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  1. 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    I'm willing to sacrifice our secondary for an extremely explosive offense. I would start crying (like a sissy girl) if we drafted both Lamb and Ruggs in the first.
  2. FA 2020

    I don't think we are trading for players using draft picks anymore. Are they desperate for a guard (Gabe Jackson)? I don't know much about their roster.
  3. James was injured. Our OTs can actually take on good DEs (Glorious!!! Trent is a beast!!! Miller WHAT!!!). Josh Jacobs and our OL can actually make plays (Remember that run by Jacobs at the end of the game to ICE IT!). But like others have said, Rivers is washed up. He threw almost 5-6 picks against us one game (shout out to Erik Harris). The other game he was a non-factor. It's a team game, their offense let them down, not their defense.
  4. 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    I've been saying this too. Glad I'm not the only one lol.
  5. FA 2020

    I wouldn't mind it. 7 sacks = 7 sacks, I'll take 'em. All of them. There are still a handful of really good FAs out there just floating around.
  6. Tom Brady to the Raiders?

    Yeah I'm not saying hes the best of all time or anything. Even I'll admit we need some top weapons and a great offensive coordinator to make it happen. We need a 2016 caliber offense and a defense that creates turnovers at an insane rate. I know he isn't top 10 right now, I know he's closer to 20 than 10 in terms of starting QBs. Do I think he can move up? Sure. Can he move down further? Sure. Which way do I want him to trend? Upwards of course. I hope the dude turns a corner this year and puts up 50 TDs. But as far as I'm concerned it isn't up to me. I just want to see us hit the playoffs and get home field advantage in Las Vegas. I just want to see us win games, and win games in our new stadium. Would I trade him for Pat Mahomes in a heartbeat? Yes. I would trade him for a good 10 other QBs easily. Not Dak Prescott though. Just hate Cowboys players. Anyway. Yeah bro I'm getting drunk after work. Lol.
  7. FA 2020

  8. Tom Brady to the Raiders?

    For the record, I'm too stupid to be the GM lol. I drink too much and like my sleep and time off.
  9. Tom Brady to the Raiders?

    Insulty? LOL bro stop. I didn't bring up DC, raidr4life did when he posted that tweet. I was talking to him, you just jumped in and started crapping on DC.
  10. FA 2020

    Everson Griffen is hitting FA. You can never have too many pass rushers.
  11. Tom Brady to the Raiders?

    "Very fair" "Mariota starts after yet another terrible Derek Carr streak." Yeah bro, I'm over exaggerating. Yet here you are, in this dead thread alone, still talking crap about Derek Carr because his thread was locked up because of political posts. You're just a fan, suck it up and move on. Sorry J. Gruden and M. Mayock don't give a crap about what you think. Sorry you don't have the knowledge or talent to become the GM of the Raiders. Just suck it up bro and move on.
  12. Tom Brady to the Raiders?

    Make the playoffs and lose the first game? Anyway, Carr haters just refuse to stop. We have like 8 new free agents and the draft coming up and all they talk about still is DC.
  13. Raiders Defense

    Hard C only though.
  14. FA 2020

    It happens. Some players chase money, I don't want them. I want the ones willing to take a decent contract to lay it all on the line for the Raiders. Mike Mayock said it himself, players are free agents for a reason, Slay is chasing that money. Good for him. Now moving on.
  15. I totally read this as "I just hope he can generate some sort of pass rush this year". I about lost it.