk. I would say that I look forward to the day we are all on the same page and happy with the team, but there will always be fans who find the negative in everything (10-6 playoff season should've been 16-0, must cut DC!?!?!). I'm going to read more AB tweets to pass the time. CTE is pretty crazy stuff to watch.
  14. J. Gruden constantly talks about how well DC has performed with all of the changing parts around him. Why give him any props if they aren't on the same page? I still don't agree with this take (them not being on the same page).
  15. The Official Derek Carr Thread

    I agree. That did suck. I was surprised it happened.