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  1. Charles Woodson at #68 on TheAthletic's top 100. See below for quotes. “I always considered myself like seasoning salt,” Woodson said in a recent Hall of Fame video call. “You can put seasoning salt on anything and it’s going to make it better.” “I was a guy each and every week who gave it all I had,” Woodson said. “It didn’t matter if I was healthy or not. Broken leg in the playoffs. Dislocated my shoulder in the opening week of my 18th year and playing a full season. I left it all on the field. That’s what I want people to remember and say about me — there’s a reason he’s
  2. Thank you for yours! I've noticed a couple of individuals on this forum that have military related photos and signature lines. It's pretty cool.
  3. My goal is to retire from the military and purchase season tickets. That's all I really want in life. That's the only thing I want once I retire. Retire in Vegas and become a season ticket holder.
  4. Time for Ted Hendricks at #77. Going back one from Art Shell. Quotes to follow. Didn't know he was with the Colts. But just pointing this out for the quote right above.
  5. Art Shell at 76 on TheAthletic's top 100. Quotes to follow. I'll end it there. Really long article. Really great read. I could quote the whole damn article Just a great read. Definitely worth the $1.00 a month.
  6. https://www.nfl.com/stats/player-stats/category/rushing/2020/reg/all/rushingyards/desc Interesting to look at. Jacobs #3 in carries and I'm not looking at the rankings this very second but he's like 10th in rushing yards.
  7. This is the one big thing I do not like about Jacobs. I want a RB that can hit random homeruns throughout the game and he just can't. He does not have the long distance speed. He should be the Mark Ingram to the Alvin Kamara. We need our Alvin Kamara, a slithery fast RB that has 4.3 speed.
  8. It just means that our backup QBs have been the epitome of hot garbage.
  9. Read an article and they brought up the unofficial sack leader. They were researching sacks back to 1960. They wrote that one player had 23 sacks his rookie season. I provided an excerpt below to share with everyone. I love pro football.
  10. Mike Haynes at 79. No good quotes. Didn't even talk about his career in the NFL in the article. Turns out he wanted to be a WR in high school but played CB just to get starting reps and then went to college. That was the whole article. Not their best work.
  11. From what I've read, Devin didn't really break out until the playoffs. He may step his game up but we'll see. I remember reading he was one dimensional, but watching him play in the playoffs he was lights out across the board IMO.
  12. They asked Jackson and Brown to take pay cuts, they both declined. Then Hudson wanted out after hearing about it and understanding that we were moving on from them. That's what I've read on this forum anyway, I haven't actually seen any article about it. This isn't the worst cap management we've been through.
  13. Champ Bailey comes in at 87. Really irritated that he's ranked higher than Jim Otto and Willie Brown. I just don't agree with that.
  14. Willie Brown comes in at number 90 on TheAthletic's top 100 NFL players of all time. Time to add some more quotes below. Willie Brown, Charles Woodson and then-Raiders play-by-play announcer Greg Papa were all on an elevator talking to one another when a polarizing question was posed. Who’s the best cornerback in NFL history? “You’re looking at him,” Brown said before anyone could answer. Though he laughed, he wasn’t joking. “My job was not catching passes,” Brown said at his induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1984. “My job was to stop the receiver from catchin
  15. I don't think he's ever actually provided a reasonable path forward. I think I've asked him the same before. It always results in him just trash talking D. Carr.
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