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  1. Pick is in, #24 Josh Jacobs RB Alabama

    Late season signing on our way to the SB would be best.
  2. Random Raider Stuff

    Between 14.5 and 15 million a season. That would make him a top 3 paid CB. If we could pull the same stunt we did with AB84 and rework his contract as a part of the trade to keep him long term, then I would pull the trigger. As for LA and Denver being run heavy, lock down the top 2 WRs and you can stack the box all day.
  3. Random Raider Stuff

    https://247sports.com/nfl/oakland-raiders/Article/Jalen-Ramsey-trade-to-Raiders-could-happen--132996595/ I would trade our first round pick from the Bears for J. Ramsey. Especially at the deadline if the Bears already had a winning record and looked like they were on pace to go deep in the playoffs.
  4. Offseason workouts underway (OTA's page 6)

    Maybe by the league and players, I'm talking about fans that don't really watch the AFC West and Broncos fans. At least that's how it looked to me. And you get the hell out of here with your BS. FOH forum regulator.
  5. Offseason workouts underway (OTA's page 6)

    I don't agree with the bolded. We had a ton of turnovers on defense that year. Our turnover ratio was number one in the NFL, not just because of the offense, but because the defense was coming up with FRs and INTs every single game. His freaking pick six against the Panthers was clutch. I don't think we would've been competing for a playoff spot without him that year at all. Side note: I just noticed K. Mack only had 47 tackles and 12.5 sacks last season. I know he missed some games, but compared to the seasons he had with us, it was actually a down year. It's crazy how hyped up he is now with the Bears around the whole NFL. When he was with the Raiders, he didn't really get any recognition. Plenty of fans thought V. Miller was head and shoulders above Mack. Now they talk about Mack like he's an actual bear in pads.
  6. Raiders sign LT/RT Trent Brown (4 years, $66 M)

    I'm surprised this tweet hasn't blown up yet. Who else could he be talking about? He would be crazy to call out J. Gruden this early into his contract. I'm sure he is talking about Cable. If that's how the OL feels about Cable, J. Gruden should look into replacing him ASAP.
  7. Around The League V.2

    We will have that answer at the end of the year. Either way, we have him under contract until 2022 from what I've read.
  8. The Official Derek Carr Thread

    I completely agree.
  9. Offseason workouts underway (OTA's page 6)

    I look forward to the day we can stack 40+ sacks a season. I don't think we have hit that number in decades. We really need to invest in our front 7.
  10. Random Raider Stuff

    Preach. Tired of people who just demand that their perspective be considered fact. The majority of our posts are speculation, sometimes backed up with statistics and inside guidance/statements. A majority of the staff has stated they believe in Waller, and IMO, even if he doesn't become what Cook was for us last season, he still has the potential to provide an impact. We don't need him to be Cook 2.0, we need him to be a TE that can provide receiving support when the WRs aren't open due to double/triple teams.
  11. Offseason workouts underway (OTA's page 6)

    https://sportsnaut.com/2019/06/clelin-ferrell-oakland-raiders-some-question-demeanor-raiders-rumors/ Anyone know if this is true? Article is saying Ferrell is playing with the second string defense.
  12. Raider Football Offseason and Draft

    LOCK IT UP! This thread serves no purpose.
  13. The Official Derek Carr Thread

    I believe he is going to take the next step this year. It's going to be glorious. I feel like we equipped him with all the tools he will need. The only negative on offense is T. Cable as our OL coach. If we stay relatively healthy on offense, he's going to have a great season.
  14. Offseason workouts underway (OTA's page 6)

    And they may go back down to 10th due to the D. Coordinator change. There are a lot of things at play. They had one playoff season, if they fall into mediocrity due to their inability to pay and keep their own star talent, it will be because they paid Mack. It's literally inevitable. I agree he made a difference, but it's literally at the cost of the team's future IMO.