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  1. Random Raider Stuff

    Yeah, I agree. AB leading the league in TD's with almost 1300 yards in 15 games and still being ranked the 26th WR is ridiculous. As for your statement regarding Hudson, It shows on the bottom left hand corner of the image that he was ranked the #4 C in the NFL. However they calculate grades for centers, they need to change that. A center ranked at #4 should be in the high 80s or 90s, just like they would be at any other position. I also agree with their grading of CBs as well, it seems like if the CB isn't tested constantly, then they don't grade well. They ranked Trayvon Mullen very low, even though he never gave up a TD in college. Even though I really enjoy reading PFF articles and seeing what they have to say about players, PFF's grading system is very flawed.
  2. Projecting the Raiders Win Total

    If we go 7 and 5 just to miss the playoffs, my heart is going to break. If we are that good, the only team we really need to give our all to beat would be the Chargers. Jaguars and Broncos should be two games we can come out on top of if we are good enough to get to 7 and 5.
  3. We do this every offseason. So I thought I'd move forward with creating this topic. I personally hope we hit 8-8. I think we will be much improved, but we have the Chiefs and Chargers for 4 games, along with a very brutal schedule. On top of traveling more than every other team in the NFL. I believe we have a span of like 4 away games in a row with a "home" game inbetween those 4 which happens to be against the Bears overseas. I think our year to truly compete is next year. With another solid offseason and two picks in the first round, we should be hitting the playoffs our first year in Vegas. Week 1 - @ home agains the Broncos - Win 1-0 Week 2 - @ home against the Chiefs - Lose 1-1 Week 3 - @ Vikings - Lose 1-2 Week 4 - @ Colts - Lose 1-3 Week 5 - Bears in London I believe - Lose 1-4 Week 6 - Bye week Week 7 - @ Packers - Win 2-4 Week 8 - @ Texans - Lose 2-5 Week 9 - @ home against the Lions - Win 3-5 Week 10 - @ home against the Chargers - Lose 3-6 Week 11 - @ home against the Bengals - Win 4-6 Week 12 - @ Jets - Win 5-6 Week 13 - @ Chiefs - Lose 5-7 Week 14 - @ home against the Titans - Win 6-7 Week 15 - @ home against the Jaguars - Win 7-7 Week 16 - @ Chargers - Lose 7-8 Week 17 - @ Broncos - Win 8-8 If I were to toss up any two games where we split .500 it would be the Vikings at week 3 or the Packers week 7. I think we can pull off winning one of those two and chose us winning against the Packers. The Packers went 6-9-1 last season and have a new HC. Until I see it, I don't think we have what it takes to beat the Chiefs or Chargers. I think we can sweep the Flacco led Broncos, we'll see.
  4. Random Raider Stuff

    Sometimes I end up on the main page and see a bunch of stupid yet interesting articles and get sucked in for like 45 minutes before I realize I'm wasting valuable, precious time.
  5. Random Raider Stuff

    Demoralizing. I hope this is completely different next offseason.
  6. Random Raider Stuff

    Most Overrated: Trent BrownMost Underrated: Gareon ConleyBest Player: Antonio BrownKey New Addition: Vontaze BurfictCould Surprise: Trayvon MullenTakes a Leap: Maurice HurstProve it Year: Derek Carr
  7. The Official Derek Carr Thread

    He completes tight throws into tight coverage all the time. I don't agree with you at all. In 2016 when he had his best season he completed over 50%. He literally holds two of the top 3 seasons over the last 3 years.
  8. The Official Derek Carr Thread

  9. Pick is in, #4 Clelin Ferrell DE Clemson

    Absolutely! I've been swapping between this forum, twitter, and YT to see what people are saying about our picks. Anytime I see anything that hasn't been posted I try to post it here. RaidersAreOne has twitter locked down though lol. I think the only reason why his stock dropped was because he avoided the 40. The guy is solid, I really enjoyed watching NFLN put out their prediction that he would lead the top rookie pass rushers in sacks this season and hit double digits. I know K. Mack only had 4, but anything can happen.
  10. Random Raider Stuff

    Reggie did that. Gruden flat out stated the defense was bad even with him. I don't think gruden didn't want him, I just think he had a true understanding of the negative effect it would have on paying two players 25+ million a season. I think he knew that by adding 3 or 4 solid players for the same amount with the right coaching would amount to much more. I don't think Gruden lied intentionally, he just adapted to the terrible situation and did what he thought was best for 2019, 2020, and beyond. His goal was to try and hit the playoffs year 1, but once he saw what was available, he knew he'd have to bide his time and slowly build us back up. I think he made the right choice. I believe in the GM and HC.
  11. Random Raider Stuff

    I hope Abram develops into a stud and they pay A. Cooper 18+ just to be mediocre. Even if he's slightly better than his rookie and sophemore seasons, Cooper will never be worth 18+ million. He isn't even a top 10 WR. It would just make our trade look that much better for us.