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  1. 17M per season and yeah, 8.75 sacks isn't enough to warrant that kind of contract.
  2. No such thing as perfection. Just be glad he can at least drop the ball into the WRs hands with those over the shoulder throws. At least we aren't one of the teams right now trying to find a QB that can do what DC does.
  3. He went to FS in 2012. We signed him in 2013. You act like he was playing FS for 2-4 years before he got here lol. And C. Wood is a first ballot HOF, the guy could've probably played LB at a very high level. Richard Sherman is clearly, CLEARLY inferior to C. Wood. Damn C. Wood was good. Anyway, still, I believe Sherman still has enough speed and the knowledge/ability to get it done at FS for us. Link below is to just stare at and admire C. Woodson's sweet stats he put up. All those FFs, Sacks, INTs. Sweet. https://www.nfl.com/players/charles-woodson/stats/career
  4. Right system, 2-3 new starters on defense. BAM. We have the pieces assembled, players that have shown the ability to execute. Just need the right DC and a couple more impact players and the #20 ranked defense should be ours. I would be ecstatic with that kind of improvement in a single season. We hit the teens and I'm prepping to buy playoff tickets.
  5. Man it would be awesome to somehow find a way to bring in both Mack and L. Williams this offseason. Our defense would change over night. I would definitely throw draft capital, players, cut some players, make the moves necessary to bring them both in. We would become a playoff contender immediately.
  6. I don't take offense to anything. I enjoy getting into heated/respectful arguments. I come here to argue with genuine Raiders fans. I agree with your assessment. Guy is an animal. Hopefully Mark Davis and Mike Mayock come out swinging like we did when we signed Trent Brown (while cutting T. Brown to make room for his contract). I get it. Guess T. Brown and T. Williams are cap casualties to make room for L. Williams.
  7. Alright. Well Maybe just Marcus Mariota for Mack. Gotta sell them that Chargers game for sure lol. Maybe a 3rd round or later too. I'm not giving them the whole barn. Not with this upcoming salary cap we're about to have this upcoming season.
  8. I'm not giving up crap for Mack. Not that he isn't talented, but to take a 26M per season contract off their hands is plenty. I would do a late round pick at most and still feel like at best we are splitting even. 26M during a year when the salary cap just dropped like 20M. Crazy. Edit: I'll trade them Marcus Mariota and T. Brown. That keeps the cap even and gives them a QB and OT that they can probably use.
  9. We are all saying this because C. Wood gave us 2-3 stellar seasons at safety before retiring. 2-3 years of good/great play isn't something to just completely ignore. For all we know he comes in and plugs the position for 2-3 years with top 10-15 play. We could use that. Its smart to consider all options instead of just crapping on everything but the hypothetical best possible outcome (trading/drafting/signing best player possible for every single problem).
  10. That kind of happened with the Browns (ton of cap space, picks, etc.) and didn't they fire two HCs before finally getting to the playoffs this season? It's crazy how much talent the browns were able to assemble. We'll see. I'll believe it when I see it. Until then, Jax is where coaches go to flounder and fail. For all we know they use those 4 picks for a K, P, long snapper, and water boy. Lol.
  11. Draft and sign nothing but DL. Just cut all our losses elsewhere and attack the DL issue completely. I'm overexaggerating of course but we clearly need to attack this issue thoroughly during the off season.
  12. Yeah it was pretty ugly when Arnette didn't even follow the WR in that Miami game that we lost.
  13. Maybe FS? I've seen a couple people talk about us putting him at FS like we did C. Wood. I wonder how well that would work; if he could even make the transition.
  14. I think the last month was just Guenther's system being completely exposed. After 10 games of the same garbage and it became impossible not to score on us.
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