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  1. I think we beat the Browns for sure. I see us going 10-6 this season. Tough games against KC, Tampa, and another loss somewhere sprinkled in there. Colts are suspect, Browns are suspect. I'm really hoping for 10-6.
  2. Carr dominates the blitz. I'm not worried about it. Our offense was created to beat the blitz. I'm not worried about pressure on DC either. I think we put up a better fight than Green Bay. Aaron had a really bad game today. Could not get his crap together at all.
  3. I agree. Now watching the Bucs play, really not looking forward to this game against them next week. Hopefully we gameplan well with us having 2 weeks to prepare. Plus getting people back. Surprised the Packers are struggling after that 10 and 0 start. Still got a half to turn things around.
  4. Watching the Browns Steelers game. I'm hoping the Browns fall off. They seem the most suspect in their division. I expect the Ravens and Steelers to sweep them. Really need them to fall apart so we can make the postseason.
  5. Gruden's playback is too diverse to be considered only conservative. He opened up the playback in the first half to keep up with the Chiefs then went back to smash mouth football to control the clock and keep our defense as fresh as possible. He knew that even though we controlled the clock, our defense was going to be running their tails off. He managed the KC game to perfection. Cannot emphasize that enough. Our offense is as diverse as he envisioned. I love it. I see us winning a lot of games once our defense can start creating turnovers.
  6. https://www.nfl.com/news/qb-index-week-6-justin-herbert-vaults-into-top-10 DC in the top 10 now. Looking forward to the comments. Still a crappy list overall IMO.
  7. Yes. I believe all of this is possible. Through Dave Chappelle, all things are possible.
  8. There is no aside from injury. I'd be pissed if we drafted a safety that has played 1 out of 3 years. If it happens again next year then you have to figure out whether or not you should pick up his 5th year option. An injury prone player just delays the team from moving on. I'm super happy with Kolton Miller. Guy is our LT for the next decade.
  9. Scheme and sticky coverage. We didn't do anything special, KC fell into a trap. They went away from their run game and tried to pass to catch up and it failed because we had 7 DBs covering 4-5 guys at a time. Our players had to cover so much ground because our DL took so dang long to actually get to Mahomes. Some of the top DL in the league would've had a field day if they had 8-11 seconds to get to the QB which happened quite often this game.
  10. http://www.tankathon.com/nfl/remaining_schedule_strength This is why I think we can make the playoffs. We have the easiest schedule left in the NFL. We just need to win 2 out of 4 of the tough opponents games. I think we can beat the Colts, I think they're a fluke team right now. I want to see us beat up on Rivers some more.
  11. Luckily this year it looks like our offense will always have a punchers chance. I love it. That's what I tell my son, we may not have a complete team, but our offense is capable of throwing some sweet, delicious, fierce, relentless, game changing hay makers. I love it.
  12. Because if he even makes one mistake, even if its on the last play of the game, we cut him. Save ourselves some money and go with our future at QB, Mariota, or maybe Haskins or Josh Rosen, or maybe even an unproven rookie. Doesn't matter if we get into the playoffs. If he messes up week 16 or 17, he will be a Raider no more. We will not accept him as our QB if he takes us to the playoffs but has one bad game. Just ridiculous that anyone is willing to accept anything less than perfection for 16 straight games. Completely concur with you BayRaider. Completely concur.
  13. Also, the Jacksonville game where Carr slid in bounds and it should've been a wrap and they said he ran out of bounds. Referees just crap all over our team sometimes. It's unbelievable that something so ridiculous can happen in front of millions of people and the NFL just walks away from it like its a homeless person asking for change. Crazy part is we had fans in here that instead of saying it was bogus, just crapped all over DC, saying he should've still won us the game when he practically already did. Just crapping all over him. Again though, if the referees start throwing too many flags on DC (the offense), trade him. Trade him or so help me Dave Chappelle, I will LOSE IT.
  14. I definitely attribute his play dropping off last year due to Jacobs' injury and not playing 3 games and then Hunter Renfrow being lost some games with a rib injury/punctured lung or something along those lines. We started getting banged up and didn't have the depth or talent on offense to compete.
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